The look of a defeated soul

The look of a defeated soul


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I mean, she doesn't even look mad lol


I love ping-pong highlights, because they're so often like that. The opponents are just as impressed as the audience


Doing competitive sports is so much fun if you do not have a stick up your bum and are open about your sport. Did i compete to win? Hell yea. Was i mad if i lost because i fucked up? Hell yea. But man, watching someone totally and completely anihilate my score after i just did my best? That person gets a "well done", a handshake and "i'll get you next time" with a honest smile. Some times you even get talking how to shave of some time here and there or compare techniques.


I used to play Tennis. Practiced all the time even though I lacked anyone to play against outside of tournaments. Eventually I started being able to choose where to hit a serve. Figured out how to do a kick serve. I could even slam a ball through the fence after the bounce. (more annoying than anything having to run all the way around to retrieve it). Went to a tournament and some old guy could return everything I threw at him with apparent ease. It was both an amazing and humbling experience.


I play ball hockey. I go out to win every time. During the day game is someone is better than me, it's frustrating. I go out of my way to play them harder (I play D). Make them work to beat me. They get mad, I get bad, scuffles ensue sometimes. As soon as that final horn goes, all the anger, frustration, annoyance, it's all gone. I've gone out of my way in handshake lines to specifically compliment the guy I spent the last hour battling.


Nothing makes you play harder than some guy stickhandling right by everyone at pace and casually beating the goalie without even slowing. Greetings from a ballhockey playing brit!


But what if my sport is Bum-Stick Ball?


Ah yes, sportsmanship. The lost art.


The reason sports are so fun.


The reason sports are so fun.


Absolutely, though i have run into more then my fair share of "i am better then you and i am gonna prove it!" people. No clue what they get out of it. I do however have to admit, showing these "angry folks" that they are are just under spiced room temperature soup after i unpacked the korean chilli hot pot was always great fun.


I played adult recreational hockey in a league with about 30 divisions. So ideally, by the end of the year the divisions should be pretty well matched. The team I played a few seasons with was in the 4th or 5th division from the very bottom. In the top 2 divisions there were lots of guys that played semi-pro, university or Junior hockey, my team was down near the bottom. People still fucking sandbagged that far down. The last year I played the team we lost to in the first round of playoffs had 3 players who accounted for 90% of their goals, yet there was never more than 2 at a single game in the regular season. They had the 3 guys on one line and 2 lines of other players, cycling the good players every second shift. I like winning, but their other 2 lines were like bottom of the barrel, even for our shitty division. Winning is fun, but I want to play too. Congratulations, you sandbagged your way to a 'D' division victory.


Look man, I know this is a lot to ask. But I am a 40 year old white guy and I would also like to unpack the korean chilli hot pot, because its delicious and saying that sounds devestating.


There’s nothing with people trying to prove they are better than you. That’s competition and rivalry. Where’s sports with out that? Hell, even animals have a similar mindset. That’s one of the way nature it self works.


True! I was talking more about the ones nobody really likes. Like, the ones with over inflated egos who get mad and are sore loosers :)


I hate those people. They're usually the ones that turn everything into a competition. And I mean EVERYTHING


Oh yeah, and it only matters that they win. Does not matter how. I did this pretty intensely for 15 years and after some point certain matches are just a formality. As in, you have to compete to be allowed into the next one higher up and you gonna place first anyway. During one of these another player tried to have me disqualified on a technicality just to beat my score. Jokes on him, while they are rules about what shoes i am allowed to wear. There are no rules about not wearing them at all.


LMAO, that's hilarious. It sounds like something Horner from red bull in F1 would do. But I guess it's different at the very top of competition because you need every edge to win.


That is exactly how I feel after sparring with someone. I’ll be like, damn my [insert body part] really hurts because they got in a couple of good shots, but will totally be patting them on the back, telling them how good a job they did.


She's only got one arm. I think she's got some practice with dealing with loss.


I had to go back and check, dude... She *only* got one arm. Even their legs are bionics, impressive!


Looks like she’s got no legs too.


The other opponent has functional muscular dystrophy look at her legs


Yeah guys, it's the *Paralympics*. From *4 years ago*.


Fucking savage! Love it.




She definitely seems more bewildered and impressed than anything else


How could you be? If you really love a sport you have to recognize some badass shit happening, even if it's against you.


I didn't realise this was praralympics and thought the orange girl was making an intimidating face while serving and the black shirt girl was keeping her one hand behind her back.


I only just noticed black shirt is missing legs also. I mean, they have prosthetics on but wow.


Pretty cool how someone with only 1 limb can live a somewhat normal life and play a sport that typically requires limbs


Paralympians blow my mind. I don't typically watch much of the Olympics but always make an effort to watch the Paralympics. The feats of human ingenuity and willpower are incredible.


Do they have categories(?) of disability, or is it just whoever wants to go for each sport? Are there limits on equipment/prosthetics? For example it seems like the one-armed lady is at a disadvantage because can't physically dive the way the orange lady did.


Not really categories of disabilitys, but how bad their disability is and how much they effects on their sport. Just like here, other one has only one limb, but is in same category with someone who has 4 but has other problems.


Went to see some of the table tennis and the London paralympics. It was so impressive, especially the guy who was playing while using a crutch with his other hand - he ended up diving on about 10% of the points as there was no way he could reach otherwise, he won a surprising number of them. The other highlight was the fact that during breaks in the match the players have to leave their bats on the table to avoid any tampering - when the bat handle is clamped to your prosthetic, it's easier to just leave your arm on the table.


She just lost that ping pong game because of premature celebration. Consequences will never be the same


Oh shit, every time I look there's more of her missing!


stop looking please


I'm almost ashamed of how hard this made me laugh.


lmao made me laugh so hard, thanks


Omg. Lol. It's like you lose a limb after losing a point.


I thought you said "leg" at first instead of "legs", holy shit that's insane


That wasn't her serve face? I feel terrible...


Don’t feel terrible, whatever face you make when you serve is your serve face. So that as her serve face.


That's so cool. I appreciate your reminder.


"Why is she making that stupid-ass face while she serves?.... Oh. Fuck, I'm going to hell..."




That's okay. The first day at my new job I was in a meeting with the team and one of the other employees was talking in a "mentally handicapped" voice to be funny. Or at least, that's what I thought at the time. Turns out he was legitimately deaf.


Yeah, I laughed at her face and then felt really bad when I saw the opponent was missing limbs..


Same…and now I see that they would still kick my butt at ping pong


I'd still loose with all my arms and legs.


She looked like she was about to eat the ball lol. I wonder how many of those went down the hatch before her caretakers trained it out of her.


She looked mad than impressed , I like it


I usually see people switch than and then. But usually they use then instead of than. You're using than instead of then.


I fact checked this brain breaking sentence; The ruling on the field stands.


Than it is settled.


Well than.


Not native english speaker here, it's kind of hard to understand this specific grammatical error since even native english speakers don't use it well. Anybody got a mnemonic way to learn that in the easiest way ? Edit : Thank you all for the answers !


I like to think of "Than" as comparative : "He is bigger than her". Whereas "Then" is used as time-based. "I went bowling, then I went shopping." Hope this helps! Edit: I was too slow and it had been answered twice already. Ah well, hope this helps!


Thanks to you too ! You did took the time to type that so there's already that to cheer !


Th**E**n is used when referencing the tim**E** of events. That's the best I could come up with.


Then is ordering of things in time, so a mnemonic could be "Then means when". Than is for comparing two things, and can generally be replaced with "compared to". I don't have a mnemonic for that one, but hopefully the first one helps.


A phenomenon in English: some of the question words beginning with W have statement equivalents that just change the W to T: - when/then - where/there - what/that


Very helpful tip ! Thank you !


Than is mostly used to point out a difference: he was bigger than her. Then is mostly used for an indication of time:he was bigger than her but then she grew and now she's bigger than him. Hope this helps!


Thank you ! Everybody's on fire here i've got 4 answers hahaha


The English language is a prissy bitch. It’s really not that big of a deal. What’s the worst that can happen? Some guy on the internet gets “*they’re*” panties in a bunch?


ACTSHYOOALLY I think you mean thar


Thine grammatick.


I've been living in the US now for 20 years and I still make mistakes like that. to, too Then, than, Which witch. Bare, bear Although I struggle mostly with the first example.


Too: as well/also ("I like that, too"), or indicating an excess ("That's too much") For everything else, use "to".


Thank you, appreciate it.


Bare and bear I can help you with. Bears are strong, so when it comes to carrying anything (even in the mind) we use bear. -Bear this in mind. -He could hardly bear the weight. -To bear arms. Bare is exclusively synonymous with naked. -Laid bare. -Left totally bare. Bear and bare no longer seem like real words to me.


Haha, that's awesome thank you!


You're doing great! English has tons of dumb rules and exceptions.


They're being obtuse on purpose.


If you can ask a "when" question, then it's "then" rather than "than". Or: "then" is for timey-whimey stuff (I'll eat and then take a nap) and "if" stuff (If X then Y) "than" is for comparisons (X is taller than Y) and for "rather" stuff (I'd rather sleep than go to work)


Thanos likes it just the way it is


Maybe they meant to include the word “more” between looked and mad?


Dan approves


Confidently incorrect


Who's incorrect? Me? I mean maybe but shit I don't think so. The reddit hivemind seems to have spoken. I think if he was trying to say she was more mad THAN impressed. Yeah that would be correct. But I think he was saying she was mad at first then like... Damn that was sick.


He's correct. Then is used when you are talking about the order of things in relation to time. "He went to the beach and th**e**n he went to take a shower." Than is used when comparing things. "Don was covered with more sand th**a**n Steve." I think the main confusion for these two words is because when we are talking with each other no one really uses "than". It's always "then" and no one really cares enough to correct it because you know exactly what they are trying to tell you anyways.


She got cocky and said she could beat the girl with one arm.


Thought orange shirts ankle broke until I realized


Paralympian’s are rad as fuck


For real. People that shit talk paralympians are just shitty people. Regular Olympian are beyond amazing, don't get me wrong, but the extra work, determination, and overcoming the stigma just impresses me more.


Woman in the orange knows, "YOU PLAY TILL THEY BLOW THE DAMN WHISTLE!?!?" Sorry woman in black.


Does the girl in orange have cerebral palsy? My little sister has it and moves similar. That’s insane if so, it’s like your movements are lagging because your brain sends the signals too slowly. Imagine playing ping pong with realistic lag.


That look when she servers tho


I think this is the Paralympics.


Oh shit, her left foot! You’re right! I thought it was just her “serious business” game face.


Her apponent has one arm


And no legs


But I must scream






Not really a disability in table tennis to be honest.


Still not convinced that it isn't


All the table tennis players are VERY focused on the serve


Even the non paraolympics the make that face when serving


Ma'am, this is a Wendy's


Not fucking around. I absolutely love the intensity!!!


That lady serving had the best intense face ever. Straight up curled her tongue lol. That’s how you know she’s in the zone.


Oh boy. Not sure how to tell you this, but uh.. ..that isn't necessarily her game face. This is the paralympics.


I mean it definitely is a look of focus though. She shifts to it right before serving


She definitely has a look of focus, there's no denying that.


These great differently able people doing such a good sport and I am here spending my life away on couch.


She lost single handedly


You are terrible.


At that point, I'd just go *"I'm not even mad."*.


I just realized she has 1 arm


2 prosthetic feet too


Fuck this sport really takes it out of people.


She's got balls for sticking with it.


Holy shit


Respect greatness.


Girl in orange definitely earned that win.


I’m not up to date on table tennis or the rules....well, never have been. Anyway, does Orange shirt get the point even though it doesn’t go over the net? Went kinda beside it. I’m clueless assuming yes?


Yes. Same as tennis


Cool, Thx for the reply 👍


Doesn't have to go over the net. Can go around the net, under the net, it can land on the net and kind of just fall on the other side. It just has to land on the other side of the table.


It can't go under the net.


By under the net I mean like the first shot here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRfXTYOW-Bw It went under the net on the side before coming back up and hitting the top of the table.


Ok....I see what you mean. I put that more in the same 'around the net' type shot - for a second I thought you meant if you hammered it at the low part of the net and it flexed enough to let the ball through under (which is pretty hard to do), that it would count.


Yes, it still counts. Only has to go over the net on the serve, which is more to do with the nature of the serve having to bounce off your side first I think.


Does it count since the ball didn't go over the net?


She handed it to her single handedly


Kill the damn camera man, wtf was that? The slow mo close up MOVES AWAY FROM THE BALL?!!


Someone give those ladies a hand




I don't know the rules, but the ball didn't go over the net, it hit the table, but the height want over the net, is that legal?


The shot was fully legal, the ball does not have to go over the net


Only for the serve, which might just be due to the nature of how you have to serve than an actual rule now that I think about it.


If it didn't have to go over the net you could stand nearly to the side of the table and slam a serve so that it runs parallel to the net and curves in to the net making it unplayable. There would be all sorts of nasty angles you could exploit. After the serve, if you end up returning the ball from a really awkward angle like this, it's technically because they other player sent the ball there, so it's their own strategic error you're capitalizing on.


Even the camera guy thought it was over


Pro gamer


I woooon.... i loooost?


What’s even more funny is that if she didn’t celebrate too early, she could’ve hit the ball back in the other corner and win cause the other player was on the floor


If it didn’t go over the net does it still count?


Do not underestimate the Dutch... Oranje boven 🇳🇱


Never stop fighting til the fight is done


Never underestimate your opponent's willingness to sacrifice their body for a win.


Orange looked like billy Madison on the serve.


It didn’t cross the net. Pretty sure that’s not getting a point.


Can we talk about the girl in the orange. That face In the beginning made me loose my shit


Well go re-tighten your shit It shouldn’t be loose like that


It's the Paralympics..


Her face on the serve... WTF?


I think she has down syndrome. It's the paralympics




Pretty bold to pull out an r-bomb for a clip of the paralympics.


Well you can at the special olympics.




I just realized it's named after the old term "special needs". I always thought it was because it was a special case of the Olympics.


I'm hoping you didn't realize this is the special Olympics


It's not. It's the paralympics. Look at the logo on the top right.


I didn’t actually, my bad. I just thought it was one of those crazy slow motion faces athletes pull. Only mentioned the R word in reference to tropic thunder. It looks like I’m the only retard here :/


Even if it's not, facial expressions are not your main concern when you're playing competitive sport.


That serve face




Edit: it's the paralympics, I still think it's fucked up to make fun of her face.




That just makes it sound like they’re all mentally challenged


Apparently it's the paralympics, my bad.




Irene from Seattle


God damn that catch(or whatever youd call it) was insane. If I tried that shit I'd be bed ridden for a month




Ah yes the power of friendship wins again.


Paralympics in Rio 2016. Finals in table tennis. Gold: Kelly van ZON Netherlands 3 (Orange) Silver: Kubra KORKUT Turkey 0 (Black)


I love the Olympics.


What a turkey.


i love the face the one has when serving. its so genuine


Kinda looks like Kramer tbh


The woman in the black shirt has scored a point, because her opponent touched the table with a non-paddle body part.


After seeing sooo many videos like this with table tennis, why they ever “assume” the point I’ll never understand.


I know the girl in orange, she is from my hometown, a real soldier!


Table tennis is an incredible sport to watch live. Was lucky enough to see it at the London olympics. The skill and dexterity required to play at that level is off the charts.


I play recreationally, and have a few colleagues at my work that are high level players (they compete annually in the US Open) It's even more impressive when you have played good players. The spin these players put on the ball is absolute insanity, and in order to properly return a shot, you need to know the spin direction on the ball and do your shot to either counteract that spin, or alter it to meet your needs. It happens very fast, and is something all players need to learn. At this level, the spin is off the charts. Even a good player would have a hard time even returning the ball to the other side of the table against the best in the world. The best player I've played against. I couldn't even return a single serve....just had no idea what spin they were putting on the ball. Now, I am not a great player ...better than the average Joe schmoe off the street, but not great, but still.


Can you imagine? I brought home the gold in PING PONG!! frat guys the world over would be so inspired.


Got her ass


Who even won this match?? Asking for a friend


*you returned THAT?*


Around the net from the side counts??


I want to see her serve


I want to see her serve


I wonder if disabled people who are really competitive ever get angry at the degree of disability their opponent has.


That look on the serve kills me! I love the tongue roll