Seems like Ryan was skipping biology class in high school


Ryan didn’t need biology class. He just decided one day that he knew more about the subject than teachers, doctors and textbook authors and since he’s attractive and willing to argue against intellectual authority, other idiots have flocked to him and given him a platform.


The accuracy is palpable


I see people with autoimmune conditions peddling this shit, too. As someone with an autoimmune disorder, it pisses me off greatly.


T1D and RA. And my Rheumatologist is holding off on moving me forward on my treatment (switched me from Humira, which wasn't perfect, to hydroxychloroquine, which...works less) due to my recent radiation treatment. It sucks ass.


I once stupidly paid money for one of those programs that is supposed to help you with your autoimmune disease. It was one of the cheaper ones at about $85, so I gave it a try. I thought it’d mostly be tips for the AIP diet, sleep hygiene, stress reducers, etc. EVERYTHING was like “replace your mattress with an organic one, install a $300 reverse osmosis water filter, buy the starter pack of supplements for $200, change all your bedding and sheets for organic, buy all new pots and pans because the ones you have are def toxic, buy this expensive air purifier for every room in your house,” it was ridiculous. Luckily I was able to get my money back though.


This is one of the most ignorant things I've read in ~~a long while~~ ~~months~~ at least an hour.


In the last few minutes


I rolled my eyes so hard I almost lost consciousness


We heard your eye roll way over here.


I rolled my eyes so hard a did a back flip into a pike with a twist, entered the water with no splash and won gold at the next four olympics


My knees and knuckles inflamed at the audacity


This did not get the credit it deserved.


The marvels of social networks!


Laughs in Flint Michigan


So body is too Einstein to attack itself - except when you eat wrong. Makes sense.


If our bodies are so smart they should be able to figure out how to deal whatever food we put in it right? Lol I wonder how this guy feels about kids with severe peanut allergies.


My immune system is gigachad except when it can't tell if something is a virus or a nut


God this pisses me off. Guys like this can go fuck themselves, they have no idea what they're talking about or any idea what it's like. If I could eat differently to not have Ulcerative Colitis that'd be fucking swell, but I can't and I don't need an online attention whore to tell me otherwise


Hey I beat my ulcerative colitis and you can too! I just had to surgically remove my colon to get rid of it 🙃


One simple trick!


I did this, and it worked! I changed my diet to include antihistamines.


I changed mine to include insulin injections


I changed my lifestyle to include bimonthly infusions of my medication; this dude’s advice works!


I am high-fiving you right now


I did something similar. I cut out gluten, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, FODMAPs, seed oils, GMOs, highly acidic foods, highly alkaline foods, excess polyphenols, and sweet potatoes. I can eat literally five different things that I hate, eating out is a nightmare, and all my friends have stopped inviting me to social gatherings that might possibly have food. But I've never been healthier!


Did sweet potatoes do something wrong?


They disgust me.


I changed mine to include immune suppressant drugs.


I changed mine to include like 15 different medications a day!


If it makes me a horrible person, so be it ... I always hope people like this end up with something painful and lifelong. Karma isn't as reliable as I wish it were.


> Karma isn't as reliable as I wish it were This goes kinda hard


I always hope people like this get an autoimmune disease so they can fucking understand what those of us with them have to go through.


I would gladly change my diet to cure my autoimmune disease, but sadly stuff like that doesn’t work! If stuff were so easy many people would be cured and healthy again


I got banned from a prominent sub here after responding to someone who said that all chronic illnesses (including long covid) were just laziness. I told him I hoped he had the opportunity to experience one one day. Sorry not sorry. 😆


Lmao exactly how I feel about everyone who ever called me a hypochondriac & every guy who thought I was full of shit & making up my AI diseases, and "not trying hard enough." Death comes for everyone eventually so at least a few of these folks will end up with some kind of debilitating condition...and I'm not sorry for fantasizing about it. 💀


Yes because nothing ever just malfunctions


Ryan's a damn fool


So this is how those HIV patients were recently cured!


The hiv vaccine literally consists of a doctor saying to the patient “snap out of it!”




Why not a line of doctors, similar to the [Airplane scene](https://youtu.be/FNkpIDBtC2c?t=19s)?


guys, we found the cure for cancer


I've met this lad actually. His opinions on vaccines and politics wouldn't surprise you at all


I'm currently classified as "Conservative." Do you know what a nightmare it is trying to talk to other people who voted Republican? Me: "God gave us scientists to tell us more about our world and how better to live in it and take care of it. We have to use common sense when it comes to diseases and disorders to treat them effectively. I've read the research reports on Grave's Disease and the medications available to treat the symptoms and the causes and it's good science!" Republican: "Yeah, but I read online that it's really just your body responding to a crappy diet. Cut out gluten and you'll see results!" Me: "Right now I want to shoot the internet!!!"


The psychotic conservatives give the rest of us a bad rap. I'm sorry & I know your pain.


I’ll make sure to remember this the next time I have/come out of an epileptic seizure.


I need to tell this to my dad, who's been Type 1 diabetic for over 60 years. He's a doctor, too, you'd have thought he'd have considered all of this!


nah he was brainwashed in medical school… he ahould start watching some bodybuilding influencers to build his true wisdom


My body didn't get the memo, apparently. Was diagnosed type 2 diabetic, lost 100 lbs and got into the best shape of my life, and my doc goes "whoops, it's actually been type 1 the whole time." Fuck this idiot.


So who's going to tell them that your body is constantly attacking itself, it only gets bad when the body stops defending itself enough


So if you change your diet, the joints destroyed by arthritis will mysteriously heal? Guess what? Your’re wrong!


*too busy sneezing to type a witty comment*


Damn I guess I was eating the wrong foods the day I was born


Oh fuck. Why didn't anyone grace me with this knowledge before? Brb trying to figure out if moving to a private island and eating sixteen apples will cure my MS


Cancerous White Blood cells have entered the chat...


Thanks, I’ll make sure and tell my immunologist that on my next appointment. Pity he wasted all that time at medical school


So this dumb fuck doesn’t know what an allergy is? Or how there are lots of illnesses where your body trying to fight it off kills you before the illness does?


You ever hear of allergies?


Oh man, why didn't I think of that. My multiple sclerosis is now cured!


I can’t believe the cure really WAS an apple a day. Just wild.




What a bumbeling baboon.




thank you, random Twitter user who failed biology in high school


Then why am I still wearing glasses? My stupid body won’t fix itself.


Lmao wow so THAT’S how autoimmune conditions work eh? I guess as a newborn I really shoulda leaned *into* the cretinism potential of my hypothyroidism. “Self cured cretin” does have a nice ring to it. Shit like this is so ridiculous it boggles the mind.


oh shit, are we Hashimoto homies? Also, I think the cretinism thing only applies to our future kids, not us?


Hashimoto homies is adorable haha I was born with it so I guess I’m a congenital cretin They told me I was one of the first thyroid heel prick babies in Australia which sounded like a weird flex when I was growing up but I appreciate it now 😂


I was born in the 80s, so I have no idea if they did heel pricks for that in the US then. Hell, up until '84 they were still doing surgery on babies without anesthesia bc they thought babies couldn't feel pain the way that adults do. Truly an insane, and incredibly stupid thing to think. Do you also have cold induced urticaria? Around the age of 10 I started breaking out in hives anytime the surface temperature of my skin would drop. It suuuucks. Do you take any meds for it? I'm on Synthroid, but I hate it bc it makes my joints hurt so much, I feel like a little old lady :(


I was born 1991 so I think it’s was still relatively new. Before I did nursing I had zero understanding of how it all worked and thus terrible compliance with medication. Now I realise how lucky I am that it was caught so early. I wish I’d bothered to figure it out sooner- my moods would have been way more stable during my 20s. I don’t from the cold but I do get heat urticaria! The welts were massive. I was actually around 10 when that started too. Plus every winter I get [raynaud syndrome ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raynaud_syndrome) and that weird deep bone coldness/pain in my bones that heat doesn’t fix. I’ve taken thyroxine since I was born, usually if my symptoms are especially bad my TH/THS levels are out of wack and I have to up or lower my dose for a short time. How old were you when they told you? > they thought babies couldn't feel pain the way that adults do. That’s horrifying. Those poor babies holy shit.


What if it's triggered by the microplastics in just about everything these days? Is that the GA to start setting the 1% literally on fire? Not sure my body would appreciate what would happen if I got close enough to try, though. Bit of a lose-lose if you ask me.


Steroids must’ve got to his brain.


My body can't even digest food correctly. My body is a total fucking moron.


Unfortunately, most people cannot sympathize until it happens to them. My lupus symptoms pretty much mimic Covid. My mom thought I was over exaggerating my symptoms until she contracted Covid. She finally was able to empathize with me and apologized for not believing what I go through almost daily.


Sitting here suffering with autoimmune pancreatitis. This guy is an idiot.




He did not just say that we should let people die. Naaaaah


Smh my head why don’t Type I diabetics just figure this out and cure themselves


Privileged white guy? Privileged white guy.


I changed my environment by getting severely irradiated to destroy the gene causing my autoimmune disorder. It worked! I no longer have mild psoriasis. Thankfully i just have stage 8 cancer now




My body's a fuggin idiot - I don't even have an autoimmune disorder, I know my body (he's me) and he's a dumbass, my organs would totally mistake themselves for intruders


Say, can you just move this chemical plant out of my neighborhood for me? Thanks.


lol as a cancer patient y’all have no idea how everyone became a medical expert


Damn my celiac just vanished the moment i read this.


The ONLY one this *might* work for is Celiac.


Oh shit, if I eat more apples, go on walks, and remove all chemicals from my environment my MS will be cured?! Hot damn why didn’t my Neurologists say something before?! Thank you random person on Twitter. I owe you my life.


I inhaled *just wrong* earlier tonight and a tiny drop of spit nearly killed me by finding its way into my windpipe. The fuck your body wouldn't attack you. We're fragile piles of tentatively connected organs, glands, and cell colonies with delusions of invincibility. No amount of "lifestyle" is going to fix that.




Damn who knew if I just ate some manuka honey my hair would stop falling out from lupus!!! It’s a miracle I am cured


What qualifications in immunology does this chap have, exactly?


Uh guess I got Gravis Desease from too much liquorice.


Well technically they're correct but what's off is actually your thymus gland and that's not exactly easy to resolve.


People noticed i seemed healthier with more energy, positivety and i lost some weight. They asked what diet im on or what i did differently. I told them i tried drugs- new prescriptions (including marijuana but they dont need to know that part). Once i was put on better meds and upped dosage, i was able to do things i couldn't when i was constantly in high levels of pain and having severe frequent migraines. I still struggle but its much better than beforehand


im always amazed how fucking stupid people are… this dude is probably like the dude in memento but instead of tattooed notes to investigate his wifes death he has inhale/exhale tattoed on his palms …and instead of suffering from amnesia he is just dumb


Sweet summer child.


This shit is dumb and dangerous. He has no medical background and is obviously unfamiliar with the different nervous systems. Who the fuck is R Y A N M A R T I N?


Sorry to be a dick but it’s been proven that autoimmune diseases can be triggered by environmental factors… that doesn’t mean it’s the individuals fault at all, but the pollution in our air and water have definitely contributed to all the autoimmune diseases we have today


.... I have to take medicine to make my immune system stop working because it dosent do it's job right- (I have rheumatoid arthritis)




"Your body would never attack you for no reason" The brain behing a part of the body :


There is a logic in that idea: autoimmune means body attacks itself, “self-hate” basically. Still, majority people end up mental after practising it, even if 0.1% gets cured exactly by this. It is more of an exception, than something to preach about. Bro just doesn’t get it, many bodies are faulty by birth and this notion is useless due to this condition.


Is it awful to hope he gets sick one day?


Brb im gonna get rid of all the pollen in the air outside.


Fasting, healthy eating, stress management, and good sleep are essential for me but only because my medication doesnt work nearly as well otherwise. still need the meds though


You need to actually try this, because it miraculously -actually- works.


That's weird, what in my environment or diet could I change to correct the vertebral fracture physical issues from healing incorrectly that I have that led to widespread inflammation and then RA?


is it auto immune?


It is a version of rheumatoid arthritis that does not have some autoimmune markers, but has a majority. It's onset is triggered by major inflammation. I walk, do yoga, eat clean and organic, since I grow it myself year round. Your post is just nonsense. Lots of autoimmune disorders are hereditary and/or triggered by physical trauma. You can't diet and exercise your way around your genes or an accident.


so it’s not autoimmune, right?


It is an autoimmune disease.


have you tried changing your diet, as per emerging research to deal with it? Theres a wonderful research done by Mikhaila Peterson who inherited her autoimmune diseases from both her parents totaling her medication to 50 different type of meds to manage it and changing 17 joints in her body. To which she responded by changing her diet and now she is med free. I think that to be very very interesting, don’t you?


Not really as I've tried every elimination from carnivore, to raw, to strict vegan, gf, keto, dairy free, and it's all nonsense. Not everything has a natural cure. To think everything does is magical thinking.


I don’t appreciate the tone, but OK.