Can't believe it's been 5 years already.

Can't believe it's been 5 years already.


5 years later and I still can’t find the stairs


Even after grinding pathfinder to fly, still can’t find the stairs.


getting in is one thing.... getting out now that is what i fear


I fear the getting in, hearthstone OP for getting out ;)


"Could I get a summon?"


"Sorry only 1 there atm, you'll have to fly yourself"


After getting the portals I never rememebered how to walk to Nighthold/Arcway.


on new characters I make it always takes me 60-90 minutes to remember how to get there while making the portals.


Roses are red, you're pretty cute. Get into the vat and jump on that fruit!


Somehow managed to get exclusively the vat-jumping on that WQ once. Nothing like foot-flavor arcwine for those really kinky nightbourne.


Not sure if you know this or not but that was the preferred way to get the juice out of the grapes when I was young. It's a good way to make the wine. A lot of the french wine (mostly Sauvignon blanc) is still made by someone jumping in the vat to get the juices out. Usually having more people jumping in. People at my place used to say that losing sweat is what makes wine taste so delicious. Personally I like using machines to get the juice out, much less, well, disgusting


Its a shame the playable nightborn don't look as cool as the NPCs in Suramar. The nightborne we got look like starving night elfs


*drug addicted night elves


Even worse, they don't flip when they jump...


i always play that minigame when im a nelf... how many flips in a row lol




Something's not quite right....


*generic laughing sound plays in the background*


The Night elf laughter in the background while everything is in flames and demons lurking around always gets me.


That laugh kills me every time. It’s pretty disturbing haha.


Who goes there?


I thought I’d never have to hear this again. It haunts me


You aren't excited for Legion Classic??


Can’t wait to not get a titanforged arcanocrystal


Settling for mediocrity I hear. Do t even want a titanforged arcanocrystal with speed and a socket.


I’ll take what I can get. I had to settle for a regular ass normal warforged arcanocrystal which lasted me about the entirety of the xpac since I didn’t raid Argus.


I know it's a joke but I would play Legion Classic. I missed out on Legion and that was the one expansion I was waiting for after Lich King. I read the books as a kid and ever since I started playing WoW the Burning Legion was the one fight I really wanted to take part in.


I can't wait for WoW: Shadowlands classic!!


Combining it with wod classic. It'll have two patches over 4 years


An allusion?! What are you implying?!


"Ring around the city," "Hearts are full of pity," "Crashing, Clashing," "Outside lies doom."


Is that an illusion in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Outside lies doom




Who goes there


Suramar is the greatest architectural feat in WoW. What I would give to have it as a real capital city.


just slap it over silvermoon and recolor it. i'd be happy. it's better than what we got now. hell, even take elements and slap it on teldrassil with new growth around it.


I think it can be applied into lore as well. Nightborne joins the Horde and relocate to Silvermoon for convenience. They help Sindorei making the zone accessible to flying while adding their flair to the city or zone. Yeah, a blood elf can dream.


While the alliance can get a Silvermoon style renovation of the mage quarter from the void elves.


The Alliance gets nothing and is better be happy they don't lose anything.


I've got bad news about Teldrassil...


We can regrow it. We have the ~~technology~~ magic.


I heard next ex pack we are going to have a Sunwell like quest hub led by Hemet Nessingway to kill deer in the Grove of the ancients and rummage through their shit (for undigested seeds) with a magic glove, each deer has a .5% drop rate and they respawn every 15 minutes. The kicker here is that in order to receive the glove it’s a 4 month long epic quest line that yields .82 of a percent per day. This requires you bandage every race on both classic Continents by only using flight points to each zone. War mode must be active.


Also if you log out the quest resets. Not on purpose or anything but it's just a bug that won't be fixed for a few months.


It’s just an indie game developer, you can’t expect them to fix everything


*eye twitch*


The 6 million gold tree.


A new tree is only slightly more than a brontosaur.


Brontosaurs are mobile trees.


Good point. You can throw auctioneers from your bronto as well as from your tree.


Sadly, the High Elves know nothing about symmetry when laying out a city


So true, although I do feel it is way to big to be a city, even if it was a neutral one like shattath or dalaran, one of two things would happen, it would either be like the pyramid in zuldazar, where stuff is annoyingly spread out, or like boralas where the city area is a small part of it, with mobs filling the rest in. Neither are dealbreakers, but it is wayy to big to be a player city I do agree it's easily the greatest city blizzard have ever designed


Here's an idea: more than one shop or person for any given profession/use. Why limit ourselves to a single blacksmith, single tailor shop, etc.? Every real city has multiples of any given thing because of competition, so there's no reason we can't have multiple different trade districts in different parts of the city. Solves the problem of things being too spread out without making it seem like all the useful stuff is crammed in a single area. It doesn't have to be tied to factions, but if it were, something more like Aldor/Scryers would be more interesting than horde/alliance. Could even make it 3 or 4 factions if blizz wanted to get creative with it.


Well, cities are supposed to be big. It's personally one of the best things about Suramar because it resembles a place where a lot of people live, trade and other things happen.


Oh yeah, I'm not saying its unsuitable, purely from a game design standpoint it's way to big, you could have separate areas for the alliance and horde, and still have most it the city to fill, it would be a sick battleground imo though, it would be a good size if they wanted to attempt player housing again though


I mean, Boralus was pretty huge and it was considered the best hub in BFA by far. They just condensed most of the useful things in a single part of the city.


> best hub in BFA by far That wasn't a high bar to clear. Zuldazar was awful.


Dazar'alor was great, but annoying without flying. The zocalo, the market, the crafter's terrace were all fantastic. Both cities felt so alive. How someone thought it made sense to need a flight point to move between your mission table and your bank though....


That's the problem with it. It wasn't balanced whatsoever compared to Boralus. Aesthetically, both zones were amazing, and felt real. Functionally, Dazar'Alor was awful pre-8.2 (the flight from the Great Seal to the Docks should have been free at minimum), and inconvenient once flying was reintroduced. Boralus' services and vendors were incredibly convenient.


Yep. They could have set up an alter to Pa'ku that flew you straight there and back. Once the raid was announced I was like, "ohhh. It is cumbersome because it's a raid." but they didn't do anything to mitigate that.


Yeah boralas is pretty big, but most of the place is hostile mobs, and surmar could fit several boralas inside it to be fair


And it made sense that all your important shit was at the harbor—you’re a foreign military force using their port as a staging ground for war, there’s no reason to have your commander stand outside the cheese factory or some shit (though Anduin loving cheese and being a cheese expert would he kind of funny)


Ooh, how about Horde and Alliance occupy their own space on either side of the city but the middle is a all out pvp zone with an objective. The side that wins the objective gets a boost in the city, something like faster crafting times and x% less AH taxes (like 1 or 2%, nothing crazy).


Do you want a second ashran? Because that's how you get a second Ashran.


Blizzard could simply not be difficult, and just put all the things we need in a single "district." That way the rest could also exist, but we'd be herded into a smaller area.


That's literally what they did with Boralus. The city is sprawling and I think rivals Suramar in size, but the player portion is Tradewinds harbor, the docks and Proudmoore keep. The rest is there for random questing and flavor and I love it.


If that's the case though, why design a suramar sized city, just make a smaller one and move on to other areas of the game, if they did a city like this it would need a reason to be that big


> I do feel it is way to big to be a city Consider this: what if every capital city was a whole zone of its own, with quests, mobs, storylines, etc, just like any other zone, instead of being an oversized hub area. Boralus have been the most believable city so far. All "adventuring" utilities neatly located in one area, while the rest of the city is an actual city, just houses with people living and minding their own buisness. It just didnt engage the player enough with the residental areas of the city.


How unfamiliar I am with the non-utility parts of Boralus made me really appreciate the way we unlocked Suramar.


If your first paragraph is how they handled it, I would be completely down for it, it sounds amazing, I'm not against them trying, in fact completely the opposite, but I'm aware filling that much space without it feeling like dead space is hard, like boralas for example


Could do it like dalaran where its split into alliance and horde portions.


Yeah I mentioned that in another comment in this thread, but you could easily fit an alliance and horde area in them, and either have the stuff for each faction spread out, or there would still be a ton of space free, suranar is enormous, you could easily fit stormwind,ironforge and dalaran inside the city, and probbably still have room left over


I thought boralas was a great setup overall. The biggest issue for me was underutilization. The questing wasn't very creative and phasing could have probably done a lot to make the world quests seem a bit more organic. The bell of history area in bastion is probably a good way to run capital city world quests. Using a player activated trigger to phase into the quest keeps players from being forced into a phase and let's them continue to use the city. Unfortunately, it's just fly in there, kill or collect, fly out, and nothing seemed to change.


That's one thing that they'll have an advantage of come next expansion. It will be like Cataclysm in which the entire world can change due to a potentially long time skip. Silvermoon can be rebuilt and revamped to be an actual city, and Suramar can actually be a place where you don't have to play spy and have it be like any other city in wow.


Grand cities that are abandoned and never used again. See Also: Gilnaus


What is it with people who cannot remember the names and places and spell them correctly ?


The proud city of Gil’s Anus.


I got into a really hairy situation there with the cops


The whole of legion had so much awesome shit that could have had so much more longevity but blizzard has been pissing away good content potential since mists.


Best expansion in a long while. I’m sad it’s not relevant anymore but i’m glad I got to experience it.


It felt like they just went back to the drawing board with so many facets of the game and rethought how to make them exciting. It’s crazy that world quests, artifacts, and mythic keystones all debuted in the same expansion. From then it feels like they’ve just added more subsystems for the sake of it, whereas in Legion it all seemed to work really well together. Plus they even fit in class halls and questlines, the Demon Hunter, and of course Suramar which was a top-tier endgame zone. Definitely the best expansion since the golden age.


that's what happens when you basically sacrifice half an expansion worth of content and put that time/effort into the next one. Doubt we will ever see a legion sized expansion again.


One of the hallmarks of Old Blizz was an "It's done when it's done" mentality. They need to bring that back. The expac schedule isn't working for anyone.


> One of the hallmarks of Old Blizz was an "It's done when it's done" mentality. Considering people are bitching and moaning about 9.1 release delayed I don't think modern players can handle that mentality.


People bitched and moaned back then a lot too.


And that's what people forget. Blizz are just really damned if they do, damned if they don't. They could do better but they can't win either.


The problem is that *they* didn't care back then because they were gamers making passionate games, and they had the clout to swing that nonchalant attitude around. After the merger and 3 corporate culture changes (waves of layoffs and management changes), we're now at the point where none of that matters.


Yep. Back in '04 - '09 there was no release schedule. Remember when they were working on Titans and had to completely scrap it because they couldn't make it work in a fun way? Now they gaslight us when a system is broken and unfun. Two years telling players they're wrong for not enjoying something, then when the next expansion comes out they say they "learned their lesson" from how bad the last system was. All while not fundamentally addressing the players' issues.


People are impatient for 9.1 partly because it's "behind schedule" true, but also a lot ilof it is that they're waiting on fixes for 9.0 stuff. If 9.0 shipped when it was ready, 9.1 wouldn't be so anticipated


90% Of specs use one single covenant and one maybe two legendries for all content. Maybe if they either a) Balanced them properly so people could use whichever one they wanted b) Allowed us to swap covenant abilities more easily c) Not waste enormous amounts of development time trying to create 4 new abilities for each class with 12 different soulbinds and 20+ Conduits, all of which are borrowed power and will be thrown away for next expac D) Remove tedious time gates that prevent people from playing around with alts/diffrent leggos/difffent covs/specs Then people (like me) wouldn't bitch so much.


I think it's a user and developer issue. The developers have put such a short time table on everything because they felt like they had to keep force feeding their players. So the players got used to these schedules and now they're just looking for the next fix rather than waiting for decent content. The same people that complain about delays also then complain about the shitty content that was delayed. If Blizz had stuck to giving themselves and their teams more time and set those realistic dates for the players to look forward to, I feel like it would have solved all those types of issues by itself. I would much rather wait another year or so for another WOTLK or Legion expansion than get another WoD or BFA on a quicker schedule.


Yet they're still here. And if 9.1 is more than a handful of guided tour story quests and extra dailies they'll be happy.


You're absolutely right! Though in legion, we had a nice little schedule few people knew about. Every patch was 77 days apart, this worked well. Whereas now we're 7 months in without any new content


The expansion itself was underdeveloped. They should have released later.


Gotta release it for the quarter updates and before christmas. Wait people dont want to raid over christmas? Too bad, we balanced the raid around players having x renowns->soulbinds by raidrelease, so the raid cant release later or otherwise the raid will be too easy.


You forgot to add Mage Tower, which is a cause of regret for many that didn't play in that time.


the problem is every damn expansion they just throw out all the systems they implemented in the previous expansion and replace them with derivative new ones instead of just continuing the improve upon what worked in the previous expansion class halls are a good example.


It's pretty obvious what they did. They cut WoD development and spent a lot of time building a lot of new systems so they could just slot them in again and again for future expansions after Legion. Legion was a good expansion, mostly because all of the grindy BS systems we have now were new and innovative then. Artifact power, legendaries, order hall, even the mission tables felt like an improvement on the WoD garrison stuff. But they were setting the game up for a lot more easier development. Artifact power became Azerite power became Anima. Order halls became covenants. The mission table went from something vaguely interesting to a downright grindy chore. Legendaries went from cool drops to Azerite armour to crafted time sinks. All with a lot more grind and time gating each time. They've basically copy/pasted Legion two times now in terms of systems (hell, even some of the Azerite powers and SL legendaries and Torghast stuff are just reused artifact traits and legendaries from Legion) and just gave it a surface level retexture to make it look new. You've basically been grinding the same power level you got in Legion over and over again instead of getting anything new in each expansion since Legion. When was the last time a class got a new skill?


Yup, and it’s crazy frustrating that they still recycle these systems. I really enjoyed Shadowlands, but man I could not be arsed to do world quests. Felt like a damn chore I had been doing for the third consecutive expansion. Would’ve been nice to just not have to deal with them again, or have something a little different.


I don't mind the world quests per se. I mind not having the damn whistle to get back to civilization after having walked my way into nowhere for a quest. I mind(ed) killing 15/20 mobs for 35 anima. I mind the disappearence of one kill-wq.


I'd kill for Class Halls to be relevant again.


Yeah it’s a shame that Suramar was just totally left behind. Not even thought about anymore.


I really wish they would start introducing quests/missions that made you go back to the older zones. As soon as an expansion hits, everything before it is irrelevant. Such a waste.


Yes. I truly hate that all the previous content get basically irrelevant after a new patch drops :/ Legion was by far the best expansion I've had the pleasure to experience. Shadowlands is just... ugh...


Honestly, SL doesn't even compare to doing Legion after the fact- when BFA was active. I don't see myself going back and enjoying SL except maybe with flying. I did legion without Pathfinder and had a great time reading quests and doing each area even if it was empty as all get-out.


I very clearly remember the amount of hate Legion got on this sub back in the day, pretty much for the same reason as Shadowlands: the boring grind for artefact power. And i remember thinking that this is meant to be a boring grind that lasts an entire expansion, how do people not see this? Oh and the hate for the legendary system, oh boy. People were furious, but i guess Legion is good now. Personally i loved it, probably the only expansion i played from start to finish. We will probably see the same type of nostalgia posts for Shadowlands in a few years. Right now people constantly complain about having to farm anima which is far more optional than artefact power, but they still don't see that this is supposed to be long and boring. The only problem Shadowlands has right now, in my opinion, is the fact that this patch is insanely long. Everything else about it is pretty great though. And even the length of the patch gave me the chance to catch up on a ton of stuff, not to mention i have 4 fully maxed covenant sanctums and now i am just buying stuff.


People tend to forget that Legion was a mess until the later patches.


True. If you didn't get your BiS legendary as your first or second drop, you were basically fucked. The legendary mechanic was interesting, the implementation was RNG garbage when some were just "flavor" items and others were straight DPS increases.


Disagree. I think as many have noted, all the SL lore seems barely built up and "who we're facing" we aren't really invested in fighting, not like we were against the Legion. That and because "death" itself doesn't seem "as permanent" now and "anyone can come back" it seems like they're really just fishing for ideas. I don't think very many are excited with the systems or the story and I don't see how it will be looked back at fondly, but that's just my opinion.


We'll see...just remember this comment in a few years. I mean i've even seen comments and posts of people missing Draenor and that expansion was basically dead after a few months.


But it was fine till then. Draenor's problem was always lack of content. The stuff that was there was perfectly fine. IMO, it still had the best leveling of any expansion, an overall really high quality of raids, and really good zones. It's just half an expansion worth of content, so that's not enough.


Just wait for legion classic in a decade


Suramar is the greatest, most beautiful city in history of Azeroth. Kinda reminds me of Eldar Empire just before the Fall from Warhammer 40k. I wish it could be relevant again.


Only another 10 years until Classic Legion!


Time flies.


It's only 3 years because you could play it till the bfa release.


So nostalgic. Fresh out of high school and this was my escape from the horrors of the newly-experienced adult world


And I’m still SO mad that it’s not being used as a player city


Suramar soundtracks still give me chills




Its 2016, you have depression, your university lectures are over, you rush to your flat, make a coffee, roll a joint. Its Legion until 3am. Damn i miss that.


Yeah. I remember joining towards the end of 7.3 and staying up late to beat the mage tower hours before prepatch. Wasn't a good time for me back then but in those moments, I sure was happy.


gotta admit, I never tried the mage tower in Legion.. I loved those World PVP quests though, and it had the best raids, some fascinating PVP games, and i freaking loved Class Halls and artifact weapons


There was this new gin premixed beverage that a local distillery had just put out (Georgian Bay Gin Smash, it's just like a lemon lime grapefruit soda thing) and I used to get out of college, go to my kitchen job, leave my job around midnight, crack a cooler, smoke a bit and play WoW till the sun came up. Every time I have one of those gin coolers I'm instantly taken back to chatting to high school and college buddies playing Legion all night long.


Imagine actually going to lectures when Legion exists. Ehm... bad choices were made. But I got to raid Nighthold mythic, my favorite raid. Worth? Honestly, at that time I would've done some self-destructive things no matter what, so I guess I'm happy I actually enjoyed it.


I miss dungeons like court of stars, it also had a creative RP part. Fuck these 30-40 minutes dungeons.


Man i cant wait to walk through another toxic waistland


I still have a few classes to get titles and mounts for... if I ever resub, this will be where I will spend most of my time.


I only need the rogue mount, and shaman title and mount. That's what I've done during Shadowlands lol


I can’t believe it’s been SIX years already.


GREAT RP CITY, would have been if the mobs werent in the city even after u do all the main questline


The whole suramar quest line is amazing chef kiss to the end also a beautiful city.


I miss Legion raiding...raid nights were the best...good times.good times.


My favorite zone they’ve ever done


I maintain Suramar is WoW’s greatest accomplishment so far.


I still do the army training world quest sometimes.


No fox gang


All my buddies got it during the xpac. I don't run it every week anymore but I did every week during the xpac on two toons and still do it occasionally. Haven't seen the invitation drop yet, the fox is one of my favourite mounts.


Just grinded myself the rep and quests last night and now I too have the Shaldorei


We'll never have an other expansion as good as Legion sadly


Significantly in part because Legion had a much longer development cycle than any other recent expansion. They gave up on WoD and started working on Legion much sooner than normal, so it got an extra year of polish. If they made expansions last three years with a team dedicated to current expansion patches and a second team working on next expansion, the game would be in much better shape.


It was also the ultimate confrontation with the Burning Legion, the big bad of the Warcraft Universe that was being set up in some way shape or form since literally Warcraft 1. Yeah, there’s been retcons and changes in direction but from the very beginning Orcs were serving specifically demonic powers. Even as the story has developed, pretty well every single major conflict in the game had the legion at its core, or at least derived its importance from it. Even the old gods were given significance by their relation to the legion (or lack thereof, ie as a mutually hostile combatant). It then becomes this circular thing where it gets more polish because of this, but also the story and the game are just MADE better because of all the build up. It was a great payoff that won’t be able to be replicated in WoW in the near future.


Well I mean seeing how shadowlands is going next expac might be phenomenal


I sure fucking hope so. The only glimmer of hope to enjoy wow again for me is Wotlk relaunch or a new expac on the level of Legion.


Definitely one if my favorite areas for any expansion. I miss you legion


Legion is by far the best expansion since wotlk by far!!


Oh the time gating. How I miss those...


So every era of the game?


indeed my friend indeed.


Legion was the best modern WoW expansion by far. It would easily beat Wrath for me if it had the old class design and Pre Cata talent tree system. So much to do and all the content that was there was actually FUN. Whenever you logged in you had stuff that you could do. Class campaign, Suramar, mage tower, fun mount grinds (such as for the rat mount or fishing mount), awesome raids, withered army training, class specific mount chains, Return to Kara mega dungeon, collecting artifact skins, etc. Oh and it finally introduced the demon hunter class. BfA and Shadowlands feel like massive downgrades.


I play more legion and BFA content than shadowlands tbh


For me something is wrong when I like boralus more than new zones.


The legion zones are still engaging for me, the music, the view and doing WQ once in awhile BFA has islands, warfronts, invasions, and people still play those on a regular basis Meanwhile shadowlands with all the new “systems” has fail enormously, choreghast beyond the legendary and the mount is useless, and doesn’t appeal at least for me, I’ve done all 4 covenants storylines 3 of those intertwined in someway and one completely weird and boring (not going to say which one) On a side note, mythic keystones brought challenge to the player base, but for me they ruin the whole point of dungeons, it’s just an excuse for people in LFG to be total asshats, I would stick with challenge mode dungeons from pandaria. As for the state of the game, I think blizzard it’s giving up on retail or it’s going to, the new patch it’s taking forever, maybe it’s COVID fault or maybe it’s their fault for staggering things who knows. Sorry for my bad English


ive done venthyr night fae and maldaraxxus and ive already forgotten what night fae campaign was about


It’s very scatter brained. Help these Fae with something random. Oh hey, the Loa and Bwonsamdi. Oh look, Shandris and the Night Warrior people are helping Tyrande. Oh look, the Drust.


I think legion was good example that blizzard is capable of delivering an awesome expansion, sure it had its issues, like rng legendary but overal it was one of the best ones.


I felt WoW was a game I would never return to, I felt completely finished with it. Then some friends were harping on about how much fun they were having in Legion and I bit after the first major patch. It was so fun. It felt like there was just so much to do, there were tons of crafting quests, the suramar questline to get through, M+ was lots of fun as were the raids. It rejuvenated a tired game. I even liked the legendaries, they felt special and when you got a good one it felt amazing. I liked swapping them around for different content and even fights when I had many. I did prefer when you could target them later in the game though. Shame they didn't learn the right lessons though from that expansion.


Exact same situation here, jumped in again with both feet and absolutely loved that expansion.


What? It's only been 5years // But I have aged 1000years since then


best xpac ever dont @ me


Ow we are stuck running in literal circles in boring ass pretty inconvenient Oribos


Night hold is my favorite raid from Legion. Especially the Krosus fight staring straight at ToS


I love playing my outlaw rogue through Suramar and living my Assasin’s creed fantasies in wow. Honestly, the best story based endgame zone blizzard has ever created. I wish they would decrease the level requirements to 35 or even lower so we could level in this marvel of a zone, doing the last 5 levels in the legion end game zones is amazing.


Quick reminder that this was our “Maw” only 5 years ago. Do you guys remember full flavored Legion? Not diet Legion (BfA) or Legion Zero with its artificial sweetener (Shadowlands), but actual Legion?


Feels like we just left.


The last hoorah from Blizz. When we finally lost Metzen and Kalgan and everyone else followed.


As much as I hated this place, I’d rather die and be forced to live here forever then the betalands.


Unfortunately, you are never going to see this again in World of Warcraft. This was a time when the developers had absolutely nothing to lose, and they put all their effort into this one expansion. They put everything they had into this, and it showed. Just think of all the systems that came out of this expansion - Artifact weapons, Mythic+ dungeons, being able to use more than one legendary item at a time that lead to some amazing gameplay, Mage Tower, insanely unique transmog for each Artifact weapons, the Demon Hunter class... The devs went for broke on this expansion because they saw what was coming. They saw a Blizzard Entertainment that would cut costs to the absolute bone. This company has bled itself dry these past few years, and no amount of passion will ever give you the likes of Legion again. There's no budget for it. You may like Shadowlands, but it's a carnival ride compared to what Legion was. Legion wasn't perfect, but goddamnit, the devs sure went all out with it. That's because they saw the writing on the wall, and they decided to spend every last penny they could on this one beast of an expansion. It's too bad, really. If the almighty dollar were not the sole motivation, I bet we'd see something special again.


Time flies.


*"one day at a time.."*


Never played Legion, but recently did the questline to unlock the Nightborne. Absolutely fell in love with this zone and feel like I missed a great expansion.


Legion & Suramar are some of the nicest pieces of content they've made.


I miss Legion so much.


Time flies when you're no longer having fun


Really kicking myself for not getting into WoW sooner. I only started playing back in January of 2020. For over a decade I swore I'd never play WoW cuz of the subscription. And while i do still hate the sub fee, I'm bummed i missed out on so many fond memories. MoP seems like it was a really really chill expansion as far as aesthetics and music. The artefacts from Legion must have been a ton of fun, as well as having some of the most gorgeous locations in the game. I do love BFA's zones and I enjoyed the last half of that expansion alot (I didn't touch end game which is what most people hated from what I heard), but im always going to kick myself for not getting into the game sooner. Although I do still wish they'd take the Elder Scrolls Online approach and make it so ALL content remains permanently relevant. I can still go back to Vanilla ESO and get powerful item sets that are relevant in the newest expansions. I can go back to any expansion for leveling, crafting, as well as many of the most meta sets coming from not only the most recent expansion, but also vanilla and older expansions. Paid content should never become obsolete or irrelevant. Chromie Time is a good idea but i still feel like it's a total waste of the huge wealth of WoW's content to make so much of it irrelevant and impossible to experience for newer players, considering you won't even touch a fraction of an expansion's content during leveling.


Cant believe we still cant solo the raid content on mythic.


Life was really really good for those 2 years for me and I’m convinced it was truly because of this expansion. As a 27 year old who had no gaming friends I now have 6 that I talk to every day since it came out 5 years ago, they’re practically my family. I never thought I would have a group of best friends again through video games like when I was 14. None of us are into WoW anymore really but we all play the same games together. Legion was something magical IMO.


The best expansion ever, I miss it so damn much.


This was the best xpac ever!! So much fun.


I miss legion


I absolutely hated Suramar. Colour scheme was abused and needed more contrast, and simply navigating it was torture. :(


idk why ppl downvoted you but its a respectable opinion to have and see it from another view, at first the color was too much for me too, but as i went through the questlines i got used to it, also from the lore prespective the veil that surrounded the town was purple so it was reflecting the night to the town, and also the moonwell being called moonwell, the pinkish color kinda makes sense


I think Legion is the only expansion besides WotLK that is universally praised?


The only detractors of MoP are the "BuT PandAS" crowd. well, and people who grinded themselves into oblivion with dailies, but that's their own fault.


I wanna go back to legion so bad


legion was the best expac for me


Still one of my fav zones of the whole game 💕


beautiful city I’ve ever seen


This place definitely made me happy having Nightbourne as a race, the actual Nightbourne you get is abit questionable.


Anyone else like, forget, BFA? Like, I played the whole xpac and didn’t mind it (definitely not my favorite) but whenever I see pics like this, I’m always thinking we were just there, completely overlooking we were somewhere else for 2 years.


Illusion! What are you hiding?


Also felt like this was more in the past, but man. Even 9.0 release feels like 5 years right now..


Still best Expansion for me. Miss it


Best expac


It was the best of times.


Star Augur Etraeus is one of my favorite boss fights in Legion. The whole fight just looked so cool and mythic was really fun.


Birthplace of the OP Devilsaur Shock-Baton


Zone gave me Assassin's Creed vibes with all the sneaking and intrigue. Was a nice change of pace.


My dumb ass thought this was Shattarath from WOD.