Where is my beautiful red duel disk academy version? https://preview.redd.it/hjq5ta38klpa1.png?width=440&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=5d86dc0bc75fc4071d59c7dce11a22a57b750838


For real! It worked so well with Jaden’s design. My boy rocked that Duel Disc.


This reminds me how they changed the GX duel disk offscreen between seasons 3 and 4. For the first 3 seasons, all students had the exact same duel disk. But suddenly, in season 4, all dorms have duel disks with their respective colors. Don't get me wrong, I think the new version is better, but they didn't even bother to explain the change and they pretended it has always been that way XD


They do explain it actually, at the beginning of S4 they suspect that the issues that are being caused by Fujiwara messing with thing is happening as a glitch from the new duel disks


Wasn't that more like a problem with the corrupted cards tho Then again, I'm not complaining, this new design looks better than the original GX duel disk


Yeah the cards had been corrupted by fujiwara but originally they think its an issue with the new duel disks


Kaiba gave them enough of a budget increase to paint the disks in order to distract the students from all the ptsd inducing events that happened the prior year


The alternate dimension stuff only happened within the previous few months since season 3 and season 4 both took place in Judai's 3rd year, unless your referring to the whole Obelisk White cult shenanigans


>they didn't even bother to explain the change as someone else said, it did get explained that they were just new. but also it doesnt really need to get explained, you can just kinda assume its a new model of duel disk.


I gave honorable mentions to Osiris red GX disk. It’s so pretty, but I don’t like the standard gray disk.


I'd say the ARC-V ones. It's like a arm PDA pad or whatever until the disk part comes out


Ye and the different type for each dimension


Yes to both of those, it's like if instead of having smartphones we had duel disks that work as smartphones and I'm a little mad we don't have them tbh


Like i already have a smart watch. Throw in the slots for decks, GY, and banish pile(?) and it’d be great.


It's so clean too and you can change the color and shape very easily. Also the fusion dimension has swords?? Instant win


Real talk, I think that a real life functional duel disk would have something like the Arc V screen for selecting cards and activating effects.


With this duel disk you can use also your real cards. Imagine introduce your card in the PDA and see an anination of the card like Master Duel.


This. They are perfect. I rly like how they fit the style if the shows duels.


OG is best because if your opponent was playing some bullshit floodgates, the edge was sharp enough to stab him with it "Unfortunately, Skill Drain doesn't stop your chest from bleeding, only monster effects activated on the field, Josh"


People were actually sword fighting with the arc V duel disks though


The fusion dimension's duel disks were literally swords, too, lol


Unfortunately the OG manga design was more curved like a wing. No stabby stabby in manga. :c But it didn’t go into standby mode in the manga. Standby mode was an anime only thing. No standby mode always wing out makes me think it’s sturdy AF so you could use it as a blunt weapon. c:


Exodia Ghoul literally knocks Jonouchi out with the board part. Dat boy good.


I mean, there's the dude in GX whose duel disk doubled as a gun


The GX academy disks are the best standard disks plus they had some great custom ones like Axel and Crocodile Cooks. I also have to mention Arc-V disks were awesome.


I'm gonna be awkward and say the Duel Monsters S4/Orichalcos/Chaos Duel Disk The colour the runes the sleek blade form of the duel bay itself https://preview.redd.it/zkb4blg2plpa1.png?width=543&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=932ff2aadfe01a87d0370b60f2a85e6a8e1f18ed


And the way it deploys is so badass.


If you try and place your card at the end half of it will just be sticking out. Still sick


It is lowkey the coolest duel disk.


It’s neat but I don’t like how it’s so unsymmetrical. Like one side is this big block and then it goes and descends into a tiny tiny piece at the end. Maybe it’s better in other scenes but in this screenshot it’s not looking too cool to me. The IRL Orichalchos toy version is perfectly shaped and is awesome to me though. See picture: https://www.usedregina.com/classified-ad/YuGiOh-Chaos-Duel-Disk-1996_33349399


This is the way.




I actually still have mine irl lol


Gx Duel Disks with dorm colors is my favorite. Always have a soft spot for the original as well https://preview.redd.it/bld278dk8mpa1.jpeg?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=4581bb8ff22f3d9ba6a4f644975ad80f79fb0565


zexal standard duel disk. I really like how they changed the card locations and blade design. I dunno, it gave a sense of ergonomic, but I could be wrong


Specifically decklan’s ARC-V disk


I really like Arc-V ones by how much you can customize them, its so impressive that you can make really unique desings with a thing that its so simple.


They are also the most practical to be made in real life, it has a duel field and a screen that shows your opponent's plays and cards


I like the Arc-V Xyz Dimension duel disks the most. They're the slimmest of the Arc-V duel disks. While we're saying good things about Duel Disks. I like Duel disks the most when they can be turned into functional toys to be bought. Zexal-Vrains duel disks weren't toyetic at all (especially Vrains, only Yusaku and Takeru's disks even deserve the name) so the Rush Duel Disks were so refreshing to see with their functional spell and trap zones, and the deck case being part of it as both the deck zone and GY is so nice. I love these things but I don't think I would have batted an eye at them if we didn't get 3 straight seasons of designs that had 1 slot for spells and traps, and akward monster zones or laser slabs for monsters. Also Vrains making their duel disks Apple Watches for 99% of the cast was terrible.


It probably doesn't count, but the Dark Side of Dimensions one that Yugi gets. That moment and animation when he activates it is slick af.


orichalcos https://preview.redd.it/wsn05pie4mpa1.jpeg?width=543&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=49d03cf2ba4b95537f57b52074182b81090e6400


I came with this exact photo to say the same hahaha https://preview.redd.it/zv5wx1yalrpa1.jpeg?width=543&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=639ff15cb379e13718804c707ecc230ad7349efb


5D's and the Chaos duel disk.


Zexal if we're counting the Barians' as duel disks. They didn't have to look like pieces of tech so they got to go all-out.


Barian duel disks were so good


Arc v is peak duel disk.


I like the ones from Vrains, they seem to be the most lightweight and the newer models come with a preinstalled AI support system.


I like gx for having the most variety of duels disk. Most series have duel disk being copy paste color swaps. 5D is a close second. Both had gun duel disks.


I actually like the GX disk the teachers would use that you wore on your chest. Underrated design truly.


I just like the look of the DM one. Especially when it goes into Duel Mode. So satisfying to watch.


Battle city, the OG




Arc V ones are great Vrains are good too


GX had some really unique designs for Duel Disks. Like Titan's arm + coat, Yubel's flesh disk, Jinzo spirit not using it at all and all the design from season 3 were so cool in their own way.


Honestly, if I had to run around with one on my arm, I'd going with the Orichalcos Duel Disks.


In terms of generic disks: Arc-V and Orichalcos. Individual: Zarc, the Barian Emperors, Kite (ZEXAL), and the Arclight Family.


Vrains is the best... not Yusaku's old fashion one, but in everyone else's; it's just a wrist where holograms appear. I know it's virtual reality, but that's so practical.


Whatever tf Kaiba was rocking in Dark Side of Dimensions


O fuckin G


5ds or Zexal.




I like arc-v, specifically the sword variation


5D's was my favorite, especially Yusei's because it's a hybrid which can also be integrated on a D-Wheel.


Kinda stuck between Sevens and Zexal. The Zexal disk was literally whatever you need it to be. You need a laptop? Put it down on a desk and you have a touchscreen PC. Need to make a call? The eyepiece doubles as a smartphone. What didn't it do? Sevens on the other hand didn't do many things but the concept of a removable deck box that you can put in has advantages. A few people I used to play with had multiple decks so being able to get multiple boxes and pop in the one you need seems useful.


gx because 90% of gx’s duel disks are costume made.


None of those cards are as good as the original duel disk top.


Anything but Vrains and Arc-V, because those are sci-fi and don’t look possible. Maybe Zexal is the best because it has physical card slots and a screen.


I *think* Zexal's is my favorite. In general I prefer duel disks with actual blades, and Zexal's has the kinda "tablet" screen which I *do* like the concept of, since it's not just a big bulky device dedicated to playing card games. DM's and Sevens's Duel Disks are close seconds, though. Can't go wrong with the classics, and the Duel Disk of Sevens feels like it's fairly similar in that regard.


I was partial to the red prototype that Kaiba brought w/ him to Duelist Kingdom when he battle Yugi on the ramparts. It's ridiculous that you had to throw it and it just spun the entire duel but it just looked cool.


Came here to say this. It also just functioned on a different rule set.


The OG https://preview.redd.it/ziib9yzoonpa1.png?width=2921&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=ca24fe40e31c146a1b7e8396cf9bb79d392a4d38


ZEXAL had some really good duel disks


Arc V duel disks are lightsabers. I think we have a winner here.


It can transform into a gun https://preview.redd.it/t5fptfd73opa1.jpeg?width=561&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=815a246c97297578eb5e73805f31d97c6409f313


I love the Blackbird Disk (Crow's Disk) because of the way it fit into the D-Wheel itself. Otherwise I love the Duel Coats from GX and Fusion Dimension Duel Disks from Arc-V. Especially the latter just being. A sword is so funny. Somewhat unrelated-related, but one of my favourite things is that Yusei uses a Battle City Disk since he's from Satellite, which may give the illusion that Duel Disks don't change all that much, but there's so many individual models, I love the way so much love is poured into that design aspect. (<- normal thought haver about Duel Disks)


I really like the zexal design. They look futuristic yet realistic, they are way more practical than the big older designs without just materializing out of thin air like the newer ones. Also in my headcanon I always assumed they were different for everyone because they had a ton of customisation options.


I’d say the arc-v duel disks, mainly because you just Carry around a small thin block of metal, which can transform into a customisable duel disk, with a screen to click on face up cards that are on the field to check the effects, that can also be used as a computer and as a phone.


Nothing will ever beat the original frisbee duel disk.


Which was the one that shot out the hologram projectors out the duel disk, battle city?


The 5Ds gunslinger disk is my personal favorite.


Why are DM/GX/5D's coupled together? They're all different from each other (DM and 5D's are similar in that they're angular with blue card zones, but the actual wrist piece is very different between the two, and GX is just straight up not the same thing)


my beutifal seal of orichalcos duel disk. have had it for years


I'll have to say Zexal; definitely unique as it also functions as a tablet computer.


I like the original duel disk design the most I also liked the proto type duel disk that came out before the actual one


I like the regular VRAINS one. not so much Playmaker's though, I prefer the new one that whatshisface brags about in the first episode (im only on like episode 5 of VRAINS because im kinda watching all of them except Arc-V (because I heard characters recurr) at the same time. oh, and Go Rush/Sevens because I dont like rush duels but that's beside the point)


5D's is the only correct answer




Everything but the original looks ass imo


The OG ones


The original was perfection.


Im a fan of the classics since I grew up in that era I remember 1800 beatsticks and how it cost $200 to get a Mechanicalchaser because of 50 ATTACK POINTS (Just saw the price now omg)


Dark Side of the Dimensions either or looks pretty cool.


I love the GX ones from the last season, with the dorm colours and stuff. Those are my faves.


5Ds for me it's basically just a modified Duel disk of the o.g and you can't go wrong with that.


Do duel runners count?


The original. I had one as a kid


Despite the bulky look I like Zexals dueldisk but Arc V is cool too.


I like arc v because it's basically held by magic which is what it'd be if the damn things worked


It's between the GX era and the dark side dimensions one


I think the Arc-V design, but just because it's so practical. It looks like it's removable from the bracelet, so you can just keep it in a bag and out of the way until you duel, where it then shoots out the hologram thing to place the cards in. It's great


The OG has always been my favorite but Arc-V and Vrains have most practical designs.


ARC-V has one of the smoothest and futuristic duel disk design for me and they sometimes give different characters different shape and color of there duel disk so that not everyone is having the same shit


Nostalgia will always say the OG design, but I remember seeing Zexal and thinking "This could be real in the near future". AR glasses is a much smarter system than the little 'hard light' or whatever it was called projectors that would only sometimes shoot out of the disk. Even now if I was able to play Master Duel off my tablet and wear some AR glasses that projected the arena and cards around me would be all I'd ever need.


I like the Arc V disks the best, especially the fusion dimension ones with the sword shaped tray


Bruh where is the oricalcos duel disk


ether zexal or arc-v


It's not listed here, but the Orichalcos one from DM


Gotta go with the OG it’s what I was introduced to and I like it’s design.


Nothing beats the classic imo, finally got my hands on one recently!


Jaden's slifer red disk


GX is my favorite


I like the classic DM but I also liked the GX version too. BUT if they made some of the villains duel disks in real life that would’ve been sweet!


My favorite duel disks are the Duel Academy ones. Believable models while also retaining its own unique look.


ArcV are snazzy as hell. Otherwise you can’t beat the DM&5D’s designs. Honorable mention to Osiris Red GX disk. I only like the colored duel disks from season 4 in GX, unless it’s like Dr Chronos’ belt thing he wears across his chest.


OG DM Disk


Gx. It's the first to have unique designs for characters and kinda makes me wish they did more beyond colour coding for each dorm colour for the generic students.


I gotta go with old faithful here, but the first runner-up is ARC-V's


Vrains. It's the only one that you can carry with you at all times without needing to have a case or bag to do so.


the academy disk is my favorite, it's sleek and fresh, but also reminiscent of the og disk. it's kind of what Gx as a series is going for and i love it.


waking the dragons had better designs for dartz and his followers


As much as I love the GX Academia disk, pretty much every standard Arc-V duel disk wins simply by how practical it looks. And then I saw the GX-like models from Arc-V and thats when I fell in love for the first time again.


Arc-V fusion dimension duel disks


I will say GX Duel academy cause I always thought it looked schnazzy.


Im going with 5ds because it can be attached to a fucking motorcycle and detached for good ol 1v1. If that doesn’t count Arc-V, simple sleek, its a phone, and you can design the part where you play the cards.


I liked Arc V's disk. The sleek minimal design, being able to slap and slide the pendulums across the board, and the big screen to show off more stuff in the show. Second is the Duel disk in Zexal, same concept but collapsible. Byootiful.


I loved the duel disks that kaiba made in DSOD


The ones from darkside of dimensions


I actually didn't like GX's Duel Academy disks much, but I \*loved\* Crowler's. I love the OG DM disk too, but I love Chaos/Orichalcos more. Not much a fan of the others. IDK, maybe I'm spoiled or nostalgic. Or both.


I loved the supreme Kings duel disk it's so cool


The orichalcos disk


No love for Yami Bakura’s flesh duel disk huh? 😔


The ARC-V design is just so sleek 👌💯


Nothing beats the og


Can't beat the original


I always liked the OG best


Gx season 3 or 4 had them color coded for each dorm.


GX academy! But you didn’t show the picture here.


Og easily top of the list. Partially just because the concept was so novel at the time, but it also matched the post-90s pseudo-scifi-fantasy vibe the series had. I wish the anime stuck closer to the functions of the manga, but by battle city they needed to at least resemble the actual game. The Arc-V disks are cool, if a little bland. The changing colors is an awesome idea, giving creators more tools to make the disk a part of the character's designs. Solid light field space also makes the designs less clunky. Also, the sword variant is \*chefs kiss\*. The standard academy duel disk from GX is probably the most mid of all the designs, but I love the splash of color we get in the later seasons. Like a classy trim on a sleek car. I like some of the ideas that went into the orichalcos disks, like the seal rimming the main body and the telescoping field, but the whole thing feels a little over-designed, like they should've stopped about 2 ideas ago. The weird oblong/oval common disks from 5Ds look both way too big for the deck section, while also being way too small for the field. Trash tier. On the subject of 5Ds and GX, I don't even know what to say about all the personalized and themed disks that the random one-off characters would bring. I find every single one of the like, fleshy/organic disks that people grew out of their arms absolutely disgusting, but Axel Brody's doubling as a mcfreaking \*gun\* that he used to shoot his cards at people is the biggest dick energy in the entire series. Also, shout out to the absolute chad **Sir Gill de Randsborg** for \*using his shield as a duel disk\*. Honorable mention to the thrown prototype we saw for all of 2 1/2 duels. Actually my personal favorite what with the giant cards in front of you, but so short lived and janky that it never really got a chance to shine. Also the only one to actually be a disk. Second honorable mention to the millennium arc's DiaDhanks, great blend of the iconic disc with the ancient egyptian stone tablet theme. A little hokey, but I do love me some ridiculous anime logic.


My favorite duel disk is the Supreme king duel disk




It’s unfortunate that the duel disk cannot work irl like the anime, how more fun.


Any series where the duel disk emerges from the characters freaking flesh arm abomination


I'm surprised no one mentioned supreme king jaidens spinny disk Or Jessie/yubels one


Either the Orichalcos duel disk. Or the duel disk that Jaden had during season 4.


I’m going to say my favorite is the Arc V academia one designed off sword and shield. It looks so sick, even more so when you can customize the colors of it!


DM, obviously


No one mentioning Yubel and Truman's organic disks?


Arc v or 5ds


I mean Yubels grew out of her arm and Supreme Kings spins, 5ds had actual motocycles Also sometimes they used these things called tables!


Arc v seemed the most realistic with the tablet design. Combine that with the practical board of the battle city disk and that’s my dream disk


is just me that have missed some episodes or the vrains never shown the cards on the duel disk when there is a monster in EMZ?


Definitely the original from duel monsters or 5Ds. Simple, classic, sharp, but elegant.


Original series. The prototype Duel Disk was literally that... a Duel Disk. Throwing the disk and having it spin was awesome. If we're talking about finalized versions, then Transcend Game/The Dark Side of Dimensions version. Kaiba made the new Disk Disk sexy. It is multi-purpose. If it is folded up, it uses digital. If it unfolds, it has a board and you can use physical cards. It looks more awesome folded up. Oh, yeah. One thing about the Battle City Duel Disk in the manga, is that the red arrow on top of the graveyard is actually a Duelist Search System. You use it to find other Duel Disks in the area. This was removed from the anime. Jonouchi used it and found Ryota at the Aquarium.


Vrains and Arc V. Arc V is just so pretty and I just love Vrains so much. I also like how the main accessory for them in Vrains have so many different designs from the clunky ones Playmaker and Soulburner use to the sleek one Revolver uses.


Original from Duel Monsters. Though I really love all the mechanical duel disks. The later duel disks in Arc-V and Vrains have such boring designs by comparison.




5d's ftw




Arc-V's was so fucking sleek but also i agree on the ZeXaL statement, part of the reason its my favorite series


Arc-V, no question. Although DSoD was pretty dope too.


well zexal one always catch my eyes o wait, I forgot Kaiba\`s and yugi\`s in dsod. those are fking cool


I honestly like the arc V ones. I've always liked the idea of hard light and arc v having unique duel disks for each person was pretty cool


I enjoyed 5ds with the turbo duels


Arc V’s is so cool dude. I know it’s a bit too future-y but the way it pops out is always so awesome.


Arc-V (specifically standard dimension) Both in terms of cool factor and realism. It’s basically an iPad on your arm that you can duel with You see them be used as phones, they by far make the most sense in a modern world that plays cards


Arc v is my choice


I like the angular nature of the original Battle City ones.


I prefer the arc v and vrains one, kinda look more comtarmble to wear and use .


I need me one of Kaiba's neural duel disks.


Oh boy, I have A LOT of thoughts on the Zexal ones because those are not duel disks, they had their standard duel disks and that's it, because the thing the Astral and Barian people had have 2 ways of looking at them, either like duel disks they summon magically, in which case it's a terrible design that doesn't work on any level beyond aesthetics because there's literally no place for the cards to be placed on a few of them, or you can take them as appendages and in that way they're interesting and fun designs but they are NOT duel disks. To answer the question, I think it's either the season 4 GX duel disks because I like how they look with their uniforms or the DM duel disks because it's such an iconic and simple look


Personally the OG battle city is best. All those hologram disks are too…. I don’t like them 😂 even Yusei(5D’s guy) had one similar to battle cities and it was too big and bulky imo


Holy crap! I can't believe I forgot my absolute favorites on my previous comment! First of all Arc V because it takes the idea Zexal had of duel disks being like your phone and removes all the extra gadgets, they look cool in Zexal but I like how easy it is to carry your duel disk around in Arc V, all of their pants have Duel Disk pockets which is such a tiny worldbuilding detail but it makes the world feel so much more real. AND the gun duel disks in the Crashtown arc of 5Ds, they went all in with the Old Western aesthetic and it works so well and I LOVE IT


Are they all heavy? 🤔


I personally love Zexal’s. I love the blocky design and how everything snap into place.


Orichalcos Duel Disk for the win


Arc V is just too nice man


The OG is just too iconic to change


OG is iconic, Yuma's is my favourite, being boxy and technical, Yuya's is dynamic. Vrains is the only one i don't care for. I haven't watched sevens.


I liked the gun one from gx the volcanic guy used it Axel I also like the 5d version too https://preview.redd.it/85rs75zatqpa1.png?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=d6a1b9cad214f7b5762ebe4539389cb30e74a90f


I always love the orichalcos duel disks, not sure if thats just because I had one as a kid though 😂


GX was my favourite. Looked so sleek, not too advanced , but the different colors were nice (I like variety)


I’m an OG fan all the way. That’s what I grew up on that’s what I’ll die dueling with


fusion dimension sword disk


arc V, imo


1.Battle City KaibaCorp design 2.Orichalcos 3.GX Duel Academy (S04) hm: Crow's duel disk.


Gx Man


other than yusei most 5d's characters had completely different duel disks than the "original". the only other similar one if I remember correctly was Jack's, but thatw because that one was also made by yusei using scrap found in satellite


DSOD's blue holographic one that Kaiba used.


Definitely the first one


Zexal and Arc-V


I like compact designs and unfortunatly most duel disks don't eally work with that, but in terms of compactness that isn't listed, its the seal of orichalcos, but strickly in the rules given, I would say zexal, bonus points for the augmentend reality eyeglass part.


5ds or zexal


I found the Arc-V design the best.


I preferred zexal just because so many disks were unique especially treys disk which i loved (hated the later zexal form disks though)


I like arc 5 a lot but I also like fuel monsters