[AC03] Number 1: Infection Buzz King

Number 1: Infection Buzz King
DARK/Fiend/Rank 8/3000 ATK/2500 DEF

2+ Level 8 Monsters
You can only use the (1) and (2) effect with this card’s name once per turn.
(1) If this card is Xyz Summoned: you can look at your opponent’s Extra Deck and send 1 card from it to the GY.
(2) You can detach a material from this card, then target 1 card your opponent controls: destroy it, then if you destroyed a face-up monster, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half its ATK.
(3) Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: you can attach 1 card from your opponents GY to this card as material.


**Number 1: Infection Buzz King** DARK/Fiend/Rank 8/3000 ATK/2500 DEF 2+ Level 8 Monsters You can only use the (1) and (2) effect with this card’s name once per turn. (1) If this card is Xyz Summoned: you can look at your opponent’s Extra Deck and send 1 card from it to the GY. (2) You can detach a material from this card, then target 1 card your opponent controls: destroy it, then if you destroyed a face-up monster, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half its ATK. (3) Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: you can attach 1 card from your opponents GY to this card as material.


>If this card is Xyz Summoned: you can look at your opponent’s Extra Deck and send 1 monster from it to the GY. Oh c'mon we just got rid of Diablosis...


Sending a card to the GY is nowhere near as oppressive as banishing it face down. Also, part of why Diablosis was banned was because it contributed to the 9 zone lock.


Being able to look in your opponents extra deck for simply summoning a monster is crazy value. Regardless if it’s a rank 8 which is slightly harder to make, deck knowledge and losing your best extra deck monster simply because my opponent summoned is stupid


This also opens up interesting bait and switches for decks that don't need their extra tho


Hah! With Infection Buzz King, I get to look at your extra deck and send any monster I choose to the graveyard! ... Why is your extra deck just 15 copies of "Mistar Boy"?


Inflict psychic damage to the opponent when he sees 15 different non-effect DM-era fusions


Found the floo player


He is ready for ready fusion


Ocean Man!


Take me by the hand!


Sanwitch my beloved




I think it's pretty mediocre since it doesn't actually do anything on the field. For the number of resources you need to put into a rank 8, you want a real disruption instead. This is basically a worse Kashtira Unicorn. Diablosis is a good card because it has crazy synergy with Shangri-Ira. If Diablosis sent cards to GY instead of banishing it wouldn't be banworthy.


Not comparing the two at all in terms of power level, just the design choice. I’m not a fan of your opponent getting to look into my extra deck and choose cards to discard or banish with little to no investment regardless of what monster it is. That design space is really bad and this is the fourth monster in the last two years with this type of effect.


I don't think it's that important overall tbh. Considering Dogmatika and Mega Zaborg both do that too, I think having it on a rank 8 isn't much of a problem at all.


I'll give you the deck knowledge bit, but if the card is in the graveyard, that means there's ways to get it back.


Yeah there aren’t many cards that will shuffle them back in. You can’t special summon any of them since they weren’t properly summoned.


In time to come, I bet we'll get plenty more cards that mass shuffle cards in the GY or banished into the Deck.


Pot of Avarice & Pot of Acquisitiveness would like to know y’all’s location.


Did they ban emeral?


who tf is playing emeral in 2023


That’s what we said about Cyber-Stein. Now look at it.


no we didnt what


“ Aren’t many,” doesn’t mean there are none lmao


Keep in mind though the card will have to be shuffled back to extra, which can be hard depending on the deck


That really depends on the deck. Sending a Zeus to the graveyard is usually no different from banishing it face down.


When it comes to extra deck monsters it's almost the same thing. How are you getting your Zeus or Accesscode back in the extra deck?


Pot of avarice, lol


Ishizu shufflers


Also, Kash is a rank 7 archetype, not 8. Big difference:V


Getting ED knowledge on Turn 1 is pretty broken though


What is the 9 zone lock?


Kashtira Shangri-Ira has this effect: Each time a card(s) your opponent owns and possesses is banished face-down (except during the Damage Step): You can choose 1 unused Main Monster Zone or Spell & Trap Zone; it cannot be used while this monster is face-up on the field. Should be more than enough of an explanation on what the 9 zone lock is.


I had 1st hand explanation of the 9 zone lock.....


That makes a lot of sense why thank rank 7 xyz banned lol I played it in my red eyes slash dragon deck to punish anyone banishing off desires as a spicy tech lol


isnt it just alba zoa eff? going 1st zoa can send more than that if your opponent want to keep their hand.


Yeah but Zoa isn't an easily accessible extra deck monster lol


And iirc Zoa doesn't let you look at the opponent’s ED, only white knight does that.


Matrix, Central and Macabre also let you look at the opponent's Extra, but yeah, Zoa doesn't. Your opponent chooses which 7 cards they send.


Ah true, forgot about the spells


But this time it’s for Blue eyes


I doubt anything will change, Kashtira can't make this


Rank 8 just happens to be one of the 2 most easy to make generically though so that's the problem here.


How can you make this in Kashtira


The problem is not kashtira The problem will be any future deck that could run a lot of level 8 monsters which is again a very popular level


Dark Worlds will most likely summon this.


You can't and that's not what I'm saying.


Danger Dark World


this was my exact 1st thought


Gotta keep people buying duplicates of what should be 1 of ED monsters.


“That’s a nice limited Arise-Heart you got there”


Revenge is so sweet...


2+* Level 8 monsters


Thanks, corrected. Also noticed it sends a Card from Extra Deck to the GY instead of monster. Not a functional difference at the moment but is that how it is written now?


It's written in a way that doesn’t really say either. “Look at your opponent's Extra Deck and send one of them to the GY.” Not that we should look too deeply into that. It just means a card in the Extra Deck. Edit: It has the same text as Abyss Script - Fire Dragon's Lair, which was localized to say “monster”.


I wouldn't look too much into it. Probably just some future proofing just in case they put spell/traps on the ED, even if they don't have plans at the moment.


Diablosis at home: Now speaking seriously, even if this also ED rips its not nearly as toxic as diablosis. Good rank8 monster for labrynth to go into under welcome's lock


Eh for most decks it doesnt make that much of a difference if you rip a card to grave or banish it. The ones that do have ED floaters you can still get knowlege and then rip a generic non floater like zeus so its still value


The only downside is that Labrynth doesn't have 2 level 8 monsters on the first turn, so the effect that sends a card from the opponent's ED to the GY won't be used on its full potential But still, a good monster!


If you really want to you can make it happen. Furniture cards are pretty strong, but I doubt it would ever be worth going into this over keeping Lovely/Lady on field.


Yeah diablosis at home, because this motherfucker is a home cook.


Nice Ariseheart you got there!


Dark Fiend Rank 8.....I think I might try this in Unchained as a tech card because why not, effects are pretty good actually


> Once per turn during your opponent’s Standby Phase Pretty sure it's your Standby Phase, not the opponent's.


It is yea, I knew I read it as that but I guess Omega kept popping in my head.


> I guess Omega kept popping in my head. Understandable.


Well... That just goes in P.U.N.K.


I'm not very into the meta scene in Yu-Gi-Oh how good is a peek at my opponent's extra deck?


Knowledge and prevention from your opponent winning via the extra deck is always a great.


Diablosis for rank 8-axis decks. Nice


Fun fact: This card's effect is almost identical to it's anime effect with no new effects added on, compared the other barian numbers getting additional effects (Cicada King's revive and battle position changing, Ninja Mosquito's force attack effect, and Stealth Kragen's attribute change.) The only changes between the anime and paper is the summoning requirement being changed from 3 to 2+, it being able to attach any card from the grave instead of only a number as well it happening in stand by instead of being activated during a main phase, and the burn damage being changed to half the monster's attack rather than all of it (this is likely done as reference to how the damage from it was halved by Prevent and Draw). The only thing that wasn't tweaked with it is the extra deck rip


Ah yes, Diablosis 2.


>Ah yes, Diablosis 2.0. FTFY.


Why is it a fiend though? Clearly an insect and was played by the insect themed villain.


The japanese name is a very blatant play on Beelzebub, so it's an insect-themed demon


Is Diablosis at home... yay


Hey now we got all the fake numbers outside of Dark Illumiknight


I mean, technically, we've still got 999,996 left if we're going for all of them


I can imagine Konami making Barian Numbers for every single archetype under the sun because they can and want money. Imagine a Rank 7 Neos Number in a deck that locks you into Fusion summons.


Imagine "(This card is also always treated as a fusion monster) Must be first special summoned from the extra deck using as 2 lvl 7 monsters you control as fusion material (you don't need polymerization) and if you do, attach the fusion materials to this card". We already have shit like bishbulkin, the ursartic lvl 1 synchro and a lot of other monsters that don't follow the normal rules of the game.


Ah yeah the classic removing gimmick summoning conditions so the card is a link with extra effects


It would basically be a redo of adding links to every archetype. Honestly I'd enjoy that as long as they try to make each monster support the archetype more than be generic game-breakers. Would be fun seeing them try to make an Xyz for a deck that doesn't have two monsters with the same level.


I doubt we'll be getting Dark Illumiknight since the dub changed it to another copy of regular Illumiknight. Also the fact the only difference between the two is the name and Attribute.


We got leo ray and astral number utopia and leviatian dragon and Junk Warrior with his signature pose. If they want to make a huge stretch for a monster they will do it. We even got the Dark Magician’s first appearance as a card printed.


Fair point.


Let us cope, we want evil Illumiknight


And the artwork.


Dark World players looking at the new Rank 8 on the table


First rank 8 fiend monster, after all these years... Edit: Actually just the first generic monster, sorry. Completely forgotten about those D/D/D monsters, I've hardly ever seen some of them.


At last... EL MOSCO.


I read that as “El Mocoso” for a second and was laughing my ass off.


Therion rank 8 toolbox got a new toy


Darkworlds will be very happy


Konami is keeping us guessing what some cards will be for AC 2023, cause now we are left with: * 1 card for GX * 1 card for 5Ds or Zexal * 1 card for Zexal * 1 card for Zexal or Arc-V


I'm banking on: ● 1 card for Axel, probably the one that makes the Mine Tokens ● 1 card for Jack (HOPEFULLY an Earthbound Immortal Crimson devil that works with Earthbounds and RDA given the SD and the Sergey releases) ● 1 or 2 cards for Alito, hopefully a Chaos version of Lion Heart seeing as we were robbed of that


Volcanic Mine with all of its effects intact would be a boon for Volcanic, BUT I am betting on it being Bonfire, with all new Pyro monsters released. Crimson Devil does not has a card in the anime, so I do think we will get it. Number C54 could be an option, the only thing is that it most likely is going to be a rank 2, you won't be able to play it in Battlin' Boxer.


The only thing that would really make sense for Jack and Sergey duel is Engrave Soul Light(most likely)/Red Gem/Red Soul unless it’s a new card entirely


I hope for the performapal that allow you to draw a card for each pendulum summoned monster.....its gonna be nerfed to the ground isn't it


Unsurprisingly Buzz King's effects were largely unchanged from the anime. Them reducing the number of Materials needed for its Xyz summon was a surprise, makes me wonder what changes they'll make to Infection Fly - assuming it is the mystery card preceding this one in AC2023. Maybe now that Heartland's ace monster has finally been printed, he can finally come to Duel Links?


They nerf its burn though


Cool card, solid adaption from the anime. Fake Numbers were all handled extremely well overall. New Orders next year plz?


>New Orders next year plz? Ooh, yes please! Preferably sooner\~


Woooo let’s gooo finally we have all of them, also it went from needing 3 materials to just 2+ because the effect isn’t that good to warrant such high investment.


The effect seems alright.


But not for 3 level 8 monsters


Agreed. For 2 level 8, it's a solid ability. It can throw a huge monkey wrench in someone's game plan if they're depending on certain limited extra deck monsters and it'll pop one card on the field you don't like without any restrictions. It is a very decent card.


That's fair. Good point.


i dont care for summoning conditions, this will be summoned over dragonar since dragonar still makes it perform an xyz summon


GOD DAMN I'm sooooooo happy the number 1 Infection Buzz King will be here. Well well my short-list missed some XYZ monster cards: Number 1 Infection Buzz King join my list of cards i'll buy. ​ I predicted the presence of Number 1 so i'm happy my guessing are real. One more number monster and they'll all here (unless they create Number 0 Astral the primal number ?)


What's the one more Number? And what is Number 0?


the last number is the number 10 Dark Illumiknight (a fake version from the number 10 Illumiknight). Number 0....well it's an idea i suggest even if we already have Number F0 Utopic Future and number S0 Utopia ZEXAL


Fuuuuuuuuuuuck off with this “look at extra deck” bullshit!!!


it's such a wack form of interaction. at least it doesn't banish face down, I guess..


Tbh I'm cool with it. Cards like this make extra deck limits mean something, and it's a more unique effect than spamming omnis. If anything, the fact that losing 1 extra deck card can be a loss to begin with is indicative of an unhealthy gamestate. (Tho at this point Yugioh can't really be saved in that regard so it's a moot point)


The thing that gets me is they can immediately get knowledge of your entire extra. That feels so cheesy to me. Hand knowledge is already so good that some decks main deck aqua dolphin just to try to burn an ash blossom and look at what they have, but getting knowledge of 15 cards that aren’t necessarily always the same from deck to deck is atrocious in my opinion. That, to me, is the toxic gameplay.


Spotted the kastira player


Genuinely hope this is sarcasm. You wouldn’t catch me dead with a kash deck. Branded ftw.




I will be honest. I wish we had more number cards, at least one number per XYZ archetype. I know we basically do and that they have all appeared, but I'm sure they can make a whole second set with the whole fake numbers setting. It has so much potential as a concept, especially with the chaos versions they can get as well.


Still salty that Anna, Gachue and Alito got game original Numbers for their deck, but Droite and Durbe didn't.


The fact that V only has ONE Number while Tron, III, and IV has 3 is ridiculous


>I wish we had more number cards, at least one number per XYZ archetype. I know we basically do and that they have all appeared, but I'm sure they can make a whole second set with the whole fake numbers setting. I prefer to have all C versions.


Infection buzz King plus winter cherries is just extra petty lol.


That's a nice card for DW. Not only can it be used after muckraker, it can also be used going first by targeting ceruli and winning with time.


Might work well in a dark world deck


Number 1 ❤️‍🔥👌


Keikaku dori. Hoping we see an armored C105 in this set too. BB Requiem Cestus could be fun. So re ga. Requiem.


Diabolosis barely seen play before Kashtira even in decks that spam rank 7 so don't think this card would be an issue at all unless in a dedicated level 8 archetype that plusses or limit the opponent options whenever a card gets send from op extra deck to grave.


oh cmon not another ED Monster thats rip your extra deck not after diablosis


It not as bad as 89 at least. Plus, this was its original effect: ED rip


HEART BURNING ❤️‍🔥! Finally fake number 1, another fine addition to my collection


Sweet card for dark world


I swore this card was out but ig it was anime only for a long time


Here's a little lesson in trickery


Is it me or more and more XyZ monsters use more and more "unlimited" number of Materials to Summon?


*Grunkle Stan: After all these years... finally, I have them all.*


u/TheArchfiendGuy this might be a decent ED option for Archfiends ?


Yeah definitely! It makes Archfiend Emperor that tiny bit less dead in hand


It’s buzzin time


Dope fake numbers completed! Other than the ED ripping that important one of your opponent runs the effects are pretty fair all things considered.


oh fo Christ's sake, we just got rid of fucking Diablosis




This monster had this effect in the anime, one of the first of its kind.


Exactly it’s based off it’s original anime effect, it’s been there since forever


Rank 8 gets another banger Xyz just to sit there and collect dust. I blame Photon and Cipher for holding Galaxy back.


What do you mean?


I feel like Rank 8 could be more prominent with how many weapons they have. The second comment was me malding that they can't give Galaxy-Eyes the support it needs, and keep going Rank 4 or new disjointed offshoots.. A timeline where Photon stopped getting support and Cipher didn't exist, but we got new Galaxy cards instead, is one where Rank 8 prospered.


The fact they nerfed the burn to half is just dumb. This isn't Duel Links, Konami.


Why did I get downvoted? I am pointing out the burn nerf is not needed and is just dumb. Konami apparently thinks this is Duel Links(where they ruin burn cards despite many don't need the nerf)


Seems nice in Labrynth?


I'm so sick of new cards interacting with your shit I'm all for mill decks, they're a unique mechanic that should be encouraged Your opponent shouldn't be able to touch cards in your hand or your extra deck, poor game design and it feels unfair


L take


I am really tired of cards getting a peek at the extra deck. If you're gonna rip cards from the extra, should be like Dogmatika and allow the owner to pick what's ripped. At least it makes it fair and information is still kept close to the chest.


Just an FYI only Maximus and Alba Zoa let the owner pick.


Honey this is the internet ain't nothing secret lol


Wait why is he a fiend and not an insect ?


Because he's Beelzebub - a demon king of course.


Bro this is like the fourteenth number 1 we have gotten, what's going on.


Shame it can’t send from your Extra


It’s based off it’s anime effect, it was always to send from opponents which is how it’s gimmick worked for the duel it was in. We can’t change a card entirely based off the anime to TCG, most of the time it should be mostly true to the anime version minus stuff like number protection.


\*8-Axis has entered the chat\*


But wasn't n1 a numeron gate? Did i miss something?


In the show numbers 1-4 are fake until we get to the numeron gates


This was a fake number that Vector gave to Mr Heartland during the second season of Zexal


There are 2 sets of Numbers 1-4: - The real set, which as you identified are the Numeron Gates - The Fake Numbers, which (in the anime) were Numbers generated by Don Thousand to merge the Human and Barian Worlds together. Basically, they're one-note monsters designed entirely to counter a specific character or strategy. For the above, Infection King was used to counter Kite (who at this point in the series only had 1 Number in his Deck; Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito) by sending that Number from his Extra Deck, attaching it from the GY and then subsequently detatching it to activate its effect (in a semi-infinite once-per-turn loop).


It's an anime thing, there were the real Numbers and a bunch of "fake" Numbers the antagonists spread around - Infection Buzz King belongs to the latter, while the gate is the real Number 1.


These are Fake. 1-4 Numerons are real used by main final villian of Zexal Don Thousand. Fake numbers like this were used by one off Villians like Heartland. Anime lore moment.


With that name was expecting an insect Massively disappointed


Its original name was a reference to Beelzebub, so it fits. Blame 4kids.


Lol... Mediocre card is Mediocre.




It's still a mediocre card.


Lol… Trash take is trash


Card is still mediocre.


Enjoy your downvotes bro 😂


Lol... Love it when people have to remove their comments on Reddit or block someone.


Are we just now getting Number 1? Man, I honestly forgot about the whole gimmick with the Number archetype. Do we have them all now or are we still missing some numbers?


why not an insect tho


Buzz King. I thought it was an Insect monster but instead its a Machine. Bah!


You mean Fiend right? It's a Fiend type because it's based on the demon Beelzebub, lord of the flies.


FINALLY! It's crazy Baal took so long to get printed. I'm happy it's finally here!




After all these years, we finally have a generic rank 8 fiend monster


Card is pretty nice in Dogmatika. Can Maximus and overlay with Fleur or something and rip something else out.


Too bad Fleur alone is better than this card, plus dogma cards such as Maximus lock you out of ED unfo


I'm going to need a 25 card extra deck


This is a fine rank 8 tool box card. Not great but might see play if there’s nothing else. Nothing special


After all these years, finally we have them all.


People this is not another Diablos. Its annoying but not an oppressive Kashtira card without the name. Its not loopable or breaks the game. Gaining knowledge of what the opponent has is not bad but unless that 1 extra deck monster is going to make the difference out of the many tools that exist chances are the card is FINE.


Ah neat, I can make this in Labrynth. Nice little tech card that's a better Dingirsu and can be summoned under the fiend lock.


good for galaxy eye decks


this card might be interesting in dracoslayer shs monkeyboard + odd eyes synchron into psy omega. omega + Ignister prominence into no.1 for a ed check + rip. also a 3k beatstick if no.1 gets off the field/ or it detaches omega for a pop, omega can recycle gy (beyond the pend or selene) though it only works with good hand or uninterupted combo. interesting choice along harbringer/lancelit


Number 1 being Rank 8 is pretty nice for Numbers Eveil if you need low numbers to add together, since the other Number 1 is Rank 1 and Number C1 is Rank 2. That means as long as your fourth card is Rank 3 to 7 or 9 and above you just have to add 3 to it.


I personally would have made it attach during The standby phase and made the destruction quick effect but I'm bad at balancing cards.


Okay so I havent watch ZEXAL but can someone explain why there's like 3 or 4 "Number 1" cards?


There are 2 sets of Numbers 1-4: The real ones, which as you identified are the **Numeron Gates** and the **Fake Numbers**, which (in the anime) were Numbers generated by Don Thousand to merge the Human and Barian Worlds together. Basically, they're one-note monsters designed entirely to counter a specific character or strategy. **Numeron Gates** are used by main final villain of Zexal, Don Thousand while the **Fake Numbers** like this were used by the Barian goons, like Mr Heartland.