AITA for sending Pinkertons to someone's house?

Hi Reddit! I'm a famous author who writes Keeps & Drakes books under the pseudonym "Sorcerer by the Sea." Recently, some YouTuber leaked my recent book that I worked really hard on! You could IMAGINE how FUCKING FURIOUS I was!!! Using the bajillions of dollars I made over the years, I sent the bad guys from Red Dead Redemption 2 to get my manuscript back. I even made his wife cry!

But now people on Twitter are cancelling me and threatening to boycott my books! AITA?


NTA c'mon the youtuber LEAKED YOUR BOOK! Do they know how much money they STOLE from you????????


/Uj [Sauce](https://kotaku.com/mtg-aftermath-leaks-pinkertons-wotc-magic-the-gathering-1850368923) for those not in the MtG/D&D loop


/uj that’s wild, I hope the compensation is good for all that trouble.


Free booster packs for a year


These people aren’t playing around. Collectible cards are no joke


“Card board crack”


Holy shit. Glad to see nerds are still as fucking nerdy as they were back in my day.


NTA. I have used Micah Bell to shake down people who’ve given my book less than three stars plenty of times. “Turgid drivel,” my ass.


YTA should have hired the mafia and then denied all connections to the murders.


NTA, if someone leaked my novel I'm sending Agent 47, fuck that


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>Diam quis enim lobortis scelerisque fermentum dui. Vitae sapien pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus. \^\^\^THIS




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exactly! /uj exactly!


Ah, derka derka derka


Arthur did nothing wrong in how he handled the Pinkertons.


Clearly, those uncultured louts had it coming to them, and I sincerely hope the Pinkerton boys gave them what for.


send it, it's a great weezy album


I would jizz in my panties if someone wanted to read my shit that bad.


NTA but if you want this to end once and for all, you need some comprehensive solution like better controlling your IP. Have you considered changing the licensing?


release the weezers


NTA. This happened to me a few years ago. WotC sent the Pinkertons to my house to delete my digital copy of the 5th edition Player's Handbook (jokes on them, I don't even play 5E, I was trying to download an e-book by Rolo Tomassi.) They tried to intimidate me and I laughed in their faces and shut the door. Then they tried to break in and, being Floridian, I retrieved my 357 magnum from my tidy whities and sent them straight to hell. TL;DR: The thief is the asshole for living in a state with harsh gun laws. The only language those filthy Pinkertons understand is the language of lethal gun violence, and a true alpha male must be more fluent than his enemies. It's not your fault your thief was a cuck.


at least this one has a happy ending