Remember being constantly punished on ninja gaiden on the Xbox.


My biggest problem in the first one was that I refused to use anything other than the wooden sword because I wanted all the yellow orbs and using real weapons meant fewer orbs.


How does this work?


The amount of yellow orbs is based partly on how many times you hit the enemy or combo length or something like that, anyways the wooden sword does the least amount of damage at least until it is upgraded a few times, if you use it and don't upgrade it until the end you will earn crazy amounts of yellow orbs and be able to upgrade all the other weapons quickly and the wooden sword fully upgraded is a really good weapon, though by the time you fully upgraded it normally you have access to better weapons. The only problem is that because the damage is so week it makes a hard game just that much harder, take my advice you can use it on the normal mobs but don't use it on the bosses.


Great to know, thanks!


I slept on the wooden sword so long, and the upgraded form (the unlabored flawless i belive?) was a ton of fun. My favorite essense farm was def vigorian flailing the shit out of those damn ghost fish lol always did that late game to upgrade everything to max and stock up on items


iirc when you upgrade the wooden sword all the way it kicks major ass


shame they upgraded the shitty version of NG2. First one is a master piece though. Will def fire it up and see if any of that muscle memory still exists all these years later.


the original NG2 is on back compat with 4K 60. you can even own it digitally


Finally my time to play this game has come. Wanted to have it since I was 9 when it first came out.


Welcome friend. It is one of my favorite games of all time. They each have their own things that shine but the first is a game I go back to every few years just to reignite the spark. Few games make me feel as badass as NG did.


I was 22 when this came out and that makes me sick.


ninja gaiden black is still the best action game ever made


for me, its a 3 way tie between NG black, bayonetta 2, and dmc5.


Never played any of these games. Will definitely have to check this out.


I’ve been meaning to play these games for decades. Now I have no excuse


This is the scheisse version of Ninja Gaudencio right?


Remember playing it on ps3, I'll definitely give it a go


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is the bad version. I really wish they would have put the original NG2 in the collection. Luckily i still have the disc.


Curious to know what’s the story behind this? Why are there two versions and how is one bad?


Stuck up fans who played when they were 12. They are all still great games.


If you where 12 you would like them more cause boba. And you actually get to play as the female characters. Sigma 1 is fine. But 2 is not a good video game sorry. Play them side by side and you will see why.


No thanks I’ll just enjoy what I can play without going out of my way to please the nerds.


Sigma is the PlayStation 3 versions of the games. They had better graphics, but much slower gameplay and less enemies. They where also censored, but i don't care about that. Sigma 1 is fine. But 2 is not a good video game imo.


what about the series x?


As an unusual step of retaliation to the Series X user-base, the Series X is 720p 30Fps.


You say this and then above you dude says 4k 60. I don't know who to believe, life is so hard.


I wouldn’t lie. Source, trust me bro.


4K 60 too


Too bad the collection has the sigma versions of the games. I hate those versions


Doesn’t the Series S max out at 1440p?


The system was designed with 1440p in mind, but there's nothing that caps the console from pushing out a higher resolution image aside from its cpu/gpu powrr. It's designed to output a 4K image, as it does with video content, but it's designed to render games at a lower resolution than the Series X, and if a game can run well while drawing a 4K image, there's nothing stopping it from doing so. There's no 4K police that live inside of the Xbox demanding that the console turn things down to 1440p. Only a handful of games run at 4K on the Series S so it would be terribly false advertising to say its a 4K gaming machine, and it's already a bit of a marketing stretch to call it a 1440p gaming machine in the first place.


Gotcha. I thought the machine itself was capped at 1440, so interesting to know it can output 4K. Thanks!


That's why I do these posts


No. That's a myth.


Interesting. It says 1440p gaming resolution all over Microsoft’s own website. Maybe they changed it from when it announced because I remember them saying that in the beginning too.


It targets 1440p but the console can and does output 4k in some games. It has the capability just fine. This isn't the first game on series s to use 4k resolution.




Are the original releases backwards compat and also 4k 60?


1440p 60


I actually bought this a few months ago. No regrets though, had a blast


Series S can't run 4k


This is incorrect. The Series S is designed to run things at lower resolutions, but it's perfectly capable of outputting a 4K image. If a game's rendering needs can hit 4K on the Series S hardware, there's nothing stopping it from doing so.


Hate this game


why can’t Microsoft just put new games on Xbox Gold anymore?