China to ban video games featuring same-sex relationships, ‘effeminate’ men and moral choices

China to ban video games featuring same-sex relationships, ‘effeminate’ men and moral choices


There goes like every Japanese game ever


First part wipes out western games, second part wipes out Japanese games. Gaming in China just got a lot more strict




And mihoyos 2nd biggest hit: Honkai impact(Im 90% sure every relationship in the game is lesbian)


Ahh, but you see, it is the gay that we don't like. The grills are still good. /s


You joke, but one of the lead singers of TaTu basically said this. Something about authoritarian countries is weird.


Tatu? As in "all the things she said" tatu?




I can't quite remember why it was but historically men having sex with men in medieval western Europe were punished far more severely than women having sex with women. Something about men wasting their semen afaik. And women having sex with women apparently weren't considered to have "actual" sex unless penetration was involved. I'd have to look up the specifics vut that was the gist of it


According to Canonic (church) Law, sex required penetration, if there wasn´t penetration with a penis it wasn´t sex. So lesbians were legally incapable of practicing sex, while gay men practiced unnatural (homosexual) sex, which was punished by death. Lesbians weren´t having sex, but practicing masturbation, which had a much lower punishment (usually a fine and a penitence)


Wow it’s almost like lesbian relationships are made into a fetish by men who sexualise women. Never would’ve seen that coming!


I'm actually very curious about how they're going to handle this.


Venti from Genshin will now be built like a jojo character


Ah yes. The series with the most homoerotic hyper-masculine characters of all time.


14 year old boys with 14 year old bodies = gay and effeminate. Beefy Hyper masculine men that are only interested in other beefy hyper masculine men = super straight obv


Wrestling has to be one of the gayest looking sports out there with the straightest fanbase that not only thinks its manly without gay overtones but also encourages the wrestlers to flex in lycra thongs. BEEFY. MEN.


Same. On the one hand, a lot of money is being made, and money rules all. So you'd think that because it's a Chinese company and it's making them money, they'll give it a pass. But on the other hand, the CCP does whatever the fuck it wants to it's people, and even rich and famous people will disappear if they cross the party. Almost no one is safe - seemingly (except the tyrant himself at the top). So I genuinely don't know how this will go regarding Genshin. I could totally see it going either way. Swift and major changes, or total pass.


The government doesn't care about *one* company, or an *entire sector's* money - see Evergrande? While they were riding on an unsustainable debt-fuelled expansion, it's the government suddenly plugging up free-flowing cheap loans that caused its sudden financial meltdown. Same with the three north-eastern provinces, because the government wanted the 2022 Winter Olympics Games to be smog-free, they set strict limits on coal use, which is now seeing electricity being *rationed* to residential zones, and more surprisingly, *shutting down factories all the way down to the south*. If you think Xi won't bat an eye at *hundreds of millions* of disgruntled residents, ***single-handedly halting production output leading to international credit agencies lowering Chinese growth forecasts, potentially bankrupting China's overheated housing market in a catastrophic correction that will wipe the livelihoods of millions overnight plus the biggest property developers, creating an economic fallout that may drag global finances down with it***... Who'd even *give a shit* about *Genshin Impact???*


Don't worry, it'll get a pass. If it starts doing poorly outside of China they might reconsider but until then it's fine.


ah, one of the things i see on the frontpage every morning and have no idea wtf it is


I, for one, am excited to play *Super Uncle Xi World* on the CPPES console, where you navigate the treacherous world of capitalists and anti-party traitors in order to help Uncle Xi unite humanity under China. +30 social credits for reaching the end of the game. If you die in the game, you get a knock on the door for your lack of commitment to your nation.


You open the door. It's Pooh.


Actual cannibal Xia Labeouf


I was gonna say as a Japanese gamer, how dare you… I like my effeminate men in my games thank you very much lol 😂


Rip Dragon Age


Rip most rpgs in general lol


Yeah but especially Dragon Age. One of the choices you can make in that series is Power Bottom




It means that [this guy](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/dragonage/images/0/09/Ib.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/769?cb=20140329052742) voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr rails you against the wall, if you're in to that sort of thing edit: it helps to understand that the Dragon Age fandom is *the* horniest fandom, bar none


The Hades fandom is in the running.


Literally everyone in that game is hot. It’s a bisexual/pansexual smorgasbord


Dragon age fandom has no filter. They really let that freak flag fly.


My favorite Dragon Age Inquisiton is Sera talking about how she fisted some chick and then finding out there’s official art of it.


I don't know if it beats the Overwatch fandom. Blizzard scrubbed the internet of as much OW porn that they could find, twice. Obviously it didn't work tho


"Overwatch SFM porn hit the internet like crack hit low income neighborhoods in the 80s."


Also Rip Mass Effect


We will not bang or do anything sexually okay.


Also rip Kotor.




[The complete game censorship requirements is here,](https://chinadigitaltimes.net/chinese/671510.html) there are something did not mentioned in the article. Cannot force players to spend money. Cannot re-skin or re-release old games. Lootboxes are strictly prohibited. Edit: >Sorry this is my inaccurate translation, it is actually: Change the name and skin of an old game which already has publication number then use the new name to apply for a new publication number. (China regards games as publications, and each game must have a publication number, just like ISBN). This is so-called re-skin.) **Games should not be anti-social and anti-human. Games should have its own moral system** For example, the purpose of "Plague Inc." is to kill all mankind, which is express numerically. That can not feel the sense of morality as a human. For example, "This War of Mine": "In the game, ordinary people in a war have to do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how immoral their actions are. Such as looting supplies from the home of an elderly person, and when you visit again in a few days, you'll discover the corpse of the elderly person. Moral dilemma such as this is not suitable for a player to make through a video game." **Religious symbols should not appear in games.** Use Cthulhu mythological elements with caution. For example, "human values in the universe are meaningless", "human beings cannot not defeat nature at all" and so on. In "Civilization VI", encouraging the elimination of "barbarians" is actually a colonial mentality, lacking a view of good and evil. Shows the dark side of history and allows players to experience good and evil, but game players have an immature understanding of history, so it is not suitable for players to make good and evil choices. The establishment of Manchukuo and the advance expansion of Germany is against the true historical process. 'Japanese-inspired games have resulted in fans who know more about japanese history than chinese history,' Chinese historical/mythological figures being depicted in a japanese fashion instead of the chinese fashion (i.e. characters from romance of the three kingdoms); 'beautification of japanese culture and nationalism' (The censor officer specifically mentioned 'someone say kaga is their waifu'); (Kaga is Japan's aircraft carrier during World War II, it was later adapted into the image of a beautiful girl in anime. The CCP believes that Japan is beautifying its militarist history.) >Edit: (saying "'kaga is their waifu" is not a problem, but someone said it in the pop-up comment of a WWII history documentary video which kaga aircraft carrier appeared, which made the censor officer feel it has a very bad impact.) Games with names written in japanese-ified chinese (i.e. where a phrase is different between chinese hanzi and japanese kanji, but the name is written in the kanji style). When there are sensitive words, it should not show "it is illegal" (how can the names of national leaders be illegal?). It should show "contains sensitive words". Update: >These "bad inducement contents" are not allowed > >1, gore (red brings the impression of blood) > >2, exposure (under-skirt view is not allowed) > >3, use words "kill", "shoot" (in the pubg mobile Chinese version, when a player is killed, it shows "eliminated") > >4, set up systems or play against social morality, such as theft, robbery, arson, etc. PK is allowed, you can get rewards from the system after winning, but can not take the other player's reward, can not to encroach on other's labor income. > >5. Bad career experience. Assassins, killers, pirates. > >6, Content contrary to social values, such as brothels, casinos, dirty words, and other ways like assassination to provoke the relationship between players. > >7, the use of uncivilized words. > >8, smoking, drinking, taverns, tattoos, etc. (such as pipe, female characters with a cigarette) ​ Edit: Sorry I did not fully translate the content of the article. There are still some things that have nothing to do with the censorship of the politics/culture/history/value, which I saw from another thread. >[https://www.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/pya23t/china\_further\_regulating\_video\_game\_development/](https://www.reddit.com/r/truegaming/comments/pya23t/china_further_regulating_video_game_development/) > >Cannot force players to spend money > >Cannot re-skin or re-release old games (Change the name of an old game which already has publication number, then use the new name to apply for a new publication number. (China regards games as publications, and each game must have a publication number, just like ISBN). This is so-called re-skin.) > >Lootboxes are strictly prohibited > >No lottery or wheel of fortune mechanics > >No treasure hunting or smashing golden eggs mechanics (not sure, seems like more loot box stuff from a google search?) > >No refer-a-friend mechanics > >No gear crafting that relies on RNG (I'm guessing they mean like scrolling in Maplestory or Rivens in Warframe?) > >No characters with RNG attributes/stats > >Game cannot be missing too many features (underdeveloped) in a clearly unfinished state > >Version of the game released must match the version submitted for review > >Game cannot use the same art assets too much (repetitive) or use stolen assets from other games > >Provide us with the resources to review the entire game (do not waste our time training or grinding) > >Do not exaggerate in your advertising, do not hire fake reviewers, do not advertise for something that won't be in the release, do not say "to be continued", "coming soon", etc. Go back and finish your game, we do not want to see unfinished games > >Incomplete story, lacks explanations about the world, characters, or gear. > >Need to fully disclose all details about your payment model, do not advertise to your players too much > >Game bugs subject to scrutiny (we are not your QA and require all QA audit reports from developers) > >Review of stamina systems (think Farmville and how you can only play it when you have enough stamina in-game)


China has had a bug up their ass about time travel for at least the last 15 odd years


From a Time Travelers perspective it might be even more or less than 15 years.


Time travelers could go back in time and kill Mao. They don't want to give people any ideas.


It's so weird how they revere Mao but hate everything he did. They must completely detach him from historical events in order to come to that conclusion.


They are still pissed about the one series that - in their view - came to close to criticising their regime. I'd bet that is the reason behind a good number of their superficially nonsensical bans. Satire or analogy is a time-tested vehicle for political commentary.


What series?


Command and conquer red alert maybe?


China isn't even in red alert 3. In Generals and Zero Hour however, they are very much in it with all their glory


*China will grow larger!*


DONT you come for This War of Mine you bastards


Seriously though, great game.


So basically ban every game, except tetris?


But Tetris carries with it the moral dilemma of what happens to the rows that disappear.


My god... I'm a monster!


You lose 50 social credit points and 15 minutes of gaming for the next week


Tetris is the perfect game that complies to censorship. If you fit in line you blend in perfectly and a betterment for all. If you don't fit in you cause problems, stand out and make everyone have to work harder.


Not only censorship; the truth is a bit more dystopian. If you fall in line you are cleared, and fade immediately into obscurity. And if not you force the game to end, by filling up the region with wasted space, and then fade into obscurity. Only to be replaced by the next of kin upon game reset. Rinse and repeat.


"Cannot re-skin or rerelease old games". So no, no tetris except for original systems apparently. Edit: op has corrected the translation below. Tetris is safe


But original Tetris has Cyrillic letters! As a result Chinese kids know more about the Russian alphabet than their own!


"China bans waifus" doesn't really get anymore ridiculous than this I guess. What's next, can't marry a non-mainland Chinese person because doing so may cause you to learn non-mainland China cultural values?


Wanna give them ideas??


Surprised that isn't already covered tbh


>The CCP believes that Japan is beautifying its militarist history. I mean, they aren't wrong...


Looks like they have mixed a bunch of moralist nonsense (LGBT forbidden), with a couple of actually worrying topics (glorification of the military of a country that attempted to burn, pillage and rape all their way through China), and come to a bunch of ridiculous shit "solutions" along with maybe a single one good one (banning lootboxes).


There are a couple more good ideas there, all related to monetization and grind mechanics. The moment they touch on anything else, it's hoo boy. I feel like this document is a great overview of how policymaking works in authoritarian regimes. They aren't cartoonishly evil; they have specific interests they follow, which sometimes align with humanist principles and sometimes not, because their intent is not protection, but enforcement. Here, it's a mix of nationalism, conservative moralization and concern about exploitative practices in gaming. One of those things is not like the others, but they all stem from the same mindset.


So basically remove the point of games - an outlet for human behavior we all share that cannot be achieved in our current societal reality. This won't work.


>This won't work. It'll work if China wants it to work.


> Cannot force players to spend money. Cannot re-skin or re-release old games. Lootboxes are strictly prohibited. China sounds like a cool place to live... > Rest of requirements/examples Or not.


Even that’s too restrictive. That probably bans any remastered game.


No Diablo 2 resurrected or FF7 remake…. Not to mention all the sequels that are just “more of the same”.


I read that, and was like 'huh'. But then it went on. That's the thing about authoritarian regimes. It's not that they can't do good things or take the right action sometimes. It's that you can never rely on them to do it, because it's all about enforcement of norms.


* Games that feature queer relationships or “effeminate males”, the memo states, should not be approved for release. * If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised. * Games that allow players to make moral choices between good and evil should also not be approved. * “Players can choose to be either good or evil… but we don’t think that games should give players this choice” WTF, under these conditions they can put any game under their discretion or whim under the hammer.


Chinese media censorship rules have always been vague to provide censors with maximum amounts of power to coerce developers and studios. For example, the "skull ban" is based on a vague prohibition on cults and superstition, which could be used to ban literally every piece of media that mentions magic or religion in any form.


…and the “skull ban” isn’t universal. For example, Disneyland Shanghai has full human skeletons in their Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It also embraces the supernatural due to the nature of the franchise: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BP4JFCTlZ1U It is control, for the most part: it keeps people and companies on their toes because the CCP can ban whatever they want on a whim.


It's like how, they selectively punish corruption. I'm sure it is impossible to run any bussiness in China without breaking the rules. So now they have leverage against anyone who steps out of line


The fact that the CCP is trying to suppress superstition in fucking China has to be one of the funniest things I've read this week. Let me guess: traditional Chinese medicine doesn't count as superstition.


If you are talking about eating weird animal parts myths then it does and is already banned. Not the others things like acupuncture or cupping therapy. Edit : It seems like a lot of people think Traditional Chinese Medicine is only about eating animal parts which is not true at all it's a broad term that also regroup herbal remedies, diet, and exercises. Acupuncture, cupping therapy, Qigong are TCM.


That's the point, many of the laws do not have clear boundaries and can be enforced selectively. China clearly wants a generation of Super godly Tetris players


I dunno, I can't tell which gender the L-shaped piece is.


The way the square Tetris piece looks is kinda gay ngl


>If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised. Any unexplained earthquakes in China are coming from the combined shaking of their manhua authors.


Some of those Chinese webtoons start of pretty decent, but are so fucking jam packed with propaganda that it physically hurts


I have never read a Chinese webtoon and honestly can't imagine what that propaganda would look like, but I'm really curious now. Can you give me an example I can check out?


I mean if you didn't realize Solo Leveling was complete South Korean nationalism by the end I don't know how you wouldn't notice this. I've only read a few Chinese Manhua but the usual trend for ones set in modern times is usually kidnapped Chinese man in some battle Royal type scenario by westernern stand ins and he defeats the evil westerner by the end. Similar to like Total Recall the Arnold Schwarzenegger Hollywood movie. But the genre always amounts to Blond haired characters = evil and Han Chinese ethnicity being paragons fighting them. Every. Single. Time. Uncharted Walker ( English Title) is a prime example of this trend.


Mildly related but I read a lot of chinese web novels (text, not webtoons), and saw a very interesting choice of words too: they refer to the modern scientific worldview as the "socialist scientific worldview". e.g: - something supernatural happens, "character's socialist scientific worldview is shaken up" - some sort of self-evaluation where the character thinks they are not perfect but overall an upstanding person with socialist scientific worldview. idk if it is intentionally there for humorous effect, but it just sounds so weird lol.


Well this is China, most of their laws are designed for subjective enforcement, as in many people ignore them then the government cracks down on some particular person or group using them. This will be used to ban any game they feel like.


RIP JRPGs in China.


Cloud in the Honeybee section of FF7R was glorious. They didn't tone down that section at all in the remake. They turned it up to the max, and it was fantastic.


Yeah, the ambiguity is a feature, not a bug.


"Feature effeminate males" So...who's gonna tell Xi thatnincludes every historical drama and video game...*cough eunuchs*


The point of vague rules is that they can be selectively enforced.


No Dynasty Warriors for them.


Can the rest of the world finally stop bending over backwards to appeal to the Chinese market, and therefore the CCP? Then again, how is Michael Bay gonna fund another four Transformers movies? Also, uh oh.... Transformers? How can I tell the gender of a robot???


Do they even elaborate on how Transformers reproduce? This is gonna look real weird out of context in my post history


>> “The vast majority of Cybertronians reproduce asexually, but how exactly a new Transformer is created, given life, and introduced to the world is a complicated process—a process that often plays a key role in the origin of their species and culture, even if individual methods of reproduction often vary wildly across different continuity families.” The [TFWiki page on cybertronian reproduction](https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Reproduction) should tell you what you want to know.


Well that one in the movie had testicles


My thoughts exactly. We've had a transformer literally dangle its balls above us on the big screen, for some of us in 3-D!


I hope China bans all Western content so Western companies stop sucking China’s dick


And selling out our children and each other for short term profits.


They'll just become not-western companies and still profit. Corpos have no nation, and no culture besides profits.


This more likely will dumb down western content so it's approved in China....


I'm honestly waiting at this point for a straight up ban on video gaming at all. They seem vehemently against gaming at all at this point.


Video game consoles were banned in 2000 in China. The ban was only lifted in 2015. https://www.theverge.com/2015/7/25/9039995/china-ends-ban-on-video-game-consoles


Funnily enough that led to an explosive growth of exceptionally predatory mobile gaming in China (those were not banned). Which kinda led to the crisis of kids spending all time and money in those designed to be addictive game-alikes which will make EA with it loot boxes to blush in envy (yes, it's THAT bad). Which is the problem Chinese government tries to solve the only way it knows how - endless bans and restrictions (unless some people from CCP profit from certain games, then it will be conveniently alowed to pass all checks).


So THATS why it’s been so hard to get a PS5! The Chinese market finally opening up! (/s … I think)


PSN store in China had exactly 1 game on it


That’s insane they really didnt have console gaming till 2015


They had their own knockoff consoles. I know if at least something that resembled a NES.


Based on a rough translation I saw earlier this week, that is essentially what they are doing. There were so many concepts a game could not have that I'd be surprised if Pong passed their review board.


That effeminate paddle be kinda thick though...


Effeminate paddles in ping? That's a paddling.


Looking at the bat, I can't immediately determine their gender, and I can choose whether to return a shot or not, which is a moral decision based on my personal value judgement of winning vs. losing. So I think Pong absolutely out. It's subversive


Idk, 2 long and solid rods bouncing some balls seems kinda gay to me


The leaked memo marks the latest move by China to crack down on the perceived decline of traditional “masculinity”.


With 35 million excess males they could use a few gay people over there.


Why do that when they can just do a little human trafficking to get themselves some wives?


One of the jokes here is before WWI you had to be limp wristed for sword fighting, and some big UK war hero had a lisp so everyone started doing it. Limp wrist and lisp was traditionally macho.


High heels also originally for men. Fits in the stirrup.


As was the colour pink


Well, boys. Red was a man's colour, the colour of blood. Boys were supposed to be a lesser form of that, so they were traditionally dressed in pink, a faded/diluted version of red, while girls tended to wear blues.


Then women started copying it and made both unmanly. *Posers.*


Winnie the Pooh sounds like a fucking neck beard then, Jesus Christ. What a fragile human.


That’s how they did it with crypto. More restrictions, then eventually an all out ban. I don’t think they’ll do it with games though - they must understand that gaming is a good opiate for the masses. Especially masses of men who can’t find partners because of the ol’ one child policy.


Yeah I don't get why China is cracking down on all the mental opium, dramas as well. Do they think people will be complacent with only watching manly propaganda movies all day?


Pretty sure the big limit on gaming time was for students under 18. Maybe wrong but the adult gaming scenes still a thing.


The whole point is to basically ban everything and then specifically allow what you want or were well bribed to allow.


After all the sucking up that western publishers like Blizzard have done to China, it's satisfying to see their goldmine be taken away from them. As for the average Chinese citizen however, that's another huge blow to those who like playing video games.


Blizzard will just adjust their games world wide to meet the requirements set for the Chinese market.


They already had special versions of WoW for china, like undead bones dont show ect


My favorite is a giant Bone Wraith named [Lord Marrowgar](https://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/150774-lord-marrowgar.jpg) [Here](https://external-preview.redd.it/7m9mZmpj8ebMhWnOMrpEu60bNC7Bn1KuR3ZtYKGFzWw.jpg?auto=webp&s=35b5597c791b077897fc84b235a34fc42e1efd8a) is the extremely unflattering Chinese version


Get ready for the next Overwatch update where half the cast gets coldly executed by Mei and removed from the game! (Pun not intended)


Bug fixes: -Soldier and Tracer are no longer gay. /s


Bastion now has large robotic penis to indicate gender.


Zarya has a moustache and is now a man.


Hasn’t that been Blizzard’s genius idea with Overwatch? Keep anything even slightly controversial in comics that only get released in the west. Thereby avoiding pissing China off.


You don’t get it. This is a huge problem. Western game makers are going to cater to these restrictions because they want to be able to sell to one of the largest markets in the world for video games. What will end up happening is you will have Beijing in effect dictating what messages are allowed in our movies, video games and other media. We already saw this problem when China is able to put fear in the NBA to not piss them off or have players talk about Hong Kong.


IDK, this might at least force them to make regional versions of their games instead of changing the whole thing. Blizzard is a panderer, but even they would be hard pressed to rework their games that much and keep an audience.


They're not going to make regional versions of the games where the entire storyline has been removed. Imagine if they removed all "moral choices" from games like Mass Effect, would it even still be an RPG?


Removing moral choices would remove the option to choose to have sex with crewmates. That's the end of Mass Effect lmao.


I feel like it's getting harder and harder to cater to China. I think China is hurting itself here and most big studios will give up trying to bend over backwards.


Yeah I mean knowing the game you specifically made to cater to them could still end up rejected might make developers weary


It is getting harder, but the money-making gig is still too strong over there. I think we'll finally see a decent amount of gaming/movie/entertainment companies jumping ship if the CCP *continues* to ban & outlaw a range of international and/or western values, features & monetization practices that will negatively effect their bottom line with the rest of the world in the process. Like, banning of effeminate men and moral choices is already a huge blow to both Japanese and western game developers, respectively. Every other Japanese game features an effeminate male anime protagonist or just effeminate male charactes in general, and moral decision-making is a core gameplay element in so many action/adventure/RPG/MMO/story games as is, especially western ones....


God forbid people have to make a moral judgement between good and bad.




Wonder how long it'll take before Just Cause is banned. On the bright side, I think we finally have the ideal setting for Mercenaries 3. God, I'm old...


God id love a new mercenaries game


“Some games have blurred moral boundaries,” it said.


Imagine thinking people learning how to successfully navigate blurred moral boundaries would lead to a a less stable society, imagine being that far fucking gone.


>Imagine thinking people learning how to successfully navigate blurred moral boundaries would lead to a a less stable society And risk them questioning the decisons your government makes for them? We can't have *that.*


Such is the way of authoritarian rule. Reminds me of Mussolini’s obsession with masculinity, which formed the basis of his brand of fascism: “The deviant male was above all a bourgeois, egoistic and unpatriotic as well as scarcely virile (because he was unfit or reluctant to repeatedly impregnate the female); the deviant female was the too 'modern' woman, Americanized, independent and masculinized. The social damages provoked by these two converging deviants were most serious: a widespread and 'excessive loosening of family hierarchical relations, a decline in the main of that robust virility that fascism, with much love and perseverance, pursues in other ways"


Nazi Germany also did the same. The state spent a lot of effort on raising a generation of children who were physically strong and extremely patriotic. The girls were tasked to produce babies and the boys were given rifles and pointed at the nearest T-34 tank. China is only a really bad course right now.


Reverence for the patriarchy and the glory of the people with penises is a pretty strong core for just about every authoritarian.


That is not their place. The government tells them what is moral and they must obey. /s


Why the /s?


That's what people do when they're afraid of downvotes.


Why the /s? You’re not wrong.


That’s not sarcastic that actually the truth


Honestly, the moral choices bit is the scariest bit if you stop to think about it.


You shouldn't have to worry about what is good and evil, big daddy Xi will tell you.


Essentially "Tencent wants to strangle MiHoYo because Genshin Impact is so popular"? Or am I reading it wrong?


Next patch is the story of how all the Genshin Impact male characters really got into working out.


All males gon look like Yanxiao from now on.


Part of me really wants to see this happen. If it wasn't so sad it'd be hilarious.


lmao imagine venti in his archon attire while being as fucking shredded as the muscly guys


Every male Genshin Impact character instantly becomes a pre-2000s JoJo character


Xi Jinping: *Mihoyo...* Mihoyo: *Yes?* **Sweats nervously** Xi Jinping: *You see this bard and this nerd?* Mihoyo: *That's Venti and Xingqiu* Xi Jinping: *Better put six-packs on them and make them ripped*


Absolutely shredded venti, in the same outfit would be hilarious


Pillar men Venti skin is a strict upgrade


Old venti: *ehe~* New venti: *deep voice* **EHEEE**


The CCP's approach is so funny. Look at the massive popularity of Genshin and the huge hype around Black Myth: Wukong, as well as the increasing interest in Chinese-language animes and things like cultivation stories and translated web-literature. These things were becoming more popular despite a simultaneous upwards trend in Sinophobia. Imagine having all that organic soft power served to you on a platter and throwing it in the garbage by censoring your creative industries lol.


Everyone in Chinese creative industries are very aware of it. Was talking to a studio director recently and he’s considering quitting because the new rules are so becoming broad that he can’t figure out what the hell will pass review anymore. It’s always been hard but now it’s apparently to the point where it’s so arbitrary that he can’t even figure out the internal logic for why some things are flagged.


Guess they're not going for that culture victory


It’s because cultural power projection is a pandora’s box for a totalitarian regime. The power projection it brings abroad? Fantastic. *But*, the downside is you can’t control culture easily if it is going to have wide international appeal. And that means you open up risk domestically because “dangerous” ideas can propagate out of control. Totalitarian states simply never consistently produced culture the world consumes. It happens now and then, but no consistently. Because the soft power gained isn’t worth threatening power retention at home. Until Chinese leaders are ok with giving up power, they will always be behind the game in projecting culture. Hell, they’ve already wiped so much of their historical culture off the map. This is nothing new.


> cultivation stories ​ It is nuts how much cultivation manhua gets pumped out now. ​ The only thing about it that concerns me is if manga and manhwa will get the blanket "google translate + stroke" treatment that manhua gets because they know people will still read.


I came for Genshin related comments, and I was not disappointed.


I wonder how this will impact game development outside of China. China is a huge market, and we already know companies will bend over backwards to try to make money there.


Can't wait for the inevitable shitshow when it comes out that some major US studio dropped all non-hetero characters continue appeasing the Chinese government.


Yeah people are gonna rage, but money talks, so my money is on studios not really caring.


I will. Look in the Movie Markt. Most of the movies have at least a little story or actor for the Chinese people.


So will this change Western developers goal of more representation in games to sell to China?


Potentially. Disney already tries to avoid LGBTQ characters in their main franchises for the same reason.


Disney seems to take up the strategy of using entirely different marketing materials and movie versions. You know. To hide and remove black and gay people from their China audience.


They did it with Finn in star wars remember. Shanked from the Chinese poster


It could potentially scare away Western developers. If China is going to make vague policies where they can ban games on a whim, then Western developers might be wary about designing games with China in mind. A Western developer could start developing a game that is designed to be compliant with Chinese policies, but then China makes a new policy and now the game is no longer compliant. They'd either have to redesign the game with the new policies in mind or just abandon the Chinese market entirely.


So no new elder Scrolls or fallout game for them


Or crappier games for the rest of us while companies bend over backwards for China.


So basically any game with a story?


All games except Simulation games and building games.


Even a simulation game like The Sims doesn’t adhere to these rules at all.


China's on a roll, it's like a tiger parent starting to lose their shit


Being in China sounds like being in an especially abusive relationship.


“Stop considering morality” is just the most CCP thing.


Could you imagine if gay people ACTUALLY had as much power as despots seem to think they have? Like you could bring down an entire state, just by being gay, according to these people.


If that were true I'd be sucking dick on the street corner.


Don’t let that stop you now


Totalitarian regimes need inner enemies. It's also the efficient choice to take the least numerous but most unusual minority to be your totalitarian government's inner enemies, so they are: 1) unlikely to fuck you up, 2) unlikely to become a focus for public rebellion.


Lmao you can’t even have the illusion of free choice in the virtual world of China anymore. Actual thought crime now.


I’m beginning to think this “China” place might not be all its cracked up to be.


What about Puri Puri Prisoner?! They couldn't...


He's about to be Angel Dashed out of there!