Amazon rankings not working?

Guys, is there a glitch in Amazon’s ranking? I posted an ad for my short horror story collection on a general literature FB group and three (3) 74 year old women with Bitmoji profile pictures liked it. Why aren’t their purchases showing up hours later? Also, when are the sales from all the people who said they were gonna “check it out” come through?


Normally Amazon sales take between three days and the heat death of the universe to come through. I'd advise calling them and asking why your book "My stepmom ate my dog and is going to eat me next." isn't being bought. P. S I'm using mobile becouse I don't believe in keyboards.


You idiot you actually gave your book to amazon? That's just a meme, that means that amazon keeps all your sales now!


Not just your sales but also all your other income. And your house. And your wife.


I think it is glitched. My novel isn't appearing on any of the bestseller lists. I haven't written it yet, but it's obviously going to be a hit, so it should be on there already.