Why are the top two comments about US health Care lmao wtf


Welcome to reddit in general, and r/worldnews in particular. Everything not American has to be brought back to a discussion about the US


It's usually Americans bitching about the US or everyone else bitching about the Americans. It's lose/lose.


Must be rough being an American


Things are rough all over. EDIT: Downvoted for commiserating? You people are just *filled* with hate aren't you?


Like sand.


Sand. Sand never changes.


So coarse, and it gets everywhere.


No you are right. I have a good friend that lives in Moscow. We chatted on the phone both casually saying where we live sucks and we are unhappy with the current state of things. Everyone is sick, poor, and so exhausted. I don’t know anywhere that’s good right now. Maybe New Zealand?


And how bad it is




Is there a better sub for non-US news? Actually asking.




Oops the news one is r/anime_titties


thankfully this comment superseded the 2nd best comment. Now the 1st comment is about US health care, and the 2nd best comment is questioning why tf that is the best comment


You've become the thing you swore to destroy!


Yeah by his sub is beginning to become just another place for Americans to bitch and moan. I wish we could have one goddam sub that isn’t full of Americans so we can actually talk about world news completely free of it being tied to American politics.


i thought r/news was the american sub and r/worldnews was international. I guess we need to make r/nonamericannews


r/anime_titties it's what you are looking for. There is no news from US there. Seriously, this is a news sub.


Haha, I thought you were making a cringey joke, but I’ll be damned.


You should check r/worldpolitics while you are there.


Did these two subs switch somehow, or was it a joke from the start?


Like r/trees and r/marijuanaenthusiasts


I think r/worldpolitics used to be about politics until it got nuked with nsfw content and the people that were there created r/anime_titties in retaliation


It's got a lot of apologists for authoritarian regimes, from India to Israel, but I do appreciate that it actually has news from elsewhere




No vaccination , no booze or liquor next week in Quebec Canada https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-59915459


That’s not exactly true though. You can’t access state run liquor stores and cannabis stores, but you can still buy booze at the grocery store or corner store.


In quebec, grocery and corner stores are only allowed to sell beer and cheap wine.


No. If you go in rural area corner stores and small groceries can hold a small variety of hard liquors. I know because I live in a small town and I buy my whiskey at my "dépanneur".


I've seen corner stores that sell liquor way out back, but It's usually because they have an SAQ store insode the corner store and am pretty sure you're gonna need a vaccine to buy from there as well.


You can also buy ciders and various “sugar booze” drinks The SQDC (govt pot store) can be ordered online (even with same day delivery sometimes).


The liquor store (saq) also delivers online orders.


I dont see how this is news over there. I'm from sask and you have to be vaccinated to go to any liquor store, even private ones.


They don't ban you from buying booze, they are requiring vaccination proof to enter the State liquor and weed stores. You can order online and have it delivered at your house. Or you can go to any corner stores and grocery stores to buy wine and beer.


Make sense, if you believe the vaccine is poison then you don't get other poison


No Walmart either.


Huh? Since when do you need a vaccine to enter Walmart in Quebec?


Id rather a tax credit for getting it. Carrot vs. stick\\ People entrenched are just gonna get more ammo to fuel their persecution complex from this. Fence sitters or lazy ppl or yolo youth are more likely to do it for a few hundred than to avoid a fine of a few hundred, in my opinion.


I saw tons of people get vaxxed in California just to get free daily donuts or free beer. A few bucks goes far. I don’t think there’s been enough incentives.


Alberta was giving out $200 to get double vaxxed. It has very little effect on vaccination rates.


Right but now it's not just giving out 200 $. If you aren't vaccinated, you can't buy liquor or weed. There's a lot of black market weed in Québec, not so much alcohol.


They sell beer and wine at the grocery and the convenience store. I can't remember the last time I actually went to SAQ.


Seeing those incentives honestly made me wish I held out just to get the freebies the antivaxxers are being offered.


We missed out on $100 each by two freakin days. I was pissed.


Yeah that's the problem with offering benefits to get vaccinated, you're effectively rewarding those who didn't get vaccinated as soon as they could and punishing those who did. If you're going to offer benefits, it needs to go to ALL those vaccinated, not just newly vaccinated people.


This is why part of the California incentives was a lottery among all vaccinated people, regardless of vax date. Though I'm torn regarding which approach is best. As long as it's not a recurring tactic (e.g. for boosting), then only including newly-vaxxed would be logically defensible and perhaps get slightly more takers.


Not dying was a pretty sweet benefit tho


That's debatable


Crushing the virus and living in a healthy society should be enough of an incentive.


I’d agree with this earlier in the pandemic, but not now. Alberta a few months offered $100 for vaccinations for hesitant people; vaxxed people were upset because it rewarded bad behavior and used their tax dollars, a lot of unvaxxed people held out for a larger payout and all in all it didn’t push the needle much. Two weeks later they introduced a vaccine passport and had a huge jump in first dose vaccinations. The time for carrots has passed.


I think the difference here is that what you are talking about is a 1 time payment that came into effect after most people who wanted the shot got it. What would make more sense is raise everyone's rates, and then offer a renewable tax credit to offset it, so long as you maintain your shots. Kinda like how your insurance gives you a discount when you have winter tires. Less risk, you pay less. More risk due to your own decisions, you pay more.


What you’re describing is functionally identical, but with extra bureaucratic burden. Either way the anti-vaxers will complain.


There closing alcool and cannabis store to unvacinated People too, that will probably work better than the fine


Average daily appointments for first shot in Quebec before they announcement that you would need a vaccine to access alcohol and weed 1500 Daily appointments after they said no joints or whiskey without 6000


People have been offered financial incentives in different parts of Canada for the past 8-9 months. We're past the point where anyone who's going to be inspired by a small handout has already pulled the trigger and done it. It's an asshole tax, a lot of services in Canada (primarily healthcare) are public, people taking actions to perpetuate lockdowns and hallway hospital care are costing all of us. Tax them back, plain and simple. You don't want the tax? The answer is really easy and completely free.




I got charged $250 just for an ambulance to show up. Didn’t even get a ride in it.


Worst Uber ever


5 stars though, right?


4. Didn’t have snacks.


They did; you just have to check the biohazard discard bin next time ;)


I was charged $15 just to look at an ambulance while it drove down the street. No worries, insurance covered $10.


I got charged $150 just for reading this sentence about an ambulance.


I was charged $95 just for typing the word ambulance


I had my house seized under Civil forfeiture for being able to actually afford an ambulance.


I had $1500 seized for having $1500 on me while I was thinking about talking about an ambulance.


Probably money from illegal ambulancing.


cheaper to pay the fine and clean the blood out of the uber


That's the 5g doin its thing Welp. Saying that just cost me $24,700


Im getting taxed just thinking of the ambulance ride


I almost believed you, but that obvious lie at the end gave it away.


I got charged $5 for thinking about ambulance. I actually thought of two, but only got charged for one.


Your insurance covers ambulance lookiloos?


Where do you live in the USA where it’s that inexpensive?


The average Covid hospital bill in the US is $40k. They were free for a while, but now how much somebody pays depends on their insurance (or lack thereof). https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210903/americans-covid-medical-bills-are-set-to-rise


My partner had appendicitis last year. She spent 4 days at the hospital, had surgery and anastasia, had her own room, about 3 meals/a day the entire stay and left with prescribed medication for the wounds. Total bill over the entire trip: $80 - it was the parking and pills. That's a public hospital for you. How the US doesn't have universal healthcare is beyond me. Edit: I'm in Australia


Yep Canadian here, wife gave birth and we both stayed overnight at the hospital and all I paid for was parking and remember being actually kinda choked that I had to even pay parking at a hospital haha.


An apendix suddenly going is my only experience with american healthcare. Cross border trucker from canada. 3 days, lariscopic surgery but my body had issues getting rid of the gas they blow you up with. Which is why i wasnt back out in a day. Had my own room, menu full of food i could pick from 24/7, silly sized tv on the wall. Bill is covered completely of course, its part of the standard health benefits of the employer. Hospital mails it to me i pass along to benefits company. Fucking thing was $32,000 bucks USD. Blew my mind. Thats the cost of a decent new car/suv.


Holy shit. But what I actually find insane is when I asked the surgeon what the bill would be (if not for Medicare in Australia), he told me it'd be around AUD$13K. That's around USD$9.5K. So the price difference alone is mad.


That's because prices are inflated for billing to insurance. But when someone doesn't have insurance, or their insurance decides not to cover it, then the patient gets really fucked. Since hospitals are mostly billing to insurance companies there's no incentive to not bill as much as possible. For-profit healthcare was a mistake.




Guy I know got open heart surgery done in New York. They put pig heart bits in to save his life. Later while recovering in the ward he got a bill for over $2 million. He didn't have the correct insurance to cover it so he walked out, caught a flight to meet his father in Thailand and they still live there today. Can't ever return to the US.


Vaccinated? Bankrupt. Unvaccinated? Believe it or not, also bankrupt. We have the best country in the world, because of bankruptcy.


Americans making everything about themselves, as always. This news is about Québec. Not American healthcare.


My uncle is unvaxxed and got covid. He spent 3 weeks in the icu, one on a vent, and now he's doing at home rehab. He has to burn all his vacation to do his month+ long rehab process. Sucks he's an idiot.


> He has to burn all his vacation to do his month+ long rehab process. Do you have to use your vacation time when you're sick in the US? Damn that's dystopian.


Honestly, it depends. If you have a "good" (often white collar) job, then no. For instance, I have unlimited sick days (no doctor's note required). It is just based on trust and assumed employees don't abuse the system (never heard of anyone that did; most people just take a few days).


> It is just based on trust More like the good will and arbitrariness of your employer. In Germany you not only have legally secured sick days, our healthcare system also made sure that your employer is legally required to pay 100% of your salary for the first 6 weeks, and if you are still sick or otherwise unable to work because of an illness after those weeks, the state pays 70-90% of your salary, too.


Yea. You're only given 40 sick hours per year and they don't roll over each year. So after a week you start using your vacation time. Hopefully you have some.


Holy shit, didn't realize healthcare in 'murica was THAT bad...


Just so it’s clear. It’s not mandated you get sick time, a lot of companies don’t offer any.


You have to use up all your PTO and vacation time for maternity leave too.


Sucks to be in the land of the FREE.




Arizona and John McCain the only reason this red state has good poor people insurance


You mean the tax that is a tax but isn't a tax?


As a recent Canadian immigrant, can confirm that government _actually is_ concerned with public health, and it's not a show.


Also as a immigrant, who worked for a healthcare company, you for sure must not live in Ontario.


It’s what we get for electing the brother of the crack head mayor of Toronto to run the province.


These issues predate any one crackhead.


Dougie is drunk at the wheel off dollar beers and we’re all suffering under this forth brutal lockdown of his


Must not be in Ontario then


Or sask




What a weird coincidence 🤔


Ding ding ding


What’s happening in Ontario?


Ford refuses to invest money in public health, and seemingly has just thrown in the towel with omicron. Still a pay cap for nurses, hasn't been any increase to our health care/ ICU, no longer testing unless vulnerable so numbers don't even remotely reflect current trends, schools are no longer tracking or notifying of cases, if you have symptoms whatsoever you're supposed to just assume you have covid and isolate, with no sick days to support... We've been thrown to the wolves.


Hopefully everyone remembers him attacking Drs and nurses when he got into power and voyes him out.t in 5 months. Got billions from the Federal Gov and spent none of it.


Or Alberta


Yes, when you consider that for Canadians, taxes (effectively) include health insurance premiums, it makes complete sense.


The *instant* insurance companies can raise premiums or refuse coverage to unvaccinated individuals they will. Americans will likely be shocked by this though because we tend to take for granted the things our taxes actually pay for.


Shit. They’ll call it “preexisting condition” even if you catch Covid after you’re vaccinated and boosted, and then deny every life saving operation (like they would anyways, just now with a new reason code!). Fuck insurance companies.


Thanks to obamacare, they can't do that


The pre-existing condition was being alive.


And Republicans will blame "liberal insurance companies" for their premiums going up.


Blame em. What are Republicans going to do, outlaw them and force everyone to go with universal health care? Get rid of insurance all together and have the entire system collapse?


You jest, but that's not a bad angle to get the GOP to support such a change... And either way, getting rid of the Insurance companies would be a net benefit to US Healthcare as they are the primary factor jacking up the price for services beyond regular affordability by disputing everything claimed for care.


I would assume lobbyists for the insurance companies will be fighting there way into Congress like it's January 6th if the idea was even entertained for a second.


That would be horrible. As a lib, I would feel so owned. Please do not do this republicans.


and its not like people who make under 100k in canada pay more in taxes than people making similar money in the US. hell if you make 32k or under you pay less taxes in canada, thats like 1/2 the US population.


Out of curiosity, what are the average percentages paid for income tax in the US? Where I live, I pay close to 23%


Here yah go. Looked this up the other day: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/frequently-asked-questions-individuals/canadian-income-tax-rates-individuals-current-previous-years.html


2021 single filer comparison Canada (in CAD): $0-$49,020: 15% $49,020 - $98,040: 20.5% $98,040 - $151,978: 26% $151,978 - $216,511: 29% $216,511+ : 33% US (in USD): $0 - $9,950: 10% $9,950 - $40,525: 12% $40,525 - $86,375: 22% $86,375 - $164,925: 24% $164,925 - $209,425: 32% $209,425 - $523,600: 35% $523,600+ : 37%


That's a good comparison. It's really not that different assuming State/Provincial taxes are similar. Recall that with these Canadian taxes, we're paying half of what the US pays per capita via private insurance. The US blows WAY too much on the military. Want healthcare? FU! Here's an aircraft carrier instead!


/r/Canada is losing its collective shit over this - although that sub in particular is weirdly super right-wing in contrast to general Canadian ideology - but yeah, we’re additionally taxed on cigarettes and alcohol for the same reason and have been for decades. It’s a social contract. We agreed to take care of each other’s health if needed, and for 2 years the anti-vaxxers and anti-mask folks have told - or literally screamed in front of hospitals - that they don’t give a shit about the rest of us. Granted, it’s bad timing optics-wise since Omicron is affecting vaccinated people, but the reality is that 19% of our population is making up over 50% of hospitalizations. For what? We have other issues with the healthcare system that have exacerbated things without a doubt - first and foremost being that our health professionals should be paid more - but that doesn’t absolve the selfish people in our community of their responsibility if they choose to be a part of this community and take advantage of the benefits. The irony is that these same people are the first to complain about how immigrants and refugees shouldn’t be “ a part of our community” if they can’t immediately speak English upon entry, while they’re happy to be rugged individualists when our health is at risk and then rush to the hospital when they’re infected with Covid. There’s been conversation that the better move would have been to just not cover them under our universal healthcare plan for a Covid related hospitalization and force them to pay out of pocket, but ultimately I think this tax is a) political and b) actually less expensive for them






It's almost like there's s hard right shift I'm so many places right now


Head mod changed, and banned everyone that disagreed with him and pushed the sub to extreme right opinion.


Now my ban makes sense


How is this even allowed by Reddit for a major sub?


Reddit only cares about how many people are on the site as a whole, and how long they stay there. They really don't care about anything else. The only time they interfere with subreddits is when something hits the news and might mean people would be less likely to come to reddit. To them they just think someone else will create another subreddit for the people being banned to go to, and then they keep both groups of people.


Meanwhile reddit protects these individuals from harassment from other online communities by banning the opposition. Reddit allows them to have their safe space and will help keep it safe for them.


It was done relatively subtily, and Canada didn't have a big presence on reddit at the time (it was a while ago)


/r/onguardforthee is the new home of the sane


Can confirm. That sub is way closer to the general Canadian sentiment whereas /r/Canada seems like someone using Reddit to create a fringe movement.


Nah. r/onguardforthee is significantly further left than the general Canadian public. Conservative ideas are regularly bashed and anyone posting with such a point of view is virtually always downvoted into oblivion - and I say that as a guy who has never and will never vote Conservative. If the only people in Canada who voted were the people on that sub, there'd probably be an NDP majority government after every election. Although given that several mods of r/Canada, including the head mod, are white supremacists, I'd say it is still technically true that r/onguardforthee is closer to normal Canadian politics. r/CanadaPolitics probably comes closest to accurately representing the general public. Other Canadian subs are either provincial subs, city subs, extremely niche or on the extremes of political ideologies.


It's not that left. Saw lots of endorsement for liberals over NDP during the election. Still miles better than r/Canada tho.


Please be what you say... Watching /r/canada go to shit over the years has been sad.


reddit's mod system makes it bound to decay.


Change in moderation caused a hard right shift, which causes both centrist and left leaning people to not want to hang around to deal with that. Now it's entrenched.


we use r/onguardforthee now. r/Canada is a cesspool


Something weird happened when Trump got elected, it's like a lot of us lost our damn minds. Like, overnight, and not just in an emboldening of bigots kinda way either. I'm gonna sound nuts, but the more I think and recall things, the less crazy it sounds that the Western World has been hit by some kind of social engineering/intelligence operation. Someone, somewhere riled people up, on both sides, and has let us destroy ourselves.


IMO the biggest flaw with not covering people's treatment if they are not vaxxed is that it is punitive instead of preventive. If you tax them into submission, hopefully they get vaxxed before they get infected, reducing the strain on our hospitals.


If I’m being 100% honest it’s also a slippery slope (although I hate that term because it can be used for anything). At first glance the argument of “why don’t we tax overweight people”, etc. makes sense. BUT - I can’t catch fat. Rampant fat can’t result in mutations that might infect me later. And on a personal and purely superficial note - fat people aren’t out in front of hospitals calling nurses murderers (at least not for being fat, you get it).


We sort of do. Junk food is taxed higher than essential groceries


>BUT - I can’t catch fat. Rampant fat can’t result in mutations that might infect me later. And on a personal and purely superficial note - fat people aren’t out in front of hospitals calling nurses murderers (at least not for being fat, you get it). It's not about spreading COVID. It's about not being a burden on the health care unecessarily. People who make shitty health choices and then use up all the health ressources that are socialised should absolutely be punished. People who need health services for things out of their control (genetic diseases, accidents, etc.) are paying the price. It's about having everyone in society pull their weight, something everyone--espevially conservatives-- should be able to get behind. Yet here we are.




This thread will clearly reach 50k upvotes, reddit loves this Some points: * What was proposed is to make unvaccinated people who end up in the hospital * About 90% of adults in quebec are vaccinated * We're currently under curfew for the second year in a row




Another problem with this, on top of all the others mentioned is that it allows wealthy people to continue to make decisions for themselves. This is only a problem for lower middle class and poor people who can't afford a fine.


BINGO, and the majority of unvaccinated in Canada are lower income minorities but it is being portrayed as white conservatives.


I would rather see us tax those who have made record profits during a global health crisis. Sure, the anti-vaxxers are a big problem but universal means universal. Making it harder for a group of people to get healthcare, no matter who they are, is a move in the wrong direction. Everyone should get healthcare if they need it. The main issue has always been our lack of funding and resources to meet the demands placed on our healthcare system. One government cuts funding and the next only partially restores it, and decades later we're totally unable to handle an emergency because we've been starving the system to make privatization seem more appealing. ("What if you could pay to skip the line?", right? What if the line only exists because we cut funding for the thing you need and there's not enough to go around anymore?) Tax the people and corporations who are bringing in major profit instead. They are the reason our governments are playing the "we can't afford to take real measures to help people" card. Tax the wealthy and use it to pay for a universal monthly recurring relief cheque, mandated paid sick leave, rapid test kits and medical grade masks for everyone, wage subsidies for small businesses, etc. As much as it would feel vindicating to start hitting antivaxxers in the wallet, I'm not convinced it's a good move. Also how many anti vaxxers do you suppose are wealthy enough to afford this? I'd wager a lot of this demographic rides the poverty line. Half of Canadians [couldn't afford a $200 emergency in 2019](https://globalnews.ca/news/4870779/canadians-financial-insolvency-2019-mnp-ipsos-poll/) right? And that definitely hasn't improved, so what are we going to accomplish by taxing people who can't afford to pay? Let's tax the people who can *more than afford* to pay because they've been profiting massively on everyone else's misfortune.


They will not be denied access to services. When I turned 18, in Alberta, I had to pay a health care premium, for a couple years. If you did not pay that premium, you weren’t denied access. But that fee didn’t just disappear either. I had to pay it eventually. Same thing in QC. You won’t be denied, the bill will still be there.


Double vaxxed here. Though I completely believe in the science involved and find it hard to have compassion with those who have decided against it, I must agree that this is not the proper way to go about dealing with this. I feel as though this will make us more divisive.




If people hate each other they do not pay as much attention to their governing bodies.


Most of us don't hate anti-vaxers. We just don't respect them.


Governments need scapegoats. It's that easy. They made tons of mistakes all over the world and now they need someone to take the blame. We are at a point where getting vaccinated is something you do, not for medical reasons but to get the target off your back. Ironically the worst hit against the current divisive strategy and narrative of the governments would be for everyone to get vaccinated right now, just to prove the point that even then our problems won't all magically disappear. I'm afraid though, even if we hit that completely unrealistic goal of vaccinating everyone, governments will still need scapegoats.


What is the difference between a tax and a fine?




But they’re *only* forcing poor people! The bullshitters are justifying coercion really quickly.


I certainly think the government has a role in public hygiene, but I'm pretty sure this is not the way. This is peak neoliberalism that treats the government as an entity whose only tool is economic sticks and carrots. Perhaps we can use our taxes for services, instead of just moving it into and out of corporations and citizens. There are a TON of more pragmatic and ethical ways to get people to take vaccines. Unfortunately they require doing the things neoliberals can't really abide, actually engaging with the electorate and being more than a tax machine.


My fear is that it’s such a horrible precident. If you allow this you were allowing the government to tax you differently depending on medical conditions. And example I always point out is obesity. Obesity is some thing that the majority of people can control, by eating at a calorie deficit and exercising. Is it tough? Absolutely, one of the toughest things around. It is a reality that obesity is one of the primary causes of medical complications in the western world. If you allow something like taxation based off of a voluntary vaccination and then you were opening the floodgates for taxation of all the other voluntary things. Besides obesity maybe you increase the taxes on people who smoke, or people who drink excessively. In my opinion it is setting a very gross precedent. And pragmatically the heavy stick approach governments are taking are really turning people off to the idea of vaccination.   


That's not a tax, it's a punitive fine.


This was a conspiracy theory just a couple of months ago.


Could they please for one minute stop proving conspiracists right?




I genuinely wonder, would this be considered lawful under UDHR or similar international law if challenged? My understanding is forced vaccinations would be, but if by taxing unvaccinated are you not essentially forcing vaccinations, but in a different way? I do find it curious though, outside of tobacco and alcohol I don’t think there is another example of imposing taxation based on someone’s poor/personal health choice.


> UDHR Quebec doesn't even like to follow the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms*, I doubt my government cares at all about UDHR. *section 33 of the charter, known in English as the notwithstanding clause, allows provinces to override parts of the charter. Out of protest of the charter being forced through without Quebec's approval (see: the kitchen accord) in 1982 this clause was used on every single law Quebec passed until 1987, as well as retroactively applied to every law Quebec had every previously passed. Since then it's been used rarely


Sugar/soft drink taxes


Action v inaction.


Not wearing a seatbelt is inaction yet it is still a finable offence.


Sports bike vs touring bike plates in Quebec is ~1000$ more per year. One is meant for speed, the other is meant for touring. Statistically people speeding will find their way to a hospital sooner than those not speeding.


Are they also going to tax fat people who do not workout and are a burden on the health care system?


Maybe more punitive taxation could be levied against all manner of miscreants like.. idk people with the wrong political opinions, slow people at the cash register, people who can’t parralell park? There are so many options, and it is after all, for the greater good. The State *should* use all manner of coercion in order to mold the people (who are too dumb & ignorant to know what’s best for them) into the new Soviet man! /S


Maybe we can get an app on people's phone an app they need to do the things they like doing. But if they do something we do not like we can punish them by taking their privileges (like shopping for clothing) away.


People who ride a motorcycle people with genetic diseases that we know will burden the healthcare system people who choose to have kids knowing they'll come out with a disability should be taxed 1k per month for using hospital resources.








Sounds like you’re advocating for a sugar tax, which I’m all for. A model based on Newfoundland’s tax on high sugar soft drinks makes a lot of sense, but could be expanded. And FYI, we already tax alcohol and cigarettes.


Lol we already tax the shit out of alcohol, cigarettes and weed in Canada precisely for that reason so I don't really understand your concern. It just happens at the sale of the product (effectively taxing heavy consumers the most) as opposed to during tax season.


If you could drop 50 pounds with a shot, sure as shit people would line up for it.


Reddit loves some totalitarianism


Imagine being okay with this.


Holy shit, that’s dystopian as all hell


People who are okay with this are the problem.


I wonder if maybe providing another stimulus check, but basing it on vaccination status would get people to get vaccinated? If you're vaxxed, you get the check. If you're not then you don't. Some exclusions apply. See store for details.


Canada never got stimulus cheques, I think I had like an extra few bucks on my tax return but nothing like the States got. Edit : yeah yeah yeah CERB was not like the stimulus cheque because even working people got the Stimmy. However, CERB has been fantastic for the people who have needed it and even if I haven't missed a day of work due to being essential, I fully support my tax dollars going to it.


I got $1000 in thank you/danger money for working in healthcare. While my provincial government was actively trying to roll back my wage. 👍🏼


This probably means fuck all, but for what it's worth, thanks for the whacky ass bullshit you people go through every day, despite Doug Ford doing everything short of walking into St. Mike's, Headwaters, Trillium etc with a gun and blasting nurses to screw you.


Thank you stranger. Gratitude always has value. I have to tell you tho, the backwards Conservative province I reside in is actually Alberta, we owe our woes to Jason Kenney and his crew. Sadly there are few provinces that appear to be worryingly similar these days :(


No, but I'd argue our CERB program was far more effective than the US stimulus program. It's already been made clear that employment insurance is not available if you lose your job because you refused to comply with vaccine mandates and I'm pretty happy about that.


I got $600 from trudeau and $600 from Ford for having a kid? Does that count?


My coworker brags about that one when it comes in lol, the rest of us don't have kids so we just brag about free time. Still awesome you guys get that boosted baby bonus though, with groceries the way they are right now, I know it goes a long way with families.


It really did help. I used it to buy my son more outdoor toys and such to keep him occupied in lockdown.