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LeVar - the gem of Sacramento. Preach brother! Edit: third time’s a charm


If his name was on a ballet for president I'd be in another world. They won't even let him do reading rainbow and I can close my eyes and feel that from this clip minus the voice people.


Legend. Reading Rainbow 🌈 will always be very sentimental for me. LB is a National Treasure.


Sometimes I look up the intro music on YouTube when I need a pick-me-up.


Me too! I feel bad for today’s kids


*Video Transcription:* --- (00:00) [*A televised interview on "The View" with LeVar Burton, who starts on camera looking to his right. LeVar is a Black man with gray, neatly-trimmed hair and facial hair. He is wearing a dark gray suit with a small microphone clipped onto the lapel over a light shirt, and behind him is an out-of-focus blue background. As soon as the clip starts, a quote comes onto the screen. Text is as follows:*] [*Begin overlaid text.*] > LEVAR BURTON: "READ THE BOOKS THEY'RE BANNING. THAT'S WHERE THE GOOD STUFF IS. [*End overlaid text.*] [*The woman speaking, Joy Behar, starts off screen. Sounds of agreement from another woman, also offscreen, and from LeVar*] **Joy**: There has been an ongoing push to ban important children's books. (00:04) [*Camera pans to the left to show Joy, who is a white woman with wavy, shoulder-length red-orange hair, wearing a burnt-orange jacket over a black top.*] **Joy**: Especially about race, sexuality, and, (00:06) [*Text on screen is removed. Camera cuts back to a wider shot of Levar, who is nodding in agreement with his eyebrows raised. You can see his hands clasped on the table behind a white mug.*] **LeVar**: mmhmm **Joy**: and basically American history, right? **LeVar**: mmhmm (00:08) [*Camera cuts back to Joy.*] **Joy**: Give us your reaction to that. [*Joy gestures towards Levar with her pen.*] (00:10) [*Camera cuts back to closeup of LeVar. LeVar's words in the next section are captioned on screen, in white text on a blue background. The captions removes duplicate words.*] **LeVar**: I'll absolutely candid and honest it's embarrassing, that, that we are banning books in this country, in this culture, in this day and age. We have this aversion (00:21) [*Camera zooms far out, showing another woman, Sunny Hostin, to LeVar's right. Sunny has tan skin and long curly brown hair, and is wearing a white top. The background of a city skyline is more clearly visible.*] **LeVar**: in this country to knowing about our past (00:27) [*Camera returns to closeup of LeVar.*] **LeVar**: and anything that is unpleasant we don't want to deal with. This is not going away [*Applause from the audience, LeVar looks over to interviewer.*] [*Joy's words are not captioned*] **Joy**: Nothing goes away. [*Resume captioning*] **LeVar**: Nothing goes away, especially if you *ignore* it. so (00:37) [*Levar turns to the camera and speaks with extra emphasis.*] **LeVar**: Read the books they're banning, that's where the good stuff is! If they don't want you to read it, there's a reason why. [*End on-screen captioning.*] [*Audience applause.*] (00:45) [*End video.*] --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Even if it’s for something I agree with I’ll always hate an applause from a live studio audience. It always comes off as so shallow and superficial. If a famous person is saying it, and they say it in a certain way, the audience will clap and cheer no matter what. Why? Well cos everyone else is clapping and the person saying it is famous right?


Tell that to joe behar who patronized Hellen Thomas for talking about USA's unconditional support to Israel.


A Joke about Mein Kampf and it being banned; idk I’m too lazy. /s


Have you guys read Animal Farm? It’s an awesome book and also part of the banned books the CIA does not want you to read.


Animal Farm was required when I was in school. Now they’re banning it?


They began to realize the book applies to them as well and not just autocratic soviets.


imagine a ban of 50 shades of grey


Wow, I wondered why he looks familiar. He should be president of course.


Lamar is legit


Teaching kids about racism does exactly that, which is why racism will never end.


Teaching about racism is different from teaching racism is different from teaching how everything is racist- but I agree with you, to a point. You don’t pay less attention to race by paying more attention to race. I wasn’t raised to think about people of other races as being any different, so I don’t, but over the past couple of years it seems that everyone wants to have everything be about race when it just isn’t. I care about race about as much as I care about hair color- that is, I don’t.


Have you ever heard of the pecking order? Society at its most basic animalistic instinct has a pecking order. The order of who is at the bottom is taught through social constructs and a big part of it is taught in school. Take away most of these lessons and the social hierarchy would drastically change.


Reading banned books is good. But burning down the establishment because arson is banned, is bad. If its banned, its because it hurts THEM. Not us. Same goes with violence. They dont bat an eye when its not them. But when it involves violence against them, people get banned. Like i probably will.


If you ever come to arizona, you'll notice our yellow lights (traffic lights) are at least on 3 seconds. This was because for years, people complained about the inconsistency of their timing and constant tickets from the intersection cams. Then maybe 6 years ago (maybe longer) the news reported how multiple representatives, senators, and local government people had gotten tickets from the discrepancy in lights and, I shit you not, within weeks of that article all our lights were changed to 3 second yellows AND our freeway cameras for speeding were taken down


Alabama changed the timing of their traffic lights close to an amazon warehouse because union volunteers were trying to share info with people stopped at the lights. So they made them green for longer, red for shorter periods "so employees would no longer be late". Had nothing to do with union busting...


Holt shit that's next level union busting. Getting a city to change their infrastructure for you.


Welcome to modern america. Sh*ts gettin crazy. I like to stay positive and tell myself these are the last ditch efforts of a failing ruling class. So, fingers crossed...


Yeah I agree. I always thought/hoped that when millennials take over Congress, things will become better. Only problem is hippies are in there now and peace and love isnt a human right


Right? They need to go to a music festival and smoke some herb again. Remember their roots...


Controlling what content children are allowed to see is a completely normal thing to do. We do it all the time.


There's the good ol American 0-100 no nuance attitude


That. Does. Not. Make. It. Okay.