So far really happy with Fielmann. Very great eye test equipment. Fantastic service. Huge selection of frames.


Fielmann. Affordable and great service.


Agreed. I've had glasses from Fielmann for about 20 years and I've never left any of their branches unhappy. Sometimes I just go in and ask them to clean my glasses. They'll happily do it in a matter of seconds, no questions asked - they don't even care whether you bought the glasses from them. You can tell them you need your glasses readjusted (like if there's a pressure point or they don't sit well) and they'd fix it no questions asked. Of course they ask no questions because it's mostly just quicker to perform the task than to check whether you're a customer. And it's great advertising with little effort required.


Agree! Also a good selection of frames. Sometimes they are on sale.


I only had great experiences with Fielmann since 4 years. The service was always nice and you can plan your appointments online, which is really cool. Also, they really have a huge choice of frames.


+1. If you need to have your eyes checked to order the correct lenses, they have excellent equipment in the branch, which is located at Bahnhofstrasse. The equipment is better, than some doctors have. And the service is more affordable.


I've had mixed experiences concerning the service. First pair of glasses was alright, but for the second pair some years later, the experience was really bad. Had to go to the store about 6 times in total. Next time I'll try an online shop.




I second this


Check out Ace & Tate. They have them in a few cities around Europe too.




Imho Viu is hipstershit. They use super cheap glasses. Mine where full of scratches after less than a year. I think even Fielmann is better. But personally I like vis-u-lens the most.


pls help me out of this.... where are good glasses?


This one




Get your prescription at Fielmann (25.-) and order glasses from zennioptical.com. It's literally 30.- for a pair of glasses, and I have no issues with them at all.


This is the way.


Big shout-out for WintiVision in Winterthur. The tall and lanky guy there is by far the best optometrist i have dealt with in my life. They are on the more expensive side of things, but offer product and service to match. They will also work on you on more affordable solutions if necessary with vendor coupons. If I remember my glasses were around 300 chf each (so 600 plus frame) - but for that I got RhodenStock glass, highest surface treatment, 1.67 index, made to order at 1/100 dpt (not the usual 1/4 dpt step). I have had plenty of glasses in my life and these i still rave about after years of wearing them. Big selling point for me was that the guy there will actually give you advice and not just tries to sell you stuff. To whatever place you go i recommend you ask them one question to see how much they actually know about optometry. Ask them about the (optical) disadvantage of high index glass. The placed i checked out before just told me it's just a price thing, but that's not correct. Everything in the world of physics has a price and in this case the higher refraction is bought at the cost of more chromatic aberration at the corners.


Zenni opti


Germany. Last time it was even cheaper to pay the plane ticket back to the UK and do it there.


wrong sub?


viu or mr. spex is great


I can really recommend Iselin Optik near Kunsthaus. Cool Glasses and nice People that know their stuff


Peter & bosshard


McOptik. Silly name, but I am quite happy with them.


As javi83 already commented, I would also recommend to go to Germany. 2 friends of mine do it as well. Service in Konstanz is great. Otherwise Waldshut is very close as well.


Ace and tate have affordable good looking glasses. Located in Niederdorf.


Don't go to Fielmann, if you need to get your eyes checked first. Fielmann's visual tests do not spot corneal irregularity. See an optician first, get a prescription for glasses and then go to Fielmann. Otherwise, look for a shop that is staffed with an optometrist and you can get your eyes checked there.


Viu, great service and fast testing. Great glasses to. Not a lot but the right ones.


I went to Bonocler. Nice service. Pretty cool frames. All-round a good experience. And the vision test was cheap.


There are a lot of opticians around the city. The one at stauffacher is nice