This isn't as ambitious as most of the goals here, but I'd just like to make writing a habit, again, even if it's as little as 15 minutes every day. I was unemployed for a lot of 2020 and was able to do a lot of writing very consistently, but that fell apart when I started at my current job and these days it feels like I can go weeks without putting anything down on paper. So yeah, I'd like to reverse that trend.


I had some mental health blocks that have derailed my writing. I just made a note to discuss reestablishing a daily habit in therapy. My goal is to just write a bit every day!


i shudder to think of how much writing i would have gotten done if i just did 15 minutes a day compared to the many many days of none.


My only goal is to make it to 2023.


Be well Jabba. Lay off the donuts. 😁


I just read about the 52 stories in 52 weeks thing while scrolling reddit. Maybe? Aside from that, I plan to elaborate on my Mournful One storyboard, get some proper dialogue in, practice drawing again to make the artwork myself, and ultimately find someone to program the whole thing as a video game. Still torn on how much gameplay I want in my narrative. My favorite gameplay-genres I just don't see fit with my stories...


Just jumping in to say I'm hosting that, but I posted incorrectly so I think it was removed. The link to sign up is bit.ly/52_stories


Cool! That is a very interesting endeavor. I know nothing about video game development other than my kids are all heavily invested in playing them. Good luck!


I have two: 1) Just to write *anything* daily regardless of what it is. 2) Produce at least one good piece for my own blog or submission elsewhere (I do mostly short form humor) per week.


Finish current WIP and get some beta readers. Submit some flash fiction pieces and short stories to lit mags. Maybe attempt to get up the courage to query. Key words *maybe* and *attempt* lol.


Excellent. I should’ve thought to add that short story submission to my own goals. Good one!


I plan to finish the final draft of my first novel this year. If I do a chapter a month, I should be done by October, and then I hope to find an agent.


That seems realistic. I'm hoping to write, edit, revise, then read, produce, edit and then upload one chapter per month. That, I'm not sure is as realistic as your goals of writing one chapter per month, but I'm thinking I can do it. Finding a quality publishing agent is tricky - but like you I'm hopeful. It seems in this day and age you kind of need some gravitas first, like a social following, just to get read. But sometimes writers lock in with the right person who is eager to find someone new and interesting. Good luck!


As a reminder, if you're putting a story into the public domain, you're not going to be able to get that traditionally published. There are very, VERY few who've been able to do that; in general, publishers want First Rights, which you've already used.


Okay, here are some suggestions for an agent... You have 007, Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne and Jack Ryan, (I've heard these are reliable agents)


This guy gets it


Start querying my first book in Jan. Finish editing my second book (different series) and start querying. Plan out second book in both series. If either series can land a agent/deal start writing that next. If not I will work on the one that I like the most. Keep learning the craft. Reading more instructional books, watching more videos, and just trying to improve.


Kick ass.


Can you recommend any of those instructional books?


Sure. I've read 4 of the Busy Writer's Guides by Marcy Kennedy and thought they were all helpful. Once I whittle down my reading I plan to finish the series. Mastering Your Mystery by Cheryl Bradshaw was a Kindle Unlimited book that helped some with the Hero's Journey and had useful tips throughout. I am half way though Chuck Palahnuik's Consider This and think it is a must read. He frames writing in a way that is different than I've thought of before. Finally, if you haven't seen Brandon Sanderson's series of college lectures on the hero's journey, it's a must. Seriously, get off Reddit and head over to YouTube now. :)


I need to finish revising the novel I’m working on now, then I need to revise another novel I wrote. The goal after those is to write a half dozen short stories and write two fully revised novels in 2022. Ideally I will find an agent and sell something to a publisher next year.


Lofty. But do-able! Good on you!


I can definitely do the novels, It takes me about 4 ish months to write and revise a novel. The short stories will be pushing it a little for me. Agents and publications are a goal that’s somewhat out of my control.


True. But sending the queries is something we can do. How long are your four-monthish novels? Sounds like you’re very prolific. That’s awesome. A writer writes.


Thank you! So far all of them are between 80k-100k. I haven’t managed to get anything published yet, it’s very possible I’m not good enough yet. Yeah, I’ll keep at that and keep hoping. What kinds of things do you like to write?


Fantasy adventure mostly. I have some Sci-fi and ‘horror’ ideas as well. My strategy is to build up a social media following on YouTube. Reasoning there is I heard the first thing a publishing agent does is Google the authors name and see what, if anything, comes up. So over the last two years I’ve used the lockdown and extra time at home to produce my stuff into audio dramas on YouTube. So far so good. I’ve gained a lot of viewers around the world. It’s fun and also helps build confidence in my storytelling.


That’s awesome, sounds like a good plan.


I'm planning on starting the second chapter of My book! I would Say i'm planning on finishing the book, but I don't think i will have time for that, so I think itll be enough with just the second chapter


Hey. Work at your pace. Though I have found that when I get into a groove, and find ‘the zone’ I am astonished at how much writing I can do. So allow yourself to keep going. You may start picking up steam.


Yeah. Keeping on writing makes you imagination wild. Just don't let anyone other opinion of other people in your mind. Till you feel satisfied with you work don't let any negative thoughts enter your mind.


Finish my damn book then edit the fuck out of it and finally get some publishers to look at it


Wishing you luck 🤞🤞😃


My writing plans are mostly reading. Though I hope to pop out some shorts and comic strips




To finish my second book and to hopefully see some luck in the query game.


There’s plenty of great resources available on how to write an ‘acceptable’ query letter. Though seeing several pub agents interviewed on YT was a bit off-putting. Most are over-worked editors who expect us to do most of the proof-of-work on our own. That is, if you don’t already have fans, many won’t even bother to read your stuff.


Yeah, I noticed there was no way I was going to be able to sell my first book as it was just too big concept wise, and no matter the query letter I worked on over the past year and a half, nothing got any bites. That's why this second book has a concept that I believe will be much easier to sell (at least in comparison to my first book) and therefore, in theory, should be easier to get picked up by an agent. But who knows, I'll probs be at this for another couple of decades before I ever get picked up by an agent haha.


You’re writing - which is the key. Once you’ve got stuff written, it’s like an asset that you can continue to build on, revise and no one can take it away.


My plan is to finish two TV pilots I'm working on, and maybe one of the features. I'm 45 pages into one pilot, and about 10 pages each into the other pilot and the feature.


Wow! What's the genre?


I just started an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics, so I'm looking forward to doing a lot of work there. I got some inspiration to write a speculative science fiction story. I dont have plans for it other than to keep writing and see how big it will grow. Right now it's a confusing mess, but it's *my* confusing mess. I also want to keep getting a feel for Twine and make an interactive piece to put on the web.


Good on you! What’s Twine?


It's an open-source tool for creating interactive and nonlinear stories. I've been fascinated with nonlinear stories lately so I wanted to write my own.


Curious. That all seems interesting though I know nothing of it. Kick ass!


Trying very hard to have a good draft of my novel finished, something I can start pitching with, come the end of September. I had initially planned to make one pretty long novel but as I explored the story I had planned and just the amount of plot points and ideas that needed expanding on, it evolved into around 5/6 books. This has taken off a lot of pressure in some ways. I can really focus on the story in concise parts. Right now my plan is: - March: Book 1 has a rough draft complete, start to end with much work and content/rewrites needed. - August/September: Book 1 sample draft ready to really start advertising myself and reaching out to editors. - December: Book 1 is taking its final shape with editing underway and the first half of my last year in uni under the belt as I start to plan for a gap year of working and networking with publishers. - Late 2022: *hopefully* in talks with somebody to have Book 1 released with Book 2/3 having been worked on sporadically through the year so far and pitched. - 2023: Book 1 is out and moderately successful as I'm greenlit Book 2 and 3. - 2030: The final books are nearing as the film/TV series begins to catch up. A man can dream, can't he?


Well, no one can fault you for having unclear, unarticulated goals. 😅 Get er done!


I want to write one short story a quarter. It’d be great to sell one of them but that’s further outside my control so I’d rather not set it as a goal.


I'm gonna finish my first draft in February because of the plan I came up with. I went from averaging 1000 words a month to 800 a day, and I've found it easier to start, and more creative and productive until I call it a night.


Finish my 2nd book. Currently on 48k words.


Do you use google docs?


MS Word


Okay, I'll have to try that, I'm trying to find what typing site best suits me and google docs is best so far,


Hide the ribbon. I usually have the navigation pane up too, so I can jump between chapters. Then a second copy of word open with all my character bios and location details.


Okay, I'll try that.


1. Finish exploratory draft of my WIP 2. Start and hopefully finish first rewrite 3. Show it to my alpha readers 4. Start second rewrite


I plan on starting and finishing a novel. I have an outline and I am confident that I can do it! I struggle with staying consistent, mostly due to executive dysfunction, but I will try my best this tome I was thinking of writing 500 words a day from monday to friday. Editing the stuff I wrote on saturdays, and taking a break on sundays or to gather thoughts for what comes next. After each chapter, I would edit again and move on I would REALLY like to have some beta readers, but since I'm writing in my native language, it's harder to find people willing to read my work :(


Plan is to continue writing as I'm currently doing; ideally one novel per month, but we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping to participate in my national author org more; that's out of my control though.


Write a chapter a month and maybe get done with my rough draft spring 2023


I am going to pick back up the first draft of my novel, which has been hidden away for two years because I have the fear. I’m going to reread, make notes, redraft and rewrite the entire thing, using the new ideas I have already written down to make it better.


Love it. Dream it too. Use your imagination to build some new energy for the existing content.


I’ve slipped back into ‘live and breathe it’ mode. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas, improvements etc. while living my mundane life! Best of luck with all of your goals.


1. Get a literary agent for my first book: Sibling Gods - The Beginning 2. Get that book published 3. Write the second book in that series 4. Perhaps write another book based on an idea in my mind.


Not anything super special. 1. Get CPs (and another round of Betas) for \[Fantasy Duology Book 1\]. 2. Finish draft 1 of \[Angel/Demon book\] 3. Keep working on LGBTQIA+ fairy tales 4. Keep working on \[Gay Magickal 70s Time Travel Book\].


Work even harder than I did this year and sell my first novel.


Having completed my first book! It's an LGBTQ rom-com. I'm generally a funny person, but those are in everyday situations and I'm quick on my feet. I'm not sure how to be funny in a book. Tips??


I will publish eight books on one penname. Three on another. Realised my dream of becoming USA TODAY a week ago so aiming to do it again in April with another project.I want to launch a co-write project too next year and increase from a low six figure author to a mid range one


I failed all my writing goals for the last year and this year. No more goals for me, fuck it.


Fair enough. But is the 'fuck it' to the goals or to writing? Sometimes the goals we set are unrealistic, so it stings when we fail to reach them. But aiming high is cool if you come out with some production...


I'll keep writing, just don't want any goals. Making goals for me is like living in constant stress.


Yeah. Then don’t do that. Just write. I’m with you. Stressed-out is not a productive/creative state.


I want to finish my current story. I got the spark back through Christmas and I think I can bang out at least the first part of this book which will leave me to start part 2 at New Years.


You can do it. Just write it down. Tell us what happened. Don’t get bogged down in your prose. You’ll revise many, many times.


This is just the newest revision of many previous. I’m sure it won’t be the last either


I'd love for this year to be the year I finally get something published, even if it's a Kindle only novella


Finish the first draft and major structural revisions and have it in front of beta readers. I have the benefit of a day job. It's a stupid day job, but it pays bills. And I know no one is going to want to see anything that isn't a full novel. I'm also a big advocate of anti-social media, so... I think my only real option is to go through an agent and conventional publisher. So I'm just not thinking about queries.


Gotta pay those bills! You, my friend, are preaching to the converted. But just don’t let the day-job doldrums sap all your creative spirit.


I've started work on a fun fantasy novel that's pouring out of me every time I sit down to write. No idea where it's going, it's coming out of me as I go. Working with the creative spirits all around is a blast.


I wrote a rough draft of a novel this year and just finished it, so now my 2022 goal is to revise it extensively and start querying by end of year.


What’s ur YouTube channel?


Hi Glory. It’s my name. Conway Fitzgerald. Check it out and say hi. 😁




Just getting back to writing, those last two years were just a blurry unproductive hangover. It has to stop and I need to find my motivation back.


Finish first draft of book 1 by June 30th Complete outline for book 2 Finish edits on book 1 by December Start outline for book 3 First draft of book 2 by Dec 31 I want to get a cycle going of various works in progress ***we’ll see if it works out that way but I’m prepared to modify dates…after all life stuff happens***


Alright, just because you asked. I started my journey to be an honest to god writer last year with the publishing of my first book. But I've been working and finished (more or less) four book already. My goal for this year is to finalize the editing of my second book so I can publish it. Then to begin and finish the editing process of my third book followed by publishing it. And then the same for my fourth. I also want to finish writing and then editing my fifth book by the time the others are published so that I can then publish this book. If I have five published books to my name then maybe I can really make this a paying career instead of a hobby that I spend all of my free time on. Because I really want to start working on my sixth book.


Well… damn. You go.


I've got the momentum from the first book and I see this as my chance to make my dreams come true! That's my goal for writing I realize just now, to make my dreams come true!


Dude. I’m inspired.


My goal is to write 12 manuscripts. They don't have to be novel length (in fact, I would take a bet most will be novelette/novella length). I just want to get into the habit of writing everyday and explore some different genres.


To figure out how to actually do it while working full time for the first time in years.


You can do it. Just don’t let the work doldrums sap your creative spirit. Leave that there.


Similar to yours. I'm a prolific writer but I'm trying to find my own unique style that I can sustain over a period of years. Not really concerned over any particular publishing method.


I haven't written a whole pile since taking up bookbinding last Christmas, so my plan is to start a fictional Bible for my fantasy series as a shits-and-giggles project and try to do a story a day type of thing. The idea will be to either write something new, write an idea I already brainstormed or rewrite a story from another perspective (eg John, Luke, Matthew & John) and hopefully this will lead to ideas for book 4 of the series, which I'm still a quarter way through one year later.


Wow. That’s a really interesting idea. I was thinking of writing/producing a piece sort of like ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tsu about the methods of Giant Killing. But writing a Bible for your world. That’s deep. I just quote passages of ‘sacred texts’ from time to time. Good luck!


Thanks! I've been toying with the idea of writing the entire thing as a translation by a cynical and extremely sarcastic priest, so it mightnt turn out quite as deep 😂 but I love the Art of War type concept, that sounds awesome!


I'm just gonna try and finish the script for my graphic novel. I can usually get two chapters done per week so it will probably be finished in March. After that Editing and revision ect.


My goal is to have my first novel published by July.


I want to actually finish the book I started writing and find out how to publish it. I've been mingling around so many unfinished books because I always have some lingering ideas in the back of my mind and I've been jumping from one to another and it has just been a mess throughout 2021. I've set my mind to finish this one first. Then I will finish the rest one by one. Hopefully not losing track of events, worlds and a train of thoughts, ideas, motives and endings!


I have 4 things planned to write and publish in 2022, a fifth thing that is already written and up for preorder in the new year. My plan for 2022 is basically to take things easier. The 4 things I plan on writing and publishing are novella's that are shorter and less stressful than my original plan of 3 full length novels. I'm going to wait on those until my fan base is bigger, as they are meatier and I want to be able to put them out at a high point. Plus, these novella's are all the ideas that popped into my head throughout this year that I ignored, and I will have a lot of fun finally writing them.


Submit 12 short stories to magazines.


Nice. Which mags are you targeting?


They're all probably going to be speculative fiction so which ever is closest in general style/themes then work from top paying on down.


Hoping to finish my first draft this year, if not next month at the latest. Gonna bang out the last 20k over vacation, muse willing. After that, 6-8 months of ignoring my draft while I read my old favorites and some new stuff in the same genre as what I'm doing, so hopefully when I start the editing process my brain will be fresh with snappy prose.


Goal: find an agent and get published/get on the road to publishing What will probably happen: I send in a gazillion querries and receive a gazillion rejections


Finish the rough draft of my first novel in between school. Have a month off, so I outlined it and wrote 10% in 5 days, then got sick, and been mostly out of commission for 5 days, lol. Hopefully I can finish it this year, then finish final draft by graduation and send it out to find an agent. Also during this time, reach the final draft of the five short stories I’ve been working on and make a website to start promoting my work with them.


I don't set writing goals more than a day in advance. Shit always goes wrong. But, at one book published and the second coming on January Eighth, I can promise you that writing will get done, and in copious quantities.


Finishing a historical fiction book I started while ago about WW2 a WW2 fighter pilot.


Trying to finish my second one now. It's so close! But that last jog seems to be the hardest part.


Not waste so much time commenting on reddit p-- Ah, damnit


Finish my first draft of my novel, plan out a few others, and write a lot of short stories. I want to write at least ten short stories this year but I’m hoping to exceed that goal :)


1. Finish writing a story that I've been dragging my feet on since the pandemic started. It's a challenging story for me because it's the first time I'm writing in a more non-linear style. Along side that, trying to have a heavy focus on creating better atmosphere in the story to capture the mood and themes. 2. Share story with beta readers for the first time. Actually have people who are interested in reading and providing feedback. Nervous and excited about that. Not a goal I can quantify, but improve my ability to create various atmospheres in writing (building suspense, tension, excitement, romance). Mainly doing this through the story I'm currently writing, but also doing practice writing prompts to just write bits and pieces instead of whole stories.


I will grow my blog to monthly 10k visitor's


Hopefully to finish my draft of my book and have it polished, finalised and at least *ready* to be published by the end of the year


I want to actually begin work on a fantasy novel I've been letting set in my notes the past year or so since I came up with it for a workshop. Other than that, I plan to start submitting flash fiction to magazines,and even some short stories I have on my backlog. And most importantly, I'm going to get my fanfiction rolling again and attempt to get more chapters out monthly, or even weekly focusing on one story daily. It's pretty simple, but I hope to grow more ambitious as months go by.


1. Finish my book. 2. Query letters. 3. Start second book. 4. ??? 5. Profit.


Finishing my outline and start writing the first chapter


I’m excited for this year! I decided that I’m going to try to finish two big projects (web novels) this year and a a novella if I can. I sort of have the year mapped out so far. It’s kinda easy thanks to the fact that I’m in college The first five months of the year (my Winter —Spring Semester) for the most part I’m gonna work on my first web novel project, and try to have it edited and posting by the time I’m done with the first arc if chapters. I then plan to use summer to write a novella, which used to be my tradition before I had some more struggles in my life. And then my Fall 2022 Semester is gonna be dedicated to writing either a follow-up or a completely new web novel project I’m super nervous but thoroughly excited. I want to make this year the one I establish myself more online as a writer


Cool. Where are you going to offer your productions online? Is it a YouTube channel?


Thank you for asking! I plan on posting on sites like RoyalRoad (and some other self-pub sites I could potentially find). I’d love to eventually get more into animation and voice acted/read audio drama type stuff as well. I’m hoping to do some multimedia stuff eventually, and include some artwork throughout my stories online. That will cost quite a bit though so until I fully have the funds I’m mostly going to focus on providing good weekly content and building my internet stories’ worlds up so I can start gathering support online :)


Not necessarily. I produce my own audio dramas on YouTube. If you can obtain a decent pc or Mac, you can probably produce your anime projects for YouTube. I’m hoping to find contemporaries- so let me know if you need help along the way.


Wow, that’s incredibly generous! Thank you so much. I’ll follow and friend you on here and hit you up sometime about it! Seriously it’s very much appreciated friend, I could absolutely use the help


I'm determined to finish the first draft of my next novel. I thought it was going to happen this year, but I didn't make nearly as much process as I'd anticipated. Makin' it happen in 2022!


I want to finish editing my two novels and novella, and write and edit my third in time to take advantage of the increased holiday spending around October


I'm planning on doing Kick Boxing as Self Defence, reshaping my feet and losing weight, I'm also planning on working on my book, then start practicing my drawing after the newest chapter. I'll then hope to work on my cooking skills with my aunt, as I do not have any. I'll hopefully learn how to play a bass guitar and the Piano, like a Synthesizer, cause normal pianos don't sound that good to me. So, in total my goals are: Self Defence Lose Weight Reshape my Feet Work on my Book Practice my Drawing skills Work on my cooking Learn Piano/Bass


I've got a busy year ahead and I really hope I can have some time off my full-time writing job in video games to do all that. So, I plan on: \- Getting the last book in my fantasy trilogy in stores with my current publisher (probably in 2023 but signing something next year would be great. It took me so long to write it and I still have a few chapters to do). \- Publish a short story collection that some of my author friends started. \- Finish an old sci-fi espionnage novel draft that's halfway done. \- Finally work on (and maybe pitch) the comedy series script I had in the drawer for some time. \- Start something new if somehow I can get there.


Nice! You are killing it!


Yeah, it might look like a lot but 2021 was really slow. The full-time game writing isn't bad, but really draining in terms of schedule and I hardly have any time to work on my own things. Also, I live in a place where the book market is quite small and my non-games projects aren't in English so it's not like they're super-bestsellers or anything. But thanks!


- Finish plotting and write my current WIP. - Start posting on second channel. - Start posting more frequently on main channel (and get it up to 500 subscribers), - Write every day.


My goal is to get my animated supernatural musical series pitch refined. That and publish several novels and a crapton of short stories, and complete my Rumpestilskin musical.


to enjoy doing it and to get better at it


Finish book one then start two and three eventually. At the end of chapter 7. Almost at 8.


Finish the sequel to my first published novel as well as finish my more personal project regarding my depression and anxiety. Basically to give myself the time to do what I love! Also finish my Masters.


I'm hoping to finally finish my novel.


I'm taking a year off writing to focus on editing. I wrote 2 novels this year, totalling 280,000 words, and want a break from the wordvomit. Plan to spend 6 months editing each.


I want to get at least one short story published in a magazine or anthology.


I’ve been wanting to write a children’s book for years but keep postponing it. Maybe I’ll finally give it a shot.


My plan is actually to write less! 2021 was devoted to a mad dash of writing as much as a could, and I ended up with several projects I’m happy with. 2022 is gonna be about figuring out what to do with what I already have :)


I just hope that I will find enough strength and will to start writing for more than two days.


* Finish the chapter I've been stuck on for most of the year * Commission some concept art for my setting and characters * Adjust my work schedule so I have more time for hobbies * Go to some writer workshops/hangouts * Get my story to a point I'm happy to share it with others (I'm mostly there already, just worried that if I start sharing an unfinished story I'll lose motivation for the project)


Pretty simply, I want to finish a book. It's been long enough and I finally have a solid plan and idea. I'm thinking it'll happen. Getting it published...however...we'll see haha


I want to start working on my e-book. Here's my plan: 1. Watch a couple of videos (This is my first time doing this so, I want to get as much info before I do anything). 2. After watching all my videos which should take about a week or 2 because I saved a lot of videos to watch later. 3. Start brainstorming some names for the book and start my rough draft.


-Finish the first book of my series (consist of 7 stories) -Write different kinds of prompt everyday -Work on my world building and characters -Read stories and study to improve my writing -Work on grammar


To write/read short stories in different genres to see what I like once a week, and to make a "portfolio" i.e writing stories I'm not too ashamed to share with people.


I'm planning on writing at least one chapter of my story per month; usually my chapters are 3k-6k. Last semester I couldn't juggle college and writing at all, so I'm hoping I can figure out some sort of balance lolol


Besides attempt to live through another year, my goal for 2022 is to begin writing my book :) It’s inspired by the ‘Little Prince,’ and hopefully I can finish all my illustrations and texts by the middle to the end of the year. Nothing but hustle next year bahaha:D.


Finish my second novel by Dec 16 2022.


To just start writing again. Haven’t been writing much or at all for close to a year, so I’m really hoping to get back into it. I’m putting together a portfolio for a writing programme next year that requires at least 5 short works, so hopefully I can get those right because this programme is compulsory for me and I can’t opt out. I hope I can write at least a dozen or so short stories on top of that, just spread the writing out across the year and maybe put it out there on the internet, just for fun like last time when I wrote more.


Write at least 1000 words every week


I kinda want to right a horror story about an angel losing faith in the kindness of his own God after watching the horrible steps he's willing to keep to make sure his followers stay devoted to him, though my parents and grandparents would probably not be thrilled at that concept. I hope it'll help me process some of my own personal trauma with religion, so I guess my family will either just not know or have to deal with it.


I’d like to finish writing all the needed essays for graduation, also to start writing again (due to mental illnesses, I couldn’t write for over 3 years)


I would like to at least finish my book I'm working on. Maybe not publish, just finish the first draft


That’s a great goal.


I want to take a crack at screenwriting. Been writing a few unfinished novels for the past couple of years. Decided to make it my only writing goal of 2022 to finish the screenplay.


I’ve finally finished school and have a full time job, and assuming I’m able to maintain it and the stable schedule associated with it, here’s what I want to do: There’s two main things. I’ll go with the easier one first: I’ve always like DnD, and I’ve DM’ed before, but I’ve never created an actual story for my campaigns, mostly just a series of miniarcs. I have an idea for what I want it to be about and the setting, but I want to get o to the grindstone and outline the whole story so that way I can create a campaign that’s story driven that can span from level 1 to 15 or 20. The second is to actually take the story (unrelated to my DND campaign) that I’ve been thinking about in my mind for the past year or so and start actually writing about. I’ve been reading as much in the genre I want to write in as I can muster and reading/watching content about writing that I can find online. Right now I have core characters thought up and the setting, but I’m having trouble thinking of an actual plot which is kind of funny, but I’ll get there. Definitely further behind most people, but I didn’t realize how much I liked reading until COVD kept me inside, and I actually was able to find books I liked as opposed to what happened in high school.


\- Finish 3 series (about 5 books) \- Scale profitable ads \- Earn a million airline miles \- Buy a castle


Just keep at it. It'll be done when it's done.


I'm not going to be too ambitious since I'm a full-time grad student, but I do have a short story I want to submit to something in January. Other than that, it'll mostly just be continuing my current WIPs and starting a few new ones, looking for critique partners and betas, and putting together a list of agents to query.


Finish my novel. Which was already my plan for last year. And the year before that...


1: l plan to complete my book only few chapters left then it's completed. 2: And then start the preparation of my up coming books 3: Writing daily blogs 4: Writing poetries 5: Trying to maintain school life and personal life.


To send the first book of my series to agents


My current goals are ambitious. I've got 2 books drafted atm, and a third I've just started. For 2022, I want to - Do first rounds of edits on 2 books - Finish the current book and write at least 1 more - Write a couple short stories (more practice than anything) - Write one fanfic longform (only like 50-60k) My long-term goal is to hopefully have one, maybe two, novels ready to query sometime in 2023 - but I think that I'll need to do at least 2 editing rounds per book, likely 3, so we'll see if that slips to 2024.


It’s fairly basic but I just want to finish the first draft of my book, it’s taken me at least a year to get 62,000 words done and I’m getting fairly close to the end. I just kinda want to finish it and begin redrafting or writing short stories


1. To get my first draft of my novel done 2. To write my second novel 3. Hopefully complete my second and final draft published


I want to finish my current WIP and also write & review a children's book. Good luck and perseverance to all of us 😁


Publishing a new post on my blog every Monday in 2022. It can be short, but it must be written and available to the public every week.


I want to upload fifteen fanfics, whether it be a one-shots or starting a new full story. I made a list of every idea I want to make happen and came out with four stories and twelve one-shots, I wanna be able to write them all!


My 2022 is the year I finally erase 2020. I was one of the very first infected and became one of the longest haulers. Having lost my work and mobility, I decided to peck endlessly on a laptop about my wild stories around running an inn after leaving the experimental physics world. In 2021, I moved my family 2,000 miles to put them closer to extended family, and began editing the stories into books. I sent out for criticism, cut down the size of the books, sent out for an expensive editor for a full face plant, got it, and rewrote again. I studied. I fretted. I learned the craft alone and then delved into publishing, querying and indie publishing. The house we bought during the pandemic, site-unseen, was unliveable, so, again in 2021, we moved just a couple of weeks ago, to a lovely home where I have my office and five acres of woods. So, in summary, I have five books in the first series ready to launch in succession with the sixth in draft, and a second series with book one draft finished, third series, book one draft. I'm looking forward to a really big year of making huge mistakes, learning, laughing at the obvious stupid stuff I can only see in hindsight and a vision of next New Years Eve with me toasting my family for sticking with me through all of it. I have always joked that if I washed up on a desert island, stripped of everything, alone, I would find a way to make a permanent mark on tree bark or a cave wall. I guess that's true. Keep writing, everyone!


To complete something


Try and finish my first book😁


Actually write something that gets published. While I've not entirely fallen into the trap of overplanning and not writing, the stuff I am writing isn't the kind of stuff I'd release in any form. Getting something published or moving some of the projects I'm working on along would be a good start.


To finish my book, or at least a first draft of in and start reworking it!


I turned in a contemporary manuscript for my MFA dissertation a few weeks ago and now I’m jumping back into the fantasy and sci-fi. I have a few fanfics posted and planned for my r/swtor characters as well as an outline for my D&D character.


I'm planning on finishing my first short story and getting it published and I wouldn't mind starting my next.


finish all my ongoing projects BEFOOOOORE i start a new one.


First goal is to do some work on one of my stories that needs a bit more meat on the bones. Second goal it to find the time to write the four stories I have in my mind. The first goal is doable, the second goal is less so.


If I manage to finish my book finally I'll be happy already lol


Actually start writing. I desperately want to do that but somehow I postponed it so far. Tbh, I'm in love with writing and stories but I fear writing is not into me. I hope I'll find a way to believe in myself and manage to sort out my first plot. I'm 28 and I feel I'm too old and too young at the same time.


My goal is to stop writing notes and start writing chapters. It's been a year and I've written about 20k words of my novel, but way more in notes, design docs, character bios, and general world building. My internal monologue just keeps screaming "shut up, stop planning, and just write". So that's my biggest New Year resolution :)


My brave plan is to finish my novel before the end of this year(the draft) then I will edit and start doing first steps to publishing. I really hope I get into the state where the words keep flowing. And after that I will start probably reading again because I didn't want to get my inner voice and style distracted and etc. by others'.


I've only just started writing again in 2021, so these comments veer from encouraging to intimidating! I just finished my first novel and, in proofreading, saw many of my weaknesses as a writer/storyteller laid painfully bare. Now I want to scale back and use story prompts to try and write (minimum) one short story a month to try and hone my "chops." I mainly hope to find more ways to promote myself as a writer (starting from essentially scratch) and end the year with a collection of short stories (at least one of which I would hope was "good" enough to submit to publications.)


1) Dedicate myself to at least 20-30 min of reading, daily. 2) Contribute to my book daily. 4) Write a movie review to Medium at least once a week to build my portfolio. 5) Accumulate Fiverr clients and add a new gig.


Not intresting but finish my rewrite clone wars fanfiction, get to the second draft of my current book idea and somehow start a story about my main story or/and finish my pilot episode of said story


Cool. Funny you should say about re-writing Clone Wars. I always thought it would be fun to rewrite the Star Wars backstory of Aniken’s fall to Vader. I thought it was an obvious plot that they just butchered. It was Aniken wants Padme but cannot have her. She has a guy (jealousy) she will marry and he’s a Jedi (forbidden love). Even the wanting her should’ve been enough to get him kicked out of the Jedi. Padme should never been involved with him. He then has visions about her death. THEN the Sith Lord makes his move and promises him Padme and how to save her life. THATs a story!


Oh I would not have the time for rewriting the entire story line or anybodys backstory actually. I have seen a fun concept on reddit a month ago for one specific story arc and I decided to write it. Im on 10 minutes out of 60 mnutes where I will need to put in a whole brainstorm part, so it will take some time.


My goals are pretty simple. I'd like to get halfway though my novel, do a few short horror stories and hopefully find a good writing community to join. That's what my 2022 goals are!


I want to focus more on my comic I want to create, not only am I going to force myself to draw the characters more but I'm going to be writing the narrative every night at least. I have another story in working on where a woman falls in love with a ghost and id likento revise and continue that. but this is second on my list


Obviously, the old plan but I'm not gonna follow fully but yes some changes are there. Like the content niche, target some micro audience. Also, I'm going to revive the old articles too. What is your plan man? have any suggestions?


Use your brilliant imagination and write something great. Something that makes your reader feel something. You can do it!


Agreed. I'm also doing blogging so I think I am going to use some content writing service for that. Previously I used BloggerOutreach's content writing service and now I think, I can use this again. What's your thought on that.


I wanna pubilsh one of my novels in the first quarter of the year.


I want to get to the 75% mark on my short story collection, slowly draft this novel (1/3 done), and touch 6 novellas (1 will definitely complete this year, but not trying to pressure myself into being productive). Also enacting a writing-as-play practice, and incorporating freewriting and meditation as intersections of mindfulness and creative writing. Trying to get back to the joy of writing, not of having written.


Uh, I’d like to finish my novel draft by February. I’m about 7k words in at the moment. Haha…🥲rip wish me luck.