oh yay. here in India we are rushing back to ensure the pre-covid air quality as quickly as possible.


Diwali fire crackers are banned. That should improve air quality drastically year round..


Not from an environmental point of view but from an energy security point of view it’s a good move considering the global energy crises going on. https://www.spglobal.com/platts/en/market-insights/blogs/coal/093021-india-coal-crisis


Australia are a disgrace. Stop mining and exporting coal.


Yeah because that’s how it works. They can just wrap it up this evening and stop sending coal out by Monday. Should be easy enough


It's easier than what they would have You believe. When money comes before everything, excuses become a currency of their own.


Doesn’t change the fact that you can’t halt an industry overnight. There’d be way more fallout than it’d be worth. Look at chinas power crisis right now. They wanted to make up for lost time and climate benchmarks they were going to miss, so they banned and outlawed coal stoves before they had the infrastructure to replace it. Along with a ton of other brutal catch-up tactics that are now causing their people to suffer. It’s a slow process. The sooner we start it the better, but it won’t happen overnight. No matter how late to the game we are, we can’t just make up for lost time and expect a ban without investment in alternatives and the infrastructure to support it. [China’s power crunch is being fuelled by a ‘simple and brutal’ approach to climate change targets](https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/opinion/article/3150883/chinas-power-crunch-being-fuelled-simple-and-brutal-approach?module=perpetual_scroll&pgtype=article&campaign=3150883)


Should be! If the politicians are competent!


isn't their coal for making steel?


Yes much of it is some isn’t though some gets sent to China India and other countries


you do realise if Australia just stopped exporting coal, countries would just buy it from somewhere else. Tax from Coal exports account for almost 2% of federal government spending Plus a massive amount of the coal isn’t even used for power generation




Copium is helluva drug bruh


Thanks for demonstrating the prime example of a redditor who primarily gets their knowledge on China from reddit where the upvote/downvote system enables such a filtered perspective heavily influenced by the bias of redditors and arguably various state actors, one in which positive news of China, however significant, rarely if ever get upvoted to to the frontpage whereas negative news of China, however trivial, often get upvoted to the top. RemindMe! One Year 'China has collapsed'


Yep any day now!


ha ha ha