Jaa na Lavde


Lots overreaction in this comment section. Sanctions have not been imposed and it sounds like they won’t be— just from this article. The White House is required by law to either sanction or waive sanctions for purchasing Russian weapons. The official quoted is telegraphing that the White House doesn’t want to impose sanctions.


We definitely won’t do sanctions cause we want to be buddy buddy with India to annoy China lol Edit: I’m just a random muppet on Reddit and I’m not excusing India but the US loves to play countries off each other and we are notorious for looking the other way. Good example is Pakistan who harbored and probably even trained taliban and al qaeda fighters and even had binladen living like 2 miles from a military academy. Also not to mention around the 90s they sold nuclear material to North Korea but all that is okay lol Edit2: I agree with a lot of you reply with how it’s fucked up when we suddenly care about Ukraine and it’s refugees mean while for decades and actively still people from other country’s have been casted aside, ignored or even out right persecuted/suspected of terrorism and rejected because their race and culture is different. It’s beyond fucked up the hypocrisy of my country (The US) and others internationally. People should ether always care or never care and there’s only one option. And Ukrainians not letting people of different races flee their country too? Absolute bull shit but no one wants to talk about that. My only hope is the Ukraine war highlights these issues and brings change for the future but I doubt it.


That's a bingo. As much as I am loath to admit it, China does seem to be gearing up for something bigger and India is mostly in an awkward position being so reliant on Russian military assets, surrounded by unfriendly nuclear states (who are also very chummy with Russia), and also kind of miffed by Ukraine's past perceived reactions towards them. At least that is what I'm learning as I go. Correct me if I'm wrong; I know you will have no qualms doing so. =p


Absolutely correct. India has learnt the hard way to not rely on the US for weapons - we were cut off from ammunition and equipment in the middle of a war, when we needed it the most. Indo-Russian partnerships run deep, and have never waivered, even through the Cold War and fall of the soviet. Also note that the prime minister has publicly called for peace, but I don’t expect we would be voting against Russia in the Un anytime soon. Nobody in India supports the invasion, obviously. But we’re going to try our best to not come under immense pressure by the Us, who still arms Pakistan inspite of all the terrorism launched from their soil, weapons used directly against us, and who doesn’t have the most angelic history when it comes to invading foreign lands themselves.


India is also a massive ally of Russia and has been for decades. I think people forget that the USA and India relationship is relatively new. The Russian one is not. There is a reason the indian subcontinatnt (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) all abstained in the UN vote.


Not really sure about Bangladesh, but quite certain Pakistan would have abstained because of the Chinese stance, rather than the Russian one.


Bangladesh exists today due to USSR intervention in 1971 war.


Bangladesh exist today because the Indian Army was able to wipe out all of the resistance put up by the Pakistani Army in East Pakistan(back then). Before the US Navy 7th Fleet aka Task Force 74, was able to reach the Northern Bay of Bengal to intervene on the Pakistani side.


Can never trust the west and Americans after 1971. Time and again they have only tried to backstab india. India needs to take a stand now.


I can see a future realignment of us (India) - Japan - US/Australia if Russia keeps courting China and China keeps courting Pakistan, but any alliance India is in has mostly been due to shifts in larger geopolitics & the things you mentioned, unfortunately One thing you didn’t mention is that Russia has supported India’s bid for a permanent UN security council seat, so we are unlikely to vote against them while they have that support as a carrot


I actually don't think this would happen. While India and Japan are great allies, as well as France and Australia, Russia has helped us alot and what we generally do is remain neutral. Neutral is how we got arms from Israel while maintaining good relations with Saudi, Qatar, Iran, Japan, USA, Russia. The only real 'enemies' are China and it's pet ' Pakistan '. One thing is that because China and Pak are so close to us, we will take anyones help to deter them especially China which is hated in the West.


\> India has learnt the hard way to not rely on the US for weapons - we were cut off from ammunition and equipment in the middle of a war, when we needed it the most. What war? Just curious 'cause I don't know.


Also during the liberation of Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan), US had moved its aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean to threaten India. Russia had to step in to balance the power and India could go ahead with its plans. 93000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered.


Bangladesh war of liberation where USA and UK supported the autocratic state of Pakistan which was killing its non Muslim citizens against the largest democracy in the world, India


The war where the US had a deal with India to supply arms and weapons against Pakistan but at the crucial time, they didn't. They knew Pakistan is a terrorist state and trying to steal Indian land, but they side with them instead no matter how many innocents had to suffer. That war. 😄


China, Russia and India are weird frenemies. Having China and India stay completely out of this current mess would be great.


India and China are not frenemies. What you said isn’t 100% wrong, but to be more precise: 1) India and Russia are friendly-ish (military supply and economic entanglement) 2) Russia and China are friendly-ish (basically a partnership against America and the western powers) 3) India and China are enemy-ish (border disputes, India is a member of QUAD)


For those who are words challenged, here is the mathematical formula. 🇨🇳+ 🇷🇺 = 😀 🇮🇳+ 🇷🇺= 😀 🇨🇳+ 🇮🇳= 😡


Who knew geopolitics can be better summed up with emojis. XD




Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.


I think my uncle knows him. He said he was dead.


Lmao I need to go back on that sub now after these events.




🇨🇳 = 😀 - 🇷🇺 🇮🇳 = 😀 - 🇷🇺 🇨🇳 = 🇮🇳 = 😡/2 🇷🇺 = 😀 - 🇮🇳 = 😀 - 😡/2 If we assume that 😀 = -😡, then that means that: 🇷🇺 = 😀/2 but also that 🇷🇺 = -(🇮🇳 + 🇨🇳)/2


Thanks for the proof


> 🇷🇺 = 😀 - 🇮🇳 = 😀 - 😡/2 > If we assume that 😀 = -😡, then that means that: > 🇷🇺 = 😀/2 How so?   Shouldn't it be 🇷🇺 = 3😀/2 ?


yes, but let's not tell Putin


That can only be true if they are all 0 though.


That's one way to quantify geopolitics.


If 😀 = - 😡. Then 🇷🇺 = 1.5×😀


Now do it for England and all the countries in the world


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That translates to "I love you with my crazy heart in the dancing stars, shoot, even flaming zeus only sprays snow on LGBT oceans with his black heart."


Is this how English sounds like to non English speakers?


It's what Shakespeare sounds like to English speakers.... so yeah, pretty much.


Don't forget the UK plus the earth


I like where you're going with this, but it needs more skulls and boats.


Trick question, England isn’t a country and that’s not its flag.


more like 🙂 instead of 😃


So if this was a TV show with these three countries as characters it'd be called: Everyone Loves Russia.


Yeah, and I mean... India is kind of China's biggest threat in terms of income. A lot of US businesses have been using India instead of China for manufacturing certain things (from what I've seen). And it makes sense. No CCP hassles, second biggest English speaking country in the world by population I believe, and some other things. It definitely makes sense if the price is comparable. I'd also believe that "Made In India" will be more favorable to an average consumer than "Made In China" at some point. Don't get me wrong, India has some big problems. But if we're outsourcing to the region, it seems like working with the country that isn't an authoritarian land that gets upset at any criticism and puts groups into camps is a better option. But who knows! Some things China can just do at a level others can't, currently.


> A lot of US businesses have been using India instead of China for manufacturing certain things (from what I've seen). 1990s my Indian customers were ordering stuff from China and selling them to the US. 2021 my former Indian customers are ordering stuff from Chinese factories in Vietnam and selling them to the US. India is still primarily a service industry as far as international businesses are concerned. Sure, China probably would lose some manufacturing edge, but China is actually pushing a lot of manufacturing...out of China as well.




That's largely because of red-tapes eat up your profit unless you have extremely large volumes. You have to fill every politician's and bureaucrat's pockets and this constitutes almost 20-30% of the product costs. That is usually more than the profit margins most of the product manufacturers work on. Funnily enough, corruption was the main reason the previous government was overthrown, but now people seem to have simply forgotten about it, assume this government is incorruptible based on propaganda, and have moved on to blaming other issues like labour laws that are there to protect workers. Of course, this is the view of the elite class and caste who are the most politically active and vocal in India, especially on the Indian internet.


Hence the BRI. China realized that their workforce crunch won't be an issue if they can just leverage people in Africa etc.


> A lot of US businesses have been using India instead of China for manufacturing certain things (from what I've seen). And it makes sense. No CCP hassles, From what I've seen, Vietnam and not India is taking manufacturing from China. As it turned out, businesses liked centralized governments that bypass all local and state interference.


They also like when workers are being paid pennies, which is one reason why several companies moved manufacturing to Vietnam, China has been increasing wages.


India was never an enemy of Russia. Russia has helped india a lot in the past.


This is true. In fact for a really long time USA had been backing pakistan, and USSR (not particularly russia) had helped india. Specially in the historic 1971 india-pak war, USA was clearly backing Pakistan and india signed a treaty with USSR to the effect that USSR will help actively in the fight if USA or china gets involved from Pakistan side. Edit: india USA relations have improved offlate probably with a) demise of USSR b) opening of indian market for west c) USA found about laden's hideout


Indeed. See US-Pakistan relations (military aid, etc) for the last 70 years. Fuck it. [Here's a link.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakistan%E2%80%93United_States_relations)


As others have said Indian and Russia - good enough relationship China and Russia - on and off again, its complicated, India and China - "fuck you" , "no! fuck you!"


Bastard bloody!


Eh China and India have been more enemies than frenemies recently but yea, pushing India more towards Russia would not be ideal


You have the first statement wrong but the second right. China and India are just enemies. India and Russia have a long history of friendship since the time Russia came to India’s aid while the US was arming Pakistan and Taliban. US and India are now finally getting closer and that’s a positive step for world peace. I’m sure the US doesn’t want to jeopardize that. Leave India and China out of this mess. Russia is clearly wrong but involving the Asian giants will be a quick jump to WWIII.


Hopefully. Sanctions just bring India closer to Russia.


There's been a "strange" influx of nationalistic indian people on here in the last few days.


I thought I was imagining things!


Not strange if you know the political landscape of India. Politically aligned bots have flooded social media in recent times with the internet availability skyrocketing in India. One of our subreddits is a cesspool with every single post and comment taking that single instance of Indian students complaining to generalize Ukraine being Neo-Nazis and supporting Russia actively. Our political situation has gone downhill with the new government that has taken control of the country for the last 7 years.


It weren’t just Indians complaining about the treatment. Africans were as well.


Not strange the attitudes, strange the upticks. Nationalistic attitudes are in every nation. There’s just been a hundred times more India commentary than previously. But that’s largely because India has been talked about more on their Ukraine stance




I like to think most Americans agree that Nixon and Kissinger were both giant pieces of shit, I know they both were.


Jesus Christ. Is there a ~~continent~~ in Asia that the US and Russia haven’t fought a proxy war on? Everyone thinks the Cold War stayed cold. No it just heated up in areas without free speech and thus very little if not zero media coverage. Edit: I meant country. Leaving it up for the lulz 😂


TIL there are continents in Asia.


It's not just a proxy war. You probably don't remember the UK subjugated the Indian subcontinent for ages and reaped its blood for the glory of Britannia. They were only freed finally in 1947. I am sure the Indians have not forgotten it.


We haven't and I don't think we ever will tbh.


**"The US administration is required under a domestic law, Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) to decide to impose sanctions on any country that has significant transactions with Iran, North Korea or Russia."**


"Significant transaction with Russia" Let's see. Russia is the second largest producer of oil in the world. Ahead of Saudi Arabia. Yes you heard it right. The largest consumers of Russian oil are China, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Finland, Japan & Slovakia. In that order. Technically all those countries can be sanctioned by US under CAATSA.


It’s surreal that we’ve reached one of, if not the most, crucial points in our civilization. This will either be the end of the world as we know it or a turning point leading to a lengthy “peaceful” era. Older generations on both sides of the table who have lived through the Cold War will have moved on and a generation that has known nothing but conflict and inequality will become the policymakers and world leaders who would prefer to work through issues as civil as possible. Countries would have already shifted their focus to ensure that they are self sustainable to mitigate risks of being the next Russia. This would include the next great technological race to produce high yield energy. At that point those nations who have that technology will either lengthen the peacetime era and improve the income equality gap by essentially eliminating the reliance on oil through the mass distribution of cheap clean or perpetuate the income inequality and further that divide resulting in the next bout playing chicken with the doomsday clock. #ignore everything I said. I’m delusional due to the lack of sleep. Also, TUCKER CARLSON FUCKS GOATS. Google it.


If only we could be as charged to face climate change. But nope... Not looking forward to the next few decades.


A shift to clean high yield energy sources would t allow for the reduction in energy costs and spur manufacturers to build more EV modes of transportation and reduce our carbon footprint. Nuclear power is among the cleanest sources available and it able to produce a very good yield. Fusion energy is the next great milestone that would produce so much clean energy the cost per kW would be so low coal, NG would be forced to close. The potential for limitless energy would create a cascade effect and spur new technologies such as death rays so we can have spaces wars. Also, at that point TUCKER CARLSON IS STILL FUCKING GOATS.


Ah yeah US selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to use it in Yemen and people are dying but nobody gives a shit, but when a country buys defensive weapons that they need vs china they might get sanctioned, fuck US, fuck Russia for this war, both are scums. Also deal was made before this war..


On separate news two US companies just got sanctioned by China for selling weapons to Taiwan.




India has big issues obviously, but they are jammed in a very dangerous place geographically and I have some sympathy for their foreign policy situation.


I would say, india will never take a stance on this matter. And for us india - Russian ties are somewhat so deep we can not vote against them. But we are also not supporting the war so seems fair & why the fuck is Ukraine asking for our support now. Where were they during Kargil & 1971 war?


All while we buy their fucking oil. What a hypocritical moron


Usa is a shit hole Country.


this is literally old news.. sanctions arent happening.. lmao https://www.reuters.com/world/china/us-senators-file-bill-exempt-india-sanctions-over-russia-deal-citing-china-2021-10-29/ **U.S. senators said on Friday they filed legislation to exempt India from sanctions for purchasing a Russian S400 missile defense system, citing the importance of working with allies to stand up against China.** **The bill, from Senators Ted Cruz, Todd Young and Roger Marshall, would create a 10-year exemption for member countries of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue - Australia, Japan and India - from sanctions imposed by CAATSA**




As a Turkish citizen, I can only say a neutral “lol” to that level of consistency.


If so then why bring it up again?


Probably because people are fearful and well, it could be used to drive a wedge between people


Best way to stop climate change: Sanction EVERYONE


You get a sanction. You get a sanction. Everyone gets a sanction!


How to destroy the economy 101


I can guarantee that US wouldn't sanction India because that would mean dooming it's influence in Asia. US wouldn't want to do anything that is beneficial to China.


China wins. Both regional powers weakened


Without ever lifting a finger.


Makes me wonder if they knew this would happen or at least had a rough idea of it. Perfectly lines up for what China needs.


I hate to say this but chinese diplomats are really good at their jobs. They are almost always on the winning side.


China plays the long game. They know what they are doing.


They haven't decided yet , it's been on 'hold' since 2018 OP for some reason changed the title


China has literally already been sanctioned for this under this law.


Sanction all of them and you'll have the three greatest military powers besides the US allied against it. At least retaining good economic ties to China deters them from military alliances. On the other hand it might be too late. The US should start focusing on an economy that is self sustaining and can provide housing, food, and other production independently. Like Biden said in his state of the union. He was absolutely correct that we need to reduce foreign dependence immediately.


A reduction on foreign dependence is also useful in times of crisis like covid and also helps reduce the amount of carbon produced.


Yea I gotta say, maybe it’s not a good idea to antagonize India. They want to stay neutral, let them, doing this will just push them closer to authoritarianism


America could do with a friend in the region




Problem is that India needs weapons to keep China at bay. Russian weapons are probably cheaper than those of the US.


Not just this, yesterday I saw a comment going in depth about this issue. From what I remember, India did buy weapons from the US many years ago, and then when India needed them the most, the US refused to sell them ammo so the weapons were pretty much useless. Since then, they started buying from Russia.


To top that, US denied us the use of navigational military tech during Kargil war when terrorists took over a part of Kashmir. Thousands died defending that place. We ended up building our own GPS systems from scratch because of it. US-India relations are very weird in that order.


~~Sounds something the US would do, and it's probably because they refused to sell the ammo for anything but full price.~~ Edit: I looked it up. India likes Russian weapons (price or features, also being historical allies), but USA has a sanction on any country that buys Russian weapons, because Russians. So what probably happened is they bought some weapons from USA, then some from Russia. USA then said haha we're not selling ammo to you then. Still dick move, but I guess it's not technically about the price?


I would assume there was a political shift between the events. Like maybe the USA wanted to be Better friends with Pakistan the month India asked.






That's correct. The Non-Allignment movement was key to not side with any super power. However the US / Nato did end up arming islamic militant factions instead - to bolster up responses against Russians. Look how that strategy has ended up.


Not really. India did buy ammo from the US. [Pre-1971] But when India intervened to stop West-Pakistan led genocide of the Bangladeshi people, US refused to provide ammo and maintenance. Even worse, they sent their naval contingent into the Bay of Bengal to threaten India. USSR at that point sent in their fleet to intercept the US and prevented any further escalation. [1971] Tldr: US tried fucking over India, thereby intentionally/unintentionally supporting a genocide while the USSR helped India prevent a genocide. Yeah..countries are [sometimes maybe good sometime maybe shit](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJHUbtR0yI8) Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_Force_74 Edit: Added timeline and source


Why is it whenever you need the U.S the most they refuse to help you?


Because US is like an abusive shitty girlfriend. Loise CK's hilarious words.


LOL But we're still buying gas and oil from Russia though?


The US government being hypocritical? OMG NO WAY!


Hasn’t India sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine?


Yes, but people like to pick news that confirms their own bias. These potential sanctions are not even related to the current Ukrainian invasion. They are based on laws from 2014 in response to the Crimea invasion. This is all dumb




They have. Medical supplies and food packages.


This is reddit. India could do something to magically end all the wars in the world right now, and people on here will still find something bad about that country.


True. It's definitely interesting sorting comments by controversial on any post on any subreddit whenever the word 'India' is mentioned. Even on medical breakthrough posts that benefit other people. Started doing this after a few Indians on here brought it up. It's almost like opening up the hatch to your sewer system and staring into the shit filled abyss. Heck, sometimes it's even a top comment.




Yes, how dare India express their soveriegnty and purchase what they want, and not what an imperialistic foriegn power tells them to want and buy!


I advice you put /s.... Never know..


I've been on reddit for sometime What's /s


Short form for sarcasm.




This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/nation/president-biden-will-decide-whether-to-apply-or-waive-sanctions-on-india-under-caatsa-us-official-on-russian-s-400-374741) reduced by 52%. (I'm a bot) ***** > US President Joe Biden will decide whether to apply or waive sanctions on India, one of America's key partners, under the CAATSA law for its purchase of the S-400 missile defence system from Russia, a senior administration official has told lawmakers. > Responding to a question on possible CAATSA sanctions on India, Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Near East, South Asia, Central Asia, and Counterterrorism on Wednesday that it was for the President Biden to decide whether to apply or waive sanctions on India. > Lu said that the Biden administration is yet to decide on applying sanctions on India under CAATSA. "India is a really important security partner of ours now. And that we value moving forward that partnership and I hope that part of what happens with the extreme criticism that Russia has faced is that India will find it's now time to further distances," Lu said. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/t5r46g/united_states_to_consider_sanctioning_india_under/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~628574 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **sanctions**^#1 **Russia**^#2 **India**^#3 **law**^#4 **administration**^#5


I wouldn’t if I where them, if the US and China go to war India will be a very useful ally.


There are only two people I know of who have enough influence with Putin to negotiate a peace plan, Xi and Modi. Xi is out because of US/NATO cold war objections, so that leaves Modi to try and broker a deal. If the US sanctions India, it will be to keep the war in Ukraine going.


But the United States can sell weapons and ammunition to Saudi Arabia knowing that they are being used to kill civilians in Yemen??


Shhhh. Don't mess up everyones utopia. Everyone thinks that the US is the good guy and everyone else is the bad guy.


Not gonna happen.


You get a sanction! And you get a sanction! EVERYONE GETS A SANCTION! WOOOOO!


You side with Russia, you get sanction. You stay neutral, you get sanction. Chicken is undercooked, straight away sanctioned.


Sounds like trump xD


What about the EU for enriching Russia and Putin by buying oil?


What… India was forced to buy from Russia due to the reluctance of the US to sell to them


which is why this is literally just a formality based ona law aiming to harm russia. not india. India wont be getting sanctioned. lol


Not just reluctance. India started buying weapons from Russia since the India Pakistan war where the US was a military ally and actually provided Pakistan with weapons, which has continued till now. Until the last decade, the Indian air force was mostly Russian sukois and mig. They were good but not as great as the f16s that Pakistan were provided with by the US. That's what forced India to looks elsewhere and thus creating the deals with France for the Rafales.


Somewhat incorrect/misleading. The Sukhois (Su 30MKI) that India has are much better (in almost all the fields) than the F-16 and J17 pakistan fields (not to mention that these F-16s are on loan from the US and can't be used in combat). Not to mention that they are indigenously produced due to the transfer of technology and are in process of being updated to Super Sukhois. The reason India bought Rafale is to replace the old Mirage and MiG-21 that are going to be retired. Probably this was what you meant by mig?


Remember when everybody sanctioned British and US arms sales back in 2003? Or when everybody sanctioned Turkish weapon sales after the Turkish invasion and occupation of Syrian territories? Remember how everybody sanctioned Saudi Arabia for invading and occupying Yemen? What’s the difference?


yes, ukranians have blue eyes /s




So "we sanction you for buying Russian weapons instead of ours when we refused to sell them to you when we helped Pakistan in war against you"?


Keep in mind Pakistan was the aggressor any every major conflict and are actively funding many terrorists organisations through their infamous ISI. And they say they're fIgHtInG tErRoRiStS.


Bin Laden. Haqqani. Current Taliban brass hiding in Quetta. Say no more.


Ayo hold on. Haqqani was real? I thought he was a Homeland character.


One of the Haqqani's is the foreign minister in Afghan, I think. Biggest fundraisers for terror worldwide, and on CIA most wanted list since I think 2002


Yes. He even made public appearances on Kandahar (or maybe some other city; don't remember) after Taliban took over Afghanistan.


Not saying you are wrong but many terrorists in the east and Syria and many African countries have found to be personally funded and provided weapons from USA. Then there is the whole debacle with Afghanistan and Iraq that USA will never answer for cause you can't stop them.


Knee jerk reaction. Way to not read the article. The US is required by law to either sanction India or to waive the sanctions, since India is providing Russia with monetary support. This has nothing to do with wanting to provide India with weapons.


Isn’t US still buying tons of Russian oil, or does that only apply to weapons


I'm pretty sure it's only for weapons


Copy that!


Did you read the article?


Bruh. China has s400. Turkey has s400. South Korea purchased proprietary technology that made the s400 to make their own systems, just so they could avoid our garbage missiles we sent them. That 2017 sanctions act is dumb, we would have to sanction our own Allies too. Been doing good so far. Don’t drive them closer to Russia or China. There’s a reason strategists told trump not to carry out the sanction in 2018. Don’t do it now, they are telling you the same thing.


Turkey and China were sactioned for the exact same reason.


The largest consumers of Russian oil are China, Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Finland, Japan & Slovakia. In that order. Technically all those countries can be sanctioned by US under CAATSA. I would love to see US sanction all the countries buying anything from Russia, Iran or North Korea. That would be an awesome diplomatic move. WokesWin.


You think sanctions are supposed to be fair and balanced? It’s for serving US interests dude.


I don't think you have to worry about driving them towards China. They view each other as their biggest adversary in the region.


If China and India gang up, that’s trouble for US. US is actively trying to avoid that, if US sanctions India it will be a shot to its own foot.


here in India, can confirm no sanctions. We buy weapons from Russia, we buy weapons from America. our population is the reasons why many companies from both these countries are booming. let's just say article is sus.


BIG sus when you consider this is from 4 months ago https://www.reuters.com/world/china/us-senators-file-bill-exempt-india-sanctions-over-russia-deal-citing-china-2021-10-29/ **U.S. senators said on Friday they filed legislation to exempt India from sanctions for purchasing a Russian S400 missile defense system, citing the importance of working with allies to stand up against China.** **The bill, from Senators Ted Cruz, Todd Young and Roger Marshall, would create a 10-year exemption for member countries of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue - Australia, Japan and India - from sanctions imposed by CAATSA**


As much as I know we all hate Russia today, making India mad is not a good idea. We NEED India to be on our side in the next decade when China invades Taiwan. We need India economically and militarily to help liberate Tibet while we're fighting alongside Japan to free Taiwan, and possibly topple North Korea.


Fuckin hypocrite motherfucker. Buying $100million worth of russian oil yesterday today and everyday.


no sanctions on Russian oil and fuel sales


I'm not sure the united states wants to start a precendent of sanctioning those that buy weapons from countries that embarked on illegal wars - They'd bankrupt all their customers.


This is some of the most hypocritical BS I have ever seen.


Damn, now we got India up in the mix? WWIII is imminent.


At this rate even a common man might get sanctioned


**The US administration is required under a domestic law, Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) to impose sanctions on any country that has significant transactions with Iran, North Korea or Russia."** **"CAATSA is a tough US law which authorises the administration to impose sanctions on countries that purchase major defence hardware from Russia in response to Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections."** **"“India is a really important security partner of ours now. And that we value moving forward that partnership and I hope that part of what happens with the extreme criticism that Russia has faced is that India will find it's now time to further distances,” Lu said."**


so we're going to sanction india because we couldn't bully them into not buying weapons during a period of major geopolitical instability? seems like a "how dare you buy from someone not us!" gesture. the us isn't exactly an unbiased party in this as a major international arms dealer. why should india buying russian weapons be treated any differently than europe buying russian oil?


I don’t think this is wise, India is a us ally against China, they should be developing those relations and going diplomatic at this. Meet and try to supply the arms etc.


China is more of an issue to india than the US. They are next door to each other and china took some land from India before.


But we have that sweet sweet nuclear triad if China tried to do a Russia.


Yeah militarily, theres no worry with china cus nukes is the ultimate deterrence.


Makes china stronger too, and India dislikes China.


China now perceive being sanction as an honor, being sanction means you have the real technology or you really matter in the industry. It is a shame if one company does not appear on the black list, while its competitors are.


People here are pushing that India will never side with China even if US sanctions them because of a border dispute but let me tell you that India has made a deal with the devil and survived in the past. The these border disputes get resolved, Asia will start moving towards a more peaceful and prosperous path which ultimately will lead to both India and China having some degree of mutual understanding albeit with obvious rivalry, which is not really US's interest. As for Pakistan, China is essentially using that country for its resources, that's all.


India was buying from USA until Russia undercut our fighter jets


There you go, push another major world player to the Russian side. Keep that shit up!!


One reason why the US can never be trusted as a great partner. The US will alienate the support from the Indian people even more. China already has the S-400 missile defence system from Russia and the US missile defence system is not at par and 75% more expensive.


Not a great idea. US long-term strategic interests are focused in Asia, not Ukraine.


After Germany arms itself, we wont need to worry about Russia anymore.


> After Germany arms itself, we wont need to worry about Russia anymore. Hahahaha, I wonder if this comment will age well!


It would be hilarious if Germany starts another world war before Russia or china




I think a lot of people are having a knee-jerk reaction in the comments here. Based on what I read, it seems they are not sure whether they will be applying sanctions and I also think based on [this article](https://www.aninews.in/news/world/us/us-working-to-urge-india-to-take-clear-position-on-ukraine-russia-crisis-us-diplomat20220303085715) that this statement might be issued to change India's current neutral position.


I remember reading this back in April 2021. https://www.heritage.org/asia/report/us-caatsa-sanctions-and-india-waivers-and-geopolitical-considerations Man the government moves slow.


It's an intentionally misleading post. Old news that doesn't relate to current events, and no sanctions are happening.


While I highly doubt that the sanctions will be implemented threats like this show exactly why India is maintaining a neutral stance in the conflict.


India purchases something like 2 billion in spare parts for their armed forces from Russia, and they have border disputes with two of their neighbors. The talk right now is largely about how much will China do to help Putin, but the truth is I think the more interesting questions are about Pakistan and India, because those countries have far more to lose or gain by fostering stronger relationships with Russia.