You worked at the airport? Report to aerodrome and collect MIG and vodka.


Wait, this not Mig, this LaGG-3.


Battle tested, lands every time.


Nyet, LaGG-3 is for elite units. You get Po-2


He's completely trashed Russia. This is putins personal war and the Russian citizens are paying for it.


He is shifting them to total war.


So crazy to mobilize your country just to invade your neighbor, which you didn't need to do in the first place. None of this is rational.


He's all in, if he backs down he will be deposed.


It’s just sad how weak those around him are. Just takes a couple of people near him to just to say Whoops he’s sick new leader is needed. Or he can take a long walk out a window like lots his friends.


That’s the headline I’m waiting for. “Putin found dead after inexplicable fall out of basement window.”


"Putin died after slipping on the icy road and bled to death with 10 bullet holes on the back of his head."


he fell down an elevator shaft onto some bullets


Man, I really hate the people who go and leave bullets pointing up everywhere. This is sick, these people could have survived the fall!


RIP Carmine the Bowler


Breaking news: 100% of Russian airline workers flee Russia aboard 100% of Russia's airplanes.


Russian mattress company stocks soar


It's because the Chekists hold all the power in Russia. And the Chekists are ideologically aligned with him (because he is one of them, and they put him in power). "Anti-westernism at all costs". No oligarch can stop them since it's not actually "their money" and all the major businesses are long infiltrated or just run by the FSB. The populace is polarized in a anti-war and pro-war camp. No overwhelming majority in either camp. And the security services and Chekists love the guy. They have benefited greatly from his rule, and likely played a major role in this war in the first place.


Most of the people around him agree with him. Several would have to turn at once for them to be able to do anything. And if any of them act uncomfortable they’re killed. Not much chance to do anything if they wanted to.


That’s coming either way


The Russian economy relies heavily on gas export (something like 30% of total export) and the Crimean peninsula has a massive natural gas field under it and off of it’s shores. When these gas reserves were found Russia realized Ukraine is a big competitor for exporting gas to Europe and he wants these reserves back. Since Ukraine cut off water to Crimea making it hard to build/live there, Putin decided he’ll just take all of Ukraine. That’s the Russian rational behind this seemingly pointless invasion. Sadly just another war for oil


Not to mention the deposits found in Donbas in 2013, shortly before the Revolution of Dignity. You can overlay a map of fossil fuel deposits in Ukraine with Russian movements and draw a clear conclusion as to their motives. They do not want a democratic, western-aligned nation in the east to threaten their monopoly on energy. Because making Europe dependent upon Russian oil and gas has meant that Russia can act with impunity by threatening to cut off their addicted buyers in the west.


Same shit was in Chechnya. It was solely for oil


To those who are not convinced this is the case, there is a map showing recently discovered massive quantities of oil and natural gas across eastern Ukraine. Weirdly coincides with territories of Donetsk and Luhansk.


Maybe we'll get lucky and after Ukraine grinds the Russian economy to dust, they'll give up nukes as part of concessions to re-establish trade.


Promise every Russian a liter of ethanol a week and maybe. The US doesn’t need to put all that ethanol into gas tanks.


So then where do those hundreds of nukes go?


Same as what happened with Ukraine, they're destroyed.


I thought most of the Ukranian ones did go back to Russia? They were stanioned along the borders of the USSR, so many in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, I think Ukraine was \#2 holder of nukes for a short time.


They can be disassembled and processed for civilian nuclear reactor fuel. We’ve been doing it with Russia for years. It’s called the megatons to megawatts project. IIrc.


we make nuclear reactors out of some of them. they give us some good medical byproducts we can use.


Also, tritium for fusion research which is in very short supply.




Russia would never give up Nukes. they just showed us how awful their Army is....why would they allow that to happen?


Of course not - I think the idea being proposed is that at that point Russia would have collapsed and they’d be willing to do anything to get back into global trade and get some assistance. That would be the best outcome here, but it is extremely unlikely.


Countries like North Korea realize nuclear weapons are *all they have*. They'll never give up their only bargaining chip. I think it's probably the same with Russia.


The gradual escalation of forces is the best way to lose them. The mobilization leads me to believe he is desperate and I wonder if the US is considering offering him an out. If the civil unrest rises it's going to get a bit crazy.


What out could the USA offer? Ukraine isn't going to stop until all of Ukraine is free and we certainly aren't going to cut support early.


Exile on St. Helena or something


Nah Putin would get set up on some arctic island instead. Perhaps Severny Island would be appropriate.


Witness protection of course.


They should keep him in the white house in a cage like a cursed canary


Wearing a clown nose and over sized shoes.


I think you’re confusing him with Boris Johnson!


Send him to Mar-a-Lago


Make him tap dance like Fred Astaire... Putin on the Ritz.


"Why hello, I am new neighbor, Pladamir Vutin. I have just moved here from very far away. No, you do not recognize me, I assure you I am boring man. Please drink this tea as neighborly gift."


May I show you upstairs window?


May I show you my handgun, neighbor? No, bullets dont hurt. Let me show you


Fuck that noise.


In a cell maybe


Complete pull out and they get mcd back?


Putin's counting on the GOP and his good friend Trump to distract, project and give him an out if/when they get back into power.


> What out could the USA offer? The only one I can conceive of would require Putin's agreement and would need to be choreographed for him to sell domestically He needs to withdraw (or critically perhaps - redeploy) from Ukraine, but to do so with a degree of honour NATO would need to start a build up in Poland and Finland, adopting a posture that threatens the north. Moscow would need to declare this an existential threat and say that it was all part of a long term strategy to invade, with Ukraine being nothing more than a feint to divert resources and deplete capabilities. Putin needs to say that his spies have uncovered their true intents however and is re-deploying from Ukraine to protect the real point of attack The two sides can then spend 12 months calling each other names, and pulling faces at each other before signing some sort of accord that recognises the integrity of Russia's borders. NATO can then withdraw and Putin can claim to have seen them off in a nick of time and saved Russia from the evil west NATO isn't left undiminished though, for whereas the average Russian might fall for this, the powers that be won't do. Putin is going to be weakened in their eyes and his position will still be precarious. In the meantime Ukraine joins the EU, but probably agrees not to join NATO Alternatively of course, America could always deploy the worlds self-styled best deal-maker to broker an agreement. I mean .... they're really lucky to have him at their disposal.


The mobilization is mostly hitting the poor, rural, Eastern parts of the country where the ethnic minorities live, and not in St.Petersburg or Moskva. Putin doesn't give a shit about the non-Slavs that are dying, he's happy to get rid of them so he can populate the entire country with the purebloods. If you've seen war footage from the dozens or so subs that are covering this conflict since the beginning, you'll notice like 90% of the dead and captured are Mongols.


Systematic annihilation.


I remember at the beginning of the war they intercepted some phone calls from these soldiers calling back home, and they were talking in amazement about how the Ukrainians had toilets in their homes and street lights.




That's what I feared would happen, non-slavs getting conscripted to eradicate them from russia.


That's a terrible plan, nobody living in Moscow is gonna relocate to Mongolia and herd yaks, If you depopulate your countryside is it really yours anymore? China says hello


Pretty bad strategy for a country hemorrhaging population at an incredible rate


I don’t think the race is that much matters in this case. Moscow and St. P. are just too close to Kremlin, too many people live there. Putin knows, if he’ll keep this shit going, he won’t be able to stop protesters one day. Of course, there are a lot of ethnic minorities at the front. Russia is huge and there are regions where there are fewer slavs than others.


This is not true. The previous volunteer recruitment hit poor regions in general, it did not discriminate by ethnicity. Soldiering is not considered a popular or honorable job in Russia. Most volunteers would come from poor area where a military salary essentially equals middle class and social mobility. There is a few exceptions to this rule: While poor, Chechnyas large share of troops come from Kadyrovs personal attachment to the war. In Buryatias case it is both poor and a military career is viewed as a dignified and honorable choice. The mobilization will target people in all regions including Moscow where summons have already been given out. They will however purposefully target protesters with summons, since why not easy exile.


I think it's just the opposite. The US, and whoever else is supplying the weapons that are wrecking the Russian military want Putin out. They see this war as a backdoor way to remove him without getting directly involved. It's a win-win for everyone that isn't actively fighting. The West and anti Russia governments minimize Putin either way. Scenario A) Putin admits defeat and is seen as a pushover, he's outed by the Russian government and then Russia can start rebuilding. B) Putin pushes so hard that the entire government eventually gives up and boots him, retreating from UA and paying respirations, forming new ties with the EU and other governing bodies. C) Putin opens a window and all of the above is done anyway. Note: This is all purely conjecture, but with all that's been happening it sort of makes sense. At least to me.


Echoes of Goebbels and the totaler krieg speech - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sportpalast\_speech#Setting\_and\_audience


>total war Toto annihilation.


The Ukrainians are also paying, as are billions of people who depend on Ukrainian grain exports and will ultimately be going very fucking hungry. Let's not forget to that we (Europeans) are also paying to fund and arm Ukraine and also the price of energy too. Fuck Putin he's a cunt


The crazy part is the only thing most Russians care about is the fact that it could be THEM. Sure, life has gotten worse for them over the years, but as long as they're good they don't care.


This is why we need robust laws to protect America should a malignant narcissist wannabe dictator get any traction here. Trump was too close of a call.


The codification of all the protocols and expectations of elected officials into law should have been one of the first actions of Biden IMO. There's too much reliance on politicians acting like citizens, or on the behalf of the citizens. Put it into law - if anyone votes against it, perhaps they shouldn't be in public office. If Trump and the GOP have accomplished anything, it's in highlighting the loopholes of the system. The same has been seen (to a lesser extent) with Boris and the Tories, if you're aiming for higher office, you should expect to be held to a higher standard.


Most Russian citizens were (and still are) happy to annex Ukraine if they have to burn it to the ground. They just want "others" to do it.


Russian citizens had the chance to fight for justice at least since feb, but most of them just winged it. Now it’s time for the Russian citizens to pay


Since 2014.


"I see that you used to be in aviation. The great news is that we've got a lot of open positions in the air force. In fact, we're in desperate need of more MiG pilots for immediate deployment!" "But I was a baggage hand-" "Pilot, great! Next!"


Gets to the plane: "This isn't even a MIG, it's a cardboard box with MIG spray painted on!" "Yes this is training mig"


Sit in, make engine noise with mouth. While you run .. er.. fly.. around in box. Last time we put portable speaker in box for noises, but they got stolen.


Battery for speaker ran out, due to cost cuts no more battery funds.


Remember when everyone was laughing at the Ukrainians training with wooden AKs? Oh how the tables turned.


Do not laugh. That training worked.


Splinters build character.


It builds muscle memory which is important in stress situations.


So did dodging wrenches.


“Welcome to accelerated training. You’ll fly in pairs - When the one with the GPS or TomTom gets shot down, the one with the missile, rocket, or barrel of fireworks shoots back. Now go get them.”


>This comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilisation of its military reserves on Wednesday that prompted many men to flee the country. ... >Sources at three companies said that 50-80% of employees could be conscripted, the report added. If the airlines can't run due to most of their employees being conscripted, then people won't be able to flee so easily. So, mission accomplished. Russia is so going down the toilet, and it's all their fault.


And if the workers die in battle, even when the war ends, the companies can't recover cos most of the workers are gone


This single move set Russia back by decades in the terms of skilled worker shortages. If they thought they had brain drain before, wait till.you can't even hire someone to wire a control panel without it catching on fire.


They already started to conscript instructors, IT folk, engineers, lecturers, students, and those with PhDs. This will be like Cambodia. They're almost permanently set back from the anti-intellectual movement of the Khmer Rouge. Waves and ripples of historical tragedy.


Good luck trying to get your airline transportation back up and running post-war when 75% of the employees are ground meat


Also, no one will want to live in a shithole like russia after they collapse. I mean, no one wanted to really live there in the first place, but to go from bad to worse really says something. Now, when they beg the outside world to come and help rebuild... *nahhh!*


They cannot fix their planes, they cannot fly to EU. They don't need that many airport employees.


They can't even travel by car anymore. Borders are closing rapidly.


Great. It means that their cars can be confiscated for the needs of the army.


The US is mulling over sending Ukraine UAVs with hellfire missiles. These people are so fucked.


Sucks to be them. Their are more afraid of their police than of the Western weapons.


Their police have weapons too. Death is death, a weapon's a weapon. Doesn't matter who holds it, what matters is how willing they are to use it and Russian police's literally trained to violently subdue civilians.


What do you shoot hellfire missiles at?


Something with +3 fire resistance.


There's a LOT of hellfire missile variations. To include one with (I'm paraphrasing here) ninja swords.


Oh the RX9, for when you don't want to blow someone up with a missile, you can instead have the missile shank them.


Yeah, they just shredded the Al Qaeda guy Zawahiri on his balcony in Kabul. I imagine him like a cartoon where he doesn't know he's dead for a second, then pieces of his body start sliding off and whatnot.


The newest Ninja Turtle is definitely going in a different direction.


"Hey, i just got this Lada with compensation after my sons died!" "We have need of this too, comrade. Also, welcome to the army."


“Asked” Probably gonna be more like “If you don’t join, you’re gonna suddenly be thrown out the window.”


Remember a few months ago when they had all those fires and it came out that Russia relies on a fairly large chunk of its conscripted forces to act as firefighters in the more rural areas?


Apparently the little man has no better plans than to simply send yet more people to their death.. because we all know how good that's worked for him so far..


He's buying time. He's a degenerate gambler doubling down on the same stupid shit for months now. He'll stop when he reaches rock bottom (like from a window).


Or down some stairs


Or drinks from the wrong cup of tea.


All of the Russian population I know have already left the country. One of my musical collabotors got a visa for Lithuania. Russia is desperate.


i got friends who've been trying to leave and can't get out :/


Then they left it way too late. There has been mobilisation talks going on for over a month and they ramped up big time after the Ukr counter offensive. 2 friends I know left for Kazakhstan once the mobilisation talks ramped up, as that was their sign that the public was being "prepared" for it.


Russians I know left after Crimea invasion.


I know several that did the same thing. They moved to Thailand.


I am sorry for your friends then. I hope they get through this.


It worked in "The Great Patriotic War" against the Germans, so why not throw soldiers with a weeks worth of training directly into the line of fire until the enemy runs out bullets. Why else would they declare that anyone protesting the "Special Military Operation" would be immediately drafted if not to be bullet sponges.


They always forget to mention the Lend Lease from America that allowed them to have weapons to fight the Nazis. But that go s against the narrative.


Embarrassing 🤦🏽


When life can't become crazier it always does....


2012 should be 2022


Maybe 2012 was supposed to be just the beginning of the end.




"You join special military operation, or you join bullet."


In Russia special military operation joins you.


Ok I fight war. It's not a war! You are arrested for call it war and sentenced to go fight in the thing. I say you I fight in war.... Double sentence! Two terms in the thing.


I imagine Russians like the Knights Who Say Ni. “Right I’ll go fight in the war” “Ah! Ah! Stop! Stop saying that word!” “What, war? I just said war. Aren’t we fighting a war?” “Stop it! Stop saying war! Ah! Now I said it!”


Right? "Hey bud, you think you might be interested in joining a special military operation?"


Like the fake voting in ukraine. Escorted to vote by gun and 3 people watch you as you vote.


The picture summarize the method of asking.


https://news.yahoo.com/russian-railway-company-needs-10-170504037.html The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine states that a Russian railway company has been ordered to find up to 10,000 "volunteers" among its civilian employees for a short-term contract for the war in Ukraine.


Are they wanting them to drive trains or tanks? Because fucking your internal logistics by sending your rail industry to die at the front is not a great way to win a war.


Train drivers die inside old tanks. And the new tanks can't be delivered because train drivers died inside the old tanks.


In this particular instance, it might be for their logistics. The Russian Military logistic machine was designed around being able to quickly lay new tracks for delivering supplies (there's a great YouTube video by I think, RealLifeLore). It's possible he wants to build that force up. But it's equally as likely he wants them as cannon fodder, because he's at the YOLO part of his campaign.


Short contract indeed


Pretty liberal use of the word “asked.”


Reading this bright me to an egoistic but maybe interesting question. Say you are drafted by the military due to mobilisation, what happens to your job? Do you get it back when/if you come back? Does your employer have to take you back or can they just hire a different person and you come back from war, no job no income, you survived he'll just to be poor?


Don't think it's going to be an issue.


Unfortunately, in praxis there's a chance you're dead and the company you worked for no longer exist. To answer your questions: Depends on the jurisdiction, of course, but countries with strong labour laws will guarantee your job. Your employer has to accept your absense, probably hire a different person, and take you back when you return.


airline industry going out of business might as well send them to the front?


“Unemployment fixed!”


There will be no unemployment if there are no job seekers left


Backwards problems require backwards solutions.


*taps head* well they won't be fleeing if there's nobody to fly them! /s I'm appalled by how people didn't see it coming though. And I can only assume the majority is not going to do jack shit about it still, continuing to be sad pushovers.


Airbus and Boeing, who make the vast majority of Russian airline’s fleet, have pulled out of Russia. More importantly, however, they’ve stopped servicing the existing equipment, rendering them unsafe at best and unusable at worst. Both companies said they’ll likely never sell an airplane to Russia again. Best seen that and nearly all airspace being closed to Russia, I’m not sure how long the civil aviation industry will survive. These these employees likely don’t have much to do these days…


I hope this just implodes right on Putin's head.


That country is imploding


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/russian-airlines-begin-compiling-list-as-staff-receives-conscription-notices-3370963/) reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Employees working in airlines and at airports in Russia have started receiving conscription notices. > The staff of at least five airlines and 10 airports has been asked to report to military registration and enlistment offices, reported Russian newspaper Kommersant newspaper. > Within a day of the mobilisation order, five Russian airlines including the Aeroflot Group, which is the country's top carrier, and staff of over 10 airports received summon to serve the military. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/xmh7eu/russian_airlines_airports_employees_asked_to_join/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~670736 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **airlines**^#1 **Russia**^#2 **staff**^#3 **Group**^#4 **report**^#5


I'd like to see everyone who works at the airport just jump on a plane and peace out lol of course that would fuck everyone else trying to get out but then again that's probably the point he's trying to make. "Stop helping my cannon fodder escape or I'll put you on the front"


Its funny to think putin, his military and his idiot team think forced conscription will work in an unpopular war. Amazing idea. Lets give the people who DONT wanna fight Ukrainians guns and armor and lets see how it goes. Plan to baby them and keep an eye on them? Smart, very smart....until they dont care or get even a little moment to turn on you...sleeping with one eye opened isnt easy. Plan to threaten they're families? Coolio, they will intentionally get captured by the Ukrainian army and escape the war that way and let you be the monsters you wanna hide you are. You plan to murder families because you "think" they got captured on purpose? You better have evidence otherwise the civil unrest will grow into insurrection and possibly even a revolution.


Armor? What armor lol. They will be lucky to even have a working gun. Shit feels like the opening scene of Stalingrad.


It does...i mean if they try sending them as just meat shields, Ukraine can and will have videos and will show the world and even those in Russia what its military just did to its conscripts. If that happens, the Russian federation is finished


I laughed at the twitter photo showing how corrupt russian military officials provided 'military grade' armor and it was just cardboard stuffed with some styrofoam.


But according to Reddit this war is popular and 80% of the Russians support destroying Ukraine! ​ At least that's what the Kremlin-paid polls told them.




The Roman empire quickly fell with civil war - multiple civil wars and turmoil following. Considering how many power hungry people there are under Putin...


Hopefully they all exterminate each other fighting for the throne


It's guaranteed to take a lot of civilians, including kids, down with them.


If history does indeed repeat itself, there’s a room of oligarchs planning it right now


That's what I've been saying since the sanctions began. I'm starting to think they've decided it's safer to plot an exit strategy than an assassination.


Don’t worry, Putin had an exit strategy for them ready to go. Just take the stairs all the way up and then take the first right out the open window.


This is looking pathetic, Vlad. Some super power.


"wait, we're losing terms of thousands of men and wrecking Russia's economy to de Nazify a neighbor that had 2.5% extreme right votes and a Jewish president? That even make sense?"


I really wonder when it will really be enough for the Russians... Nuclear threats, invading Ukraine, Bucha massacre, rapes, heavy unnecessary losses, diplomatic and economic isolation from their closest neighbours, now partial mobilisation.... This all didn't do it.... When will they do something? Never? Is it really so?


This is getting Pathetic now.


Just sit back and watch Russia implode


Asked? They were “asked” as in they have the option to refuse?


War or stairs


It's not like Russia is really going to be doing much flying in the near future, At least not according to reports that they are already cannibalizing the planes they stole for parts.


Someone please kill Putin.


Heard a report today stating that the new conscripts are going to get two whole weeks of training. Two weeks... Yeah, they should have Ukraine taken in a month.


In slight fairness to the Russians, this call-up is supposed to be of the reserves, who should have all had some previous training. Even as a refresher though, 2 weeks is probably cutting it short.


He really must hate his own citizens.


Die for Putin or die in protest? I hope the new Russian recruits refuse to fight. It’s the only way to end senseless war. Unfortunately, many will go fight thinking it’s the best of the two choices.


Pootin’s final days are numbered


Honest question. How will this affect Russian airline industry? For me it seems like a silly move to remove people from transport industry like this. I assume if you work is taking out bags and putting new ones in that doesn't require a lot of training, but how about other jobs in that field? How will this affect on a longer timescale?


Their airliners were stolen so they aren't getting spare parts, so they aren't getting maintained so there are no airlines anymore. The staff are superfluous.


This is lmao evil genius, Putin. Can't fly away to avoid being drafted if you draft the pilots lolololol


Body Bag Futures are ripping.


Having flown Aeroflot , those stewardesses are fekking frightening - would make excellent shock troops...


They'll make even better fertilizer


Well, pilots can fly fighters right? Another 6 months they won’t be able to fly commercial planes anyway. So what’s the problem/s ?


WTF does he doing…..


Yet doing he does


I am not interested but just curious what the Russian military pays their enlisted people.




they rly don’t want ppl to leave


Lol oh I can see it now "sure we'll join, we'll just hop in our jet OK bye"


Need a Russian Marcus-Brutus




Russia will disintegrate in the next 24 months into a balkanized mess with local warlords fighting each other for turf.


hmm, this turn events seems familiar 1917 anyone?


Putin wants to take all of Europe


Yes, he does which is the reason he needs to have his Wings clipped.


He sure does, but he can't even take two provinces in eastern Ukraine, lol.






I mean almost nothing is flying, you have no job, now you have a job. Enjoy the fields.


“Asked” “cast a ballot” “volunteer”


Quick question how many of the oligarchs children have been drafted?


I hear they all have bone spurs.


"Asked" implies that they have a choice.