To kill civilians is part of this operation?


Since the day 1 it was clear that turdface had one goal - to cause terror


Yes. It was obvious from the get go that poop tin wants Ukraine in ruins no matter the cost. Ever since 2014, in fact.


always has been


Always has been.


Listen to the speech before invasion. It was stated that genocide is the goal.


At the beginning, Putin even showed a mock up map that showed a large red expanse that filled all of Ukraine (indicating Russia has taken over all those parts) with a small circle in the middle called "Ukraine". So therefore my thought is they would be corralled into there and then landlocked on all sides by their oppressor. Absolutely heinous.


Russia Military Force is so bad they need Guided Cruise Missiles to hit Kindergartens....


Standard Russian military procedure is to deliberately target civilians. Can't win a military engagement so they have to do this. Scumbags.


Yes, genocidal Nazi's like Putin like killing children and hospital patients first as part of their ethnic cleansing activities. There is a special place in hell for him and his butt buddies Peskov and Lavrov


Yes, yes it was




Yeah, its the reason why we have laws and treaties clearly stating that it is wrong to do so. If we would play nice then we would not need those laws.


Those are suggestions, and not laws. If you can't enforce something, it's not a law


Well, it has been raticified by some countries. I am not an expert on Ukrainian law, but I guess they have something about not killing innocent civilians. What do you think?


Well they are not civilians, they are collaborators of the nazi Ukrainian regime, backed by the evil fascist NATO, the west and the USA! ^(/s)


The terrorist special operation


It can’t be “War Crimes” if it’s a “Special Operation”! BigBrainVova


Sorry, did we suddenly get transported back to the beginning of this stupid war timeline?


New operational commander, guess he wants to please Putin and get revenge for the kerch bridge by kill civilians


Surovkin. A known thief, murderer and not much else. Tl;dr his only competence is in selling arms on black market and shooting on unarmed targets.


Im pretty sure thats a requirement of being an officer in the Russian army


I suspect that someone in the Kremlin realized that this was such an obvious terror bombardment that there will be consequences for Russia and is now trying to frame it as tactical bombings.


According to Russia every strike on civilian targets are all part of a "special military operation." Fucking war crime.


They also already called the destruction of the Kerch Strait bridge an act of war in the Duma, too, so it’s ridiculous for them to keep using this phrase. That said, they are in a post-truth bubble and don’t care.


That blue book is getting one hell of an upgrade after this war is finally over


This is what Russia calls a special military operation crime, and apparently it's not nearly as horrible.


Russia is a terrorist state.


Русский террористы иди нахуй!


Transition: Russian terrorists go **** yourself! ... According to Google translate


It's more like "Russian terrorists go to hell!", but the idea is still the same


They can waddle off to hell after a good self-fuck, imo.


at least get the grammar right otherwise this is just cringe lmao. российские террористы, идите нахуй is what it should be


still gets the point across, if a russian can butcher the english language then a yank can too




Go get drafted


They must not be paying you Russian shills very much anymore Your arguments used to be better


The smarter ones already left the country to go eat pasties instead of getting blown up for their dictator


Russia is committing war crimes on the civilian population for political gain. This is terrorism.


Just like your mum


It’s not..


It is


It is


If you act like a terrorist, speak like a terrorist, commit acts of terrorism then that makes you a terrorist.


Such a well-articulated defense. You made a great point. Everyone believes you now. /s Edit: If you want to see how a sick fuck thinks, look at this guy's comment history. Bruh no wonder you don't think Russia are terrorists, you are one too... laughing at a young Ukrainian woman getting hit by a missile and pronouncing "Slava Russia"... You can kindly fuck off.


I find it strange that these guys are either paid or patriotic, yet with their comments they just make us hate russia even more. Its practically reverse propaganda, they are their own worse enemy in the social media space


Why not move to Russia?


Their military command and state propaganda channels openly talk about their targeting of civilian infrastructure, it’s either war criminals or terrorists your pick


Vatnik detected


How is it not? It bombs them to literally inflict terror. They kill civilians to weaken Ukraine to take it over.




When a country is called a terrorist state it generally means the government is committing/funding/condoning terrorism. That indeed applies to current Russia.


To add to what others are saying - Russia has been committing acts of terrorism for decades. Consider the various cyber infrastructure attacks and poisonings, not to mention the political distruption which follows a similar trend. Unfortunately it's not only the military.


And the head of state, and every Russian politician that allows this to happen, and all of the brainwashed lemmings cheering for the war. I think it's fair to call it a terrorist state, until the people rise up and take back control from the current terrorist government.


This missile attack shows how weak and pathetic the Russians have become. If they were truly a strong nation, they would already be IN Kyiv right now, enforcing their will. But instead, due to weakness, a pathetic military, rampart corruption, and cowardly troops, they are hundreds of miles from Kyiv and running for their lives. The only retaliatory path to them is the path of a coward - firing missiles at cities. They certainly can't stand with the Ukrainians toe to toe as men do. Putin has truly shown us - Russia is nothing to fear.


They've always been weak and pathetic. Targeting civilians has been a tactic they've used many times in the past.


Yes but Ukraine has exposed it for the world to see. Now we can all laugh at them.


I don't think they've always been weak. Heck,the USSR used to be in the same playing field as the U.S in terms of military technology and influence. The Russian army was never the most professional but their advantage had always been in sheer numbers. Something that they didn't have throughout the war as well as something that can be compensated with modern technology. ATGMs and drones are a massive force multiplier that the Russians had no answer for. The whole invasion was skewed because they didn't think Ukraine would fight back.




The Geneva conventions began after WW2


>Putin has truly shown us - Russia is nothing to fear. If that garbage terrorist petrol station masquerading as a "state" didn't have nukes, NATO conventional forces would have wiped their poor excuse of an "army" off of Ukrainian territory quickly. Heck, Putler might not even have dared to invade if Ruzzia didn't have nuclear weapons. But on the other hand, Vladolf is a delusional old fart who vastly overestimates himself and Ruzzia's capabilities, so maybe he still would have.


And at this rate I doubt they even have many functional nuclear warheads or missiles, but one is enough unfortunately


They fail tremendously when it comes to hearts and minds.


Yeah, nothing new.


Man these fuckers aren't even lying anymore.


Putin is pure evil! I wish someone can give him a taste of his own medicine


while his own medicine is a missile to the face right now, i think he deserve something worse. i hope he lives until he's 140 and have to spend it all in mental ward were nobody take him seriously.


Special military operation to kill women, children and civilians.


Probably makes sense from a Russian perspective. “We are losing on the front, let us make us much damage as we can to create a potential economic sinkhole so that “if” we lose the war, the cost of rebuilding will reduce a military buildup. In addition we will show that we are big boys as well”. It is the “if we can’t have it, no-one can” philosophy with spice.


Send patriot missle batteries to Ukraine


Why only Russia can declare special military operation? Why can’t Ukraine declare an all out war because their civilians have been killed, raped, tortured, and executed.


Kremlin Master of using words to justify their goddamn TERRORISM


Put-put is butt hurt over the successful attack on the Crimean bridge, which they thought couldn't be done. But that bridge was a valid strategic military target - it's used to transport men and materials into the war region. On the other hand, firing missiles at random locations in cities has no military value. It's just terrorism with lipstick applied.


The definition of 'terrorist' is "a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." Now, who does this sound like???


Nothing says "These people want to join Russia" like bombing the very people you claim are being annexed willingly.


To slay as many civilians as possible,is that your intention


Still with the fucking special military operation with this cunt. It needs to proceed to special military failure for him.


Can we start a special clown operation in Moscow?


Wasn't the whole thing supposed to be a 'special military operation' that was supposed to be a one week operation? Yeesh.


The classic “we do horrible shit, and if you attempt to pay us back in kind, then you are monsters too” move Staunchly against bombing Russian civilians in any capacity because I’m human


So considering they hit the German embassy in those attacks, is there now a special military operation against Germany from Russia? Sounds like it's article 4 time.


Special Operations aka Terrorism, got it.


Well then the explosion at the Kerch Bridge isn’t an act of terrorism


That was a special engineering operation


Is the recent explosion near Yaroslavl too?


We thought it would be really "special" if we left a giant crater I'm the middle of your town! -x o x o <3 Russia


Looking forward to when Putin is disposed of as part of the SMO


Operation war crimes?


[Very special military operation](https://www.theonion.com/clinton-deploys-very-special-forces-to-iraq-1819565019)


When they said special I think they meant something else...


American Republicans and Trump support this. If Republicans win the midterms and the presidency. We’ve handed Ukraine to Putin on a silver plater.


Russians < Ukrainian Forces Russians < Ukrainian Farmers Russians > Unarmed civilians


Why are we not putting “special” in quotes? Not to be ableist, but I feel like every officer on the Russian side should be wearing a bike helmet.


The guys a murderer.


Worse, a war criminal.


What's next? Press release: Putin says Russian military is fighting in Ukraine.




No one cares? What would you have the world do? We've funneled billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, we've put the most aggressive economic sanctions that have ever been enacted on a country this size, and nato's intelligence has been instrumental in Ukraine being as successful as they have been. Open aggression against Russia puts the world at war again. Containing the conflict to single stage keeps a lot more people alive.


Time to start a special bridge rebuilding operation, and a special find a competent general operation


À special military operation within a special military operation?


Special military operationception


So are going to have the Kiev Trials or do you think it'll be a different city to drag these terrorists through their muck?


Yeah, the same activity terrorists would do. This is not new at all.


Bunch of drunks. Did you expect more from them?


They hit a (thankfully) empty playground among other things today.


Russia is a perfect example of a terrorist state.


Latest truck strikes on a supply bridge are too. Check, putin.


Special terror operation by Moron McPutler


Yes they planned this back in February.


So they're still not copping to it, huh.


Really? I thought it was aliens.