This is what Konami wanted. I've never seen an archetype so obviously pushed with support. The deck was strong coming out of POTE, but RNG kept it from being the best. Then DABL & MAMA comes out and they get: - Tearlaments Scream (to mill more because they needed more chances to see Tears in the GY) - Tearlaments Heartbeat (which can out Mine/backrow) - Tearlaments Rulkallos (which can negate Nib) - The Ishizu cards to mill more and shuffle your opponents cards if it wasn't enough already And let's not forget, no restrictions at all and not needing a Fusion spell.


But wait, theres more… (more support comming from PHHY)


Dude. Wtf.


Its honestly ridiculous, they hit the ishizu cards in the ocg but it didn’t really matter cuz of the new tear support so they’re still taking over the metagame. Its like they’re intentionally making it *tear 0*.


The hits didn't matter regardless of the new support they got from PHHY as the deck was still topping left and right weeks before PHHY.


because they are. Apparently it's good business


Activate Paraisos to search Fenrir to Search Tearlament Kasthira then make Diablosis to snipe your ED LMAO


Also Cryme giving them access to an omni-negate (which is somehow one of the least impactful additions, but still there).


Scream being able to search it is what made it good. Nobody played it before that because using your Kitkallos search/dump on it wasn’t good. The fact scream exists with both it’s on field and GY effect is crazy


>not needing a Fusion spell. It's almost like there's a REASON fusion monsters required spells...


Fusion from deck spells: 😒✋🏻 Fusion from grave monsters: 😌✨


Orcust was pushed this hard too but had to go thru Sky Stiker, Salamangreat, Thunder Dragon.


Don’t forget they banned Ronintoadin to check the only deck that contested it at the time. Losing Snow felt like a speed bump while losing Ronin severely hit Spright. Was a masterclass in selling new crap.


Let's be real here, between the Snow/Ronin ban and DABL Tear wasn't the best deck anymore. Losing Snow is not just a speed bump, imagine them still having it now. Top cut would be like 95% Tear rather than 80%.


Not to mention the deck now has 9 hand traps in-engine before even filling deck space.


The problem isn't even exclusively Tearlaments, that's the thing. All of these archetype/engines which are supposed to put them in check are being integrated into the deck, further bolstering it and warping the game. The ishizu cards are a major problem. The bystials are a major problem. Tears having access to spright links is a problem. Kashtira cards on the way will be a problem on their own, and in Tearlaments. Tears as an archetype are fine, but all of these things combined create a massive issue. The only way to address it without outright killing the deck, is hitting all of those engines. Limit all 4 Ishizu monsters. Limit or ban Bystial Magnamhut (and limit all of the level 6 bystials later down the line). The spright links on their own are inherently problematic and will eventually need to go at some point. Eventually, Fenrir will have to go to 1. For Tears themselves, Planet needs to go to 1. The only names worthy of being touched are Havnis (turn 0 interaction, in archetype hand trap), and merrli (your spright engine access, chain blocking, etc). You can either limit or ban Havnis, or ban Merrli to cut off Spright engine access. Apart from engines, power one ofs like Instant Fusion, Called by the Grave, Abyss Dweller, and Artifact Scythe should all go. They aren't healthy for the game. I'm saying this as someone that plays the deck. These issues cannot be ignored. Something needs to be done, but the deck doesn't need to be outright unplayable to address the issues.


I dont know what they were thinking. All that had to be done, with everything you mentioned is a restriction. Use a tear effect? Lock into fusions, khastira (thankfully) lock into xyz, spright lock into level 2’s. Ishizu? Should’ve locked into earth. All they have to do is make sure there is some sort of restriction in place and it keeps it meta without unhealthfully warping the meta game. We still have full power branded and it cannot do a thing fir example.


Imagine being in 2018 reading FLOD reveals and being sad that faker locks you into geists for the entire turn And then they print tear 4 years later lmao


I mean, Have you seen some of the shit Lunalights do? They are a Fusion deck, And they are a good(Kinda?) deck. \*\*AND THEY DON'T RUN A SINGLE FUSION MONSTER IN THEIR BEST FORM\*\* They just Rank4 XYZ spam out the ass when combined with Phantomknights, Raidraptors, and/or Timethiefs (Also Rank 6/8. They like D/D/D Kali Yuga and Cyberdragon Infinity Maybe an archetype lock, or Extradeck lock is warented...


These hits presume that in the future konami intends to bring the power level of the game back to pre pote levels. I'm not sure that's their intention, I wouldnt be surprised to see legacy support with in archetype "handtraps" and new insane strategies that also outclass despia and swordsoul. Well have to wait and see.


I mean, Branded Despia and Swordsoul were fair decks. That aside, it's not about lowering the power level of the game, just putting a couple of problems in check so they can sell other product, which they do constantly. I'm just sitting over here on year 5, waiting for Lightsworn archetype support.


Tearsworn was a thing for a minute. Everything tears can abuse is lightsworn support, because tear is what lightsworn wishes it was.


I meant actual archetype support. I'm already using some tear cards in my Lightsworn deck, but the Chaos Ruler ban kind of crippled the deck...again.


And as another fellow also said, a motherfucking Counter Trap omni negate in {Tearlaments Cryme} that fucking triggers their effects and ALSO has a goddamn GY effect. You look back at shit like {Golden Land Forever} and can't help but ask yourself : –"How the fuck is this fair?".


##[Tearlaments Cryme](https://ms.yugipedia.com//9/90/TearlamentsCryme-POTE-EN-C-1E.png) [**Yugipedia**](https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Tearlaments_Cryme) | [**Konami**](https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/card_search.action?ope=2&cid=17475) | [**YugiohPrices**](https://yugiohprices.com/card_price?name=Tearlaments%20Cryme) | ##[Golden Land Forever!](https://ms.yugipedia.com//7/7b/GoldenLandForever-MGED-EN-R-1E.png) [**Yugipedia**](https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Golden_Land_Forever!) | [**Konami**](https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/card_search.action?ope=2&cid=15131) | [**YugiohPrices**](https://yugiohprices.com/card_price?name=Golden%20Land%20Forever!) | ----- ^*Bleep* ^*bloop.* ^*I* ^*am* ^*a* ^*bot.* ^| ^[About](https://github.com/GoriLovesYou/YuGiOhCardBot) ^| ^[Feedback](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=YugiohCardBotJr&subject=Feedback&message=)


You know what? They want a tier 0 format? Fine. At least the best deck looks fun to play and isn't floodgate turbo. Just let me fucking play it oh my god. Why is this deck so expensive.


This deck is expensive because it's the only viable deck out there, and players are searching for it's cards 24/7 🤷


It's funny to me that people feel this deck is so expensive. I used to play from 2012-2016 and prices of decks were so much more expensive than this. I remember needing to spend upwards of $800 to play full power spellbooks or even like $500 on the main deck(not extra deck included) fire fist deck. Now we see this tier 0 deck that is actually extremely cheap compared to what I remember. The only expensive cards in the main deck are Reinoheart at $15 and the field spell at $70. (remember if you buy from people at your locals or on facebook or reddit you can generally pay 85% on all of these values) The Ishizu cards are getting cheaper daily so maybe it will be $40 for all 12, (and some builds only play like 1 agido) and then you need 1 copy of Diviner at $10. (In fact..the winning list from YCS Dortmund didn't even play this card...in that case you don't need Baronne either) If for some reason you have been getting a couple packs from your locals and you haven't pulled all the bystial stuff by now...then I don't know what to tell you. The extra deck also isn't expensive at all. All of your links are cheap except Spring and Elf at $15. Your XYZ's are all cheap as well except for Zeus...and if you aren't a new player you probably already have one. Lastly your most expensive fusion is Garura @ $17. I added all of this up and came to $352...add on another $50 for generic side deck stuff or the cheapo extra deck cards and you have like $400. Buy all of these on reddit and only spend like $340. I get that $340 is expensive...but for a competitive card game that price is actually really fking good compared to other TCG's and other formats.


Yeah, I agree that it's actually cheap when viewing it that way. I'm totally biased here, because I mostly play for fun (so not doing regionals or the like) and am simply annoyed because I want to try the deck out casually but can't. The price argument is mostly me whining about the price of Pelerino.


Oh yea I hear ya, that card is too much. Actually surprised it didn't go up (actually going down) with all the winning it is doing. I actually just came back into the game about 7 months ago and was disgusted at how expensive all of the generic hand traps, (ash, belle, gamma, imperm) side deck cards (dark ruler, super poly, dd crow, evenly) were...but then I kind of got over it...because I knew that there would have been budget replacements or I knew that once I bought these cards...I would never need to again.


Gotta love reprint sets when your country's in a recession


Dinomorphia, 0 support in over a year. Tearlaments at least 2 cards in every set since initial release? (I think that's right) Yeah 100% agree, this format is just a cash grab and most these cards will be limited, semi or most likely forbidden by next BL. Enjoy the few wins you get with them now.


spyrals all over again


Did you ever see Dragon Rulers? They killed every possible tech card that would have stopped em on the banlist before they banned the baby dragons. Guess what happened as a result (hint: you already know). Thank goodness they also pushed the everloving bejeezus out of spellbooks at the same time otherwise they might have created a lopsided unfair format /s Big contributing factor to why I no longer play this game competitively.


No, the baby dragons were the first things banned.




Most players don't bother with winda though. Just adds cards to the deck that cut into ED space and main deck space.


That's irrelevant, Winda is bad in Tear anyways the OCG cut her after like a week of playtesting. I have no idea why the bad TCG deckbuilders have a fascination with running bricks just to squeeze her in Tear


I swear to god people just have an obsession with throwing shaddolls into anything despite them being awful to draw. Invoked, branded, and now tear cut them for a reason lol


Josh got 3rd place btw


And he just said on Twitter that he didn't feel like he got robbed in Top 4 because he misplayed pretty hard in Game 1. 3rd Place is still a great achievement.


He might not feel that way but it certainly looked that way. Like the dude had game on board all he had to do was go into battle. edit: for clarity I don't blame and no one should blame Vincenzo. This is mostly just unhappiness with time rules and judges/judging protocol that puts Joshua in a very unfortunate situation.


Not with the sullied, he can go sulliek negate rukallos and havnis eff and perlerino pop sprind


did Joshua not have a Keldo or Mudora in grave? I could have sworn he did.


No, that's why Vicenzo looked through Joshua's grave 2-3 times in his turn, to make sure he used his shufflers on Joshua's shufflers so that he could resolve a fusion next turn. Vicenzo played insanely good taking into account how fast he played.


But the opponent had a shuffler in grave. He could have stalled at the end of main phase. No way josh could have won that.


That just highlights the problem I said tho. it wouldn't have made the board better just stalled more but Joshua still was in a winning position and would have won. The best thing I think they could have done was Keldo into Field Spell trigger into target their Havnis to use its eff in grave but I'm pretty sure Joshua had a shuffler left in their grave too to prevent that hell even if he didn't he had Rulkallos on board to negate. The fact of the matter is Sprind was in Attack and Kaleido or Rulkallos into Sprind win the game.


This dude is just on another level of consitency. Geniues Deck builder also


What deck did he play?


Everyone except Mario was playing Ishizu Tear in Top 8


Of course, why did I even ask 😂


Because you're hopeful lol


He was saying a lot on his streams that he'd try to find something else that can maybe compete with tear but gave up probably


He said on monday or tuesday that if he didnt find something by the end of wednesday he'd just practice ishizu tear until the event.


Goddamn Konami knew this would happen, make no mistake.


The fact that Floo has become the people’s champ proves we’re living in the worst timeline.


The peoples champ this event was Dracoslayer. Because the fact someone brought it in this format and made it to top 16 is wild as fuck.


It is until you realise that all that deck really does is search necrovalley or mystic mine and set up negates to protect it. It’s the only reason it functions going second from what I can tell.


People booing Floo for Barrier Statue while championing Dracoslayer for turboing Valley/Mine is wild lol.


That’s because people see a Pend deck and think it’s someone making a Trif board Edit: From someone who’s actually played a lot of Trif’s wacky shit like the 4 axis stuff pre MAMA, Zefra Swordsoul D/D/D, etc, a lot of his shit makes sense once you go deeper into it, it just takes a shitload of testing


Zefra swordsoul d/d/d? What the actual Kentucky fried fuck?


https://youtu.be/2iY6JPyVT_E Edit: The entire reason the deck works is because of the two Yang Zing Zefras


I didn’t even see the deck profile until now. Like fuck. I thought it was being the fun version and it’s triple mine ass cancer


It’s nowhere close to the people’s champ.


People were cheering for Shifter both times and booed when it got negated by Orange Light lol. I don’t think it’s the peoples champion either though


These same people cheered whenever mine was activated and resolved during other previous YCS so I feel they just want to see things burn


They're just doing it for the memes.


That was probably because they didn’t like that Vincent won in semis due to time rules. I don’t like that Ishtear is so dominant, but the ignorant shifter deck crutching on floodgates isn’t getting my vote in any normal circumstance.


The Dracoslayer player was the winner in my heart.


And who knocked him out? That’s right, a Floow player. Let us unite in shared hatred.


Seeing it get top 16 made my day! I play Ishizu tear myself, but this format is dying for some diversity even if the deck building is heavy anti meta.


someone could piss their pants on stage and they would cheer for that


The Shifter deck that hopes to win off wind statue half the time? The people's champion? Never, I'll hate it even when it's trash.


Agreed, as bad as tears are Floo is just an abomonation from a design perspective and I'm glad for any defeat they encounter. I'm disappointed that people can look up to floo as a meta savior.


Cause the only alternative is Tears. It's like politics, you only choose the lesser evil. Having something good again would be great (can we go back to swordsoul and Tri-brigade?) but we're way past that point.


The lesser evil is always whatever deck isn't Floo.


I just want to go back to Swordsoul format, hell even Branded Despia is better than this bullshit. Floo sucks balls, Tearlaments is actual cancer


Or we could just, not pick any evils whatsoever. This isn't something you have to take a side over (though admittedly I am on the "Floo must die horribly at all costs" camp).


The real game for me right now is: Sell full Ishizu Tear deck now worrying for emergency banlist OR risk it and see if it goes to the moon in price....


There won't be an emergency ban, if there is then I'm gonna question alot of konamis past decisions. (Especially the ones they had during the 2017/18 era).


They did one in 2017 for Spyral, after 10 days of them being full power and 2 ycs at Tier 0 representation. Weirdly situation is the same right now, the banlist was revealed on the Monday after the 2nd ycs. Could happen again right now. The only thing I can see it not happening is that the tier 0 we have right now is not "that" unfair if you play mirror, it's not like die roll wins you the match.


That wasn't a e-list, it was a regular one. It was actually scheduled for that day, it was more or less a funny coincidence that Circuit Break got released 11 days before it. (A e-list is only one if it's out of schedule, like the PEPE one back in the day).


It was an E-List, only Quick Fix, Drone, Gofu and set rotation were limited. https://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/limited/?l=40 And it was 2 month after previous list. I dont remember if schedule or not, it's still unusually close to the previous one.


What could they ban to effectively hit tear withkut damaging cost value for their sets?


This is really the crux of the matter. They're not gonna do stuff that's gonna cost them a lot of cash, and as we have seen, people are still playing the game and buying the new cards, so there isn't a very good reason not to wait until the next/next next scheduled banlist, from Konami's perspective.


Just waiting to see how/if they're gonna solve this tbh because the "excitement" of a tier zero format is going to quickly turn into a long season of frustration.


Ishizu is already a REALLY cheap core, and pull rates are actually great. A full core costs less then $80, and can actually be pulled in about a case of MaMa. I have a feeling that did that knowing full well that Ishizu was gonna be what got hit, instead of Tear. Which in complete honesty, is the right hit. Tear Prior to Ishizu was super fun and not nearly as unstoppable as it is now. There were plenty of decks that were topping and winning tournaments. I would like to remind people that out of like the 3-4 months we had Tear before Ishizu, we only saw them win 1 premier event. Ishizu is and always was the problem. And I hate the idea that Tear should be killed instead.


SPYRAL weren’t slated to receive more support iirc Kashtira could still move product, but I don’t think Konami is gonna kill their money maker (besides the cracked reprint side-sets) right now.


even if there is an E banlist, it will only weaken tear not kill it. So tear will still be tier 1 at least


Got $250 for my Tear core the other day. Sell now and wait for Kashtira to come.


I mean are you gonna play it? That’s really it. Prices are very literally not gonna change with Tearlament Ishizu. None of the Ishizu cards have gone up, and are in fact only going down. Tearlament cards have been pretty stagnant in prices overall, though the field spell has seen very significant dips recently. If I were you, I’d sell it, because there’s literally no chance they’ll ever shoot to the moon in price. Everyone wanting to play tear will have had the full core by now, and the Ishizu cards are plentiful.


The Floow player looks a lot happier.


Floo player was definitely having the time of his life. He looked so happy, even while losing.


Ishizu tear is basically the sweaty speed runner meme


Rip another event, another Floow player who couldn't win the die roll and open d shifter enough to win a YCS.


Vincenzo let him resolve his shifter, while he was going first (and tear ended up with one set as a board), and still lost, there wasn’t much he could have done, shifter or not. Tear is just too strong and Vincenzo played it really well.


I saw that and everyone thought he was throwing. Turns out he sniffed out the Floow player didn't have full combo and couldn't get the barrier statue out.


I have no idea how you could sniff out that he didn't have statue at the point he shiftered. Maybe the orange light wasn't live turn 1. I could be a moron, but I can't understand not orange lighting there.


Leading with Duality is an indication he probably doesn't have Robina, map, and/or a way to chain block Robina. He also could have lead with Robina and chain d shifter to the negation of robina and ended on duality as opposed to leading with it. It's also possible it was a complete accident and he didn't know you can't orange light under d shifter. In general if Floow leads with a pot card, you know their hand is probably bad.


The only thing I could think of, and this requires an insane amount of foresight, but this ultimately what happened: is that you know your opponent will make a play to loop the shifter with dreaming town into raiza if you attempt to pass. In this case you basically trade a couple of little bird searches for not having to deal with dreaming town and raiza once you commit to the board. If vinz really saw that, then he's a litteral yugioh god.


What are you talking about? While ending on your pots means your deck is thinned a little, starting with your pots means you are able to draw outs to your opponent's options, or just cards that make an already good hand busted.


If he had opened another Floow lvl 1 name instead of Raiza, he would have had the way to play around orange light without using the pot and holding d shifter as long as possible.


Your consistency cards should always be used first for potential disruptions/play-around cards. There was 0 tell as to what the Floo player had just because he used Shifter immediately.


Skill wins thankfully


Exactly, people act like Vincenzo didnt deserve the win. He totally did.


Did he? Floo was just being Floo and didn't open well enough. Vincenzo didn't misplay, but to act like he did anything special is disingenuous.


And yet, all the pro players who watched the match including Pak and Hani universally agreed that he played perfectly, while his opponent opened crack as well. “Didn’t misplay” is the equivalence of saying he had a perfect performance. And this is after 8 gruelling matches in day 2 alone and an extremely tight semifinal against Joshua Schmidt, who btw, admitted that he himself lost because he misplayed.


wonders? deck is so busted only way ro win is them missplaying


Didn't misplay already makes you deserve the win. It's still a YCS and people are tired playing at finals.


Is it? The Floo player didn't misplay either. Vincenzo didn't misplay. He won because Floo behaved like Floo and lost to itself.


then why were there 7 floo in top 64?


That herald on turn 3 instead of turn 1 was insane. He would've lost the game otherwise. Every player I know (including myself) would've used herald turn 1.


And he should've. That's debatably a misplay. He hard loses if his opponent has any way to bring out Barrier. Fortunately for him, his opponent got greedy and decided to... Not bring out Statue at any point. The only reason we don't see it as a misplay is because Floo decided to not bring out the hardest win-con.


Summoning statue against your opponent under shifter is incredibly greedy, because it makes you lose to evenly. As Floo, all you have to do under shifter is loop it and win; no need to overextend. I think his mistake was not summoning Avian first and Raiza later, because he knew the opponent had Herald.


He had Judgment + Floo trap. Evenly was never resolving.


If you use the Floo Trap for Avian into evenly, then you can't do the raiza to get back the shifter during his opponent's turn, which was Mario's win condition strategy. I do agree that he should've gone for statue since he had judgement; I think that was another misplay by Mario. If the opponent opens the nuts and has double evenly, well, sucks for you, but you gotta take some risks. What I'm trying to argue is that the gamestate was complex (there were multiple lines Mario could've taken, and he's the one who reached the finals, not us) and Vincenzo was able to read it like an open book, deciding to keep the Herald. For me, that's impressive. Think about it from Vicenzo's perspective: your opponent opens duality into shifter. You assume the opponent is going to play to loop the shifter instead of defending a barrier statue and you try to play around that loop instead of playing around a barrier statue. Did he take a risk not using Herald? Yes. Did it pay off? Absolutely.


The deck has 2 strategies: Floodgate your opponent using Statue or Shifter. Using Shifter and then summoning Statue is the ideal play when Tear lists are running Herald. Mario had 2 lines of play in a very linear deck and chose the greedy one given his current card pool. He made it to the finals, but that was such a blatant misplay it nearly rivals the Spright player who sent his Swap to make Elf going first and lost because of it. Again, he didn't read Mario. Mario should've punished hard for Vincenzo not using Herald. Vincenzo made an objectively bad play that only worked because his opponent got greedy. He loses harder to not using it on Shifter than holding it in the event his opponent attempts to loop him. It was a misplay that made his misplay work. Duality into Shifter is not at all a sign of his opponent going to loop.




I was more confused when the Floo player Tributed the TBCOO with Winds while Tribute Setting when the card itself says you can only use it for Tribute Summoning, isn't that an illegal play that won him the game?


Effects that say "Tribute Summon" also mean Tribute Set.


Usually effects that allow extra normals say Normal Summon/Set, so why do Tributes only say Tribute Summon instead of Tribute Summon/Set?


Cards only say Tribute Summon because an effect that let you Tribute Summon a monster in some way also let you Tribute Set with the same method.


But why do Normal Summon specify Set, then?


I don't know why Konami does not word those things in the same way. But just check the rulebook to have an answer to your question about why Unexplored Winds can be used to perform a Tribute Set.


Konami NA doesn't always remember the "/Set" part of some cards. Almiraj for example.


That feels like a clear mistake for a game where we follow the exact card text...


that was in the top 8 game, you can set anything under TBCOO , so he could Tribute set.


You can tribute summon anything with Unexplored winds so its legal if he Tribute set the monster.


Ah, so it works even if you want to tribute Raiza?


Yes you would be able to tribute set Raiza under TCBOO.


Thank you! I was confused by the wording and these floodgates that prevent you from performing actions a lot.


This is what happens when Konami wanted things to be strong


Imagine explaining to someone a few months ago "alot of people were cheering for floow to win"


I'm not a fan of this format, but this event was a joy to watch. Huge props to the commentators for their energy and charisma, especially Leonard with his smiles and winks to the camera, Marcello with his words of wisdom and Ed with his sultry voice and rocking fashion sense. I found myself becoming more and more invested in their mini Time Wizard tournament and their questionnaire game show than the actual event and this was the perfect way to pass the time between rounds. I was rooting for Mario in the finals and while he did lose, his little smile when he realized he was about to lose and him cradling Vincenzo's hand to congratulate him was incredibly wholesome and I was grinning from ear to ear. This entire event reminded me that what makes Yugioh great isn't the game itself, but the people.


I was there! It was my first major , went 4-3 with spright/dark law , had so much fun with friends. It was just a nice event in general!


I feel like playing yugioh now




Then you go to your locals and a 40 year old man-child throws his deck on the ground and stomps it in rage. I’m gonna start playing again with friends, but holy crap I didn’t miss the awkward moments.


Fucked up that Mario wasn't wearing a mask despite literally having the Floo.


I would like to point out that it’s pretty wholesome this whole handshake moment


Hahaha at first the white arm sleeve I thought was the milled deck, didn’t realize they were reaching across shaking hands


Euro stream is so much better. Faster between rounds, faster between games, no masks. Need to fly to Europe to play.


Same, the energy is awesome. Huge turnout this time too.


Wish they'd make the round length be like in the the US though. I don't understand why those are different?


I thought the Eldlich meta was boring but the Tearlaments somehow topped that. ​ What even is the point of trying to go to my locals and have fun with other decks knowing it's going to be filled with Tearlaments / Ishizu players.


I feel this I had a locals last week where 19/21 decks were tear ishizu or the 18 hand trap spright lists. got 2nd as one of the 2 people not playing tear ishizu/spright


Was planning on going to local’s possibly for the first time in years but I might wait till this format is past. No interest in playing against all Tear decks.


It wasn't a bad finals, but I would have really preferred a Tear mirror at this point, lol.


Flunder= Balanced Tearlaments = balanced Ishizu= busted Flunder is a great deck but is nerfed by how inconsistent it is. If you don’t open nuts you lose, if you go second without d shifter you lose, if you get hit by the right hand traps at the right time you lose. But the deck can run shifter and has almost infinite resource loop so if you get the stuff your free to go Tearlaments have small mills and can get out mediocre boards. Each version has its own downsides except for danger. Branded means only fusion so d barrier or non fusion area insta solos. Punk got banned. Danger was just the best version as it was harder to hand trap and was more consistent but sometimes if dangers were sniped too often you could lose. Ishizu makes any grave based deck already tier 1. Brave pk can play Ishizu and use Ishizu to recycle fog blade and brave parts you need in deck. For tear it increase their mills which can greatly increase the chance of milling a Tearlament. And for many other decks it adds insane mill value while being able to stop you from decking out. It also adds interuption by shuffling cards from either players gy back.


Ishizu lightsworn when?


When Tearlaments gets banned


Nah even then it's too bad, especially now that chaos ruler is dead.


Its surprisingly competent and you can include a small tear package too


The good thing is that tear doesn't have any handtraps except Orange light, so most of the time you're free to go.


Uhm……Havnis? Kelbek? Agido?


LETSGO VINCENZO DAGLIE also congrats Mario fierissimo, having two italians in a ycs final is cool as fuck


Always a good day when Floos lose.


Okay, this is too far now. I want them to hit Tear where it hurts next banlist (or at least take some swipes at it)


ooh boy who could have wondered that Ishizu Tearalaments would win?


Expect to hear that a lot


You have a lot of faith in Vincenzo winning every YCS.


Floo in every finals? Hope not


I mean people keep buying their products and playing when they make garbage formats so konami is incentivized to do these massive power creep sets with t0 garbage.


The format is good, that's literally what we all wanted for years. Now that we have it people are crying again imagine being that stupid. Like would you rather have more scythe locks or an actual interactive game which takes skill?


I don’t think anyone wants a tier 0 format, they want a format that has several decks in tier 1/2 that aren’t full negate board end boards with back and forth


Sure, but that's the first step into the right direction and people are complaining. If the community would actually be on the side of tear konami might think about printing more decks which go into this direction.


Is this surprising? Isn’t it like pretty near impossible to win against Ishizu/Tear? Going first and lucking upon opening to a D Shifter or Silent Graveyard is the only thing I can think of that would give you a chance and even then that would just put you on even ground. I mean he won so good job I guess. But he plays tear so it’s not really anything impressive.


Not really anything impressive? My guy, did you see how well he played? And the misplays his opponents made? Winning so many mirrors back to back is REALLY fucking hard.


It's still impressive since you also have to win a bunch of mirror matches


> Is this surprising? Isn’t it like pretty near impossible to win against Ishizu/Tear? I mean he had to have beaten over a dozen Ishizu Tear players along the way.


I guess somebody has to win, so somebody would have done it is the thought


Yeah cause he totally avoided every Tear along the way and just walked into top cut unscathed


Obviously he was playing against meklord and ice barrier players up until the finals


Okay, beating a bunch of Ishizu/Tear matchups in a row is impressive. Especially if you’re not using Ishizu/Tear. I just don’t view him winning this specific match against Floo as surprising. Though I will also say that winning with Floo is only impressive when it’s against Ishizu/Tear.


That about sums it up. It was a fun match, at least, in my opinion, but it's not "NEWS!!!" or anything like that, of course. Same old format, same old winner.


We need a emergency banlist, Shifter and Mine must go to 0 before it's too late


I feel like this was sarcasm that people didn't understand.


Even if it is it's not even a good joke lol


Not a good joke and no indicators of sarcasm - either through hyperbole or explicitly saying it.


The deck is unreasonably cracked and it makes me not want to bother supporting the game anyone when it's so obviously pushed with zero shame or subtlety. I was at locals and ripped 4 cards out of my opponents hand going first, round 2 with Ishizu Tearlaments and he still comboed off and won with just the two cards I left him with... XD


…you’re complaining that your ignorant hand loop strategy lost? That seems really hypocritical. If your decks goal is to rip your entire opponents hand, but you’re complaining about Tear, I think it’s more so that you’re a sore loser.


“I can’t believe my opponent played the game after I tried to make him just sit at the table and watch me play by myself with my toxic strategy! What a scumbag tear player!”


Y'all need some serious cope. I don't think I've ever come across a more toxic TCG Reddit community. YIKES. I literally was playing a dark archtype and sided in Deck Devastation Virus. If you think playing barely a rouge strategy against a tier 0 deck with a tech card that is older then the Blackwings themselves is some how a "toxic" strategy then you need to get off that meta dick.


This is the problem with Reddit. Y'all jumped down my throat assuming I did something I didn't. I was playing a Blackwing deck, I just had three Deck Devastation in the side.


"Sore Loser". What I actually said, here is an anecdote where I saw the most recent meta hotness for the first time piloted by my good friend and I used card, got super lucky and he still was able to play around the massive loss in card advantage and kick my ass, this deck must be crazy strong to be able to go -4 and still win. If your first reaction is thats me being a sore loser, honestly that says ALOT more about you, and the other dudes here throwing tantrums then it does about me. Thanks for putting me off this entire reddit community.


I called you a sore loser because losing one match made you “consider not playing or supporting the game anymore”. That’s a pretty big reaction to one loss. Your victim complex is honestly astounding. You worded your original comment in such a way that any reasonable person would assume you played a hand loop deck, then you got mad that we all made the reasonable assumption. Grow up dude.


My guy, this is not making the argument you think it is




"Oh no my FTK deck isn't good", are you the act man or something?




dont let these tear bums get u down bro hand ripping is based


“Removing your opponent’s ability to play the two player game is based”. Pretty bad take.


Right FTK's are based, if that's the case then let's get gumblar off the banlist and see what happens.


I play goats, seems like a Reasoning Gate for modern.


I HATE and I LOVE this tear deck at the same time 🤦🏻