Well, at least you gave a reason for bailing on them when they did not even had the courtesy to do so before booting you. That's a plus point IMO.


Revenge is always kind of an asshole move regardless but there are situations where it's more justified than others. Realistically, OP did not change anyone's stance on anything. People don't change from things like this. They were mildly disgruntled for an hour and they're gonna continue kicking people out of groups for no reason for years to come. Turns out in this situation, everyone is an A


It’s not about changing peoples stance, it’s about not letting assholes get away with being assholes. Call it petty or a bad attitude or whatever but I firmly believe anyone who does something wrong should face the consequences of their actions. Especially people being unintentional assholes.


Exactly. It's hilariously naïve to reward the assholes. In all walks of life this is true, even among children. It doesn't mean the punishment needs to be severe or harrowing. It just needs to exist and be firm. Killing someone with kindness only works if they have morality and maturity. That or if their peer group will start to turn on them. It does not work just because it's superior to always be 'nice'. Besides it is not a kindness to others to let bullies walk free. Kindness means we sometimes have to face conflict when we don't want to because it's for the better of others.


As a general rule of thumb always be skeptical of people telling you to be the nice guy. It's always because they benefit.


Karma often needs a little push


The Hand of Fate must be forced


> Revenge is always kind of an asshole move It's a corollary to the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The leader was an asshole and set the table with how he deserved to be treated. OP merely obliged.


Revenge is sweet


I just started working on my shadow priest alt a couple weeks ago, feel this pain and have actually considered doing the same thing. If they hadn't kept you in group for so long before replacing, I'd say yes you're the asshole. But if you keep someone in a group for 10-15 minutes then boot them without a word for a better option, then you get what you fucking deserve. The only innocent party here is the dps they subbed in.


The dps probably knew they were gonna kick someone man. I’m sure we’ve all seen something similar that’s why this guy did what he did this isn’t exactly an uncommon story. Like you said them holding him in group for 10-15 mins was the asshole move if they had kicked him immediately and explained then it’s just damn and move on.


yeah but can you not see there's already 3 dps when signing up? thats pretty greedy too imo


Been there, done that. If you has just been declined, it's whatever, but inviting and then kicking outa nowhere is just an asshole move. I call it karma


Last week for the first time I left a group in a completable key. In the Mists maze the tank just started running into random doors and kept resetting before anybody else could leave through the correct door. I asked them to stop and offered to solve it. He responded 'no'. I asked again and he said 'it's just 50-50, just sit back and relax'. He then reset again. I said 'Stop.' Reset again. I left and hearthstoned out. If a party member asks you to stop and you just keep doing it - are they going to other stuff like troll and leave before the final boss? What are we going to do in the mistcaller fight that uses the same mechanic? Later on in the maze it's faster to get it right than guess. DPS can can solve mistcaller but it was a flag that basic mechanics would be ignored. It just felt disrespectable of my time. Something about it felt really off like I was going to spend another 10-15 mins in there and we wouldn't complete the key.


> he said 'it's just 50-50, just sit back and relax' The behaviour would be frustrating, but to be so oblivious to reality as to call a 1 in 3 guess "50-50" would blow my fucking mind.


\*Monty Hall enters the chat\*


You just need to bone sir




> to call a 1 in 3 guess "50-50" would blow my fucking mind. [Well, you either get through the door or you don't.](https://i.redd.it/h12tthcbmx741.jpg)


>Well, you either get through the door or you don't. Damn that's a high res meme


Only the best for my WoW buddies.


No kidding, I think this is the highest fidelity I’ve ever seen this image in.


every pixel is a braincell


Yes i guess thats a 50-50? In a sense???


I like it. 50-50 chance to get those Deathcharger's Reins, too, I guess.


You either succeed or fail so 50-50, right? No doubt that was their logic. WoW constantly amazes me with people who are supremely confident despite their own ignorance.


It's a pretty big meme, I doubt they actually believe that.


I got booted from a mist + once for literally just saying "patience" cuz 2 of the dps kept running into random doors and resetting us. Shits annoying AF


I had a pally healer in a group do this once! I had the addon and showed the right door before the packs were even done and he'd still run in the wrong one over and over. Was infuriating. I dunno if he was a troll or didn't understand what we were saying (was from rag) I'm assuming troll tho


> I dunno if he was a troll or didn't understand what we were saying (was from rag) I'm assuming troll tho Porque no los dos?


That's why so many people refuse to even group with Rag players


Even if you don't have the addon it only takes like 5 seconds to actually do the mechanic lol this game is wild


Woah what's the add on name?


There is actually a cool wa that is basically just a maze navigator. You can see the first 2 by watching moonberry and after that u either have to solve one or 0 and the rest gets called by the addon


Oh god that sounds frustrating as hell!


You're both assholes That isn't to say I wouldn't do the same thing I do both extremely friendly and extremely toxic shit all the time


Tbf I’m not normally like that, it just really pissed me off 🤷🏼‍♂️ any other day of the week I’m quite the opposite helping people out


Wasted 15 min of your time and no explanation just a boot? Yeah fuck them


Time is money friend.


Haha! This comment made my day!


Well, if it makes you feel any better I loved reading about them getting the tables turned on them.


It's weird man, I loooooooooooove helping people in lower keys, it's one of my favorite things when I am valor farming, and some dude is like hey, first key ever here...wtf is going on Because keys are literally 100% of the reason I play the game now, literally I buy herbs when they are cheap, and make them into flasks to sell when the prices go up a bit, and do the callings that I can complete by running keys, I do all this just to make the bare minimum gold I can to buy consumes for keys. Besides that I spent 100% of my time in dungeons. So I love playings with those kind of people who are still excited to be there. But as soon as I see some 3k guy do some dumbass shit that wipes the group, I usually won't say anything on the first 1-2 mistakes but after that, it's like goddamnit man!


One of my favourite things, last season when my tank was geared to the ma, x was to queue normals or join m0's and help people level /learn. Always stopped at the start and asked if anyone wanted me to explain the bosses before we pulled. Theres nothing better than a new player sending a /w after an instance saying thanks because no one had ever stopped to explain a dungeon to them before.


I don't suppose you're horde/US server? Would love to go for KSM in season 4.


Not doing stuff like this normally doesn't make you less of an asshole in this situation, just less of an asshole overall. You're still an asshole here cause you wasted the time of the 3 other group members who had nothing to do with it besides being in the group. But the group leader is as also an asshole who kinda deserved it for wasting your time.


I would only feels bad for 1 member. The other two still stuck around after watching the leader hose someone like that


Seriously, they wasted the OPs time by letting him sit in the group for 15 minutes and then kicking him when they found someone "better".


At least have a discussion about it ya know? Granted no one wants to be told they are being replaced... but most people would understand the idea.


No. If you wasted my time for 15min and then try to seem like the good guy explaining why I'm not good enough, they can get bent. I wouldn't understand, nor would most. They'd just be too polite to say otherwise


That's a bit presumptuous. They could have been doing dailies or chatting in guild while it went down. They don't see that the party leader uninvited someone. All they see is "So-and-so has left the party." The new party member could or could not be an asshole because he could have seen that the group was already full on DPS but applied anyway, hoping that the party leader would kick someone for him.


Keep in mind that they invited a fourth DPS. It kind of makes it obvious... Why else would you have a fourth DPS


I'll be honest when I join groups I just go to the entrance and watch YouTube or Netflix until everybody shows up. There's a good chance I'd never even notice. That being said I also quit playing DPS because ain't nobody got time to sit around for 20 minutes waiting for a dungeon.


I mean, you can never be sure if the leader kick him or he left himself, besides, when waiting for dungeon i often alt tab and check every 2-3 minutes if we found a group while waiting at the stone to the dungeon.


The other 3 lost nothing at all, they were waiting for a group that never filed, and would still be waiting regardless of OP's move.


They had it coming, too many of these bastards. Maybe they’d be less inclined to do it if they met with consequences like this.


Excess pettiness is the perfect equilibrium, because you do not start as the antagonist.


ESH indeed. That doesn't mean I wouldn't also suck/be petty as fuck, but I'd normally just ignore those people so I don't group with them again.


This right here is perfect. I’m an extremely friendly person to everyone, give them all the same treatment, until you act like an asshole. Then you’ll see a completely different side. The thing is that side is never revealed to people who don’t deserve it, it’s not like I’m just an asshole to everyone meet, it’s the people who deserve it


A few weeks ago on explosive week I was healing a Mists. We get to Mistcaller, and are having a real hard go of it. The illusion phase is just taking forever with ramping damage, CCing foxes and explosives everywhere. I'm trying my fucking hardest to get them all and not let people die. We wipe. I ask a mage to please hit the right target. He says that it's not his job to figure out which target to hit. What other fucking job does a DPS have other than to DPS the right target? He wasn't killing explosives. He really wasn't killing anything cause of the damage reduction. No, it's the healers job to do everything apparently. Ended up doing more fucking damage to the damn illusion than he did.


"If you're not contributing damage effectively then there is no reason to keep you alive."


Asshole, nahhh. Petty maybe, but understandable and I approve.


The lead deserved it for wasting your time. The others in the group did not. The lead probably does this often if he is willing to do it even after 15 mins. Maybe he thinks twice next time or maybe not.


Eh. The others lose 10 minutes time for some amusing drama.


If this happened in a group I was in, I would find it hilarious tbh. I love it when assholes get their comeuppance.


Honestly, I'm in a group and notice the leader kicking the guys that had wait 15 minutes with us, I'm out as well


I was healing my one random 15 of the week (I'm barely 2k so nothing special). I was at the stone already due to flower picking in the area, while the tank and 2 DPS from his server made no attempt to leave Oribos. The 5th man (he'd been in group already when I joined) got all the way out to the summoning stone a few minutes after I did. We summoned the tank and I started another portal while the mage hopped on his repair mount. Luckily the tank didn't bother to click *before* he said "thanks for the summons. Bye!" and booted the mage. I stopped the summons, asked mage if that had been planned (no), just said "bye!" in /p and left group too. I know filing probably took them 30 seconds, but I just couldn't.


Deserve what? They didn't have a full group, they'd be waiting anyway, they lost nothing. Only thing lost is the key that is presumably the one belonging to the asshat lead.




This. If it was just between OP and the party leader I would say fine, he deserved it. But there were other people in the group that most likely had nothing to do with the party leaders decision and got their time wasted by OP.


NTA. Making someone wait for 15 minutes just to kick them when someone better comes along is massively disrepectful. They deserved it.


Though true, there were still others in the party that probably had nothing to do with leaders decision.


It is rude kicking someone for a replacement. As a leader, I'd rather not invite a player if I have doubts and wait a bit longer to choose from a list than kicking an already invited player. I keep players in my groups. The leader who kicked you wouldn't do that with someone from a closer group/guild/community etc. because it is obvious wrong! On the second thought, maybe the reason of doing PuGs is what the leader does with people. I don't blame you at all for what you did. you hit him hard.


Man I don't care if you are the asshole, that must have felt good


It did tbf


Had a guy looking for a tank in TBC classic. I joined bc I was bored and thought I’d help out since they are a small guild on a small server. Dude is a massive asshole right off the bat. He’s MT I’m OT. Eventually, he starts killing his raid because he didn’t know the mechanics. I shared the mechanics, even put a “:)” at the end. He responds “ohh this guy thinks he’s so cool because he knows things” and then immediately kicks me from the group. Sooooooo…. I wait for them to inevitably fail. They finish 4/11 after 3.5 hours (laughably bad, considering this is Kara, has been out since last July, and is ridiculously easy) After they’re done, I assemble my own little group of friends and we went back and cleared that whole instance ID. Every boss, trash mob, and critter was dead. I made sure lmao. Told him the next day. Dude was such a chud he didn’t even get that I cleared his instance. Was insisting he was going back later that night. Some people just deserve it man, I hope your justice boner was satisfying. I know mine was :)


Not exactly nice and all but I don't blame you. Kinda grey.


They say Azeroth is a world of greys


Dunno about if all Azeroth, but Teldrassil definitely is.


Still too soon… :(




I always report vaguely offensive names if the person is acting like a dick.


I've been doing this since Occulus. When someone's a horrible person or griefing the shit out of a group and they happen to have a questionable name, I report it as offensive.


And surprise surprise, assholes are more likely to have questionable names than the average player.


Sometimes I list for groups that already have 3 DPS just to see if they'll kick someone to invite me. When they do, I call them assholes and leave the group. Honestly, situations like this make the game for me. It's fun to be an asshole, but not to people who haven't earned it.


You’re literally a hero. Fuck those people lmao


It’s a social game. They decided to behaved like assholes, so I fully applaud for what you did haha


Level a 2nd tank so you can do it multiple times


Sometimes you have to be the asshole. Good for you.


Justified asshole.


NTA. Not your key, not your problem. ​ Just kidding, of course you're an asshole, you know it, we know it. But we also understand that sometimes it's necessary, and some people truly deserve it.


Fuck it NTA if you ever remove someone it's common courtesy to at least lie and say sorry I'm inviting a friend/guildie. If they couldn't at least do that they deserved having their key depleted.


I did the same exact thing. Group formed over the course of 20 mins, we had 5, summoned everyone, and suddenly I'm no longer in the group without a word. Swapped over to the main, signed up, got in, burned their key. Might not be right but they have to learn that some dick moves might come back to bite them.


YTA but I lolled 😃


Well I’m glad you had a laugh 😂


Good on you honestly. Back when there was server integrity, shit like this stopped people from fucking each other over.


And so the cycle continues.


Continues and spreads. The potentially innocent 3 other people will probably be more susceptible to reactions like this as well. Only one who can break this loop is Blizzard.


'mythic+ isn't toxic AF.' -someones bad opinion, probably.


There was a whole thread last week where people were arguing exactly that point lol.


Dunno what you’re on about! It’s the friendliest community going


Yeah. So, a lot of people seem to do this. I have been learning and I did something similar not long ago. A guildie was in a group. I wanted to help him since he usually struggles to join groups and finish keys. It was a Streets +17. He is a shadow priest with 272 ilvl and 2600 rio. So I applied to the group (through the shadow priest queue) with my Hunter 280 ilvl (marksman) with 3.2k rio. As soon as I joined the group it became full and we started preparations and there was a ready check. Suddenly my guildie leaves the group. They queue up and invited a 265 destro lock. I asked him in guild chat why he left and he says “I got kicked”. So I let them start the queue. We killed the first 3 guards, then I immediately went into the room, misdirected the healer (party leader). I also bloodlusted and left the group. Not sure what they did expect.


You did the best in that situation!


We are all human beings, after all. Everyone here claiming that they'll just ignore assholes and "just look for another group" havent really felt the frustration of working 8 hours, then spent the marginal free time trying to get into a group just to experience shit like this. If toxic behaviour is not controlled and punished, people will always look for the most efficient way for themselves. If that means being as asshole to others, so be it. Why bother when you most likely will never see the other person again? I know thats a pretty pessimistic way to look at things, but lets be honest: Can we really expect players to look at eath other the same way like they would do in the real world when all their qualities, the sum of their being, can be crunched down into itemlevel and rio score? Really? Nope. Unless Blizzard either employs a ton of GM to regulate this kind of behaviour OR they take a large chunk of the competetiveness out of the game, we cant expect things to make a turn for the better.


I have thought about this a lot, and I think the game needs less treadmills to walk on for progression and more incentives to help others.. When time is the biggest factor and other players are the obstacle and not the solution, the balance is off Earning extra Valor in keys where someone's IO improves is a step in the right direction and there needs to be more of this to incentivise helping others and leading to cooperation feeling rewarding. Where time is the biggest factor, if something in game doesn't feel worth your time the wow community wants it over as quickly as possible which is completely understandable, but it usually comes at the added expense of toxicity toward others


Once I was in a raid group with my friend and they got kicked. I said “well that was my friend,bye” and left. I got angry messages from the leaders after that cuz I was their top heal. Like Im not gonna stick around in a pug group Idc about when I want to play with my friend.


Well played sir well played


Kind of incredibly based. I wish u posted the receipts


ESH. But I love the pettiness lol.


You're an asshole. But you were an asshole to assholes, so who cares? You each waste each others time. You're unfortunately wasting more of your own questioning the 'rightness' of the action. Just move on and be positive. Troll assholes occasionally, it's fine.


Yes but it's still damn funny as hell and a good move


Nah fuck people who kick after making someone wait. It was well deserved.


You should have pulled and wiped them. Then said what you said


To be fair, I would of ran the instance for them, waited until the last boss and then just stood there for 10 mins whistling in chat, and then left. I’m as disgusted by this generation of wow player too though, so I probably have a skewed view.


NTA People are too used to treating other players like NPC's. Good for you.


This is the kind of pettiness I can get behind.


Asshole move? Definitely. But sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire. I hate the whole raider io thing. Just reminds me of Gearscore from Wrath. Maybe it wouldn't bother me as much if I had time to play like I used to, but I don't.


Could have been worse. You could have run the dungeon with them and then leave just before the last boss.


Now that would really be wasting my time


A small price to pay for getting payback, lol.


Stay toxic king


Gonna comment AITA top-level comment style. ESH (everyone sucks here). Yes, they were assholes for kicking you for no good reason, but you **certainly** didn't make the situation any better by being an asshole back.


NTA. Why? As Dave Chappelle would put it, “Cause fuck ‘em, that’s why.”


NTA. These people saying "two wrongs don't make a right" haven't examined what happens in environments where the person doing the first wrong consistently experiences no negative consequences for it.* The fact is, the toxicity in M+ stems from 2 things: the existence of tangible stakes for the players and the complete lack of consequences for toxic behavior. By turning the tables like you did and providing specific feedback for why you did it, you provided the original wrongdoer with an appropriate consequence and the opportunity to learn from their mistake. You would have been TA if you hadn't explained yourself though. *Just to give you all an idea of what this looks like IRL, Genghis Khan grew up in just such an environment, and his, uh, political career was largely an attempt to change that status quo (and the really messed up part is it ended up working, at least for Mongolia).


Fuck them. NTA


all of these threads boil down to: if you have to ask; yes. that being said I probably would've done the same thing.


Nope. Serves them right for being pricks. I usually just take it on the chin but I might just do the same when it happens to me next time lol.


Yes. But they deserved it, so don't feel bad.


Nothing wrong




Should have gone for the true dedicated asshole by pulling like a madman, acting like you know, and wiping the group frequently. For bosses, do all but the last boss right with maybe some wipes here and there to not appear intentionally incompetent. On the final boss you rack up the deaths. If they give into the sunk cost fallacy, you can keep them there for hours but if reading the room gives you the sense they won’t stay do your best to control them and keep them for when you do hearth out. Bonus points if you’re a paladin and use the bubble taunt talent when you hearth out.


A righteous asshole though. I mean, they were assholes first.


Not at all. Let those losers know.


Fuck them kids


nope, deserved


nope, they need to learn ilvl != skill


LOL Petty but justified and I like it. I'd do the same shit. I got to 2600 IO and stopped doing M+'s. Im fully geared in Ret and Prot. Tanked all of my M+ then the community, ever since 4pc became accessible, became more toxic than normal. 1 wipe? 1-2 people leave. I went 4 days straight of groups failing on my alt even when were 3/4 into the dungeon when 1 wipe happens. The same 270 ilvl geared players that clearly just had the great vault gear them who dont know mechanics just dropping group. 1 Less tank for the community.


Question, do you know you were kicked or that it was the same group? Ive had it sometimes where someone drops group and no one knows why, only to find out the game just dropped them, or someone decides to call a key for whatever reason, then reforms soon after because they got a second wind. Not saying this is totally what happened but ive found its better on my psyche to assume it was a misunderstanding and not malice on their part.


Yes. You are but good job


NTA, leader deserved it for wasting your time, the rest deserved it for not speaking up when they saw an extra dps added and then you kicked. Doesn't matter if they were involved in the kicking or not, someone should have spoke up, and this is exactly why WoW has so many toxic players, because no one has the balls to call people out their shitty behaviour. Maybe this guy will think twice before pulling this stunt on someone else in future.


Dick move, but warranted.


They kicked you for no reason, you made them waste their key. Normally two wrongs don’t make a right, but sometimes a sharp left turn can be the most satisfying thing ever.




You're technically an asshole but it's pretty funny so.


dude in all honesty, all's fair. my play is the "i dont give a fuck if i waste my time to ruin your day" take so i'll get on my main and get through like 75% of the key carry dps or tanking and then i'll just leave without saying anything. definitely an asshole move, but you gotta fight fire with fire. IATAlyfe


You were a nice. If it was me as a tank, i would have ran until the last boss, then heart out before pulling, just to make them lose more time


I almost thought you were my friend, because he would do this exact thing. But then you said mage so I knew you were not him. Totally hilarious and I feel like you are in the right of the 2 asshole moves.


This is incredible


I would have taken this a step further. I would have intentionally done a terrible job and dragged them through the dungeon kicking and screaming only to leave nearing the end of a frustrating dungeon run.


You're a hero haha epic. I had situations like this so often but never had a chance for a revenge.


Honestly with the general toxic nature of pugging m+ I don't think a little petty revenge is too bad.


WoW has literally become an iLvl simulator.


Got'em duude


I had the same move pulled on me in BFA. I had was in the bracket ilvl for a +7. This was mid season. Waited 15-20 mins for a healer and the party leader just kicked me out of nowhere. When I asked why, he said that I wasn’t “enchanted enough”. Honestly felt like he had found a better ilvl dps or someone with a better raid.io and decided I wasn’t going to make the cut. I finally gave up PVE after that experience, I think. Honestly I’m still salty about that experience. So I’m glad you ruined his key. I feel bad for the other people but they didn’t care that you got kicked until it fucked them up. So fuck them too. Although honestly this post feels like something you’d read in r/ThatHappened.


It wasn’t right for them to kick you at the last minute after waiting all that time for group to form especially with no notice or comment. People need to learn actions have consequences. However, two wrongs don’t make a right so you’re definitely the A even though that’s comedy gold.


Daaaamn. Yeah that’s cold, man. And also kinda awesome.


nah, fuck 'em




Basically just as toxic as they are.


At least he gave them a reason.


I mean, what reason do you expect? It's either going to be "I think the other person is better for the group than you" or "My friend came online".


Should've had the guts to at least admit it instead of kicking him with not a single word spoken. Fuck that group leader lol


It's not the reason itself, it's the act of owning up to the assholery and giving the reason. Even "I dont like your face," is better than just being kicked out of the blue.


How do people constantly find themselves in these toxic dungeon groups? I’ve personally only experienced this maybe 1/20 groups.


The ones experiencing it are just louder. And usually, if the same people are always "in toxic groups", they're usually the ones causing it.


Because they refuse to run their own keys and expect carrys.


Why are no one talking about the 4th dps with huge ilvl signing up when the group needed a tank - surely he’s also an asshole


NTA. Let's be honest, they deserved it. It's one thing to maybe apologize to you and just say something like oh our friend showed up, sorry mage. But making you sit around for a while then kicking without reason? Yep they deserved it. Perhaps next time they won't do it.


No, not remotely. Fuck those people.


Both assholes, while it might feel good in the moment to do this, it will just make someone else's day shitty as well, and if they pay it forward it just keeps going.. Its up to you to decide if you want to be the person to stop it, and to decide how much you let it affect you


The group leader probably does this shit every time he forms a party. Karma is a bitch


The only person who you really punished was the lead. They Wasted your time and was technically ok with the kick, so the time-waste for the others was basically zero-sum, but you fucked his key up. This is a great revenge, NTA


Are you an asshole? Probably. Was it hella deserved and worth it? Hell yeah. Number of times that I get invited to groups only to get booted a few minutes later when they realize I play a BM hunter. Man it’s infuriating. Especially when like you, you get refused left right and centre.


Mmmmmm yes. Justice! Screw "AITA". Just post this on one of the revenge subs.


Power move


This gave me a laugh. You are and you’re not. End of the day, the leader asked for it.


Inspirational, good job!


NTA, I did this shit as well, lol. Revenge is the only way some people learn.


Yes, you are, but I'm having a hard time condemning you completely because that's hilarious and deserved.


Nah you aren’t the ass hole. I would’ve honestly let them start the dungeon then doing a mass pull and then leaving the group 😂.


NTA, Good for you. Wasting your time AND not even a “sorry I want to take this other DPS” or any explanation whatsoever… screw them. If I’m one of the remaining DPS in a group that does that, I leave before we start because it’s just bad vibes. I was recently in a simple 15 just trying to finish my last vault slot and the leader invited this person that was well over 3k IO. I was tired and died once to something silly and was flustered because of it so I forgot to pull my pet out and lust during a boss. This dude was honestly excessively verbally abusive to me because of it and I thought to myself… why am I putting up with this abuse in a videogame I pay a monthly sub to? These people think you’re their hostage in an abusive relationship when… you can just leave! Bye! I don’t need the dungeon *that* badly. I’ve never been the type of person to leave groups but that changed last week. I’ll continue to never give their energy back to them, but I won’t put up with it. I’ll go do a daily or hunt for a pet… or any activity that doesn’t involve being around that type of person. I’m glad I don’t push keys to high levels if that’s a sample of those players.


No lol, that's funny. Can't stand when people kick someone who's been waiting around


It’s really shitty that people do it!


yes you are. that being said, so are they. inviting a 4th dps and then kicking you is just plain asshole-ish, especially given that they didn't say why. like if it was a guildie of the PL or a friend then they should've said that before kicking you. that would've made you a lot less angry I imagine. but then to go in and deliberately ruin their key in retaliation? yeah that was a dick move as well. you are better than them, don't stoop to their level of asshole-ishness


on the other hand they wont learn anything or change their behaviour either way so i kind of feel like both responses are whatever. Everyone were assholes, and it a major flaw with the system if these metrics will lead to these actions - and the community.


"Just let people walk all over you!"


That’s why I’m a healer lol Also I can’t blame you, these tryhards are annoying as heck


It’s the main reason I main tank tbh


YTA …. And they deserved every second of it. Well done sir!


A little but hey being an asshole is justified sometimes. There is a difference to being "the asshole" and being in the wrong.


Of course you are the asshole, but I still think it’s a great move nonetheless. Getting treated like that when already in a group, fuck that guy and fuck his key.


Thank you complimenting my move!


Pretty clear the elitism is the asshole part especially for dps. If you didn't want a poorly geared player, you can always inspect and explain. But literally everyone starts from somewhere and it's just bad gaming community etiquette. Also, yta. But kind of love it.


My mage isn’t even badly geared 267ilvl


Well they wasted 15 minutes of your time. In turn you ruined more time and a key for 4 people.


While not getting in the merit of whether you were an asshole here or not, next time you shouldn't type anything in chat, the less evidence you leave of griefing (even if maybe justifiably) the less likely you'll get a suspension.


Should have just asked for lead then kicked the previous leader


Nah. I would've done the same thing.


Excuses people make: "It's their key..." Doesn't matter. Also that's why it makes it funny. "They don't owe you an explanation." Excuse used to justify being a jerk. If they said, sorry...guildie, or sorry, friend wants to join it would at least explain the behavior and not make them look like a jerk. No explanation = more of a jerk. "I don't explain to people all the time, they're just randos, I don't know them, who cares?" You sound like someone I don't want to play with. Communication is key, if you don't communicate you're toxic.


You’re the perfect type of asshole and I love it, lol.