Have you written any novels before? Any short stories? Try something short first or you will end up getting stuck on this project for a decade.


Eeek, ya, I'm a decade in, but no regrets.


Unless you’re an experienced writer with a ton of books under your belt, no matter how much you’ve planned, your first draft is not going to look like the stunning epic you have in your brain. And that’s okay. It’s going to take layers, edits, even rewrites, adding in all that complexity and sophistication a piece at a time. The bigger the project, the easier it is to feel crushed/stuck when what’s coming out of the end of your pen doesn’t live up to those expectations. Do the best you can, trust the process, keep working on your writing skills, and it will get there eventually.


I'd say I'm a pretty advanced writer, I have a writing style similar to Charles Dickens but way more modern 'cause his shit is ancient and hard to read. I've been recruiting my irl friends to critique the summary of the whole series and they've been saying it's good, I just have to deliver the package correctly. "It doesn't matter if the contents are amazing, if it's broken people won't want it." -Ashe, 2022


My tip would be to ease the reader into it. Don't give them a 20k word opening chapter where you hint at the 1000 things to come, start it small and build and build with no end. Maybe even start it out with a smaller character, despite the many epic and larger than life personalities your world probably has.


I was thinking something similar. The first text in the entire series is the story of Konigamon (Overarching Antagonist) and why he set to conquer the heavens. I'm not going to get much deeper but ima keep your suggestion in my head 'cause it's a really helpful one👍👍.


Worldbuild. Have a good idea of what shit is and where. If it takes 5 days to get from x to y in book one but 2 days in book 3, readers will remember. Timelines for events. References.


I might need tips for writing in class exams, especially when you have a lack of advanced vocabulary.