So even on the low end, they've matched total US troop deaths from 17ish years in Iraq and 20ish years in Afghanistan... in about a month. Unreal.


This is between 11 and 22 per hour. Just to put it into context. On average between putting an egg in boiling water, and it being boiled, a Russian soldier has died.


They also just had massive pandemic deaths from a population who has been trained to believe everything is a conspiracy, and a huge number of younger people fleeing Russia to avoid conscription/sanctions/increasing fascism. Russia's population has got to be taking a big hit with everything combined.


It is, it is taking a huge hit. All the educated people who can leave Russia are doing so - as are many of the wealthy, including those who are wealthy by Russian standards, but far from being oligarchs. So everyone with skills and resources is leaving. They would be leaving even faster if they could, but there are so few flights out now. For those who know and appreciate the huge heritage of Russian culture, this is a tragedy all on its own. Obviously nothing compares to the loss of life and homes - but Russians around the world will lose a lot of their heritage and culture. Meanwhile, Putin is destroying much of the similar culture of Ukraine.


Might be a stupid question and I know Russia is enormous but can they just drive out? If you're desperate driving for a few ds/weeks would be worth it.


They could try. But Russia only has 45 road crossing borders; 13 of those are with Ukraine, and 8 are with Mongolia. So, there is a lot of control over the border checkpoints - and free travel isn't permitted anymore, most people are not allowed to enter the bordering nations. And even the handful who can enter - their Russian credit cards don't work, and they may not be able to access their bank at all.


Destination - fucked. Those poor people. If I woke up tomorrow and couldn't access any money, I'd last about two weeks, tops.


Thousands left millions stayed, let’s not exaggerate. Plenty of intelligent, well-educated and wealthy people are staying. Most people can’t take their businesses or jobs with them.


The immense brain drain they're starting to go through is gonna cripple them for years.


Every programmer has full access to the web knows what's going on and is absolutely going to flee the country at their first opportunity. I know several already in America they've all said they're never going back


Happened in my country too when we had our own dictator. I don't think we've ever recovered even 40 years later.


Self-Applied Genocide is as Russian as vodka.


Which will affect their already fucked economy even more, and help prevent it from recovering.


There are estimates that Russia's population decreased by about one million during the pandemic. Add thousands of youths dead, wounded or suffering from PTSD, and their outlook is even more grim


This notion of the population is trained to believe in conspiracies. In 2007 I was working in Africa with a team of Russians, and others. After work we would often drink beers on the patio of our compound. I’m not sure how this topic came up, and I certainly didn’t introduce anything that might strain worldly opinions, but the 9-11 attacks were brought up. All the Russians believed in some conspiracy, usually involving the US government as the organizers. I had no idea that people actually believed this nonsense. Of course I’d read about fringe conspiracy theories, but I had no idea that it was widely believed.


How many Russians is that if you microwave the egg?


This destroys the egg


When I was in the military this guy in the barracks a few doors down from me decided to put an egg into a coffee mug of water and stuck it in the microwave for god knows how long. He took it out of the microwave, fished the egg out of the water, then gently poked the eggshell with a pocket knife. He instantly got a face full of molten yolk and lost vision in one eye with massive facial scarring.


Disinform Putin and let him think that It's the best egg recipe.


Microwaving whole eggs causes a bunch of serious injuries every year. Don’t do this.


Special Omelette Operation


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It is the nuclear option. The egg is destroyed and the room is irradiated with egg. No one is safe and those who remain live in regret.


it's great for making souffles or scrambles though


Ooops, putting the Russian soldier in the microwave did not work out as expected.


Forget US in Afghanistan, they are approaching about 10 years of the USSRs casualties in Afghanistan. There is simply no way to view this than utter, catastrophic failure.


Well that is what happens, when one starts all out force on force war. Ukraine has military. Not some ragtag rebels. They have tanks, they have artillery, they have *hundreds of thousands of soldiers*. They are fighting on their own ground. They have Anti tank mines. They have real time intelligence. Plus Russia is being really stupid. As one Finnish military commentator in interview said: "Russia would be doing much better, had they read their own operating protocols". They are driving then columns into *extremely well armed, extremely hostile* territory. In multiple directions. By passing areas and just charging forward to target points. Leaving flanks open. Instead of what their doctrine is *One main push and one feint/tie down operation*. On the main push amass a massive hammer of power and then just step forward with massive firepower. Massive artillery preparations, first wave assault and capture, secure area. Move artillery hammer forward, second wave forward to launch positions. Bombard the hell out of next area, second wave takes it, secures it. Artillery hammer forward, third wave to front. Massive artillery preparation, third wave move in, take area. Now bring forward first wave again. Rince and repeat. Luckily.... Russian military is being stupid and not doing what they are supposed. Instead they sent forward unsupported mechanized columns to get ambushed. Every video of Russian tank exploding to AT missile... thats pretty certain 3 dead soldiers. One ain't escaping that inferno of the munitions cooking off.


Here is the thing, Russia has spent the last three decades making sure that the army does not get so capable that it would pose a threat to the internal security apparatus (and there by threaten Putin). Every time a commander in the army has been too competent he has been “removed”. Hence what you are now left with is the mediocre commanders. In Russia the army is also very far down the hierarchy in terms of power and it is not uncommon for organizations higher up to basically loot resources out of the army. Couple all this together, mix in general distrust and lack of communication between branches and suddenly what we are seeing makes more sense.


Interesting! I was wondering why their military was so shit despite them supposedly having the 4th largest miltary spending budget in the world. It didnt occur to me that Putins paranoia could also lead him to weaken his own military to prevent the risk of coups. I have one addition to why the Russian military is a shitshow on wheels. There is an extremely brutal hazing culture for new recruits/conscripts known as [Dedovshchina](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dedovshchina) and hundreds of young men commit suicide because of it every year. Its one of the reasons that the morale was so low in their army, even before the invasion.


The Russian army attempted a coup sometime early in the 1990ies,Yeltsin managed to foil it. He picked Putin as his successor. So makes sense Putin doesn't trust the army.


It's also been broken out how much of Russia's defense budget (the part that isn't stolen...) goes to things that are of little or no relevance in Ukraine. Russia is trying to support the world's largest nuclear triad, a very large navy full of mostly old ($$$) ships and nuclear ($$$$) ships, a national heavy air defense system over the world's largest country, and large internal security forces that are technically under the military. They also are trying to develop next generation aircraft and missiles. The Navy can fire a few missiles at Ukraine. That's the extent of the use of any of this in the current conflict.


You missed out with all that $$ spending they are doing it with an economy the size of Australia...that was before sanctions


And you know the reason why they're not doing their own doctrine - is because this is supposed to be a "peacekeeping" operation or whatever they sold it as to the Russian people, and the Ukrainians were supposed to welcome them. Putin was hoping for an easy breezy victory, and reducing cities to rubble with artillery isn't good PR. I remember in the first week they were showing live footage of Kiev as a "See, no terrible invasion going on here, we're not burning the place to the ground". Nor would soldiers take too kindly to it. So he tried to avoid it by breaking doctrine (in addition to horribly bad intel he was apparently getting) Except it didn't turn out easy, and they didn't pivot back to their doctrine. And even now they're only starting to do it in Mariupol.


Russia was hoping that Ukraine would fall similar to Iraq when the US invaded


There are plenty of reasons why Russians are screwing up on tactical and operational level, and while a lot of them are down to Russian incompetence plenty can be attributed to Ukrainian competence. They really are doing good job with defense in depth , not giving battle when it's not necessary instead allowing Russians to basically 'exploit their own weaknesses'. Russia is just making it relatively easy.


Russia has likely had more soldiers die in one Ukrainian month than in their own decade in Afghanistan. They're on track to surpass US deaths over 20 years in Vietnam before summer ends. If higher estimates are correct (and I lean towards this interpretation), that could be accomplished by June. All with a smaller number of men 18-30 than the United States has now, or had in the 1960s.


According to an "accidental" leak at a Russian state news agency yesterday, their deaths are pushing 10k and wounded is like ~16,500


And that number doesn't include those listed as MIA who were actually killed, and might not include fighters from puppet states or hired mercenaries from Wagner or abroad.


Correct. It does not include mercenaries and foreign fighters


transmission off citizen band radio being used by russians had nearly 13k soldier deaths and 4.5k mercenary deaths like 3 days ago.


Also more reasonable than the low estimates.


I really hope especially the Wagner group mercenaries have very high losses. Evil bastards.


Unlike the Russian army, they may be wiped out completely in this war. There is fewer than 10 thousand of them.


Let's hope so. I have mixed feelings about the Russian soldiers dying but the Wagner scum I have zero sympathy for.


They need to go more often against US positions. When they did, they got absolutely demolished.


Wow, so upwards of 25,000 casualties in a month. Makes me wonder how much NATO is doing behind the scenes because the amount of intelligence alone needed to inflict those sorts of casualties in such a short period of time makes me think that Ukraine is well aware of nearly all of Russia's movements. EDIT: If the source is accurate*


Iirc part of the reason the initial invasion was so unsuccessful is because nato warned Ukraine and they were able to move their command structure before they were hit. I think that once things settle down, we’re going to see that that was really the deciding factor in this whole thing. Russia thought they could cripple their command infrastructure, cause chaos and have an easy victory. They never planned on fighting an enemy that was organized enough to fight back.


Ukraine was also planning all along to fight with broken communications. Their soldiers in the field were ready from the beginning to keep themselves able to fight and to exploit every opportunity to hit back. Having full information about Russia's movements lets the defenders make maximum use of their training and equipment.


They also learned from their mistakes. “No phones” in the US Army means hide it and don’t get caught. “No phones” in the Ukrainian Army means don’t be like that entire battalion that was triangulated by a cell phone and rendered combat ineffective in 3 minutes by a rocket barrage in 2014.


They never do, Russia literally never plans to fight in enemy they plan to Rollin like it’s China in 1989 Tiananmen Square and just take over the place and call of theirs


15% of their original invasion force. In a month. At this rate, they won't last another month before collapsing. Not if the rumors about food and fuel are accurate. One of their tank commanders just sold a T72 to the Ukrainians for ten grand and asylum. This does not bode well for Mr. Putin. Avoid high windows.


-CIA exits the room-


Let's be conservative, and say they have 5000 dead and 15,000 wounded. That is 10% of the forces they initially invaded with. Roughly 1 in 10 Russian soldiers is now out of the fight, one month in. And the replacements they send will be EVEN LESS combat effective than the first wave. This is a mess for Russia. If Ukraine can establish a stalemate, they will be holding most of the cards at the negotiating table.


>Let's be conservative, and say they have 5000 dead and 15,000 wounded. That is 10% of the forces they initially invaded with. Roughly 1 in 10 Russian soldiers is now out of the fight, one month in. And the replacements they send will be EVEN LESS combat effective than the first wave. This is a mess for Russia. And the 560,000 Ukrainian reservists that were called up a month ago are completing their intakes this week and next and will be joining combat operations.


I mean, except for a few spots it pretty much is a stalemate, and in the Northwest of Kyev Ukraine straight dropped an uno reverse card and is retaking land and encircling Russian troops


If you're killing enemies faster than they can reinforce, I don't think it's a stalemate, even if the lines of battle seem static.


you could say they've been ... decimated.


Wars between industrial nations tend to be very destructive. We already forgot *how* destructive.


Can Russia even keep this up until summer? At this rate their military will collapse.




Our early involvement was fairly limited, but steadily grew. Then diminished again near the end.


Because it wasn’t 20 years. After Kennedy was assassinated, Kennedy’s people told Johnson that the US should stay the hell out of Vietnam. If you consider US real involvement start at Gulf of Tonkin Incident (Aug. 2nd, 1964) to the Fall of Saigon (April 30th, 1975). That’s less than 11 years.


US forces were on the ground before 64 as “advisers” . You could go back to the late 50’s depending on how you define US involvement in SEA and Vietnam


What are the estimated amounts of losses for Russia 3 months into this? It’s gotta be like 50,000+. The deaths will get even faster the more they break down.


Or slower as the Russian advance stalls and they just settle in for shelling cities, and not dropping unsupported paratroopers to take airfields or infantry to fight street by street to capture cities. If this becomes a stalemate seige then casualties might fall, if they try to take cities it will certainly rise.


Even if the rate drops they're still gonna lose soldiers trying to protect supply convoys. If they send scouts out to combat the Ukrainians along supply routes then they will be exposed like they've been up to this point. If they send gunships they'll risk losing them to stinger missiles. Honestly if the supply shortage claims are correct they'll be losing far more soldiers to desertion if going home means catching a bullet in the head and staying means going hungry and maybe getting blown up.




It's amazing they can't do the logistics for a war literally on their doorstep


I've often seen it said that Russia is a "mafia state", and I can believe it. They conduct diplomacy, government, and war like organized crime. It's actually disorganized, not complex or layered, little thought or care given to personnel losses, and things are accomplished with brutality and violent action. It really does line up.


and literally everyone steals from the budget, leaving basically nothing left for equipment and food


> Massive amounts of their troops have effectively corralled themselves for slaughter. Dunno if anything we read is true, but yesterday there was a purported intercepted phone call in which a Russian soldier said they were ordered to *keep moving forward without securing the villages they passed through.* He said this led to them constantly being attacked from all sides.


That could explain why they've had 6 generals KIA so far. All of that territory on the map Russia claims to hold isn't secured, and so their logistics and command staff are being hit all over the place behind the front lines, resulting in wildly high casualty rates.


Another thing I read said that because their communication is so bad, and because they don't delegate a lot of responsibility by protocol... high ranking guys have to go up front to make sure stuff gets done how they want. So yeah, kapow, another general down. Dunno if true; sounds very plausible though.


Ukraine is already pushing back in key regions. While Russia may have missiles and airstrip from afar, with the exception of Mariupol, I don't see things stagnating for long. Morale is low, Russian troops are hungry, commanders are getting sent forward to push their forces and getting killed. If they can't keep their soldiers supplied and continue to lose experienced personal this is going to continue blowing up in their face with more and more consequences.


They won’t be able to shell cities if they can’t get close to them. Most of the Russian deaths have come from up north where Russian troops are trying to surround Kharkiv and Kyiv the way they surround Mariupol. The Ukrainians just keep pushing them back.


And they can't shell cities if they don't have trucks(and fuel) to transport - ya know - the shells.


Were Russia to invade Kyiv proper, their casualties would reach well north of 100k. Possibly more, with Russian *deaths* within the city's limits in excess of 40k. Everyone can see this, including Putin, which is why many anticipate a drawn-out and miserably familiar siege. Personally, I don't see either happening. For a variety of reasons, I'm of the growing opinion that Russia will resort to unconventional methods of warfare. In the event conditions meet Putin's definition of an "existential threat" to the Russian Federation - a definition which he and his mouthpieces have been very carefully obscuring, but in all likelihood includes their army's absolute defeat in Ukraine - he may choose to employ chemical, "small" tactical nuclear, and/or biological weapons. That's the rub, IMHO. Russia either takes one of the off-ramps they're provided and withdraws in disgrace, holds on and suffers unimaginable losses - further risking the outbreak of widespread insurrection within the country itself - or utilizes weapons of mass destruction in order to upend (verses turning) the tides of war. The latter effectively seals their role as a pariah / Chinese vassal state for the next half century, while simultaneously upping the ante to a level once thought impossible, all in an attempt to win back the empire of old's brutish grandeur. We're in uncharted territory here. Very disturbing.


I think once they break Mariupol they will start negotiating seriously. IMHO the land bridge to Crimea is the least that they will walk away with and claim a success


At the moment dead+wounded (as in unable to fight) is estimated at around 40000. In general you assume to have 3x more wounded than dead - 10k+30k seems about right as well. The rate is decreasing as the fight goes into stalemates.


I think that's with modern wars that the West has been involved in, where the military issues body armor and has effective means of medivac. For the Russians, I can see it being a considerably lower ratio, with a lot more wounds ending up being fatal


For the US, If you were shot in Iraq, you would have competent peers, equipped with a basic kit to stop the bleeding. They would then be able to immediately send an aircraft to evacuate you from the battlefield. If it was bad enough, they could put you on a plane with medical professionals that can stabilize and fly you to surgeons in Germany. I imagine it’s brutal for the unsupported, under equipped Russians, being invaders in the middle of enemy territory


I read somewhere that casualty rates for Russians are skewing more towards 2x more wounded than dead. The logistical issues are making it hard to provide the aid required for wounded soldiers so many would be casualties end up dying on a cold makeshift bed.


Not just the logistical issues, the skew towards Russians staying in their vehicles and massive AT weapon proliferation make this war way deadlier than usual for the Russians.


They wouldn't be dying if they stayed in Russia so...




I would guess it will slow. The only reason these casualties can be so high that makes sense to me is that the Russian soldiers just walked in with zero combat posture, expecting that Ukraine would fold like 2014. You don’t storm a fortress by marching your whole army right up to the gate and tooting your horn but it seems like that’s pretty much the approach Russia took. Unless, that is, Ukraine starts an extremely effective counteroffensive and manages to cut of large chunks of the Russian army. But as far as I’m aware that isn’t within the realm of possibility with the resources Ukraine has.


As an aggressor time is against you, digging in and riding it out is not something that will work for russia here, especially with the economical pressure at home. Also requires proper moral of these troops occupying which is meh at best and seems more likely to be absolute horrendous. ​ Ukraine is getting heavily propped up finanically ontop of huge amount of military equipment, if fronts settle in there is a high chance more western weapon systems will flow to ukraine as there is time for training and planning. ​ For now with mobilization going in Ukraine and the morale we see across the board for those troops i would expect a rather large counter offensive if this drags another month, with russia unable to replace/replenish the current involved troops really.


With less than half of our population. This war will leave a deep scar in Russia, I really hope they can finally figure out how to move away from authoritarianism


The US wasn't fighting a well organised and incentivised military supplied with modern weaponry and western intelligence to be fair.


To be fair, Russia has a history both long and recent of not giving a shit about their soldiers.


While the Iraqi military might not have been highly competent, trained, and supplied, it was still an organized army. Plus the U.S. had to invade halfway across the world, not just next door


Yeah, the 2003 Iraq invasion was actually an extremely impressive military operation in terms of planning and logistics. Of course there was no meaningful plan whatsoever of what to do *after* the invasion.


That pretty much demonstrates that the generals are really good at their jobs, and that the politicians who ordered the attack aren't good at theirs.


A lot for just a special operation.


Tbf Putin didn’t necessarily indicate just *how* special this operation would be. He was kinda vague on that end.


its *eat glue* special


Russia was already suffering from one of the worst demographic distributions on the planet. Sending thousands of breeding age young men to die in a pointless war will make their demographic problems even worse.


Some perspective: - Soviet war in Afghanistan, 11 years - total Soviet fatalities of 14,900 - Second Iraq War, 9 years - total Coalition fatalities of 4,825 (US is about 4,500) - US War in Afghanistan, 20 years - total coalition fatalities of 3,576 (US is about 2,420) These do not include local forces or civilians, I’m just talking about those identified above


In one month. In just one month the Russian economy is dust and they've lost 15k soldiers and for fucking nothing.


exhibit A for why having a dictator is bad


For reference, Germany had 17k death in their 35 days Poland campaign. Germany had 17k death, 30k injured, 3.5k missing as per wiki.


Compared to better organized armies, I bet a lot of Russian soldiers are dying from untreated or poorly treated wounds.


Starving and Hypothermia seem to be reported issues. The unexplained damage to rail in Belarus is also not going to help either of those things going forward.


Could you have died from starvation if you havnt eaten since the start of the invasion? Didn't know we were in that territory at this point.


Up to about 2 months without eating and a couple of days with drinking Of course it s also influenced on your ‘starting point’ and what activity you are being asked to do, ie how much energy you have stored and how much you are needed to expend. They ll be struggling after 2 weeks really bad


A monk can do a 40 day fast if all they're doing is praying every day. You don't survive a month without food in combat.


What if you're just sitting in a trench, praying?


As mammals we burn a hell of a lot of calories just keeping our bodies warm, so I'm guessing in a Ukrainian winter trench it's not gonna be easy.


Survival is generally considered: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. This invasion will be at 4 weeks since border crossing tomorrow, but Russians were staging on their own border for sometime in late December 2021. So, yes.


Also I assume the 3 weeks is sort of on the basis that you’re not doing much else. If you’re also very cold and having to expend energy to stay warm, plus having to expend a lot of energy carrying a heavy backpack, assault rifle or whatever, and conduct activities, I imagine the 3 weeks becomes shorter


>3 hours without shelter Is that suppose to be in connection with extreme conditions?


Yes if you go outside longer than 3 hours god smites you.


Well good thing I'm a redditor!!


Yes, but not nearly as extreme as you’d think. I think it’s 3 hours for ‘harsh conditions’, meaning extreme heat or cold. [here’s some info](https://www.healthline.com/health/extreme-temperature-safety#extreme-heat-temperatures)


Yes, like a northern winter and in the wilderness. But it's also not really like "you'll die in the snow in 3 hours" so much as if you don't start constructing something in 3 hours you're gonna be screwed before you can finish it or dry out something flammable.


Depends on gear. A proper winter gear is basically a mobile shelter. Sleeping is the problem.


Probably not. You'd have to very malnourished or have 0 caloric intake to die from starvation in 3 weeks. Even just eating grass would keep you alive for longer than 3 weeks. Dehydration, on the other hand, will kill in days. So it's very possible for many to have died due to lack of clean water.


At some point they'll drink dirty water, causes different issues but will keep them alive. Not like Ukraine is a desert.


Issues which can include diarrhea and vomiting, which further contribute to dehydration.


The average soldier on deployment needs 5000kcals per day, 30% more in winter fighting. That's 6+ MRE's if you dont have a field kitchen/lootable UA kwikmart handy. The average russian soldier is unlikely to have much in the way of reserve body fat, so if you take into consideration that the body stores about 10-15000kcal in glycogen and another, say, 50000kcals in muscle and fat, starvation is extremely likely.


Nothing like fighting an 1820's war in the 2020's with the backing of a 2030's military alliance.


it's easily explained the rail workers are destroying the train tracks leading into ukraine because they told lukashenko to fuck himself for involving himself with putin


> unexplained damage to rail in Belarus Russian trains go in, nothing comes out. You can't explain that!


The accidentally published and quickly pulled numbers were 10,000 deaths and 16,000 injuries. Normal reports are 3:1, so this is a sign of exactly what you're talking about. US in Afghanistan/Iraq got it all the way to 8:1 due to better personal equipment, quality battlefield care, and rapid evac to well-equipped hospitals. Recognizing invisible injury like concussion also increased this ratio.


I’d point out to that IED’s are not the same as proper Anti-armor weapons the Ukrainians have. So the ratio was high in part due to the power of the weapons brought to bear


An excellent point. Russia's infantry have inferior vehicles, and they are facing superior weapons. ISIS and Taliban often had to feel successful with simply disabling MBTs, rather than trying to throw their turrets several meters away.


[https://twitter.com/DAlperovitch/status/1506453063267241994](https://twitter.com/DAlperovitch/status/1506453063267241994) >Medics only have bandages.


Wow, that whole thread is really fascinating. Thanks for sharing!


They are stuck in mud woth no gas. I bet there is no med evac transportation for wounded.


If the pincer by Ukrainians in north Kyiv succeeds then this number will grow a fair bit.


Wait. Are you telling me that an advancing army got itself surrounded in enemy territory? Who the fuck trained these people?


I dunno who trained them but the people leading them are basically just shouting "charge!" in Russian. They really really want armored columns and "boots on the ground" in Kyiv and they don't want to wait until their controlled territory reaches that far.


What an unimaginable waste of human life.


And Russia already has a problem with an aging population.


That was exactly my reaction. "troops" "personell" are terms usually used to describe military lost life to de-humanise, but it's young boys who die for this senseless war.


Exactly. I try to make sure I remind myself of what is being said. I imagine my high school days, with 1200 peers at an assembly. Then imagine that multiplied by six or seven times. Every single person, dead. And so many of them are boys not too much older than my peers at that time. The human tragedy is immense, and Putin can go straight to hell for all the lives he’s destroyed, Russian and Ukrainian.


And no doubt many of them had little to no choice. Army desertion is not a trivial act in a time of war. Probably didn’t even understand what was happening. I’m heartbroken for the Ukrainians but we should be equally sorry for the loss of thousands of helpless guys who had no way out. Hopefully they will get some justice one day. RIP.


NATO says the combined Russians killed, injured and missing is 40,000 troops that's a huge figure in only one month of war, no wonder Russia is trying to find more soldiers from anywhere they can.


That’s more than 1 person out of the fight every minute since they crossed the boarder.


Bayraktar song can be heard in the background while reading the article


Absolute banger


Now look at Russian demographics and male/female ratio… he’s commiting genocide on his own people


*"The genocide is coming from inside the house!"*




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Ha, just reminded me of [this old exchange](https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/015/311/ff9.png)


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Negative. I am a meat popsicle.


Rhetorical question: How long do the Russians plan to **successfully** explain away what has happened to the thousands of Russian mothers and families whose sons/brothers/cousins, etc. has been killed in a war that "officially" (according to Russian propaganda) doesn't exist? I mean, they can fool some people for some amount of time, or even most people for a short amount of time, but as more and more Russian soldiers die the lie will be harder and harder for them to maintain on a large scale with success.


I guess that's the thing about media suppression. It would be very hard for any one person to get a true account of the number of casualties unless they go to each family and ask if they have lost someone and even then, they might not be able to publish that number making others have to do the same if they want to know. Meanwhile the official narrative can push a fake number.


So if we go by the median number we get 11k. Then you add in the adverage of 3 to 4 wounded. So 3.5 wounded for every death that's 38500 wounded. Giving us potentially 49500 Russian troops out of the war because of wounds. Add to that captured troops, and troops that have fled in one way or another and its not hard to see why the Russians are so desperate to get Belarus and Syria into the war. This also gives us another indication of why the Russian advances have stopped.


They have only sent about 150,000 troops in so far, despite what they've said about Syrian troops or bringing in troops from other regions. 50,000 dead or wounded would a third of the total troops committed. I think if that were true the remaining forces would have already surrendered or returned to Russia. Those are massive losses.


I think the initial numbers were estimated to be closer to 200k weren't they?


From what I gather they staged something like 175,000, and committed something like 150,000. Of course those are just estimates, and who really knows at this point. They supposedly have something like 750,000-1M active troops, so it isn't clear to me why they haven't sent in more people other than "they can't," for a variety of reasons that are also speculation.


They can’t go full force or else their military bases fall apart. Even then they’ve lost too many tanks, aircraft, and vehicles. They keep going at this rate they’ll be severely depleted. Not to mention they probably won’t be able to get the capital or eastern Ukraine. And even if THAT happens Western Ukraine is gonna be fortified to hell.


> Even then they’ve lost too many tanks, aircraft, and vehicles. They keep going at this rate they’ll be severely depleted. This and also they can't feed, fuel or clothe the troops they already have in the field, or even properly communicate with and organise them. Adding more bodies just makes their logistical nightmare worse at this point, creating more sitting targets for the Ukrainians to sharpen their new toys on.


My opinion (that no one asked for) is that sending in more Russian troops w/o others returning is very, very bad optics. Russian citizens are going to notice when their husbands/fathers/brothers don’t return- I’m sure they are already asking questions. Sending in Syrian & Belarus soldiers means there are less Russian deaths / disappearances to explain. $10 bucks says Putin will claim that a chunk of soldier’s decided to “escape” Russia and build a new life elsewhere, to avoid having to explain that they died fighting in an unjustified war.


> a chunk of soldier’s decided to “escape” Russia and build a new life elsewhere I'd be surprised if that happened. Why would anyone want to leave Russia? Soldiers deserting because of bad conditions arguably looks worse than just calling them MIA.


> Putin will claim that a chunk of soldier’s decided to “escape” Russia and build a new life elsewhere Highly unlikely. He'll say they've been captured and tortured by the Ukrainians, and the noble Russian nation has to send more troops in to try to get them back. If the war ends, he'll say that Ukraine murdered most of the POWs because they're still evil Nazis.


A lot of reasons. One would be that they don't want to completely drain areas of the country from having defense or the ability to put down rebellion. A rebellion while the entire army is busy would have a good chance of succeeding. Another reason is so you don't have most of your army in one place. A significant loss could be devastating. Mostly though it's probably just logistics. You'd be feeding, fueling, and sheltering a large population either in a small concentrated area of the country, or in foreign land. That's difficult and risky. The real question is... What's Russia or Putin's long term plan at this point? To me, the biggest tragedy would be that they continue to just send in a few thousand at a time to the slaughter to slowly weaken Ukraine until they get the upper hand, while the rest of the world throws money and resources at Ukraine. Then Russia steals those assets. If that all happens, then I would agree with Zelenskyy that WWIII has started.


A few hundred thousand active troops are in branches that cant come and fight like the missile force and space force or large sections of regular branches that cant contribute like most of the Navy and parts of the Air Force. You also have ~100k troops in other areas or supporting russian interests in Chechnya, Transnistria, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Syria, the separatist area in Ukraine, etc. Finally, they have their own bases to man. Their army, air borne, and spec ops are only around 390k active and those are the primary groups that can fight in Ukraine.


From what is being reported the injured/killed ratio is lower, it was 3 in the first official Russian numbers, around 2 from US intel sources and 1.6 if the Russian leak from the other day were to be true.


I’m thinking this devolves into a nasty quagmire next month. The Russian military can’t afford to stay, *but they also can’t afford to leave*.


I'm cautiously optimistic, the only edges that the Russian military still have over Ukraine is air power and artillery. Their tanks have by and large proven to be death traps courtesy of Saint Javelin and Lord NLAW, RPGs are shredding their logistics and light vehicles, and that's not counting all the self-inflicted sabotage to the vehicles or them breaking down under wartime conditions. Their artillery is effective, but they've got to be running through shells faster than they can produce them, as such they have a limited time window before they're out of munitions to shoot. The Russian air force is also on a ticking clock, the longer this goes on, the better the Ukrainian air defenses get. The Ukrainian forces either outnumber or will outnumber the Russian forces committed to the fight due to mobilization, as more time goes on the Ukrainian ones will gain skill and veterancy while Russia's unwillingness to fully mobilize and battlefield losses will tilt the manpower battle against them. Heck, Ukraine has even started using Russian weapons against their former owners. If Russia's going to win this, they either need to cut Western supply lines into the country, or they're going to need to resort to chemical or nuclear weapons to level the playing field. If they don't, the war of attrition is going to favor Ukraine, not Russia, and over time that will let Ukraine push Russia back from occupied territory in offensives.


The Russian political leadership can't afford to leave without appearing to have been victorious. The military is fucked.


> The Russian political leadership can't afford to leave without appearing to have been victorious. Even if they managed to beat the Ukrainian army there's no way in hell they'll be able to keep up a long term occupation. There's just too many angry people with guns. My speculation is that an arbitrary goal will be set, such as assassination of Zelensky or taking a specific city or asset, then declaring victory and going home to stage a big parade with old tanks to show the people back how they're still the strongest.


Probably establish some sort of defensible corridor around Donetsk, Kherson, and Luhansk and claim that’s all they wanted on the first place


Frostbite is seemingly an issue. Even if 1% to 5% of deployed forces have frostbite, that's 2,000 to 10,000 people that possibly require mild to serious medical care.


Oh yeah they definitely have higher morale and being on home soil they know the land/cities they are fighting in. The problem is that Russia is playing very dirty at the moment so I don't know how effective all of the reserves will be for Ukraine. Even if Ukraine manages to somehow push Russia out, they are still left with destroyed infrastructure and they have already witnessed an exodus of 10% of the entire population. Despite the overwhelming resistance from the Ukrainian people, what Putin has done in the last month has ruined Ukraine for at least the rest of the decade. Really sad times.


It's possible they rebuild better than before. Post world war 2 Japan's recovery was a miracle, so it's possible.


How long can Russia sustain this invasion with so many troops dying on a daily basis?


Probably not that long. At some point it will become completely unsustainable, and Putin will likely let those left just die.


Yesterday KP (one of the biggest pr-putin media) quoting Russian ministry of defence posted that Russia lost 9831 troops. The article was deleted 24 hours later, but I'm sure that 24 hours is enough for people to read it.


And the Russians have been leaving their fallen comrades behind to rot. Imagine your life having such little value that you are sent off to slaughter for no good reason and then when you die you’re just forgotten about and left behind. I don’t know what’s really wrong with Russia, nor would I pretend to know how to fix that place. It seems to be the epitome of sadness and despair.


They lost 15,000 in Afghanistan. They were in Afghanistan for 477 weeks.


Can you imagine being a young Russian in their army, and serving your country with the best of intentions, and going to Ukraine to *fight Nazis,* dying, and in your final moments understanding that you were sent to die on a lie? God, what a waste. And yeah, it was a waste when the US did it, too, for the poor souls who died in Iraq thinking they were doing anything related to 9/11 or WMD.


I sincerely doubt that most of the Russian soldiers there don't know the truth. Especially this late in the game. Sure, there are exceptions, but most of the Russians still fighting there are monsters. And they deserve the same fate the people that sent them there do.


Pretty much the same casualties Germany took invading Poland, except Germany, you know…took the whole country.


Still baffled that they only managed to take ukraines 16th largest city in an entire month. Hella embarrassing imo


People kept saying, “they can’t continue like this…” in WW1. “They” in that case being everybody. But “they” could. It might be different here. In WW1 the French really were fighting for the survival of France. The Germans stayed basically on the defensive in the West for 3 years, then collapsed after getting their best men slaughtered in a final push. It’s the British I can’t figure. They kept getting men killed in a war they could have sat out, though in the end they did figure out how to win it. In any case, the Russian troops have zero reason to fight. So I guess they might collapse.


Needless deaths. Like almost every war


In the eyes of the Ukraine civilians, those deaths were probably justified.


Needless in the sense that Putin sent them in the first place, not that they were killed by Ukrainians defending their country.


Does the average Russian soldier understand urgent medical attention and have the resources? Helicopter evacuation a thing? I’m just trying to understand how some injuries may lead to death compared to the US ability to save life.


So Ukraine is even more fertile for the next sowing season.


Russia could have as many soliders killed in 10 years in Afghanistan in 1 month in Ukraine.


Nazi Germany lost 17,269 men in the invasion of Poland, a month long operation. This was with a 2 to 1 manpower advantage, a 10 to 1 tank ratio, a mismanaged deployment of the Polish army and the USSR invading from the East. These NATO estimates aren't really surprising, it's just that the modern west isn't used to conflicts that aren't massively one-sided in their favor.


In a year we will see some nice sunflowers around Ukraine