Russia sends a train over the bridge just to check. And another, and another


If you send enough trains the problem eventually takes care of itself. Maybe they should stick tracks onto the roofs of the trains before sending them.


If Putin reads that he will make you a general


RIP u/PiersPlays


It's like a graduation ceremony. There's a long line of people who come up one at a time, accept their new title, and then step out the window.


The real Russian Air Force is the generals and millionaires flying out of the windows.


Reminds me of the Calvin & Hobbes where Calvin asks his dad how they determine weight limits on bridges and his dad says "they keep driving heavier and heavier trucks over it until it collapses, then rebuild it and note the weight of the last truck."


Calvin's father is a wise one, is he not?


He is a role model for everyone.


A really wise guy.


Sadly all filled with conscripts.


Yeah cause why not. Not like they actually value the life of their soldiers


Paywall but here you go. KYIV, Oct 8 (Reuters) - A Ukrainian presidential advisor posted a message on Twitter after conflicting reports of an explosion or fire on Saturday that damaged the bridge connecting the Russian mainland to the occupied Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, calling it "the beginning" but not directly claiming Ukrainian responsibility. "Everything illegal must be destroyed, everything stolen must be returned to Ukraine, everything occupied by Russia must be expelled," Mykhailo Podolyak wrote.


Everything will be Ukraine.


Dam.. even my old ps2?


Especially your old ps2


Even Ohio?


Don't do that to Ukraine- we like them.


Yeah, but do we like Ohio?


Speaking as someone who left that hellhole of a state as soon as I could, no.


As a young Ohioan in a small rural area in the NE corner of the state, I love the physical area. Living near the shores of Erie, the Lake Metroparks in the area full of beautiful nature. That part I love. But I’m coming to realize as I get older and more involved in political issues, it makes me see why people want to leave. Which makes me want to change things.


As a fellow ohioian. Be the change and vote for the change


I left the state permanently in February. I don't regret it. NE Ohio isn't a bad place to raise a family, and the COL is reasonable. That's about it.


Stay away from college wrestling


Ohio, the northern most southern state.


Well, maybe just OSU


Hey, that’s THE OSU to you, buddy!


Always has been 🌏👨‍🚀🔫👨‍🚀


No. One day, [Ukraine will be Ohio.](https://v.redd.it/w897dagkqg391)


Especially Ohio


Oh I would love to see the expression on Gym Jordan's face if he woke up in Ukraine!


In case anyone doesn't know the phrase "Everything will be Ukraine." means "everything will be good/fine",it is not an advocation of conquest of the world....which should be obvious but it's better to clear it up.


Everything’s coming up Ukraine!


- every Trotskyite path USSR player in HOI4.


Odessa is the best place to start to revolution too


All your base are belong to us


Always was 🔫


>Everything will be Ukraine. That'd be the massive heel turn of the century.




Not the brightest bulb in the drawer or the sharpest light in the shed are you?


Fun fact: for the Reuters article limit, clear your cache and cookies and reload page to reset when you're out of free ones!


Just click reader view


Chrome users envy this one simple trick. (there are plugins for it, of course)


Reuters is the WORST about paywalling crappy two-line "articles"


Reuters doesn’t have a paywall. You can register for free, or just press ‘reader’ on your iPhone and read it anyway


My preferred technique is to click Refresh, wait for the text to appear, and then hit the Stop button. Sometimes you have to try a second time if you hit Stop before the text has finished loading. I will never register!




Can anyone with some basic graphics skills make a map with all of Russia now labeled Ukraine with a caption indicating the year being 2023 because that is where it seems this is all heading to be honest.


But it’s bloody expensive to rebuild a bridge after the war. Its not like you can Band-Aid fix it


The bridge was built by Russia from 2014 to 2018 after they invaded Crimea. Why would Ukraine rebuild it? They did fine without it before the war.


Why would we rebuild it?


The bridge goes from Crimea to Russia. I don't think Ukraine will prioritize it.


There should be no bridge there. And there won't be. The bridge is gone, and it's not getting rebuild ever.




Talking to someone who designs and oversees bridge construction projects, it's out of commission. He'd have to examine things to determine how far back you'd need to go each side to demo and rebuild... But it's a massive project. Even if the bridge looks okay and doesn't collapse, it's still completely unsafe to even think about using it...


You are assuming Russians care about detailed inspections and safety checks :) I think their method of operation is "if it looks like it can work, try using it".


Then Russians are rolling the dice each time they attempt to cross. Uncertainty in logistics is the Russian military’s specialty, after all


Well, I don't doubt they'll try... I mean, they can't repair it anyway... So some high up will make some poor underling try to get across...


It's not really operational. When part of a bridge falls into the sea the rest isn't necessarily stable. I doubt they will want to drive convoys of tanks across the road portion anytime soon when they don’t know how stable it is, and the rail portion is fucked until they can fix it. This will definitely destroy Russian logistics in the area for a while. It will probably be hard to get workers out there to fix it now that they know they can be blown up as well.


3/4ish of the road is visibly wrecked, half is completely down in the water and the other half is missing chunks. The rail bridge spent hours engulfed in burning fuel from the train, I doubt the steel or concrete are in suitable condition.


Why would they ever rebuild it? It connects Ukraine to Russia, a border that should be 100% closed for 100 years.


This bridge was built to connect mainland Russia to Crimea directly over the strait of water that separates them. It is not a piece of infrastructure Ukraine would want to rebuild.


If Russia ever cuts its shit out and wants to peacefully trade it would he useful. So probably not in the next 20 years.


It's down for at least 30 days. Somebody's gonna freeze their ass off and quite likely die soon.


It would almost be amusing if the bridge doesn't collapse, and they did "repairs" and tried to use it again... Demolishing far back enough on each side and rebuilding it will be a massive project... And idk if they're stupid enough to try doing it under prospect of enemy fire and sabotage. Psychologically, this might be like sinking 10 Moskva... I'm not sure where Russia goes from here...


It'll take a team of engineers and a big crew on this. Recovering the cars will be tricky as they're elevated and it will take a long boom to reach them. Perhaps putin has a ship in his hip pocket that's capable? The columns were exposed to a lot of heat which means they're compromised. This goes for the beams also. Heat weakens concrete, as it does steel. Like you, I'd like to see them repair the damage and use it again in hopes the damn thing comes crashing down like Humpty Dumpty.


See this bridge was built by Russia to connect Crimea (the part of Ukraine they invaded in 2014) and Russia mainland, This bridge currently only benefits Russia and with Ukraine whole again, there isn't a need for the bridge at all


Don’t worry. Russia will pay all the bill when this war end.


Just use some duct tape


Didn't really research this bridge did you


Logistics wise how hard is it for them to just keep pounding this bridge until it's full down?


Very unlikely. At least from a traditional military view. That bridge is really far away from current Ukrainian artillery. ( the super long range HIMARs missles can get there) You're also trying to hit a pretty small target that is bolstered with anti air stuff. The only real way to take it out, is to keep sabotaging it.


Either by boat or truck supposedly but I doubt long range himars missiles could be stopped or inaccurate. Either the US/NATO provided those missiles to Ukraine secretly or Ukraine has people inside Russia. If it was the truck; the truck came from Russia in the video. If it was a boat I would 100% believe a story line where the CIA or US Navy was involved. The level of accuracy of the explosion and intelligence is placing a fuel train at the same time. Bravo Ukraine but western powers had to be involved some way.


Nah it's just smoking Russians again


The CIA is most definitely involved in the war. You know there are some operatives on the ground, maybe not on the front lines but in country gathering intelligence and sending real time information back to Washington. I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA had some sort of involvement with the bridge explosion.


The US has never denied providing intelligence to Ukraine. I am pretty sure we promoted that we are


This is what happens when you have capable leadership at the CIA, instead of some fawning loafer licker.


From what I understand about the ATACMS or long range HIMARS rounds is that they're a lot easier for air defenses to see and shoot down than the GLMRS. something like the flight path and size.


To people talking about letting Russia retreat through that bridge, Russia has made it clear they won't do that. Putin has backed himself into a corner, and neither Ukraine or the west can convince him otherwise. With retreating seemingly criminalised, Russian troops are realising their way out is to surrender. Ukraine's surrender hotline is Sun Tzu's golden bridge. The Crimea bridge is a hope for Steiner's counter attack.


Keeping the bridge up is just an extension of appeasement at this point. Nobody is retreating over the bridge, however troops are being supplied via it.


Not like Ukraine is going to need a bridge to russia after the war is over anyway.


They should keep the bulk of it, just leave the ruined span empty. if Russia has a regime change, they may be able to reinstate it. In 1945 Germany was the enemy. In 1955 they joined NATO.




Well, first they absolutely destroyed East Germany, taking everything they could with them back to Russia, like all industrial assets. But once the establishment of an East German state independent from the West was decided, they pumped a considerable amount of money into making that happen just to spite the West. But no bridges were built between East and West Germany. At least not in the metaphorical sense.


Sounds like it's about time to start planning Marshall Plan 2.0 then.




In 1939, invading Germany wasn't much of an option either.


Yes, but invading Russia is literally not a physical option. How is the West supposed to dominate Russia to the point where a Marshall Plan analogue is feasible? The US couldn't even occupy Afghanistan without everything reverting to pre-occupation within a month of leaving. With so many Russians fed state TV and led to hate us, what would the truth before reconciliation look like? Walk them all through the ruins and mass graves of Izium? Would that even work?


Not to mention that, if Russia ever was pushed as far as Germany was during WW2, then that would probably be the point they'd actually start dropping nukes.


I'm looking forward for Russia to join NATO!




From the video of the explosion, there wasn't a whole lot of traffic. Do they mainly use rail?


Ukraine gave enough time for russians to retreat. They warned them in August already.


In the end the entire Russian army will have gone over the Ukrainian side and it will literally be all against Kremlin :)


I just want to know how that bridge strait fell l down. Humans are like super good at building bridges. That being said given the state of everything else in Russia maybe they cheapest out on the bridge too


It's the longest bridge in Europe, built in four years following Russia's annexation of Crimea. Idk how long projects like that are supposed to take, but four years seems short.


If you have money and the water is shallow, four years seems doable.


Yeah I'm not too sure. I can't imagine it would take that long. But four years for both a road and railway. That's a lot of man power that you'd have to put into it


Paper mache and concrete are both structural materials, yes? Hence interchangeable.


Being well-engineered is not the same as being invulnerable. A lot of well-engineered structures have failed when subject to loads or stresses that they were never designed for: WTC towers, Tacoma Narrows Bridge etc. Ukrainian forces would have had years to examine the bridge’s vulnerability to sabotage. As the saying goes, anyone can build a structure to stand up, only a good engineer can build a structure that can only barely stand up.


>The Crimea Bridge is a hope for Steiner’s counter attack That gives them a 141 2/3 chance of winning!


Russia better watch out for that Steiner recliner too




The civilians loyal to Russia can leave over it. They like Russia that much, they can go live there.


Somebody...probably a Ukrainian saboteur...gave the train driver a packet of cigarettes and a box of matches just before he set off across the bridge, the rest is history.


Perhaps. Except the truck, if it WAS the truck, was coming from the Russian side.


I watched the CCTV video and it's hard to determine of it is the truck. You can see it go up the incline a bit but that part of the bridge isn't damaged. I could also be looking at this wrong because I just woke up.


Any word on who leaked multiple angles of CCTV footage basically immediately after it happened? I would think they wouldn’t want that to get out


Well I've seen the footage by itself and I've seen a video of some Russian's looking at the CCTV monitor. I'm pretty sure whoever attacked the bridge wanted it to be known. And the Russians putting the video on the internet only makes it much better for the Ukrainians.


It's absolutely not the truck. You would see the explosion emanating from the truck, not blanketing the camera all at once.


Yeah I didn't think so. I took a look at it about 30 minutes ago and the truck definitely drives past the point where the explosion happened. The Kremlin tried to blame the truck first but now they are making up a bunch of random theories about what happened.


I’m not an expert either, but to me it looks like the flame and smoke are rolling onto the area where the truck was from the right. Fire and smoke moves away from heat not toward it.


It looked like it came from the boat underneath the bridge


Yeah. Definite movement under the bridge immediately before the explosion... https://twitter.com/Osinttechnical/status/1578632284173131776


I wish there was more CCTV or different angles a bit... What I wanted to see was out of view. My friend is an expert on bridge design and construction... Hopefully while he's at work he has a little time and can research a bit... I'll rely on what he tells me...


Whatever happened to your friend who’s an expert on burning bridges?


He’s no longer his friend of course


If I had an award to share, you would be in the consideration tier, at very least


He designs and supervises bridge construction (not in Russia, so he's safe) Idk if he's done bridge demolitions though, have to ask. (I used to know people who do explosives work, but idk if they ever took a bridge out). But he's at work.. hope not for too long...


I was actually just making a really stupid joke about friends that burn bridges no longer being friends, but it’s very kind of you to give an update.


Not OP but that totally flew over my head too


I might be smart, but I'm not that quick 😅


The explosion seemed to happen in FRONT of the truck though


Well it definitely wasn't the train because the explosion happened on the road deck. Train bridge is on fire but doesn't appear to have taken the worst of the damage.


Well yeah. They’d want the tanker cars filled with fuel.


No. Perhaps even more sadistically, they should make Russia spend all the time and effort rebuilding the bridge and getting it back to perfect and safe working order. Then they should blow it up again. Rinse and repeat, make Russia spend billions


>perfect and safe working order That is not the Russian way, they’ll probably put a couple of sheets of plywood secured with duct tape over it and call it good.






They only need Putins table


Now that's the Russian way


And then send trains loaded with thousand of conscripts over it? Ooof.


Worked at chornobaivka


Russia built the bridge in the first place tho


A war that should never have occurred.


The bridge too, come to think of it.


Oh what a shame for Russia… *giggle*


What a nice 70th birthday gift for Putin👏






Let's hope someone in his inner circle starts channeling their inner-Brutus.


Imagine putin setting it up kgb style with whatever storyline..and then ukraine claiming they did..and pootski couldnt say anything!


This is the main supply line to the southern front for Russia. This was 100% either Ukraine or partisans. Russia is dumb, but not that dumb.


Especially since Russia funded and build the bridge back in 2014 to supply the region.


Or the largest brain cutting off retreat because there is no retreat in Russia right?


For once, I’m certain this isn’t some false flag operation by the Russians. They actually care about that bridge.


Now if only Ukraine could put the dam back up for Crimean water supply.


Too easy to blow up a dam atm.


Yep and much too hard to put one up. But the point remains.


Seems like only a matter of time now.


Blow up the dam that feeds the Crimea Canal. Water level will be too low to supply Crimea.


Happy birthday, Vlad!


Putin.......Friends all tried to warn me but I held my head up high.... Burning bridges lost forevermore


Sweet ironic Justice of Ukraine reclaims Crimera.


Can we get an opinion form a bridge expert. I want to hear that the bridge is fucked and that it will take months to fix


To shreds you say?


WOW this is a dilemma, on the map it seems the Bridge is too far for Ukraine to hit it with anything the west gave them, unless a couple of Ukraine jets got very lucky and got thru. So either it was the underground resistance or russia doesnt want their forces (or people) to retreat and will keep supplying the Crimea via their navy. So is it sending a message.. to stand and never retreat or hey wait there so he can drop a nuke on top on them and blame the west?


Russia could block the bridge without destroying it; this is 100% Ukraine. If Russia thought it needed a pretext to escalate and wanted a false flag attack for that purpose they'd blow up some apartment buildings.


I bet it was one of those little explosive drone semi-sub boats the Ukrainians have been building.


> explosive drone semi-sub boats [this little guy?](https://www.vice.com/en/article/xgy4q7/mysterious-sea-drone-surfaces-in-crimea)


Blow it up again then idk


[In other words](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXhIFNjVthk)


At this rate the whole world will be Ukraine in a year. I’m fine with this.


Was it all Ukraine? *gunloading sound* Always has been


Russia Delenda Est


Could it actually have been a Russian dissident? The truck came from the Russian side. Possible some Ukrainians in Russia pulled it off, but it could be possible some upset Russians took it upon themselves?


Too many washing machines on bridge and front fell off.


This news honestly surprises me. from a strategic perspective, I thought that Ukraine might’ve left the bridge alone and given Russia a means of escape from Crimea if needed.


It's a massive bargaining chip. Everyone knows what happens to soldiers/civilians stuck in no man's land during a continental winter. Putin can't spin letting them die there, that would directly undermine his entire reasoning for starting the war in the first place. He'll need to get them out of the death trap asap if he wants to even attempt keeping his home support somewhat intact. It's tough to see a way out of this for him, the next few days are going to be extremely critical , for all of us.


Or Putin could let them starve/freeze and blame Nato.


They are his best troops. He loses them he has lost the war. If he wants any hope of forcing Ukraine to the negotiating table he needs those troops in the south to well not be dead. Becuese conscripts will not to shit for him. And if he loses his best equipment and gear which is also down south Russia has lost the war at that point. Both of which are bound to happen if you can't supply your troops with supplies.


He lost this war 3 days after it started. No amount of troops are going to help him win this war now as Russian logistics are hopeless. So expect Putin to try and escalate things now that is if he's not bluffing. A nuke can't win this war for him even.


I definitely agree with your last point. We’re entering a very critical phase of the conflict and I feel that things are going to start happening very fast. For better or for worse!


I think your both right. I know I always look toward our wonderful and beautiful Flying Spaghetti Monster for the answers. I trust in it’s guidance because it boiled for my sins and it has never wavered.


May His Noodly Appendages be with you!


And with you




Cute 😉


I agree. That’s why it was the railway part of the bridge that got targeted. Edit: Nevermind I had misread. The carbomb was in the road part but detonated and set fire to several tankers on the railway part. Definitely intentional to disrupt fuel logistics though.


They still have an escape, it's called the sea.


They can always give up. As of right now there is no indications that Ukraine treats POWs poorly. They should hurry up tough because with every mass grave found it gets harder to keep the ukraine solders to follow the rules.


It's the only remaining railroad Russia has to support the Cherson front.


They're escalating the southern campaign most likely. This leaves only one shipping path following the coast through Melitopol. The front is less than 50 miles from it. So it's nearing range of long range rockets. From an escape route perspective they still have ferries, so they're not cornered. And it'll make an already difficult logistical problem for Russia even worse going into winter. So it really only does benefit them.


Please don't speak about "strategic perspective" when you have little idea about importance of this bridge. 1: This bridge Was personal achievement of Putin and a show that Crimea is part of Russia forever. 2: It is a main supply route for weapons and other materials from Russia. 3: RU AF constantly move their units through that bridge. 4: It allows safe passage for administrative personnel that needs to be trapped in Crimea. 5: Letting your enemy escape with no benefit for yourself is like crippling yourself so your oppenent can win easier Besides it will be good if later in history people will know a saying like "Kerch Bridge must be destroyed"- Mikhailo Podolyak


This is the quote that I was referring too from Sun Tzu. “Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across” Imagine that you’re Ukraine and pushing into the Crimea. If your enemy has no easy means of retreat, you’ve backed them into a corner. Now your opponent has no easy means of escape and is liable to fight like an animal backed into a corner. Thus resulting in more resources being tied up in an offensive that *might’ve* been used elsewhere. I’m not discounting that the Crimean Bridge isn’t a juicy target. It’s actually quite tempting for reasons that you mentioned. But from a different perspective, it might not be such a good move to take that bridge out.


To be less condescending than the last person, that specific benefit of an escape route could easily be traded for cutting off a massive supply line right as the war heads into a winter stall. In addition, Ukraine has been pushing Russian troops to surrender quite a bit whereas the morale of the Russian forces has been on a sharp decline for months and likely to get lower with untrained and unsupplied conscripts. Cutting off the escape route also strains Russian supplies even more because any retreats now need to be by ship and much slower. Soldiers who don't want to be somewhere, have zero motivation to fight, and outright resent their government for forcing them to aren't going to make a glorious last stand. Officers will probably be able to evacuate. Those that remain will probably surrender.


Nah. Russians have been surrendering en masse. They are Pre-surrendering, they're jamming up phone lines calling the Ukrainian how to surrender hotline before the ink on their conscription paper is even dry. Losing the bridge will result in inspiring 1000s more to save themselves by turning on their commanders and turning themselves in. The golden bridge Ukraine built is the promise of being treated better than russia has treated its soldiers who tried to flee, in the past.. Food and safety or bullets and gulag? not really a hard fuckin choice.


Yes, exactly. The Golden Bridge is not literal. Retreat need not also be literal. Any appealing out to a grueling fight or certain death serves the Art of War's purpose in this sense.


They could fight like cornered animals, or they could surrender like others have been doing.


Morale is the difference I guess. With high enough morale and reason, soldiers will and have fought whole being half dead or dying


Morale and reasons to fight are... lacking in the Russian AF these days.


Or they can just surrender? You are overestimating Russian army.


Alright, first let us remind ourselves that Sun Tzu never been a strategist, tactician or participated in any war of his time. Second, let us remind ourselves that chinese never won a war besides the ones that they waged against themselves. Lastly let us remind ourselves that you can't allow yourself to use a quote for every matter conserning retreat. Perhaps Hitler listened to that very quote you mentioned. What did he get in return? Evacution from Dunkirk. Allowing russians to escape from Crimea is a Dunkirk version 2. You do not allow your enemy to escape, when you can go for the kill and finish off the entire war theatre. Because, just like in Dunkirk, the only time russians would be trapped in Crimea is a time when they are surrounded and beaten in every place except Crimea itself. People to this day admonish Hitler for not finishing off BEF, imagine if UAF does the same mistake. Unless you want them to make suck a mistake? BTW sorry everyone for comparing it to Hitler blunder, but it is the closest thing to Crimea scenario


True, but looking at the track record from UA i'm more inclined to believe that they (russians) will surrender, at least they will finaly be treated as humans if they become UA POWs


You are being downvoted a lot, but there has been a lot of strategic analysis going into this, and there have been plenty of reasons not to blow the bridge. It's a valid point to raise. That being said, the strategic landscape has evolved rapidly over the past couple of weeks, and Putin is now in a very precarious position. He has no political out for this war and is left to continue doubling down until Russia is completely crushed or he is removed. Both of those potential outcomes have gotten incredibly closer to fruition in very short order. The loss of the bridge means something it didn't just a month ago. The loss of this bridge, particularly today being Putin's birthday, is a major blow not only to Russian logistics, but to Putin personally within the internal political landscape. It is quite possible Putin will not survive the fallout from this.


Yes!!!! Take back Crimea!!!!!! It’s yours Ukraine. Russians will only use it to destroy more lands and people Time for it to go to a country that will help neighbors like Moldova get more export import as well. Fuck Russia