How do I go about the WoW story?

How do I go about the WoW story?


It's kind off impossible to play 'in order', the universe is so big that would take ages to play everything. The story revolves around expansions, which change every 3 years. The way that things works theses days are: you create a chracter, go to a starting zone and then you go to Battle For Azeroth expansion (the last before Shadowlands). If you create orther character you may play the past expasions too. My personal suggestion is: to get to know the broader story, the best place is youtube c:


Save yourself a lot of confusion and just watch Nobbel's channel. WoW has 16+ years of lore tucked away in it, all over the place, with some of it being book or comic only, with smaller bits of it being removed or hard to find.


you don't. there is no ongoing story in wow, only poorly structured lore most of which is only available outside of the game, or on wiki summaries or youtube videos. if story is important to you do not play this game.


That's sad if it's true. I really like the art style and atmosphere of the game.


As a veteran player I'd say the best grasp you'll have of the story is to read all the books throughout the game, found in vanilla. Some good reads out there and despite evil Blizzard changing some of the stories on the sly, it does cover all the stuff. If you want the real nuts and bolts play WC3 and read everything. Most of WoW cannibalizes WC3 stories and characters. I feel they messed up quite a lot of it, including the lack of depth with Ner'zhul and making poster boy Arthas somehow take over the mind of Ner'zhul. It appeals to a crowd we dare not speak of these days, and they probably represent 3% of the population in the game.


I mean demon hunter starts in legion and death knight in wrath of the lich king tho you can play any expansion on those That said you need to have one char at 50 before using chromie time to choose older expansions Then the order would be just going in release order Tho the game doesn’t do a great job at portraying the story You only get snippets and big events with the biggest events being in dungeons and raids you prolly won’t get around doing during leveling If you want condensed lore in video form check out nobbel 87 he got a big collection of lore videos In order or sorted by expansion or just all the lore for a specific character like the lich king Guldan or illidan (Tho the lore is timeline wise all other the place and if you just watch all his videos in story order you’ll hear about the draeneis demise or the opening of the dark portal about 50 times)


I tried out retail the other day and I was able to use chromie time despite not having a level 50 character.


Guys what is chromie time?


Chromie time is a setting where you lock yourself into a certain timeline (expansion) and then quest through that while everything scales with you. Before we had Chromie time, you were expected to: \- Level 1 to 56: Cataclysm revamp of classic zones. \- 58 to 70: The Burning Crusade \- 70 to 80: Wrath of the lich king And so forth. So you rarely got to see all the zones in an expansion, and often you'd outlevel the storyline you're doing. It made for a very fractured way of levelling, and if for some reason you didn't like a certain expansion, you'd still have to level through it. Now, with Chromie time, you can find Chromie next to the embassy in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and choose a timeline. You'll get the introductory quest, and mobs and quests will level with you, up to 50. Once you hit 50, Chromie time ends and you're expected to go to Shadowlands and continue your levelling there.


Ok that sounds interesting and complicated at the same time. Thank you for the explanation btw.


No problem, you're welcome. Have fun exploring Azeroth and outliers


I think there are two ways to understand the wow story First is content, playing the game and reading all the quest text you can is obviously the main one, reading the books and everything is great too. But I also think the best way is to look something up that you're curious about on a site like WoWpedia and read about it. There will be hyperlinks in the text to related topics, characters and events that essentially let you go down the rabbit hole and flesh out your understanding and how everything connects. Curious about The Burning Legion? Start reading the Burning Legion entry. Then maybe half way down when it's talking about the Nathrezim, you wonder what that is and click it for more info. Before you know it you've got a deep understanding of the backstory of the Axe of Cenarius. I think this is one of the best ways to learn about the lore of any IP.


Have a browse through the guides and FAQs in the r/wownoob sub. Great resource for both new and returning players.


Play classic, then get a character to level 50 in retail through the BfA areas and use chromie time to play each of the expacs in order.


Classic to 1-70 only takes 200 hours or more