I’m loving it. Zee’s arc was awesome. I love every plot twist this season has delivered so far. The flashback and Gar’s scene felt a lot heavier by watching an episode per week but once you watch the whole season (so far), it feels way better. Looking forward to the next part with those two cliffhanger in the last episode. The credits scenes are way to good to be true. Like many in here, I miss the team together and it kinda feels weird this arc format but It feel refreshing as well, this format is helping a lot with the world building and the character (which we have a lot).


The stinger thing has been a stroke of brilliance this season. Great way to check in with characters who aren't the focus of the episode without splitting focus too much.


Yes, the story telling is amazing, how everything ties together from previous seasons. The amount of attention to the details are just in another level.


The scene with super man calling Lois lane in the credits is honestly one of my favourite super man scenes in the series


I like there’s a lot more focus on the original cast. I loved the outsider characters and am sad they’ve kinda been pushed to the wayside this season besides beastboy, but it’s good to see how far these kids have come. The mars arc was probably my favorite. Absolutely loved seeing their culture and finally seeing the racist elements that have been mentioned in previous seasons, but never seen firsthand. The Artemis arc was a bit mixed. It has a fantastic premise, but I was put-off a bit by the inclusion of so many classic literature references. Felt just a bit pretentious. Still good arc and it’s cool seeing orphan getting some focus, plus the possibility of Jade getting a chance at redemption and recovery. Zatanna arc, I mostly enjoyed because of klarion. There’s not a lot of time given for the 3 new magic characters to develope or get to know them. I liked there was finally movement of the dr fate plot line that was ignored for season 2 and only got a token reference in season 3. Some good backstory stuff for zatarra too. I can’t believe I actually felt bad for klarion in this arc. He’s always been one of my favorite villains in this show for how much of a little shit he is, but I genuinely felt bad for him when Teekle died.


Thirteen was introduced in S3. But she gets development only now.


We get an okay foundation for her character in season 3 too. Her general self-doubt and not feeling particularly confident about her control over her powers, plus that she's got a generally excitable personality. But in the end that's still all pretty surface level and it's only in Zatanna's arc that we've gotten a proper introduction to her.


I enjoyed the credits with Artemis reading but wasn’t fan of the whole reading while entering Santa Prisca.


I’m enjoying the arc format of this season but I’m wondering about the overall season long story and how that’s gonna go. My main complaint is there is a lot of still images with voice overs. I get it’s cheaper to produce but they really used a lot of it in the Zatanna Arc with Savage’s flashbacks. Nonetheless I’m loving the season and getting deeper into these characters. I can’t wait for more


From looking on this sub, this is the public opinion I've observed so far: Mars Arc: Unanimously liked and considered good. Artemis arc: I've seen lots of people consider this the best arc of the season, and that is also my personal opinion Zee arc: people consider this the weakest arc, and are disappointed it wasn't even mainly focused on Zatanna herself. I've seen mixed opinions on it so far. Personally I liked it but I do agree it didn't focus on Zatanna enough. Beast boy depression: the most controversial sub-plot in this season. I've seen people say it's been dragged out and unnecessary, and other people defend it and say it's realistic. So to sum it up, 2/3 arcs good, 1/3 arcs indifferent.


Beast Boys depression pisses me off, we have only seen Blue Devil and Perdita even try to help him. Where the hell is Dinah the leagues defacto therapist? The league, team and outsiders just seem to be ignoring him which is out of character for them.


So far like it better then last season, although I’m not a fan of parts of episodes being a slideshow


A lot of it depends on how these different arcs all come together, but the season has been stellar so far and I could easily see it ending up as some of YJ’s best.


Can’t beat season 1 that was goated


Season 2 is also just as good.


That’s great too


I loved all three arcs in places. When they weren't "lovable", they were still very solid. So this season is a win for me so far! I think the crew are doing great work in appealing to what a lot of the fans wanted - we have storylines that allow the founding members to take centre stage, while also allowing villains that many of us wanted to see again (M'comm, Cheshire, Lady Shiva and Klarion) to return with a vengeance. Some important questions have been answered in the process (we finally know more about M'gann's family and home world, we've explored the relationship between Orphan and Shiva, we know how Barbara became wheelchair bound, we know how Klarion ended up joining Vandal Savage's cause etc.), and we've even seen one of the "forgotten" time-skip Team members pop up, in the form of Mary Bromfield. All this and some form of closure for Zatara. Season 3 might have been accused of beating around the bush a bit here and there, but season 4 means business! There's still a lot more that I want to see in what's left of the season, but I'm happy thus far.


I’ve really enjoyed this season and love that the OG team is getting their own arcs. Zatanna or Mars Arc was my favorite. I was a bit disappointed with how they handled Zatannas character and didn’t give her a lot of screen time in the first 3 episodes but overall thought her arc was awesome and I can’t wait for it to start again in the spring


I absolutely loved the first 13 episodes I’m starving for more ☺️


I'm in S4 recently. Much better in my view than S3. I was not interested in the new characters, and found the story too blatant, but S4 feels better so far.


Love it, loved the Artemis arc the most


I think all three arc were solid but they are definitely better watched in a binging format as opposed to week-by-week.


Artemis arc was entertaining for me. Solid. Zatanna arc was mid, I think the final battle with Child was anticlimactic and I wanted more time with just Zatanna as opposed to three new characters. Mars arc was fine I guess but it dragged on for too long in my opinion


Im really disliking it Theres no overarching story and ultimately every arc feels like filler. Ever plot point aside from superboys death and the legion has been resolved, oh and garfield. Sooooo 13 episodes have effectively built up to near nothing. Compared to S1-3 in the first 13 episodes we had already introduced a ton of stuff, and more importantly it wasnt resolved so it would still keep the viewers attention. This is easily the weakest season IMO because there is no substance. Sure we get to see the OG, but its them doing nearly nothing


Out of curiosity, why you would consider this season more filler-y than season 1? Seasons 2 and 3 had very clear running plot lines, but Season 1 was basically a villain-of-the-week format with only the only real development being character-level as well as occasional mentions of the mole plot line that mostly happened in the last few episodes of the season. I mean, by episode 13 of season 1, basically no running storyline had been revealed (unless you count the Light going "muhaha, all according to plan" at the end of every episode). Honestly, I loved season 1's format, and felt that the running plot lines of 2 and 3 were their weakest points, so I see this season's "filler"ness as a return to form. Not to mention one of the best episodes of season 3 was the Bowhunter Security one, which was extremely filler-y. Again, I say this as someone who LOVES season 1, I just am curious what makes this season more filler-y than season 1 in your eyes.


>unless you count the Light going "muhaha, all according to plan" at the end of every episode This i find more interesting. By e13. We knew there was a mole We knew the light wanted the Starro remains We knew the light had taken over a prison full of super villains. We knew the blockbuster formula from cadmus was still being used. So we knew they needed that serum for something. We knew they were influencing countries. If im not mistaken we already knew Jade was Artemis' sister, and if we didnt we knew they had some connection. We knew they acquired data from star labs for something We knew they were doing business with Apocalypse These were all drips of information given to us that kept interest long term (at least for me) We saw our antagonists actively doing stuff Where as compared to this season there isnt much cohesion and lingering elements from the previous stuff. Like we know The legion was on Mars for a reason We know someone planted the Kryptonite we know Garfields Depression is gonna go somewhere. we know theyre gonna try to get SB back. And that Mary is gonna work for Apocalypse Thats not much. Im fine with a filler episode here and there, loved bowhunter. But the arc structure to me takes up too much time for not enough plot. Like there was no need to have the whole mystery subplot in that arc, it could have just been 2 episodes. Artemis' arc is resolved. Cheshire is essentially doing therapy, we dont really need to revisit her as that seems like a conclusion to her arc. We were reminded that Damian and Jason exist, which serves no real purpose since we already had that plot point thrown in our face. We have the lady shiva/Orphan conflict, which could go somewhere but again feels resolved. A scene of Shiva after the fact would tell us otherwise. Zatannas arc is mostly resolved minus the Mary and SB thing, and the SB thing felt so forced and out of left field in that arc. The helmet of fate is cracked, is that gonna go somewhere? Idk if its just battle damage as this season has done or something important. All we would have needed was a scene of someone pointing out the helmet is damaged and we know its gonna go somewhere. Instead now we gotta wait to see Fate again to see if its still broken And legit. This season we have not seen the light do anything. It doesnt feel like there is a build up to anything because our main villains have been twiddling their thumbs the whole time. Compared to S1 where we knew the villains were atleast doing stuff. Or S2 where we saw the villains do ALOT of stuff.


Fair points, thank you for giving me your perspective! I think I still would argue that this season isn't filler, but I understand where you are coming from now.


An absolute trainwreck


I hate the Artimes and Cheshire stuff, it's like watching a boring, cliched, teen drama (bratty girl abandons family they returns years later). It would've been better if they either were childhood friends or if Cheshire was gender swapped.


Flight ring super boy, I need to see it, real sad tho about story, my two favourite characters are now “DeAd”




Also just caught up. Watched episode 13 10 minutes ago. LOVED the first two arcs. The arc with Zatanna was mixed for me. On one hand the Child was written perfectly, and was a very menacing villain, and seeing more Dr. Fate is always a plus. However i found the plot itself to be a bit boring compared to the others we've seen so far. Im also sad that so far everything set up in Season 3 barely got any build up. We got a hint that Halo is exploring their religious faith, and Garfield is in depression, but thats it. I thought Brion would be a major part of the season, we'd see how he is doing and maybe a confrontation between Halo and Brion again, but this isnt happening at all. Nightwing and Aquaman only appeared for 5 seconds in this entire season so far too. Finally, my biggest disappointment is the, so far, lack of a real overarching story. Thats what was great about Young Justice for me. Each episode had a purpose in the grand scheme of things, each slowly and *very* subtlely built to what was gonna happen later on, but this season so far has just been made up of unconnected stories. Even though my review is mostly negative im still loving it. By the end it will probably be on the same level as the others for me. I just see a lot of potential in this story and worry that this season will miss what made YJ so awesome to binge


Season 4 sucks so far....