What was Shakesspear’s favorite anime

I’m an up and coming adult writer and not a 15 year old with Patrick Mahomes hair.

I had to read “Romeo and Julie” for freaking English class (my ADD ass got in trouble and had to read it in the hallway lol) I didn’t read it (was looking at TikToks on how to scam people into buying counterfeit Pokémon cards) but heard my teacher say he was the best writer ever.

Anime is my passion and I’ve always wanted to be a writer (of anime.) I figured I should start studying what Shakesphere studied. What were his top 5? I bet he watched really old stuff like Sailor Moon or OG Pokemon. I went to look for his Twitter but he never uses it anymore.


Never heard of Shakespeare but if you’re looking for old skool anime you might enjoy The Taming of the Voltron or Much Ado About Teenage Vampire Academies


One Piece. He was a man of the people


Romeo & Juliet is mid, Macbeth fucking slaps; it's peak.


Have you ever read Hamlet tho


Hamlet is garbo. Shakespear could've done better, Shakespear did do better.


Avatar: the Last Airbender


Well, Romeo and Juliet is supposed to be one of the most romantic movies ever, so he probably got inspiration from [Milky of Interspecies Reviewers](https://interspecies-reviewers.fandom.com/wiki/Milky#).


Strict Yuri on Ice Fan, never looked at the other stuff.


Oh. come on, this is too much. Enough with the trolling. You really think we don't know about Shakespeare? Caster of Red? From Fate/Apocrypha? Do you even watch anime? IDK what a "Romeo and Julie" is though.


I think Shakespeare is literally a character is one of the fate series. Watch that for everything you could ever need to know about Shakespeare


My boy Billy Shakes loved Shingeki no Edu, Eddu, to Eddoui