It's around 10% of the total usage which we can easily replace. No biggie.


Especially at the doorstep of summer


Yeah. Come winter it might be a different story but by then we have alternative sources (I hope).


You guys just turned on your newest nuclear plant, you'll be fine.


Currently in testing phase(normal operation expected 30th of September(Wikipedia) It's honestly ridiculous how it was supposed to be turned on in May 2009


Better late than Chernobyl?




Finn here, this is like barely reaching news here. We're not dependent on Russian electricity and this will cause absolutely no problems.


This is the only comment here that matters. We don't care it doesn't change anything. If we're ever low on output Sweden will just hook us up.


Swede here. Finlands sak är vår.


I love the fact that what I assume is a message of solidarity, reads like an insult


It's a phrase used in Swedish propaganda and [posters](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CVk9HZLWsAESxwp?format=jpg) during the Finnish Winter War. Essentially a war where Russia tried to invade Finland, the rest of the world was sure about Russia winning in a couple of days and Finland whooped some serious Russian ass. Deja vu for the Russians?


You assumed correctly. "Finland's cause is ours"


Canadian here. I've got some extra AA batteries if you run low. Hit me up.


AA eh?




That's awesome, are they alkaline?


Ni-Cd rechargeables from the '90s, but I've been good about the charging cycles so they're still pretty decent.


Never in my life have I seen such a Chad comment about fucking NiCad batteries.


I can raid my workplace. Whatcha want? NiCad? Lead acid? Or something a little more sexy like a metal hydride?


This comment should be higher up. (I'm also from finland and yeah, this changes nothing) Edit : looks like my wish was granted haha


In local news they told that russia delivers around 10% of finnish electricity consumption and we can increase our production and replace that amount from sweden. This was a new subject to me too. So it is a win win situation, that we pay less for russian economy.


So wait they are cutting off a stream of income without really impacting another economy?


Don't worry, it's fueling the Putin ego economy


that cancer really dislikes Putin. it has been avoiding him, taking a real slow ass time spreading.


Not cancer, "special cellular operation"


Who the hell is in charge of that place, some sort of lunatic?


It's mainly for Russian audience I believe. He has to do something.


Thankyou for clarifying!! See this is the problem with our current world news cycle.... To make money outlets try to create fear in us with their headlines... if it bleeds, it leads.


Exactly, and the "article" mentioned absolutely nothing about how dependent Finland is on Russian energy. I learned more from the top comment than I did from the source lol


I had just assumed it was for remote border towns that weren't close enough to your central infrastructure I read the article instead of just the headline and it says a whole lot of nothing. Kinda misleading overall


In Finland everything is remote




…you’ll have to speak over the hum of the high voltage power lines.


Russia *cuts electricity* Finland "Oh no! ... anyway."


*Russia cuts electricity* Finland: "Mood lighting!" *cheesy porn music starts playing*


Jokes on them. Finland currently has like 18 hours of daylight.


18 hours of daylight now means that one point later this year there is also 18 hours of no daylight.


They'll have the power back on way before then


I know it's a joke but I'm not funny and just want to share an interesting fact The sun being up 18 hours doesn't mean 18 hours of ~~sunlight~~daylight. In addition to twilight, there is full daylight for quite some time after the sun sets. Iceland gets one day a year that the sun doesn't fully set and one day it doesn't rise. Approximately. But during the darkest part of winter there is still some daylight and for a couple of weeks in summer it doesn't get dark at all. This often surprises people - we learn the science but not really what it means in real life (Disclaimer: I don't know how long the full daylight lasts because I generally sleep at night and don't remember when it starts getting dark) Edit: TIL that I misunderstood what exactly twilight means and realized we have a specific word for twilight when it's starting to get dark rather than just daylight when the sun has set.


I lived in the Arctic for a period and the extended sunrise / twilight was so magical. The sky transitioned through so many shades of pinks and purples I had never seen in nature before. It had the same brilliance of a sunset only it covered the entire sky and lasted hours.


I was in Barrow Alaska to witness this one year when I was a teenager. It was so surreal


> In addition to twilight, there is full daylight for quite some time after the sun sets. by definition, that is twilight when it's still light but the sun is down


I assume Finland has already calculated for this in their strategic planning.


Most likely. They just got their newst nuclear plant online also.


bringing nuclear up to 40% of energy output IIRC




Yeah, but the check is in the mail.


That is what 'Ol Jack Burton says.


Far out man.


Just slip it under the door *fist pump*


Putin finally got the venue he wanted and is performing his cycle this weekend, and he would love it if you could come and gave him some notes


I'll be there, man


Where online can one order a nuclear power plant, I'd like to make a purchase


Just call Areva and prepare your bank for the 11b€ draw


If I'm overdrawn $100 it's my problem, if I'm overdrawn $11,000,000,000 that's the banks problem


Same overdraft fee as well. Might as well make the most of it!


It was an expected hissy fit according to the Finnish government. However that doesn't mean we are 100% prepared for it just yet. If those shits make me miss eurovision I'm marching on Moscow.


> Eurovision Ironically the only act I know from that show as an American is Little Big, an amazing Russian band who I hope GTFO.


My only real knowledge of Eurovision is Epic Sax Man


This is actually pretty good season to lose some electricity. People wont be freezing in their homes. If it was winter, then we might have storm in our hands.


Finland wouldn’t be without electricity and be forced to sit in the cold lmao . It only means that the electricity bill will most likely rise.


Doesn't really matter this time of the year. The only time Finland is actually dependent on energy imports is during the winter, when energy demands increase massively. If Russia had suddenly cut off the importing in January, then there could have been shortages and even local blackouts until the local production and imports from e.g. Sweden are ramped up. But outside winter the importing is mostly done for economic reasons.




Yes, they will compensate by increasing domestic production and buying more electricity from Sweden


is this the retaliation they were talking about? alright then


Official reason for cutting was ”troubles of getting properly paid”. In any case, it is not much of a consequence for us. We are getting plenty of electricity from other sources.


You guys should do a live stream of the lights not even flickering.


I don't think anyone would've even noticed that Russia stopped selling us electricity without the news telling us they did. If memory serves, Russian energy made up about 6% of our consumption _before_ Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor went online. So now? It was maybe one percent, and probably can be compensated with a couple of emergency generators out of some shopping mall basement. Plus, I am pretty sure we have atleast 6 months worth of all critical resources in stock, and that includes energy, in one form or another. Basically, if we don't find an alternative way to produce about 1% of our energy consumption from somewhere else in six months, we might have to turn off electricity in Kouvola. Why there? Because it's already a shithole, having no lights isn't gonna make it much worse. In fact, it might improve it, because then you don't have to see how depressing the place looks with no lights.


Having been to Kouvola while living in Finland it's one of the few places that is made more beautiful by complete and utter darkness.


I had a girlfriend like that


Your girlfriend glows in the dark?


The dig at Kouvola made the entire read so worthwhile.


Or at worst: "Prepare for a momentary yet unlikely outage while we switch sources"


Flicker for 2 seconds. Then a pan to a grizzled Finnish man muttering, "Damn Russians".


***Curses!*** ^*anyway...*


And we are self-sufficient in electricity as early as 2023 with new wind power which produces 2,000 megawatts. Russia provides currently about 950 megawatts to us.


Ah, you didn't want to pay them in rubles I see. Hopefully this doesn't push electricity costs too much higher for Finnish peeps - good thing Europe is headed into the summer, at least. I almost think that if Europe wasn't already actively planning to move away from Russian Energy in the near/immediate future, that NATO would run a real risk of Russia cutting it off in the dead of winter to any 'hostile' countries they can, anyway.


Most of the imports usually come from Norway from their massive hydro capacity. Finnish homes do not use gas for heating and are very well insulated. There were already talks about cutting Russia from Finnish grid from the FI, but seems Russia beat to it.


Russia tried for 20 years to get Europe irreversibly hooked on Russian supplied energy. They were a couple of years away from doing that. Same thing with destroying NATO, the EU, and possibly Western Democracy with their social engineering and meddling. The fact that they acted now rather than waiting just a couple of more years for their decades long efforts to bear fruit strongly suggests to me that Pooty is operating on some sort of compressed timeline. In other words, motherfucker knows he's gon' be dead sooner than that.


The sowing of division is working SO WELL in North America and Britain. It's amazing how easy it is to get us to turn on each other. People are so very flawed.


Hmmm.. Lifetime of protection from Russian agression in exchance for a small transitional period where minor power consumption may be needed. I'd buy that for a dollar.


Finland's nuclear plant just went online too


We have two plants and this was the fifth reactor overall


How'd ya manage to skip the 3rd and 4th? Edit: I'm astounded by how many people replied to this with the same comment, without having read any of the previous, identical replies.


Multiple reactors per plant


The fact that someone answered this without being a jerk... Restored just a bit of my faith in humanity.


Would you like some crass remark about your mother to return some normalcy?


Yeah Finnish this


I think you might be Russian to judgement on this one.


Norway are we going through these puns again


Aha! Thanks.


Honestly was not sure if you were joking or not there!


Nope. Not a fucking clue, here. Now, I know.


Not alone!


In Montreal, Canada we used to have the metro lines 1,2,4 and 5. Line number 3 (red) was never built. Now they changed the numbers to colors.


Chernobyl had four reactors. One exploded. The others were still running until relatively recently (a few years ago, well after the disaster). A car typically has only one engine, but a ship might have a big one or multiple smaller ones. Or like an airplane can have multiple engines. Same with power plants. The plant generated electricity, but it might have more than one instance of whatever is generating that - in the case of a nuclear reactor, a plant might have multiple reactors - the bit that actually generates electricity. :)


Ion cannon online, stand by ion control.


Everybody gangsta till "Enemy Rift Generator detected"


>Ion cannon online, stand by ion control. Love me some C&C references


Man I can tell i haven't played those in a while, my brain went immediately to Star Wars


Same. Empire Strikes Back to be specific.


I too place my faith in Robocop. Finland got this, they Robogotthis.


Don’t be silly, this is a special electrical operation.


Stop resisting!


Ohm my god


Wire you making us cut off your power?!


Say watt??


You haven't kept up with current affairs?


This is really amping me up.


Well their troops aren't intimidating so this is all they have.


Honesty I’m totally okay with this form of protest from Russia. Economic penalties are how civilized countries handle their issues, it’s when they start using their military like in Ukraine when it becomes unacceptable.


Same. I'm NOT in Finland so this doesn't affect me. But it's not like a country is forced to sell anything to anyone. But of course the people they previously chose to sell to can go somewhere else for what they made. Or make it domestically. EDIT: Meant not in Finland. So while I have an opinion, I can't speak on how they feel about it because at the end of the day, it doesn't affect me.


Exactly, it’s all bark and no bite, just like their military. Now Finland needs to rely on other sources of energy instead of Russia.


>Now Finland needs to rely on other sources of energy instead of Russia. How green is Finland right now, and can they increase their percentage?


Every European country reliant on Russian oil and gas is making huge investments on alternative energy sources. Denmark is building artificial islands to help manage its offshore electrical energy production. Germany is investing €10 billion in green energy. All of them are in fear of being cut off. Shutting off gas is just the first step in a series of threats from Russia. It mostly affects industrial customers. The article doesn't mention it, but the lack of payment cited as the reason for the shutoff is Finland's refusal to pay for energy in Roubles. The reason? They have a contract to pay in a different currency. * [https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russia-could-cut-gas-supply-finland-friday-newspaper-2022-05-12/](https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/russia-could-cut-gas-supply-finland-friday-newspaper-2022-05-12/) The best outcome from the threats and investments is we will see a huge drop in greenhouse gas emissions and new innovation in solar, wind and geothermal technology.


This almost (minus the horror and death) feels like some skit. Like bad guy wants to be bad, but everything he does actually ends up in positives and helps people.


I think ProZD [actually did make a skit on that very premise a few years back](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPUgjy-Pn-4&ab_channel=ProZD)


ProZD is a gem. I put his food videos on to fall asleep sometimes, between his voice and the chill music it's great background.


Putin should get a Nobel Prize for forcing most of Europe to start investing heavily in renewables. He even added flowers to the fields in Ukraine. Edit: posthumously awarded*


He turned 20,000 Russian soldiers into windmills. Absolute legend. Edit: into wind turbines


*29,500 and counting...


Jesus. He's halfway to Vietnam numbers and its only been 2 months.


Damn, that’s a perspective I hadn’t thought of.


I think they lost more people in the first 10 days than America did in Afghanistan from 2001-2022. Its very grim to think about.


America only had like 2500 dead soldiers in the entire time that we were in Afghanistan.


Which is likely part of the problem for Russia. They watched the US effortlessly crush Iraq in 91, then again in 2003. And do the same in Afghanistan. And if the weak willed west can do it, then of course the manly Russians can handle it. Cue Ukraine being a catastrophe


Or it's a third of US WW1 loses (roughly a year) in 1/6 of the time.


Western countries care about their losses. Russian families will be missing their men but the people in charge don't seem to give a shit. It won't be long until his troops at home (the police and government paid people) turn on him. Well, hopefully.


I cannot remember which Russian fucker said it but in response to men dying he said, "Mothers will make more." ​ That is the mentality of the Russian government. Always has been.


There are telegram channels and russian imageboards already showing footage of civiliams setting fire to military recruitment centers in russia


That's higher than the afghan claims (18k) or even independent non-soviet estimates (26k) of 10 years of war in Afghanistan.


They have already thrown ~30k soldiers away at this? Ffs what a waste


Based on the things we've been seeing their soldiers doing to civilians, for some it's a waste and for others its "good riddance".




Does Nobel prize have equivalent of the razzies?


In fact, it does! [The Ig Nobel prize](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ig_Nobel_Prize#:~:text=The%20Ig%20Nobel%20Prize%20(%2F%CB%8C,pun%20on%20the%20Nobel%20Prize%2C).


I have a book that collected all of those. My favorite one involved determining outdoor temperature without a thermometer based upon the angle of dangle of someone's balls lol


I like the one where they figured out that unlike for humans and other animals, yawning is not contagious for turtles


Hey! Let's not forget Hitler. He managed to create the EU!


And he killed a nazi dictator


but he also killed the guy that killed a nazi dictator... along with a few million other people.


> Denmark is building artificial islands to help manage its offshore electrical energy production. >All of them are in fear of being cut off. While its true that Denmark is building energy islands. It's not because of russian aggression.


Well since they were agreed on in June 2020, I'm inclined to agree :) Denmark doesn't need external incentives to invest in renewable, we are pretty much pot committed at this point.


Finland refuses to pay in rubles.


Russia: angry Finland wants to side with NATO and Europe. Cuts power: Finland needs to rely more on Europe and NATO members for power Brilliant!


Added benefit of less money going to Russia as well. Managing to shoot both their feet at once.


I've never seen someone try and dig themselves out of a hole as much as Putin's Russia. All of this bungling and insanity would be hilarious if it didn't have horrific tragedies accompanying it.


Dig up stupid!


2022, the year of doubling down


Makes sense, considering how many 2's are in the year


Think how hard it must be to shoot yourself in the second foot AFTER shooting yourself in the first foot. That is some clear dedication to the task at hand.


That or they pulled out a second gun to shoot both at once


Maybe just put one foot over the other and shoot both at same time?


And Finland just opened a brand new reactor.


Congrats Russia on forcing Finland to find alternative electricity sources and never ever coming back as a customer in the future.


Next breaking news, Russia changes wifi password so Finland can't use it.


Yeah, that will change their mind. This will probably be about as effective as calling your girlfriend a bitch after she breaks up with you.


"I ain't missin you at all!" ..."missin you"


“I don’t get it Boris. The more hostile we get with Finland the more hostile they get toward us. It’s weird.”


At first I thought you where talking about Boris Jhonson and couldn't understand the joke, as if Russians where talking with UK prime minister lol


"The beatings are continuing, why isn't morale improving?"


I mean this war is turning out hilariously for Russia. Do they realize they have to exist as a country after this? They're literally teaching all of Europe how to be self sufficient and not rely on Russia for anything. At this rate their exports will be a fraction of what they were pre war even without the sanctions.


> Do they realize they have to exist as a country after this? This crystallized what’s been so mystifying to me about this. Like, what is the long term (or short term) plan??




And I've just got my fingers crossed that "Releasing The Dead Hand" isn't on his bucket list too. I don't think Putin is thinking about any consequences anymore.


The dude's absolutely got Putin 2.0 picked out.




The plan went out the window when they didn't take Kiev in a week, now they're just floundering and digging themselves deeper


I mean they just through everyone would cow to them and they'd get Ukraine without any setbacks on their end.


Lots of historical precedent for failed states who get handouts by pestering (that's a nice way to say terrorizing) successful states. See: the Huns, North Korea, Weimar-->Nazi Germany, West Virginia. Whether or not this is Russia's actual plan, it's where all this is headed. As good as the schadenfreude feels, we should be cautious not to let Russia fall too far.


They were essentially ignored when they invaded the first time a decade ago. They thought the world got even worse and would ignore them again, especially after our previous administration moved in many ways to try and strengthen Russia and weaken Ukraine.


"Russia cuts off nose to spite face"


How many more countries are you going to alienate, Russia? At this rate it'll be the next North Korea


Kim Jong contemplating NATO membership


In case anyone is interested, you can see the live status of the Finnish grid [here](https://www.fingrid.fi/en/electricity-market/power-system/). We do import a lot from Russia, but we also export a lot to Estonia. At the moment I am writing, it is about 1000 MW from Russia and 1000 MW to Estonia, which rather sounds like Russia is going to end up punishing Estonia when it tries to punish Finland. The whole grid will need to readjust. Olkiluoto 3 will solve most of the problems, but it is still in testing, won't be at full continuous power until July. It could probably be sped up if necessary, but based on what I have seen, it won't be necessary.


Every time the world tries to hurt/offend Russia, Russia hurts Russia worse. It's hilarious. Quite literally a "why do you keep hitting yourself" situation. Lol Gonna be great when Russia gets a new leader and he has to start his "reign" by apologizing to the global community.


They're trying to play the China card and they aren't China.


Russia seems to be going out of its way to let its neighbors know it can't be trusted.


Russian electricity, go fuck yourself


Leaders of the World, behold! **Wind, geothermal, solar, nuclear.** Four already proven, clean energy technologies to make every country energy independent from wannabe autocrats.


You forgot heart dude. By your powers combined...


Hydro being the largest source of renewable energy: "Am I a joke to you?"


R/hydrohomies in shambles (but not because of dehydration)


Russia doesn't want NATO surrounding it, so it made sure all countries in its proximity join NATO by acting belligerent. Such a strategic mastermind.


Putin is such an environmentalist! he is pushing everyone to use renewables!


If the world had acted on climate change when it spoke about publicly in the 80s, nobody would be relying on Russia for power


This race to renewables just shows that if there is no economic interest, alternatives will never be considered. Everything is just done for profit or to avoid profit loss (which is what will happen if there is a energetic crisis).


Sadly true, but you would *think* governments would treat energy as national security and lay the funding on before a crisis happens.


So threaten them, cut off electricity, and act surprised when they wish to join NATO. Again, these countries would not have joined NATO like they are doing now if not for Russia.


Putin lovers act like the world is being super mean to Russia. They like to ignore that the reason the world is reacting this way is that Russia agreed to certain rules when it joined the world economy. And then it broke them, time after time after time. When we found out they were going to break them again by invading Ukraine, we warned them weeks ahead of time to not do it or we would do EXACTLY what we've done. And Russia lied, saying they were NOT going to do what they ended up doing. Russia lied, over and over. The western nations told them what would happen if they were lying. It's one of the least complicated international incidents in modern history.


So nice of Russia to prepare the rest of the world to live without their resources. Great plan.


I don't want to speak for Finland or any European nation dealing with this energy crisis, but... as a consumer, I would gladly deal with higher prices and less energy usage if it had the effect of fast-forwarding the world to renewable, green energy. I'm on the fence with nuclear, but it seems far better than depending on terrorist nations like Russia & Saudi Arabia.


Right well. Guess that confirms it. Russia has officially forced Finland into NATO. Honestly there’s no better country at recruiting for NATO than Russia


So rather than slather Finland and Sweden with generous economic gifts, butter them up, make it unpalatable to break ties, Russia instead decided to make itself out to be a colossal asshole and push Finland harder toward NATO membership. That's some slick diplomacy there. High fives all around.


Putin hurts himself in his confusion.


That'll teach 'em what sort of friendship they're risking!


What percent of Finland’s electrical demand comes from Russia? Can they supplement it with other sources? How will this impact the country as a whole? Journalism in 2022 is absolute garbage.


> What percent of Finland’s electrical demand comes from Russia? ~10% previously but they reduced it in April so I guess the 5% people say in comments might be more accurate. >Can they supplement it with other sources? Yes. >How will this impact the country as a whole? Electricity might cost more but it's getting more warmer so consumption is going down. You can try and Google Translate this; https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-12445766