What's a Yakuza opinion you're defending like this?

What's a Yakuza opinion you're defending like this?


A lot of comments are being reported for having unmarked spoilers so I'll just leave this to say that spoilers are fair game here because the post is properly marked. Tread lightly if you have not played all of the games


Saejima is good.


people dont like saejima? saejima is the only protagonist apart from kiryu that made me cry


How u do ma boy Majima in Kiwami 2 like that!?


the game seemed to drag on with his plot, making it A. long and tedious and B.(I'm not even on 5) but I heard his part in 5 was so long that people were mad about it.


His part in 5 is long and the town is alright. It’s mainly there to set up the later events.


That was the first side story I finished naturally, I went back and did everyone else's but the hunting in the mountains was relaxing and a nice change of pace.


Yeah it was a nice change of pace. I just wish it didn’t stop you completely from continuing the main story for awhile.


It isn't that long if you just rush it that means skipping his side story and substories in 5 sure that makes Saejima unplayable cause you didn't upgrade him but it significantly drops the play time of Saejima in 5


When someone compares Yakuza to GTA.


People who compare Yakuza to GTA have never played Yakuza, therefore their opinions dont matter Edit: thanks for the award bro, but why the fuck did you spend money on a award




Majima isn't crazy and almost every single action he makes is deliberate. He is a mutli-faceted character with many outlooks and and is capable of a lot more than some people think. Majima is not just a comic relief or exists because he is "fun" and "silly." His entire "Mad Dog" persona developed to help him cope with severe trauma and to help prevent people from treating him like how they did in the past—as less than human and unworthy. And another one: Y0 Majima is not just a depressed dude, unlike what most of the Tumblr fanbase thinks. His funny, deliberate personality is still there. Not to mention how he is not "edgy" or whatever some of those artists do to him. Majima did not have time to cope with his trauma. He did not have panic attacks or cry over it. He did not think he was ruined. Majima did not have the time to mourn himself. He had to immediately get back to work to try and dig himself out of the hole that he dug—a manager and an "ex-Yakuza" had no time for anything else, especially not with Shimano using him. That's why with Makoto, he gets so emotional; Majima finally has a place to be vulnerable, after years of being abused, tortured, and watched constantly. He finally has room to breathe.


It's really frustrating to see people turn Majima into a caricature of himself in their interpretations. He's so mysterious - it's what makes him interesting - but for some reason I see a lot of people take him at face value when his entire story tells us to our face to not do that


I could write paragraphs on Majima's character and what it means to the plot and how important he is as a person. I'd honestly really like to write a full analysis and put it on here, but I haven't completed the series yet so I don't want any discrepancies. It really is frustrating, especially as someone whose favorite character IS Majima. He is a great guy and character and deserved a lot better than he got. He would've been a good father.


frankly im surprised he hasnt gotten his own game after 0 tbh


Dude thank you for saying this, I love Majima's character so much and I hate how much his character gets reduced down to Kiryu-chan wacky man when it comes to the fanbase. Like memes are fine I just wish his serious side thats clearly shown in every fucking game wasn't downplayed so much.


It CAN be funny sometimes, but I think you should recognize Majima's actual personality while enjoying his jokes. People do not characterize him properly if they only make him out to be a fighting-obsessed jokester. He CAN be a jokester, but he's not JUST that. He's so much more than people make him out to be. He's very sentimental, witty, and smart. He cares about his family and friends more than people think. Majima is a good person who copes in his own way.


Explaining why the rubber bullets twist isn’t an “ass pull” Explaining why the Secret of Onomichi is a pretty big deal in terms of impact Kurusu uses as leverage. Explaining why Daigo is a better Tojo chairman than those who came before him previously and should be given more credit. Explaining why Mirei is an interesting character but of course is controversial as a person. Explaining why Iwami is a pretty good antagonist for Yakuza 6 and deserving Final Boss. Explaining how interesting Saejima’s prison segments were.


I agree with all of these


the rubber bullets is a funny meme but it's so overplayed


I think they mean the saejima hitman legend thing


The problem with rubber bullets is that they reused the damned twist two chapters later. Even if you think Saejima's hit being rubber bullets is fine, I think it was ridiculously cheap to have Arai use rubber bullets as a cop out two chapters later. Literally every single defense that could have been used for Saejima doesn't work for Arai: Arai was using his own gun that he must have loaded himself, Arai got a point blank head shot where it must be obvious the bullet was rubber, Arai has experience with head shots so he knows what it looks like, etc, etc.


Wasn’t it Munataka that lent the gun with rubber bullets loaded inside to Arai ordering him to kidnap Kiryu’s kids only for Arai to turn the gun on Munataka?


The real problem is that rubber bullets at that range would still kill everyone and then going back and shooting everyone in exactly the same spot to confuse the cops/coroners would be literally impossible. I'm not saying the games need to be 100% realistic, but you can only suspend your disbelief so much. It was a bad plan and whoever wrote it does not understand guns, bullets, or firearms. Also it's just not good writing to reveal something like that at the eleventh hour and it makes the brothers seem like idiots who can't even feel their bullets and tell that it's not a metal round. Anyway rubber bullets are dumb and I would believe a random yakuza with no training can fight 2 tigers off barehanded before I believe magic bullets.


Someone else that doesn’t shit on Daigo, I feel like we are a rare brethren


The rubber bullets thing was bullshit, they just did it so that we would all feel better about Saejima not being a mass murderer


It really doesn’t matter that Saejima wasn’t the one who actually killed them, because in terms of the fallout, he may as well have been the one who pulled the trigger. Saejima walked into that ramen shop fully prepared to take the lives of those 18 men that day, the bullets being rubber does not supplant attempted murder. Furthermore, Saejima paid the price for it, festering in a cell on death row for a quarter of a century while the trauma and guilt of what he did ate away at him. And in the end, the resulting conspiracy from that very hit would, ironically enough, lead Saejima’s beloved sister down the same path of bloodshed, all in her brother’s stead, which would eventually cost her her life. The bullets being rubber do not absolve Saejima’s intent to kill, but one could argue that he may as well have killed those men, since it cost him nearly everything that ever mattered to him. That’s a major part of Yakuza 4’s overall theme. It’s not about the overwrought conspiracy itself, but the individuals impacted by that single moment in time, whether they were perpetrator, victim, or pawn. In some ways, Saejima was all of these at once.


It really wasn’t simply that. Attempted murder is still pretty bad as well as scarring for Saejima. It was Saejima at a grunt rank and file level for the Yakuza who became a scapegoat. It’s also to show how Shibata, Katsuragi and Suguichi were so ambitious to rise up in the Yakuza ranks that they didn’t think their plan entirely through which leads to Munataka easily figuring it out and thus gaining leverage on them.


I don't have the problem with the character development aspect of it. But there was literally zero reason not to just give Saejima actual guns which were probably easier to get than the rubber bullets from a plot perspective.


But the plan was to make Katsuragi look good in front of his boss Ueno during the hit from Saejima as the saviour and sole survivor along with his boss whilst his rivals to his eventual rank of Captain were all dead. It would be dumb to give Saejima guns with real bullets which would have the risk of Katsuragi himself getting killed in the process. They made Saejima be a scapegoat in order for make his boss Sasai take the rap for it and be an obstacle out of the way in order for Shibata to look good in front of the Tojo Clan in quelling tensions between Tojo and Ueno and thus getting credited as a peacemaker and thus ascend the ranks. Also Majima and Saejima were chosen because they were very green in the Yakuza who never used a firearm before and have never killed anybody before.


It also means that because he didn't kill any of them, the biggest criminal in the entire list of player characters is Tanimura. You know, the cop.


Do people not like the Secret of Onomichi? I thought it was excellent despite my other problems with the game. One of the few times the "secret conspiracy that could unravel Japan" trope they use so often actually felt massive. It's one thing to do some government money laundering like in 1, but to know that >!The Japanese were still making Warships after the U.S. Ban at the end of WW2 in preparation for more fighting?!< That is literally some legitimate, nation defining shit.


Saejima going back to jail was a good option story wise


1. Yakuza 3 is still fun despite the poorly aged combat system, and the story is very good character development for Kiryu 2. The kids in Yakuza 3 are likeable 3. Everything that happened to Saejima is reasonably explained (People don't like his story arc because they think the rubber bullets twist is bs and he has been to prison twice) 4. Yakuza 6 is actually a good send off to Kiryu and the ending makes him even more badass 5. Haruka did nothing wrong 6. Yuta Usami is actually a person worthy of being Haruka's husband (Kiryu even acknowledged him in Yakuza 6) 7. Yakuza 7 is a good RPG, and it is way more fun than some traditional JRPG games


Haruka did nothing wrong.


What do people think she did wrong?


"my daddy is the fourth chairman of tojo clan, i dare anyone to come fight me"


After all of the hard work and sacrifices people (Kiryu and Park mostly) made so that she could have her dream of being an idol, she basically chucked it all in the bin right as it started by announcing that she's the daughter of a yakuza on stage. She had her reasons of course, but you can't really blame anyone for not agreeing with that decision.


I understand where people who think like this come from, but in my opinion the game makes it a point that Haruka and Kiryu are at their lowest when they are separated like how they were in Yakuza 5. The goal of their storylines was to reunite, with both of them realizing that their lives with their family mean more to them than they initially thought. Kiryu cutting himself off, making a new identity, etc. was proof of how deeply he believed that he was a detriment to Haruka's life. What she said on the Japan Dome stage provides him with undeniable proof that she wants him in her life and thst he plays a critical part in her happiness. If she hadn't done what she did, Kiryu probably wouldn't have been able to face her again due to his own stubbornness. E: plus it wasn't even Haruka's dream to be an idol in the first place. Kiryu made the decision to leave the orphanage before she could say anything about it and even told him in his face before everything happened that she doesn't want be an idol if it means he has to leave.


>What she said on the Japan Dome stage provides him with undeniable proof that she wants him in her life and thst he plays a critical part in her happiness. And right after that Kiryu fucks back to prison for "reasons" for three years ands then goes on faking his death to never face her again (but keep making guest appearances of course). It was a good idea, but with a horrid execution.


I mean isn't the whole point of her arc that she realised it wasn't actually her dream it was Park's and that her dream was really to be a family with kiryu and the other orphans again?


but then she leaves them immediately in 6?


Daigo is a GOOD chairman... just bear with me guys...


He’s got to be doing *something* right if he’s lasted this long as chairman




Hmm idk man


-Yakuza 3 is top tier -Most Yakuzas have excellent stories, even if they are silly and over the top (thats part of the charm). -Majima Everwhere gets old quick -Yakuza games aren’t met to be 100%’d


why do you think yakuza games arent meant to be 100%ed?


Most of them have a few requirements that are an exercise in agony and extremely poorly thought out. But none of them are fucking CLOSE to being as bad to 100% as Lost Paradise.


If anything thinks I can 100% a game where I have to learn actual mahjong, they’re dead wrong. I’ll complete what I can and leave the rest.


Good question. My experience with the Yakuza games generally goes like this: -Do the main story -Do most/all of the sub quests -Try each minigame once -Do every Karaoke song -Call it a day. And I generally have a blast even if I’m at sub 50% completion. I’ve just seen too many people leave angry comments trying to 100%, whereas I’ve felt like I’ve done it all, and had a fulfilling game despite getting nowhere near there lol.


Kaoru leaving Kiryu was a wise decision.


Daigo was against a wall in Yakuza 4 and he did all he could to support the Tojo


The real suprising thing here is that someone actually understands what daigo was doing in yakuza 4 because ive played it 3 times and i still have no idea what he was doing or why


6's ending was perfect


best ending. was shitting tears


> was shitting tears You may want to schedule an appointment with your medical practitioner.


imagine crying out of your ass


Yakuza 3 is not bad or broken


Completely agree, I feel like it gets way more flak than it deserves.


It genuinely isn't, people just have extremely high expectations going from DE Kiwami 2 to the grandpa that is Y3.


Going into Y3 from K2 made it feel broken in the same way going from a Porsche to a Buick from the 1950s without power steering would feel Yes it's completely functional, and for it's time was on the cutting edge; but without perspective, it feels like a bogged down clunky mess That being said, the game is still ABSOLUTELY worth playing


Its not bad but broken in the ps4 version. The stick issue is real look it up and also I believe game speed is tied to framerate, which causes a lot of issues.


What's the "stick issue"?


If I had to guess it's the issue with pool in the remastered Y3 through Y5.


Yuta is not just some thug. I saw someone complaining that Haruka was stupid to get with him, but he was a good man.


They were a good match. Both their fathers were corrupt bastards who were ready to throw them away for power/money which places them at the center of a big criminal conflict. Unlike Haruka, Yuta didn't have someone like Kiryu to bring him up, so he became a little rougher around the edges but that's okay. What came from his relationship with Haruka set him on a good path that he'll continue to follow with her by his side and Kiryu as his model. For Haruka, with everything she's experienced in life, I doubt any regular guy would have been able to properly connect with her. The reason she's made it this far is because she had Kiryu, another person she shared the exact same trauma with, and we know that Haruka had trouble deeply connecting with anyone due to basically having lost her childhood. We're shown she could never relate to anyone else as closely as she did with Kiryu, but later we learn Yuta basically has the same origins as her. He was also there to reassure her even after seeing her at her lowest point, telling her she didn't need to be as guarded around him and the people of Onomichi because they all loved and wished to protect her. Haruka needs someone like that.


I mean, even Kiryu came around on him.


Dragon Engine combat is good (it’s fun cause of how janky it is)


Wait, people actually don't like the Dragon Engine combat? It feels extremely smooth compared to the prior engine.


I would take the dragon engine over the shit that was Y3s battle system in a heartbeat


The reason I managed to finish Y3 without having a mental breakdown is because I went in with a low expectation for the combat and set a goal for myself to acquire Tiger Drop ASAP.


It feels way too light, it lacks the weight of the previous engine.


I don't. But I don't bother bringing it up because I'll get torn to shreds over it.


it's too easy in y6


Too easy? My man it’s a struggle because Kiryu is slow as shit for the first half of the game. And his quicksteps might as well be slow steps.


Daigo was a good Chairman


Shinada is a great character, his fighting style is fun and he deserves to be in another game


Best protagonist


No, he deserves to be left alone far away from yakuza schemes.


Absolutely. Let Shinada live in peace, no more harm should befall him.


Yakuza kiwami is just as valid a starting point as yakuza 0. Since playing either one first makes the other one better.




Ichiban is a great mc


Wait , do people not think this already?


They probably don't like him because of the turned based combat.


Who doesn't like him I'll find the puppy kicking bastards and punch them in the face!!!


Right?!? Maybe I just didn't understand the question but this made me think people don't like him




Explaining how someone in the story died and showed up in the premium adventure (aka Rikiya, idk what it is, but people don't think he died, just because he shows up in premium adventure)


Iwami is my favorite antagonist in Yakuza specifically *because* he's a snivelling rat who goes against everything Kiryu lives for and believes in.


why Tanimura should have been yakuza 5 why Haruka doesn't deserve hate (idk if she is hated just saw a lot of people hating her here) why the yakuza kiwami 2 ending was ass and the whole game wasn't that great


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who hated the ending of kiwami 2. It was ridiculous


Why Shido is the best villain and Milf lover of the series.


You mean Shindo. Not sure if there’s proof that Shido from Persona 5 is into MILFs but ok.


Damn brat, I’ll fuck your mom


Basically Shindo in Kiwami 2


I burst out laughing thank you


My bad! Shido from P5 is definitely into younger women!


At least they were legal of age compared to a certain PE teacher.


If you appear in multiple Yakuza games as a villain you're automatically top tier


Tell that to Arase


hiroshi hayashi shows up in both yk1 and yk2. he's a shit tier boss though


Shindo is a smooth muthafucka


I agree!


Include more arcade games than reusing virtual fighter and outrun


The yakuza series wasn’t ruined/ yakuza 7 isn’t the worst game because of the changes to the combat system. Like if you didn’t like the game that’s perfectly fine, just don’t say something like that if you haven’t even played the game lol


What are you talking about? I thought most people loved 7. And 7 turning into a turn based JRPG seems like a terrible reason to hate the game. People play the yakuza games for the story, sub-stories and minigames, combat comes last.


People were hating on the game before release, but it's pretty loved after it came out.


Of course they do, but there’s like a small subsection of fans that think like this. Granted, I’ve only seen them like 3 times on tik tok.


Homare Nishitani is actually good


The saejima part of the rubber bullets plot is great and that Ichiban is better than the rest of the protagonists


Explaining how the Yakuza 3 tuna is the hardest boss in the entire series


Man, some real room temperature-ass takes going on in this thread. Where's the spice, guys?


Kiryu has killed at least 1 person throughout the Kiryu Saga even if he himself doesnt know


Yakuza 3 is better than kiwami 2


Kiryu is not a virgin


Kiwami 1 is underrated and is in the top 4


my fav are prob 0 1 3 and 4


Based. I liked the Joker origin story.


I always tell people it's a very good remake of a ps2 game. It's gonna have alot of stuff that reflects the era. Kiwami 1 is great tho.




Literally one of my fave games


Yagami is more fun to play as than Kiryu


“Yakuza 7 gameplay sucks lmao just go back to the brawler gameplay”


That one Saejima scene wasn't unnecessary and was good for showing us what a quarter century of a completely different environment does to a guy like him, and his reaction shows that he never wants to stoop that low again.


Mine is gay for Daigo.


His story becomes 100 times more interesting with this interpretation, tbh.


Y3 story is top 3 in the franchise


Problem isn't that RGG wanted to make a turnbased game. Problem is they did it in the main series. That a detective game gets its own series while a turnbased game is a main series game despite being a way more radical change from what came before makes zero sense. Y:LAD is easily the most controversial game in the series and all that controversy could have been avoided if they just made it a spin-off or a new series.


Remember to sort by controversial for the real answers


yakuza 3 gets wayyy too much hate


I love this franchise, but let me explain a negative opinion: Yakuza games are known for their stories, but the majority of them have terrible stories. ​ SPOILERS AHEAD ​ My brother jokes that Nagoshi and Lucas should work together, and create either the greatest story of all time, or the worst story of all time. You see, Yakuza has the opposite problem the Star Wars prequels had - The writing, \[voice\] acting and directing is brilliant at the micro level, but the overarching story is generally confusing crap. Characters don't behave in ways that make sense, and the stories reuse twists! ​ I think Ryuji says it best: "Real man's gotta be a little stupid." The game star the manliest of men, so they're all a little stupid. ​ Consider some of the franchise's worst writing issues: ​ Yakuza writers reuse plot twists. I'm not one of those anti-plot twist people, but I HATE seeing the same dumb twists getting reused. This exact problem shows up in 0, 2, and most notably 4, with some minor appearances in other games. ​ Consider the rubber bullets twist in 4. Even if you liked the whole "Saejima didn't know his bullets were rubber" twist, how dumb was it to reuse the exact same twist 2 chapters later with Arai? Arai brought his OWN gun, and the bullets were still supposedly rubber? ​ Or consider how, Yakuza games constantly feature characters who should know each other, but don't. For instance, you'd think the Tojo Clan guys would know who the boss of their biggest enemy is. Yet the Omi chairman simply pretended to be "a detective", and none of them figured out a thing. ​ Or how, whenever the plot needs it, every character's IQ seems to drop drastically. Consider the rooftop fight in 5 - Is "triggering the trap" the best way to draw out the mastermind anyways? Can't you just pretend to fight and beat each other up? ​ Overall, Yakuza writing is seriously micro over macro - It doesn't matter if the overall story makes sense, the writers will pull stupid shit to make each individual scene amazing. Yakuza games are filled with so many cool, funny, or tear jerking scenes, but the writers are constantly willing to sacrifice overall plot coherence to achieve it.


Oh yeah I agree, the story when seen as a whole is the weakest part of the series. I’m not even joking when I say Dead Souls has one of the better stories. I love this series to death, but from 1-6 I find that the story, while enjoyable, shits the bed somewhere that it takes me out and I find that it usually happens in the third act where the big reveal just feels a bit lack lustre and previous plot points/characters are ignored. 5 had so much potential to be one of the best stories in the franchise, Part 1 was fucking amazing but then you end up with fourth act felt like such a waste and kind of ignored the build up of act 1-3. Same thing applies to judgment imo. And you hear it all the time but I still genuinely think 0 was pretty damn grounded and is the best story so far (haven’t played 7 yet).


Yakzua 0 is great because of how grounded it is. Like a proper yakuza movie. I wish other yakzua games were more mature in their storytelling and less convulated and anime-esque.


Funnily enough, 0, despite being one of the better written entries, still has the problem of reusing the same plot twist twice. The game needed to shock you, so it showed two examples of someone getting shot at close range (Sagawa shooting Sera, Lao Gui shooting Makoto). But then the writers couldn't commit to them dieing, so it was revealed in the next chapter that both of them were only seriously wounded instead of dead....


I think that's fair but it's honestly part of the series' charm for me. The balls to the wall incoherence of the plot just adds to the overall surreal feel of the games to me, which is what i enjoy most about them. Idk if that makes any sense.


The strength of Yakuza is the characters not the stories


The PS2 Yakuza 1 dub had potential to be really good, the only thing which ruined it was direction


I hope to God i don't get flamed for this, Haruka was way off character in 6 to make the plot work.


and thats a fact. harukas character got assassinated hard in 6.


Saejima should've been pardoned after the truth came out.


Don’t skip Yakuza 3




Dragon engine combat is fun.


dragon engine is fucking awesome, i havent played y6 yet, but kiwami 2 was probably one of the most enjoyable yakuza games ive played. I love that there are no loading screens


Nothing wrong with Saejima's "moment" with Haruka in 4. Jk jk




I believe its 110 in Japan.


Yakuza Kiwami would have made for a better experience if they remade it with the future series in mind (more than they have). I understand people want classic games to remain the same when remade but Kiwami needed a bigger facelift than it got. Not to mention, tons of people never played Yakuza 1 and Kiwami was their first experience


It’s not Japanese gta


Kasuga is the best protagonist in the franchise


I like kasuga. He's a good boy


Yakuza 3 was great and enemies blocking everything in 3 is not as annoying as enemies spamming grabs on you in 4.


The games are better when it's 1 - 2 playable characters. 5 playable characters is such a overkill.


Why Yakuza 3 isn't bad and in fact one of the best of the series


Nishikiyama Akira has been a terrible friend from the very beginning.


Even Majima is/was a better friend. But karaoke with Nishiki in 0 was one of my favourite pastimes ngl


Okinawa sections in Yakuza 3 are not boring


The turn to a turn base jrpg was needed for like a dragon to work as a game.


Dead Souls is actually a pretty good game


Dead Souls fucking rocked. I loved playing it :)


The change to a turn based system was a smart move for the series overall and isn't as bad as everyone tries to make it seem.


Like A Dragon's turn based gameplay is not Yakuza gameplay


It's not my fave but i don't think it deserves all the hate it gets


It gets hate? All I see are 10/10s lmaoo. It's a great game don't get me wrong. I just prefer the brawler gameplay.


ah i’ve seen quite a lot of ppl shit on it ahah ^^


Mine is the best final boss in the franchise abs Fly is the best final boss theme in the franchise


Gonna get flamed, but Aizawa is the worst final boss in the main series (not fight-wise).


Kuze's theme is better than Shibusawa's Shinada is actually one of the best side protagonists Majima is better looking than Akiyama and Nishiki Jingu's laugh should be used as a torture method Ichiban isn't that good of a protagonist The Ryuji boss fight in Yakuza 2 was quite underwhelming Bakamitai is better than Today Is A Diamond Yuki is pure waifu material in Yakuza 0, and is the best hostess Yakuza Kiwami 2 was the most boring Yakuza I've played (other than 7) Majima Construction is the most fun business in the series


I will die on the hill that Joji Kazama was great.


I was like : "He's gonna end up being a fucking clone and I'm gonna blow a fuse. Please don't end up being a fucking clone." Ended up being a long-lost brother. Marginally better lol


Yakuza Like a Dragons combat system is barely functional and desperately needs a rework.


Yakuza 3 is a really good game. Explaining why >!Kiryu crying for Rikiya makes sense when he never did the same for others.!<


Mirei Park is one of the best characters in the series.


The character stories of yakuza 6. The meta plot is stupid but the stories around the characters were amazing. Especially the call backs to yakuza 1


Yakuza 3 has the best gameplay


I'll defend Yakuza 3 with all my might


y7 is a good game, but it's not a good yakuza game, nor is it top 3 of the franchise


Kiryu is cool


Kiryu is a good dad and I will die on that fucking hill


Yakuza 6's story was good and the ending was great.


The revelations game mechanic was really fun in Yakuza 3-5 and I think they should bring it back


Daigo did WAYYYYYYYYYY better than most people think. Y3’s soundtrack is godtier and no other comes close to its rocking beats Shinada was the highlight of Y5’s and his combat is really good The Aizawa Twist was pretty decent and it made sense for why he was the final boss. RGG ruined Haruka (like lmao I guess ruin park’s dream)


The rest of the series, while excellent, peaked at 0 and we've been chasing that high ever since.


I like Kurohyou


You and the other four people who were able to access it


I didn't play it I just watched a walkthrough of it


That Kiryu is actually *not* confirmed to be a virgin. That whole misunderstanding was a head cannon from Masayoshi Yokoyama, who I admit, does work on the games. He said himself that he "believes" Kiryu to be a virgin. He did not outright say Kiryu is. Besides, it's heavily implied that Kiryu gets hella girls in nearly every game when you complete the hostess substories. For example, after every hostess ending the girl hugs/embraces/touches Kiryu, the screen fades to pink, and they end up in the hotel district/near a hotel, where the girl will sometimes make a sexual innuendo. Also, in Yakuza 2 Kiryu said something along the lines of "I fuck anything that walks". Hmm, also, the telephone club *hookups*(ex: The Flirty Hook-up, The Sexy Hook-up, etc). On the other hand, Kiryu "being a virgin" is funny to joke about.


Yakuza 3 is actually fun on hard mode once you get Komaki Parry and isn't all that bad until then, you just have to properly utilize weapons and grabs.


yeah, but that is pretty far in the game, i agree, after i lvld up it actually became very easy and fun, but fucking hell the beginning of the game was awful


It's decently far but like I said grabs and weapons make things easier till then...except maybe in bosses because their health pool is a bit absurd for the player's damage output.


Shinada is an amazing character and his combat was fun Harukas section in 5 was boring as hell


Oda didn’t deserve a flashback when Kiryu was beating Shibusawa’s face into pudding.


yakuza 1, LAD and Judgment dubs are the shit


I almost missed the “the” and was ready to throw hands


Yakuza's always been an RPG series. But I also think game genre definitions are incredibly whacked.


Kiwami is a good remake because it doesn’t change any of the main story elements, only the engine, combat, and updating side stories and graphics.


Haruka indeed being a dumbass in Yakuza 6, but defending how it’s actually believable