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I just figured out why America supports Israel... America did/ does the same thing to indigenous people and labeled us terrorists while stealing our land, just like Israel. We wrote the playbook, they just borrowed a few pages.


The Palestinian story is that same as the native American story. As well as the story of everyone that was colonized. History is doomed to repeat itself


Lol that playbook is as old as human history. Keep in mind that the jews genocided the Caananites right after their own people were freed from Egyptian control.


Nah it’s more than that it’s old rich conservatives who think if Israel becomes a pit of evil it’ll kickstart the return of Christ and the start of the supposed biblical apocalypse


That too, for sure. Evangelicals send millions to Israel every year for that reason. Very sick and perverted ideologies.


But if anyone says anything it's deemed (Anti-Semitic). The Muslims leave and heartless Zionists rob their house. I am happy there is a day of judgment I will leave everything to Allah.


Arabs. Not Muslims. Not all Palestinians are Muslims. Many non Muslim Palestinians were forced out too


Stolen by... carry on...