Silvermoon loading screen (fan concept by me)

Silvermoon loading screen (fan concept by me)


Accurate, just as empty as it is in-game!


Which is pretty sad, because they put a ton of effort into that city. I really like it, but I know that's not a universal opinion.


I think most people you'll ask will say they like it, but they never go there because it's 1) outdated and badly textured, 2) impractical/unfamiliar layouts, 3) there's no real reason to, 4) it's a hassle to get there + no flying. If they "fixed" all of that, I'm pretty sure you would see a *lot* more people there. Of course there's no reason for them do to so, so it likely won't happen.


It is really low down on the priority list. If the rumor about a Warfront in the area was true we might have seen an update but as stated, never happened.


It wasn't a rumor, they had plans for multiple warfronts. A Barrens, Silvermoon and Azshara warfront were all going to be a thing, but they scrapped them since, to be fair, i don't think anyone really liked doing Warfronts.


I liked Warfronts on a basic level. The issue was that They were too easy. Even the ”hard” ones were kinda simple. (Also, No PvP mode) The AI needed to be more aggressive. The mobs (While the health was fine) should have Done more damage. Etc Etc. More events or sabotage from the AI Maybe. And so on. I Also ADORED the armor sets. Really cool overall.


Yeah I liked Warfronts when they announced them at Blizzcon as a feature for the next expansion. I thought they'd be like Wintergrasp with an AQ War Effort. Turns out the war effort was automatic and on a timer and the turn-ins were just extra AP farms. Turns out they were more like an adventure mode with horribly awful gameplay rather than a mass scale realm-wide PvP zone.


I personally imagined them a bit like old Alterac valley (just, you know enforced.. Aka you can't rush it) Wish that would have been the case more. -\_-


Had they made some different modes, it would have been cool. The base mode for those of us in a hurry/just getting things done, then like AV queues for full on PVP battles, mixing PVE and PVP rewards.


I don't know about that. I feel like that's how they ruined Islands too. The most interesting mode about Island Expenditions was the PvP one but nobody would bother with it because you had a chance to lose while the PvE ones you just aoe spammed everything and you were done. It's a common case with many things - they're stretching the content too thin with all those modes. There's no kind of content they ever go "this is the content, it's hard but it's doable, deal with it" anymore.


I mean of the PvP mode rewards are Good enough people Will do them


> Even the ”hard” ones were kinda simple. For me, the main issue was that when they implemented the higher difficulty, groups started being assholes, and demanding mythic gear to do them. As someone with little time, not being allowed to queue for it was a turn off.


Pft, you didn't even really need higher gear... (I mean you needed higher gear to have ACCESS to them, but that is beside the point) They werne't "more difficult" they just took a tiny bit longer due to opponents having more heath.


I know, but as usual people were being asses.


I mean, *I* liked warfronts and islands just fine, but I totally understand that I'm in the minority there.


That's because warfronts sounded it could be a mixture of questing, resource gathering and battlegrounds, but turned out to be another virtually automated timegated scenario.


Not to mention the "gogogo" mentality of many of the players. I always felt that if I wasn't doing the optimal task at the right time, I would get kicked from the group.


i usully just fucked around and did whatever i felt like and it worked out


Yeah they were so easy that very few people paid attention to what was happening during them. And Mythic Warfronts didn't really make them that much harder they just made everything take way longer to kill. It was a total failure of delivery for something that was very promising.


I always did gathering unless I was a healer or had a higher ilvl.


I liked them when they first launched it for Horde side and you could easily gear alts up since there wasn't an ilvl restriction on queueing. Then they placed the ilvl restriction on queuing and it stopped being viable imo.


tbh there's a lot of work to be done with the Blood Elf and Draenei areas. The lore for them is not only outdated, but we had the gnomes like 10 years ago get to reclaim part of Gnomeregan, but the Blood Elves haven't reclaimed the ruined part of Silvermoon from the mana crackheads. Silvermoon overall needs a facelift, and not just textures, but it's barren of NPCs, which is more noticeable there than any other city because of the wide open space and the needlessly tall cielings/doors/gateways. It doesn't make a ton of sense for the Draenei to basically operate out of a crashed, half-wrecked ship when they've had plenty of time to build a proper city, even if parts of it are scraps from the Exodar.


>we had the gnomes like 10 years ago get to reclaim **part of** Gnomeregan, This is depressing by itself.


> It doesn't make a ton of sense for the Draenei to basically operate out of a crashed, half-wrecked ship when they've had plenty of time to build a proper city, even if parts of it are scraps from the Exodar. Lore-wise, the Exodar is fully repaired and has been since Cataclysm >After the Shattering, the Exodar was apparently nearly repaired. According to Vindicator Romnar during a meeting of the Hand of Argus, all key systems were repaired, and they were now just cleaning up and bolstering any areas of apparent weakness. He stated they should have The Exodar up and running, and operational within a week. The Triumvirate of the Hand agreed, and it was decided that unless Velen ordered otherwise, as he isolated himself from everyone, within a week the Exodar would take flight for old Draenor to rebuild their second home on Outland, and assist the Lost Ones remaining behind. >Vindicator Maraad announced that the dimensional ship was fully repaired, arguing they should take the fight to the Legion, or at least return to Outland and heal their former home. However, Velen replied that the draenei and the Exodar would best remain on Azeroth, telling their people to each follow their own consciences, but reminding them their war was everywhere, and that "in service", the draenei would awaken the people of their new world to stand together against the forces of darkness.


Yet in Legion and IN GAME, Velen said that the Exodar wasn't repaired and instead they choosed to focus their efforts on the Vindicaar


Love Silvermoon to death but the layout is possibly one of the worst or the worst of any major city. The map is extremely hard to read and path if you’re unfamiliar with the city, the bar transitions don’t make sense, class/profession trainers are somewhat hidden (if you’re playing tbc classic rn). There’s so many great areas and cool places, but it requires you to go out of your way a large amount to find them.


Running from the JC trainer, to the AH, to the forge is a pain in the ass...


I vividly remember spending my a few days in silver moon back in early days of lich king just for maxing jewelcrafting. That walk from the banker, to trainer, to auction house, to whatever else I needed still gives me nightmares


Agreed. It baffles me why the main path towards Sunfury spire is Murder Row? The bazzar is an isolated area? The Farstrider Square is at the inner part of the City? Was there a Sunfury Spire equivalent at the ruins?


Yeah it's my favorite city/zone aesthetically. But there's literally nothing there.


I had a small mental breakdown trying to escape the city was I was a young noob




You could say that WoW desperately needs an infrastructure bill!


Honestly with this supposed time jump we’re doing after shadowlands it’s the perfect time to reforge some areas of the existing areas in Azeroth. This mixture of the ongoing scourge invasion that were not privy too while dealing with the jailer, the potential resurfacing of the scarlet crusade to deal with it while we’re gone, the naga roam free or recoup while Azshara is seemingly MIA after the events of 8.3, and the biomancers from Draenor that escaped through the portal to Azeroth and into the barrens all have potential to not exactly physically change the zone layouts but could very much create new enemies, building encampments, introduce new plant life and even minerals and create a really cool story. It’s a perfect way to revitalize Azeroth and these old zones that are more or less dead since BC and so on. Plus the speculation that the jailer might win and escape to Azeroth in an attempt to convert the sword of Sargaras into a mourne blade to corrupt Azeroth has a tone of implications in this too. There’s so many avenues that I’d be surprised if we didn’t return to Azeroth on this next expansion to a changed world.


There is no time jump. All they've said is that dead people in shadowlands have a relative view of time. A soul could be there 10,000 years and it might feel like a day, or visa versa. Time still moves at the normal rate so of we spent 20 years in the shadowlands even if it only looked a day for us our characters would still be 20 years older.


That’s the point I’m making. right now there’s no definitive answer on how we’re experiencing this time. So while it might only feel like a few weeks or even months in the shadowlands years might be passing on Azeroth. It’s all about how they wish to progress the story. It’s a very open ended book on where we’re going at this point until 9.1/9.2 starts to shape where we’re heading.


The way they described it is that perceiving time in the Shadowlands is like time when your dreaming. From your point of view it chaotically speeds up and speeds down but when you wake up it's still been 8 hours and always was. So a time skip in shadowlands is no more or less likely than a time skip in BFA or any other expansion and they've gone out of their way to squash the time skip theory.


I don’t think it’s impractical. Those Taverns that acr as shortcut between the districts are excellent imo. But yeah, the texture sucks and there is not really any „content“ that motivates me to go there


Even if they fixed it only people there would be rpers, let’s face it only benefit to it is an auction house. No portals and no connection to relevant content, people will just stay in or oribos and org


He already covered that lol. >3) there's no real reason to, 4) it's a hassle to get there + no flying.


was that the case even back in tbc?


According to the (RP) server I'm on, that first one is really the only factor.


The only legitimate reason is 3) there's no real reason to. The textures are older, but so are so many other things in this game, it it still looks good. Unfamiliar isn't an excuse and its no more impractical than Stormwind or Orgirmmar. At least Silvermoon is all one level. Its only a hassle because every portal does not go there, or from there elsewhere. Its just as out of the way as Ogrimmar. Not to mention flying makes Orgrimmar feel even more empty. 100-200 people in zone, but I only see maybe 30 in front of the AH? Its just a wider issue that Blizzard neglected. Classic - Wrath the name of the game was making each of the cities equal in basic amenities. Banks, mailboxes, auctioneers, etc. Even a little into Cata where they placed reforgers into each city. From Mists on, it was full scale resource dump into Stormwind and Ogrimmar, unofficial capital cities into official capital cities. Making the other cities even more desolate with Warmode, making Org and SW the cities where WM sharding does not occur. You're not going to change player patterns overnight. You're right though giving the other cities, like Silvermoon, portal rooms, transmog and void storage venders, riding trainers, AFK-able areas, disabling Wardmode sharding, etc, all would at least give people a reason to go to Silvermoon, or Ironforge, or Thunderbluff, or even Exodar.


Also designed it without flying in mind


To be fair most towns were designed without flying in mind originally, Exodar/Silvermoon just got left behind because they're not actually connected to the main continents.


Which is weird, since TBC introduced flying...


They probably didn’t intend flying in the old world, only the newer worlds.


They 100% didn't intend for flying to be used in the old world, a lot of the old world used smoke and mirrors to hide the spots you normally can't see, [Here's a video on Silvermoon specifically for example](https://youtu.be/9rFE8HzIijY), basically you can see that several of the buildings you normally can't enter don't even have full on roofs and nothing in back of the front of the building, since you normally can't see those parts. That's why a lot of the old zones had to get redone, all the places you couldn't see basically had nothing there since it saved effort not spending time developing something people would never see.


Every once in a while I'll start a blood elf just to play this area because it's so pretty. I'm not an end game kind of person, so I find ways to entertain myself by poking around and enjoying the wonderful areas that too many have forgotten.


Or pretty much any other city that's not a capital or the current main hub. Honorable mentions to Ironforge and Undercity. Everything else, it's hardly ever visited. Exodar, Silvermoon, old Darnassus (you can still visit >!even after Sylvie's pissy fit!<), Shattrath, Golden Lantern, Dalaran(s) (though, these are still kind of visited), etc. hardly see much traffic daily. Come on, make me want to go there. Make me want to go the zones near them too. Here's a hint \*WORLD\* quests. You know, as the name implies and i was expecting them to be the first time i heard of them. Instead of being limited to a tiny area for that expansion. Instead of always rushing to save the world, i wouldn't mind doing some class dedicated quests that would take you places (akin to the class hall missions during legion who were already leveraging that concept). Explore what it means to be a \*insert class here\* in the world. Make use of other less used abilities. You could even take it further and have us use weird less used objects made from professions or something, like the unspoken quests for ba'al, uuna, lucid dream, etc. ... and for fooke's sake make Suramar a proper city already. It's a travesty such a beautiful place just there wasting away.


lol what I've never heard anyone say they dislike Silvermoon, just that it's empty and useless for gameplay.


Tbf that's a pretty negative sentiment in most contexts. Imagine saying that to your child: *"I don't dislike you, you're just boring and useless"*


I guess but surely you understood what I meant. My point is that people love the look and feel of the city but Blizzard has made Org/SW/Current Xpack hub the only relevant cities since like Wrath so there's almost no reason to ever go to any other city other than nostalgia.


I joined wow during the beginning WoD era and started playing a horde character. I switched to alliance because the horde got a bunch of tents in the mud and the alliance got an entire fortress as their base. Honestly why not just send in some architects from silvermoon to make the horde base?


I have little experience seeing the alliance capital, but is it me, or is Orgrimmar VERY small and hardly looks like a capital city in comparison? I would like to see in Orgrimmar fortresses that represent each race of the horde, not just the original three and globins; and make Orgrimmar twice as big and make it look much more like a city rather than a fortified camp. And repair / upgrade race capitals; Looking at the Tauren and Troll capitals I can't imagine more than 100 individuals living there; and most importantly, make them useful in some way.


Silvermoon was great in TBC, the best city in game. Just a shame it (like others) is redundant now.


I just felt like there weren't enough guards to ask for directions


I LOVE walking around and watching all the little vignettes. The ambassadors commenting on "why are the flower pots floating wtf", Vranesh on patrol being an absolute snot, the priests getting mind controlled. So many tiny stories.


I play on an RP server so Silvermoon is always populated with a fair amount of players. It’s nice having people make use of the old cities but I imagine on a regular realm it would be a ghost town.


I play on Argent Dawn and the only areas I've seen populated are the inns and taverns🙂 the streets and other areas still remain very empty which is a true shame because the city is beautiful. The location and the fact that you can't fly probably doesn't help either. Wasted potential I say!


Lol to be fair the lore is that the city is in “reconstruction” in Vanilla. I never understood why it still look the same in Retail currently though, it would be nice to fly around and see it from the top.


It's smoke and mirrors. Most of the buildings are cardboard cutouts with no roofing, and clipping through each other. Stratholme used to be the same way, but they fixed it. Silvermoon is just much more complex because there's many more buildings.


Yeah that’s what I’ve heard but one of the main cities in the game and starting area, they should fix it up


At this point I do believe blizzard has more habitable spaces in game than players that could be actively occupying those spaces


Sadly, I think the problem is not just the lack of players making the city feel empty. The place feels barren of NPC's and is super spread out and wide open.


Absolutely, couldn't agree more!


Fucking savage (but true - fellow Blood Elf here)


This looks incredible! As I'm sure many others will say, it's such a shame that Silvermoon (and Azuremyst Isle) got left behind. I would love to see them brought back, and revamped. The Eastern side of Silvermoon, I'd keep almost exactly as-is (maybe more, taller spires, giving a reason for transportation orbs). The Western half, though, I'd lean entirely to a Ranger/Farstrider district, with large trees obscuring much of the sky, but still tons of light making it through via god-rays (rays of sunshine). Very much your traditional "wood elf" sort of look. What I've suggested for a long time, is keep "the Dead Scar", but open up both "sides" of Silvermoon City, with the dead scar running down the middle, with bridges running overhead. I'm assuming the ground is still dead and corrupted, but maybe Silvermoon residents have left various "gravestones" of sorts -- made of wood or stone, some with trinkets or momentos hanging off them -- the whole way north, up to the ocean. There, I would have a large gazebo overlooking the sunwell, and perhaps a small boat with archers nearby, effectively being the place where those who perish recently are given a "viking funeral". Or, perhaps to spice things up a bit, they simply dug out the dead scar and flooded it, creating a river down at least to the... uhh, main river in Eversong Woods (Endoril river? I forget). Hell, with their proximity to a Holy-based Sunwell, maybe over time the "radiation" or even simple rain has whittled away at the remaining Scourge? In that case, I would REALLY lean towards that idea of making the Dead Scar a sort of "memorial" or graveyard. Maybe inspired with those old Japanese-style gravestones, so you could REALLY paint a picture for just how many elves were killed.


Thank you :) That's a wonderful idea! I thought about how nice it would be if they'll add new textures and flying, but your vision is far beyond that and a lot better. I would love to see revamped version of Silvermoon, especially with ideas you suggest.


Nice details and ideas. I believe it's "Elrendar River" there's some lore behind it that I don't remember anymore.


This reminds me of cs_italy map from Counter Strike


lmao i can see it


~~Counter-Terrorists~~ Spellbreakers win!


Same, was gonna to write it down untill i saw your post


I came here to say this. Lol so true.


Was literally just thinking the same thing


Clicked comments to say just that :D


You are very talented.


Thank you :)


Silvermoon is my favourite city in the game, and this is just becoming of my favourite concept arts, amazing!


Thank you! It's my favourite city too <3 Especially love it at night, with all these amazing colors :)


Great work! I wish there was some way to make Silvermoon more popular for the players. It's such a gorgeous city. But always so empty.


Thank you! Yeah, me too. I wish that they'll also make flying possible there.


It's beautiful, I wish Blizzard had already updated old loading screens though. EK & Kalimdor loading screens pretty much suck compared to their earlier versions.


Thank you :) Me too, I'd love to see them updated, in current WoW art style.


Very nice. Looks official. Do you have a artstation page?


Thank you :) Yes, here it is https://www.artstation.com/shauniraven




beautiful! i've been waiting for years for a silvermoon revamp (+ old world) ... hopefulyl we get it eventually...


Thank you! Same here, it's my favorite city and I'd love to see it revamped


I honestly really loved Silvermoon back when BC came out and I was leveling a blood elf. I thought it was so cool that there were different areas of the city that had different functions, there were *two* auction houses, the shaded central row was super cool, it felt so big and wonderous to walk around in. For a while I would even opt to take the teleporter from Undercity to Silvermoon to do my "town stuff" just because I liked it that much. Then as time went on my desire to do my "town stuff" quicker outweighed my desire to walk around the large, beautiful city. A real shame. Back when BC first came out was the one and only time that I got to see the place with a lot of players in it.




12/10 job.


Thanks :)


Murder Row :)




Thank you =)




Sure, feel free to write me anytime :)




Ty \^\^ Have a wonderful day too!


Love the perspective choice!


Thanks, I really appreciate you noticing that :)


Absolutely gorgeous and stunning.


Thank you! :)


Amazing! Love it, you really captured the city in all it's glory. For a hot second I thought this was datamined and blizz would bring us back to Silvermoon with a quest line.


Thank you for telling me this, means a lot to me <3


Silvermoon is my favorite city in the game, and I fucking love this! Good work.


Thank you! It's my favorite too <3


I miss Silvermoon so much


I like how as soon as you enter silvermoon to the right, you can wave to the level 70 orc leader at the balcony and they wave back lol


wow this looks really good!


Thank you!


This is dead set amazing, matched their art style pretty perfectly!


I'm glad you think so, thank you for telling me this! <3




I haven't played in a long time. Does each faction still only have one city that matters/is usable?


If the gnomes have, at least in the lore, partially reclaimed Gnomeregan, shouldn't the blood elves have reclaimed the ruins of Silvermoon from the mana crackhead dudes?


You had me fooled into thinking it was some kind of official artwork. Nicely drawn! edit: grammar


Wow, that's nice to hear! \^\^


Where can I find your other art? This is amazing! Do you have a version of this without the loading screen letterboxing?


Thanks :) borderless version is here, as well as my other art https://www.artstation.com/shauniraven


The art is gorgeous, so you have a wallpaper version without the border?




Probably one of the most beautiful concept arts for a loading screen that I've seen


I love it! Looks great! I'd love to hear about your process of laying this out and setting it up. I love the vanishing point to the main hall in the middle of Silvermoon! Did you begin with in game screenshots, or just kinda do your own thing?


Amazing work once again :D Are u going to upload the speed art on youtube like you did with the others?


Thank you! <3 Not this time, the process was too messy and long to record. I'll try next time with Netherstorm :)




That is awesome! You’re very talented!


Ah, Silvermoon. One of, if not my favourite city in WoW. If only I could fly in it. Also WOW amazing artwork! This is gorgeous!


Thank you! :) Yeah, I wish flying was possible there too


Absolutely amazing! I love it!


This is beautiful. My main RP character is blood elf so I've been around the city for years and years and this is a really good representation. Even down to the Ambassador NPCs. 15 years and Lor'themar is still too busy :')




The angle/perspective reminds me of melee island from monkey island 1. https://i.imgur.com/ZjpC6eY.jpg


The little magic brooms are a nice touch


Art like this always reminds me that WoW is such a dwarf when compared to what WoW *could* be.


Looks amazing. You've also included those ambassadors that were (still are?) wandering around while waiting for the audience with Council ^^


Thanks! I kept my character on the street for references, and got used to those ambassadors so much, so it felt like a crime to not include them :D


Still my favorite city!


WOW! Beyond beautiful!


I like it


Silvermoon never getting updated is one of the biggest crimes to ever happen in the game.


I miss playing WoW. 😞


Looks fantastic. I love the vibrant colors.


Thank you! At first I wanted to draw it with night colors, but settled on daylight, because it's how I'm used to see this city.


Man that's so good. I'd much prefer that one in game. Might look way better than everything else though lol.


Oh man! I love this! Gorgeous!


This is beautiful! Lots of detail into almost everything.


Thanks :) It was important to me, to capture the city's essence with those details


No problem! I'm still marveling at your work. Keep up the neat creativity!


Love it. First city i entered in game 2013. Astonishing.


Thank you :) I started to play a lot later, thought this city feels like home to me, with all my blood elf characters


The design is very accurate and must say elegant as well


WoW, super nice !


They need you. Periodt.


Wow that looks amazing.


Thank you\^\^


You think they should make a loading screen for every zone in the game ? Like literally *every* zone ?


This is a thing where it wouldn’t actually be hard to do it, but it would be awful. They decidedly have the concept art so it can be done quickly but it’s an open world game so obviously it wouldn’t make sense to do so. Many you would never see


Maybe not upon entering a zone but like, if you log off then back on you'd see the artwork or if you teleport somewhere then back you'd see it again etc... etc...


Yeah, I mean it’s decidedly doable and would be relatively easy especially seeing as they already have the art. It just doesn’t seem like something you’d want to bother putting in the admittedly pretty small amount of time to put in the code (especially knowing how truly fucked blizz’s code is)


ESO has it. I'm pretty sure WoW could too if they put in the effort.


I mean, making a loading screen for the main capitals wouldn't hurt.


Also how about updating the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom loading screens like half the people on these died since Cataclysm. Sylvanas ? No longer leading the undead race nor warchief, now she's just a villain. Vol'jin ? Dead. Varian? Dead. Just a little update where we see Genn, Anduin, Geblin and the 3 hammer council for Alliance and Lorthemar and however is leading the undeads now for Eastern kingdom and Baine, Thrall, Gazlow and Tyrande and Malfurion for Kalimdor. Just a little update for these two who have been unchanged since Cataclysm would be nice.


Amazing! Like I said before: Looks official. Incredible quality. Will there be a timelapse video for this one too?


Thank you! \^\^ No, this time I haven't recorded the process - it was too long and chaotic, with constant zooming and canvas rotating, so I thought it would be too panful to watch xD I'll try to record next time, with Netherstorm :)


you didn't do it that's what it is and who did it https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ


Perspective is a bit off, but great effort nonetheless


Lotta gold in *Silvermoon.*


I think the original color scheme was silver and blue. I believe when they changed their name after the 3rd war and rebuilt the city they also changed the colors. I could be wrong though.


That's no excuse for inconsistency. I expected better of the fancy elves.


Yeah esp considering all the plants in the surrounding area are gold red and yellow, how’d that work with the silver and blue theme they used to use?


Who gets loading screens anymore? Solid state life.


Gorgeous. Any way I can use this ingame?


It's gorgeous! Love it.


Reminds me of cs_italy


It's so beautiful!!


Thank you! \^\^


That's really cool!


Thank you! :)


This is so good! They should put it straight into the game


Lovely art, though if it were ever to be added in-game only Horde RPers and Alliance griefers would see it.


That's absolutely gorgeous, love it!


Just checked your artstation, absolutely incredible art. Do you do commissions?


Thank you :) Yes, I do commissions


Just how HOW


looks like italy map from cs 1.6


Silvermoon is my favorite area in the game. I fucking love this. Do you have the image without the loading bar? I would love to use it as my desktop wallpaper.


Mine too :) Sure, here it is https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Qr2188