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There are so many bodycam videos that show officers screaming conflicting demands, its insane. show me your ID, show me your hands, turn off your car, don't reach for anything, dont move, get out of the car, stop reaching, show me your hands. So, you want me to turn off the car, step out and present my ID with my hands up, while not moving a muscle? It's almost like they want you be confused so they can beat the shit out of you...


Remember when Aurora police killed that young boy that played violin as he was walking home. Having done nothing wrong. Fuck the “blue lives matter” folk.


Remember the the cop basically made a dude play twister on the floor then unloaded his AR into his back next to his girlfriend. Because he felt threatened By a man lying face down on the floor.


It all comes down to their cultural conditioning.


That’s straight bullshit


Is there any part of the US that is safe? Anywhere?