I would suggest looking on eBay or some local marketplace platform. I bought a perfectly fine 360 this year going this way. I wanted a console in a very good condition which nobody opened previously. Make sure you look at all pictures carefully, if you want a specific model type also make sure you can clearly see the sticker with the MFR date. If you want an unopened console, make sure you see the sticker you have to remove/cut is also visible and fine. Other that that, you get a impression on the condition when the 360 itself and all content is dirty or disgusting. Then just don’t buy it. I found it the best way buying from private people who just want to sell their old console and not some shop who resells or in the worst case, did some refreshing I didn’t want. Having all content and the box also was import for me. On top of that you also need the normal common sense when you communicate with the seller. Maybe ask some questions and if the answers are dubious, just pick the next one. You maybe pay a couple of bucks more this way, but for me it was worth it than buying the first shady 360 for 20 bucks I could find.


Thanks for the info. I thought about buying one off WalMart or Gamestop, but the negative reviews changed my mind on that.


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