Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn | Climate News

Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn | Climate News


Article text: >Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn (£13bn) after action against climate change has threatened their profits, according to research conducted by campaign group Global Justice Now and provided exclusively to Sky News. >Five energy companies, including British companies Rockhopper and Ascent, are using a legal process that allows commercial entities to sue governments under international laws governing trade agreements and treaties. >These corporate arbitration courts operate outside of a country's domestic legal system. >According to Global Justice Now, which has collated publicly available information, five of the largest lawsuits under way are being brought by TC Energy, RWE, Uniper, Rockhopper and Ascent Resources. >The $18bn they are collectively suing for is almost a quarter of the entire climate funding provided by developed nations for developing ones, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development's (OECD) most recent assessment. >Rockhopper is currently suing the Italian government for $325m (£234.8m) in a dispute related to a ban on offshore oil drilling close to the coastline. >Ascent is asking for $118m (£163.3m) from Slovenia after it passed legislation requiring environmental assessments for fracking. >Canada based TC Energy, the company behind the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, is suing the US government for $15bn (£10.9bn) after the Biden administration cancelled the project, citing the fight against climate change. >Meanwhile German companies RWE and Uniper are suing the Dutch government for $1.6bn (£1.16bn) and $1.06bn (£768m) each following the Dutch government's move to phase out coal and shut down coal-fired power plants by 2030. >The majority of the cases are being brought under the Energy Charter Treaty, and are being hosted within the International Centre for The Settlement of Investment Disputes, a branch of the World Bank. >The Energy Charter Treaty was created after the end of the Cold War and was designed to provide a stable, transparent legal framework that protected foreign investors as energy markets opened up. >Global Justice Now trade campaigner Jean Blaylock told Sky News: "Fossil fuel companies should be paying to fix the climate crisis they caused, but instead they want a payout. >"They're suing governments who take climate action through secretive corporate courts, massively increasing the cost of climate action". >She added: "These courts are built into trade deals and operate outside of and supersede domestic courts and legal systems. That means a country that passes meaningful legislation to phase out fossil fuels could face a multi-billion dollar fine, despite acting entirely legally. It's utterly undemocratic. >"These cases are only becoming more common as governments commit to climate action. World leaders may finally be waking up to the threat of the climate and ecological crisis, but fossil fuel companies are holding them to ransom, demanding ever-greater pay-outs through corporate courts. >"When world leaders gather in Glasgow, they'll make lofty promises on climate action, but it will all be for nought if fossil fuel companies can sue governments into a state of climate paralysis. It could make a mockery of pledges at COP26." >Global Justice Now campaigners say that the UK is a hub for the international arbitration system and that all, but two of the top 30 law firms, involved in the lucrative industry have offices in London. >Protestors are planning to gather outside these law and energy firms on Friday. >A spokesperson for Rockhopper told Sky News: "The Energy Charter Treaty is designed to provide a stable platform for energy sector investments. The Italian government issued licences and encouraged significant investment in oil and gas exploration, based on this platform. >"Clearly it is not equitable to change the rules halfway through. It is also important to note that those rule changes made by the Italian government were not related to climate change and that Italy continues to produce significant quantities of oil and gas within 12 miles of the coast." >A spokesperson for German company RWE said: "RWE is not suing the Dutch government for deciding to phase out coal. We expressly support the energy transition in the Netherlands and associated measures to reduce carbon emissions. >"[But] the Dutch law does not provide for the resulting disruption to the property of affected companies. We do not consider this right." >"RWE has therefore filed a request for arbitration against the Netherlands at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes [ICSID] in Washington under the Energy Charter Treaty." >A spokesperson for Ascent Resources told Sky News: "Slovenia's Ministry of Health, Ministry of Infrastructure, the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, the Forestry Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, the Chemical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and the Conservation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia all concluded that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not required. >"The ARSO [Slovenian Environment Agency] decision was therefore not based on the recommendations of Slovenia's own experts and, furthermore, it contradicted the opinions they gave. >"It is therefore manifestly arbitrary and unreasonable." >A spokesperson for Uniper said: "The Dutch government has announced its intention to shut down the last coal-fired power plants by 2030 without compensation. >"Uniper is convinced that shutting down our power plant in Maasvlakte after only 15 years of operation would be unlawful without adequate compensation. >"International law provides a different standard of investment protection open to investors from other countries in international courts. The international tribunal is appointed by both parties, i.e. the Dutch state and Uniper. >"We are convinced that such an international tribunal will also form an objective opinion." >TC Energy said that it was unable to comment further on a legal matter.


Thanks. I had to quit reading the article because of the ads. I don't mind ads per se, but these keep resizing and reflowing the page.


I had to quit reading it because of the anger it caused me


I don't know if they can even pull the suits off. It just seems impossible for them to enforce.


I wonder if it's the test balloon for corporations. They've bought the politicians who appointed the people they wanted to negotiated the treaties, which favors them in trade negotiations and now can be used against the countries.


Altermondialist protesters have warned us for years. The people who negociate these treaties are connected to the industries these treaties protect. This is probably not a test balloon: they have won these kind of suits in the past (see other comments) and will probably win these ones. We are fucked...


"We operated a coal power plant for 15 years despite knowing the harm, now pay us cause you closed it"


Can we throw these fuckers in a volcano yet?


Nope. Don't want to damage that environment. On the other hand, recycling is a great way to recover minerals...


Recycling sounds great. It reminds me of Dune.


These are the CEOs of the 5 companies listed: [François Poirier - President and Chief Executive Officer at TC Energy](https://ca.linkedin.com/in/fran%C3%A7ois-poirier-a876632a) [Markus Krebber - CEO, RWE AG](https://www.linkedin.com/in/markus-krebber/) [Marc Merrill - President & CEO, Uniper North America](https://www.linkedin.com/in/marc-merrill-778b0517/) [Sam Moody - CEO at Rockhopper Exploration](https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-moody-10906a47/) [Jeff Fisher - Chief Executive Officer at Ascent Resources](https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-fisher-087970b/)


Except for one guy, all of them are your typical career executives. They don't care one way or the other what happens. If it goes against them, they'll jus move on to another company.




This is why the Pacific trade agreement is horrifying, it literally states that the rules of that partnership put the needs of corporations above our laws. This means above us. Disgusting.


Pardon my asking but, who enforces all that? Like if the countries just tell these businesses to sod off then what happens?


At least with the smaller and less wealthy nations, they will literally cut off significant portions of all trade to strong-arm them and many are not self-reliant enough to withstand that. Even Mexico was bullied into allowing snacks and soda exports from the US when they were working to ban them to reduce obesity.


Well the US is one of the ones being sued. I don’t see how any other nation could affect our trade enough to make us back down, not especially when China, the one nation who could affect our trade, is also making steps to cut down on their Carbon foot print and are likely to side with us on the issue


Special interests will payout.


Fuck these are entitled pricks. Companies are not entitled to profits, and in some cases the countries they are suing have been giving them subsidies. They deserve to go out of business. The countries should countersue for destroying the environment for generations.


The fucking *audacity* of these assholes. Fuck them.


Oil companies: "Thanks for the decades of subsidies. By the way, we'd like some more because we didn't transition to cleaner energy. Don't let the door slam you in the ass on the way out!"


Seriously, fuck these pieces of shit. After lying to us for decades so they could keep ruining the environment to earn more money than they could ever spend.


So what if the country they are suing loose and don't pay? How can they enforce it other than refusing to sell or build anymore and loosing that market?


They can try and freeze assets in other countries (bank accounts, aircraft etc.). There's also the theory that when governments take action like this, it discourages investment across the board (because companies in unrelated industries wonder if the government might do the same thing to them). I do wonder if climate-related legislation will start to get divorced from that point of view though. Western Australia made it illegal for a certain guy to sue them and noone really cared because what he was suing them for was so crazy.


The companies only have as much power as the multiple governments don't work together to ~~simply~~ (probably not easily) resist these power grabs.


After all the fucking *subsidies* and tax breaks they've have for the past *century*, it's **still** not fucking enough?!?


With the way fossil fuel companies covered up climate change for decades, they're lucky they're not on trial by national governments for crimes against humanity. The amount of deaths they've directly and indirectly caused will be countless. Instead, they have the nerve to sue the governments themselves? There are no words to describe the depravity of these sub-human creatures.


>they're lucky they're not on trial by national governments for crimes against humanity. The amount of deaths they've directly and indirectly caused will be countless. Can we make this happen? That'd be fantastic!


Steven Donziger, who successfully sued Chevron in Ecuador for this very thing was disbarred and placed on house arrest in the US for his effort. The world’s biggest governments* are in the oil companies’ pockets. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Donziger Edit: apostrophe


That counter-suing article was wild! How can the US justice system be so corrupt?


Because the leaders are in those positions because the oil companies paid for them to get there


Wow thought you were exaggerating, but nope Chevron definitely payed that judge to fuck with this guy, insane.


Isn’t he still on house arrest?


Yes, just saw him post a shot of his ankle bracelet the other day.


If they ever see justice it will be at the hands of an angry mob.


They want money from the government (aka taxes the people paid) because they face restrictions on having people pay money for being killed.


It says that this international court supersedes the laws of countries? Wtf? I’m pretty sure the U.S. can tell TC energy to fuck off. Who do they think is going to enforce these rulings if they were to win?


It'll never be enough.


It'll never be enough. So, let's write the infinitely greedy off.


Don't forget the straight up tax evasion. Property tax? Nah, we arent going to pay that. Leave it to those living in the area.


there's no such thing as "enough" for a large corporation


Governments should just take any settlements and fees out of the subsidies.


They took the money we gave them to now find their attack on us. Oops.


They need to get in the bottom of the fucking sea. Preferably before it has evaporated.


Well, let’s sue them for 18 trillion then. Seems only fair as we share the cost of the externalities of their actions equally.


Would it be possible to mount a class action ? \[Edit\] It looks like it's not possible ...at least in the US. Maybe a class action, not directed at the compagnies themselves, but targetted at individuals for lying, deception, endangering others's lifes, loss of chances, anything ?


People tried to sue before with other environmentel issues and failed because of lack of standing. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lujan_v._Defenders_of_Wildlife Scalia said that to sue you must have "tangible and particular harm". An ethereal future harm for everyone isn't good enough. Idk this is just what I remember from law school, an environmental lawyer would know much more. Fuck Scalia.


Well we are well past the point where this is ethereal or constrained only to the future.


Sadly, our legal system seems to be have been made to resolve quarterly profit issues, not long term threats facing mankind


What about things like the Dakota pipeline erupting into a major water source or BPs gulf catastrophies? Those are definitely tangible. Undoubtedly we are suffering reprocussions from these. What about the earth quakes and sink holes created by fracking? What about Mancos?


Of course, now the SCOTUS has determined you don’t need standing or harm to sue, but o let if you’re suing people for providing healthcare.














For anyone wondering about all these deleted comments: it's not allowed to be too angry at people like those in the article and call them Hitleresque (i.e. genocidal).














Personally too, if the CEO of Shell knew and suppressed the damage they cause he shouldn't get to retire rich.


We tried to save the planet but found it was illegal. Humanity is a joke.


Most people are in favour of actions to tackle climate change. It's a small minority of humans, the greedy parasites, that are the problem.


Unfortunately, that small minority has the majority of the money and resources.


What a weird and totally normal coincidence


Hey I don’t like your tone! Stop making me think the rich and powerful companies are complaining they are much poorer than the actual poor.


If we stop the rich and powerful from being so rich and powerful, then how can I have meth fueled dreams of being rich and powerful one day from my trailer park. I thought this was America.


wait that's good right?


As the good Lord intended


Supply-side Jesus can confirm!


I hear the miracles trickle down so long as you tithe


[Sweet baby jesus](https://i.imgur.com/hG7FDtJ.gif)


All this evolution and the tracks we've run down for thousands of years- All so that we could discover there was an even Truer God deserving of our everlasting worship. The Almighty Dollar.


Capitalism is by far the stupidest religion we've ever invented. Greed isn't a virtue. It's literally one of the traits that causes serious problems for everybody else.


We have millions of books printed in my country with a passage about money being the root of all evil. I think everyone is too busy on the Facebook to absorb the subtext there.


Capitalism without pricing in externalities. Gotta love it.


Anytime I say we need a regulated capitalism where only so much wealth can be accumulated, co-operations must be taxes appropriately, and no lobbying, I'm shot down with tons of down votes as if the majority of redditors have over a 50 million dollar net worth. We're honestly fucked because the general consensus is don't fuck with my ability to become a billionaire...


It's so sad. Even sadder when you realize that 50,000,000 number isn't even close to the reality. It's a drop in the bucket. It's like, if we were homeless, that 50 million guy would be the lawyer making 250k relatively. I can't comprehend why people are totally okay with this massive wealth inequality to the point they literally argue for these people. 90% of the ultra wealthy would scoff and look down upon all of them


Their response "ya but that's socialism, look at Venezuela!". Our system is so busted, we had a pandemic where people are literally dying and the consensus was "how can I still make money and not die" in the beginning. We can't even move forward with clean energy because the cost to do so puts countries at a massive economic disadvantage over other countries that are on fossil fuels. It's sad man, if the environment doesn't get us, the over population and lack of education will. We're starting to see the affects of under funded schooling and over priced post secondary education in the states right now.


I can't see Venezuela from Pennsylvania. What I can see is homeless people, people dying from not having access to healthcare, people being priced out of homes, food deserts, inconsistent access to a quality education, etc... All ways that Capitalism has failed the people.


The thing with Venezuela is that 90% of the government's exports/income happened to be oil. It's the old adage, Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. When oil crashed, Venezuela crashed too. Socialism or not, they were absolutely going to be fucked hard if they didn't branch out with revenue streams.


It's probably for the same reason these pro-capitalism people argue against social safety nets. "Every one in my predominantly white cul de sac is doing fine with their two-story homes and white picket fences. Anyone doing worse must be lazy."


Our gov has no problem throwing tens of millions at countless individual Afghans, throwing money at countless Afghan villiages, building infrastructure, raving about how Afghan girls can now (or could)... go to fucking school. Throwing so much money at them and not giving a shit that a third to a half was completely lost to corruption. Yet hoping they'll throw a few dollars at American citizens is too much to ask for. Building hospitals so afghan citizens have somewhere to go after we drop a bomb on them... but let half our citizens find out a black person in the projects in Baltimore got free insulin from Medicaid. The amount of buildings we built over there... I'm not even sure I can put together a coherent comment here. I just watched that Turning Point 9/11 on Netflix (it's not like a play by play of 9/11 the day like lots of docs are, it's more about what lead up to it and the wars after). The episode about the spending in Afghanistan... as so many of our own citizens have no access to anything, the working poor in particular (sorry, I should say "middle class")... it was like being fed a shit sandwich. I knew a lot of the stuff in there, thought I knew... but having it presented in a clear documentary.. this country is beyond fucked. And there's nothing you can do, the only thing that matters to most US citizens is Home Team Politics, as long as their side wins nothing else matters, nothing is going to change. Don't even know where I'm going with any of this, what it even matters Edit watching clips of politicians talking about how great it was girls could go to school... and then looking at the state of our own country was just absolutely infuriating. Ask those same politicians to spend any amount on some inner city American girls education, it's never happening


But when you say things like "What about those European countries who tax their rich way higher, aren't communist hellscapes, and have good/better public healthcare, transportation, and education?" These same idiots say "Duerp!! We aren't comparable to France!" Bitch, were magnitudes less comparable to Venezuela!


>Bitch, were magnitudes less comparable to Venezuela! Yeah the us can't destroy itself with sanctions and The CIA can't coup d'etat their own government lol


> coup d'etat their own government lol Idk about that. I guess if the far right rises up they could sanction parts of the country and install the dictator of their choosing...


Remember: The wealthy love it when the peasants fight.


They brought the price of carbon slightly closer to it's actual environmental cost in France and the people protested for months. Ditto Canada. People are in favor of actions to tackle climate change as long as it doesn't cost them, personally, anything. Like for fuck's sake, I can't get people to scrape their food into a bin labelled compost. You're under the impression that they'd willingly lower their standard of living 20-30%?


Exactly. Even in the most educated, western, liberal democracies no one votes for environmental measures. Look at Jay Inslee getting smoked in the primaries


Because the costs are passed on to the middle class and the quality of life declines not for the mega corps but for the average person. They sacrifice nothing and we sacrifice everything


Those polls don't mean anything. Everyone is for the abstract idea of 'tackling climate change', but the moment those polls start asking specific questions the numbers drop way down. Saving the planet is all good and dandy, but don't ask 90% of people to stop consuming the products or living the quality of life that requires destroying the planet.




Talk is cheap, doing stuff is hard, suffering is natural, and willingly living a less convenient life is unthinkable. We have a hard battle to fight. Thankfully growing wealth inequality tends to spur action and change.




Yeah and that “small minority” has more influence over humanity’s future than the rest of us combined.


countersue them for neglegent manslaughter and grivious bodily harm resulting in death. they fucking knew 50 years ago!


It legal in many countries to sue when the government action causes lost profit. Like California's state power company monopoly that is broken will eventually get bought out by the state. When that happens the stock holders will sue for lost future profit and win. Student loan "forgiveness" will likely be the same if it's forgiven.


Risk is fine as long as they are always on the winning side of it, as soon as any sort of loss crops up they cry foul.


"Free market for thee, not for me." \- people with too much money and not enough well deserved lead pieces in them.


Exactly lol Same idea when actuaries in the insurance industry failed to see the fires as a risk, but it's the consumers who must now lose their insurance. Well, shit! In your capitalist system, you failed to assess these risks by biting off more than you can chew. And honestly we still as a society took forever to take any action. The gall to cry foul jeez


this sort of legislation potentially getting introduced was the primary reason for opposition of the TTIP trade deal in europe. there's also reason to suspect it was the primary reason for its contents being attempted to be kept secret from national parliaments until after it was voted through. thank god for the leaks, and a few european parliament members who risked their carreers for the benefit of the people!


The free trade agreements have clauses where companies can sue for lost profits, and the jury is a pool of lawyers.


But for a brief time, we made the shareholders very happy, and isn't that what's really important? /s


It's not illegal it's just in opposition to capitalism. We're in this mess because it was profitable to get here, and profit is seen as the only worthwhile pursuit under the system we have created.


Phillip Morris Tobacco tried to sue the Australia Government for legislating all packaging to be plain (just like other drugs). Thankfully they lost but it was a long drawn out case which lasted 14 months and cost the government AU$39m (US$28.6m) in legal fees to fight it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plain_tobacco_packaging


Another way to put it is that it cost the Austrailan taxpayer AU$39m. Money that could have been spent on something important.


The article states that "Phillip Morris was ordered to pay the Australian government's legal fees" ... although it doesn't say if that was ever settled or not


In cases like this the governments should be able to countersued and recover taxpayer money invested in legal fees at the companies expense. I find it ridiculous that you still lose regardless of emergin victorious. Edit: my grammar sucks


Guess it is time for global governments to sue these companies out of business for current and future damages caused by global warming.


Sue? Seize.


The biggest polluters are already government owned


The biggest governments are already polluter owned* FTFY


Just change the law, lol.


Some of the companies are suing because they didn't like the new laws.


Most governments have no constitutional limit on taxation (bar often things like not being able to tax specific religions/ethnicities/genders out of existance). There’s a reason that the US freaked out about communist parties gaining power in Europe - they could have literally just seized all industry (which mind you, PCI (Italy) in particular could also have done violently, but they chose not to because they didn’t want a civil war) - google “gladio”.


Genuine human garbage. They are killing us all and they want more money? Screw them


The real kicker is all of them likely have bunkers in isolated places to escape the hellscape they've created.


Yeah, seriously. Read or heard something about how all fo the uber-wealthy have plans for "The Event", which is whatever throws the world into chaos, to save themselves from the ensuing melee.


Can't use their bunkers if we drag them out their houses and beat them in a Pokémon battle.


It's a sign of disrespect to pull someone out of their house and beat them. They may be rich, but they still don't deserve this. We will beat them in their living room in front of their kids.


It’s a sign of disrespect to pull someone out of their house and beat them. > We don’t respect them already, lol


I hope they know that can only last so long. Hasnt anyone seen The 100?? Hello!


I'm sure quite a few of then have some kind of indoor farming set up in these bunkers on top of rations. But then again, these people are completely delusional due to their greed and materialism. I was watching a doc about these bunkers and the builder was displaying the kids video game room as they had requested the ability to play Fortnite while living in the bunker.... How that works when the world is crumbling due to the apocalypse I've no idea...


The whole point of being rich is wanton hedonism and consumption. Let's see how their bunks turn out when they realize there won't be new shit to buy.


And the look on their faces when they realize that they'll start having to do all the hard work themselves because all the people they exploited to do it in the past will be dead.


They'll bring security and servants. I wonder how long it'll take before the muscle with the guns realise what they're being paid isn't worth anything and that their employees vast bank account is meaningless too, and just take over.


Why do you think all these rich fucks are trying so hard to get their private space companies off and running? So they can help US?


Jokes on them, they can't keep making money off us once we're all dead!! Ha ha ha... ha...


Yeah we'll just die, that'll show em 😄


No .... haven't you seen the " time machine" the people on the surface get the earth back and the bunker people turn into Morlocks.....


You've got it the wrong way round (though the Time Machine doesn't deal with a catastrophe where bunkers are specifically useful for the rich). In the time machine, the workers are put underground so they're out of sight of the richer classes, who have the surface as their own garden of eden provided by the underground workers. The richer classes on the surface then don't need to fight to survive, don't need money (it becomes useless), get dumber and more naive to the point they are virtually helpless. Meanwhile the workers must fight each other, or band together underground so become stronger, more adaptable, but develop an aversion to sunlight. Ultimately the Morlocks (working classes) become more intelligent, stronger, and hunt the Eloi (richer classes) who can't effectively fight back. Until someone Eloiish with a functioning brain turns up that is. In effect, it's a parallel of some ways of looking at even current society (even when it was written) as the circumstances of the rich are entirely otherworldly to the circumstances of the poor.


> Genuine human garbage. They deserve the fucking wall, all of them.


Serial killers are suing police officers around the world.


They really want people to become eco-terrorists don't they.


It will happene. The world will become more and more polarized in the years to come as global warming increases the gap between rich and poor even further and while millions of people are force to migrate as more and more places become uninhabitable. People are going to look for someone or something to blame. They're gonna blame eachother and these rich fucks.


They're pushing volatility to the margins. They prevent all pacific means of resistance, so yes, they are encouraging violence against them, whether they know it or not. I suspect, overall, they do. They prefer a violent reaction to them because it is easy to blame the violent and sic the government on them... but they only prefer it for ineffective, symbolic acts of violence, the kind they can point to and say "**See!?**", rather than the kind that makes them vanish from the radar, triple their security, and spend all their nights looking outside into the darkness through the slits in their blinds. They like random violence, it plays into their strategy to avoid all the consequences of their actions. Strategically well-targeted violence is another thing, but, it seems to me we are bereft of that sort of violence. I mean, who has the guts, the know-how, and the fervor all simultaneously for that?


Research the Earth Liberation Front


and then read [this book](https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/various-authors-ecodefense-a-field-guide-to-monkeywrenching)


"The climate policies threten profits". No. Their profits threten the climate. They should be paying.


The fucking nerve of these leeches.


They knew for decades, we should have a climate Nürnberg trial.


This is what happens after decades of enabling behaviour, financial pampering, telling the masses that “there is no alternative to the current economic model” while ignoring the increasing visible failures of the current system, and anti-intellectualism. You end up putting these companies on a pedestal, bowing to their every demand and tantrum, all so they can deliver increased profit and value to their shareholders. What we’re seeing now is just entitlement. These companies believe they’re entitled to their profits at the expense of anyone (let’s face it, everyone because climate change is a planetary phenomenon that knows no borders) else. So to these companies, they’re like “Fuck you, I’ll be getting that money either through sales or legal compensation, Q3 profits need to higher than the previous quarter”. Welcome the myopic climate capitalist dystopia. Brought to by Neoliberalism^TM


We need laws to stop this crap, not norms. Unfortunately, lobbyists buy votes at will for shocking low amounts when people see their elected position as a career to enrich themselves, not represent their constituents. But, that can't happen when the minority that bends to the will of these companies and their pockets wield the filibuster as a cudgel for the obstructionist party.


Next up, gun companies are sueing governments for lost profits due to restricting sales of arms to terrorists, criminals, and those on government watchlists.


May they rot and die


Never forget:- https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/oct/09/revealed-20-firms-third-carbon-emissions https://www.activesustainability.com/climate-change/100-companies-responsible-71-ghg-emissions/ An Exxon-Mobil lobbyist was invited to a fake job interview. In the interview, he admitted Exxon-Mobil has been lobbying congress to kill clean energy initiatives and spreading misinformation to the public via front organisations. https://www.reuters.com/business/sustainable-business/exxon-lobbyist-duped-by-greenpeace-says-climate-policy-was-ploy-ceo-condemns-2021-06-30/ https://news.sky.com/story/revealed-some-of-the-worlds-biggest-oil-companies-are-paying-negative-tax-in-the-uk-12380442 www.france24.com/en/france/20210728-france-fines-monsanto-for-illegally-acquiring-data-on-journalists-activists https://www.desmog.com/2021/07/18/investigation-meat-industry-greenwash-climatewash https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/07/more-global-aid-goes-to-fossil-fuel-projects-than-tackling-dirty-air-study-pollution https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/07/20-meat-and-dairy-firms-emit-more-greenhouse-gas-than-germany-britain-or-france https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/sep/10/uk-ministers-met-fossil-fuel-firms-nine-times-more-often-than-clean-energy-companies Watch this stunning video of Chevron executives explaining why they thought they could dump 16 billion gallons of cancer-causing oil waste into the Amazon. https://twitter.com/SDonziger/status/1426211296161189890?s=19 Etc


These people are evil beyond comprehension. They make Hitler look like a fleck of dust. But if we are to solve the problem (which we probably won't in time), it takes a reassessing of the conditions that led to these people's existence. Because they were not born evil. I believe the very root of all of humanities problems lies in our limited, incomplete, simplified view of self that allows us to create a separation between me and not me, which leads to mistreatment. The boundary of our self is not the walls of our skin. If we breath air from trees, eat food grown from the ground, and drink water that falls from clouds, then we **are** the trees, the soil, and everything else on earth.


I need to kill the world to make a buck and you're trying to stop me so I'll sue you to make a buck and then I can continue to kill the world to make a buck.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the great filter. Humanity is literally too greedy to survive.


>~~Humanity is~~ A few rich assholes are literally too greedy to survive. Seriously, it's not most of us, it's a few 1000 pricks ruining it for everyone else. Instead of all dying, we should consider the "historic solution" to this problem.


Off with all their soulless greedy heads!


Seriously. There's been revolutions for less.


I agree fellow bob


This! Our lack of empathy will be the final nail in our planet’s coffin


I wish governments would stop acting like they don't have any power. You can have a country without corporations/businesses, but you can't have a country without a government.


This. Just seize all the large businesses that don't comply. It's been done before in times of crisis, and this absolutely qualifies as a crisis.


These trade agreements are often at the behest of the US govt. *They don't* have power. Like... Australia is so in bed with the US that we can't even claim our own inventions. All the US has to do is say "the US military was totes already working on that" and we basically have to give up pursuing the technology, or the US pulls all its arms deals with us. You reneg on these trade deals, you lose a lot more than you gain, especially with China looming large. The one upshot here is these 'courts' rarely side with the plaintiffs. They mostly exist to prevent countries from favouring domestic companies over foreign ones, putting their finger on the scales; the article doesn't mention that most of these cases are frivolous and the companies won't win (it gets more complicated when countries sign deals with these companies, then try to get out of them after a change of gov't, like the Keystone oil pipeline case).


These fucking bastards.


Bunch. Of. Cunts.


Fucking Bastards


Name them, shame them, write them, expose them. Flood them and governments with outrage and help enable the fight back against them.


Anti-climate change measures are cutting into their profits? Oh, poor babies, maybe you should've fucking diversified into something more lasting.


Yeah, how about "It's a free market. Please and kindly go fuck yourselves"


How does this even work.. Can I sue wallstreet when my investments fail to make as much as I predicted?


Or.....they could just be happy to be unimaginably rich and knock off the bullshit.


The kidnappers are suing the hostages? Is this a reverse-Stockholm syndrome?


Im surprised assholes like this arent dead yet. Good people get merced out by assholes everyday. Why arent assholes like corporate greeders and shitty political dbags like trump getting merced by individuals? JFK, MLK, and common good folk get assassinated, but these other assholes stand alive in history?


Maybe the people not getting merced are the ones hiring the mercs


Feel like this headline should read the other way around


How about governments counter-sue for environmental damages to their land holdings and Healthcare services rendered and deaths caused by the fossil fuel industry in the past and future?


>Ascent is asking for $118m (£163.3m) from Slovenia after it passed legislation requiring environmental assessments for fracking. ??????????????


fuck rupert murdoch tabloids masquerading as news, and fuck the pollution industry. long past time the world's governments ended the massive subsidies they've provided for fossil fuels.


If companies can sue governments in a bullshit court. Can't governments or even regular people sue companies for lying about climate change in another bullshit court.


We can and we're trying but these rich fucks have all the money to hire a legal team nuclear bomb and either manage to fight the suit or pay next to nothing.


Don't forget stalling it out many... many years


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://news.sky.com/story/fossil-fuel-companies-are-suing-governments-across-the-world-for-more-than-18bn-12409573) reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world for more than $18bn after action against climate change has threatened their profits, according to research conducted by campaign group Global Justice Now and provided exclusively to Sky News. > "These cases are only becoming more common as governments commit to climate action. World leaders may finally be waking up to the threat of the climate and ecological crisis, but fossil fuel companies are holding them to ransom, demanding ever-greater pay-outs through corporate courts." > "When world leaders gather in Glasgow, they'll make lofty promises on climate action, but it will all be for nought if fossil fuel companies can sue governments into a state of climate paralysis. It could make a mockery of pledges at COP26." ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/ppezoz/fossil_fuel_companies_are_suing_governments/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~598568 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **government**^#1 **energy**^#2 **climate**^#3 **company**^#4 **sue**^#5


I very much hope that courts will basically take the legal route of saying " F*ck off."


at which point do we start hanging them


The world is probably so tired of sending us signs that we need to get off our asses and put these oil companies in their place. I'm amazed that people can be okay with this. We need a better funnel on the internet to start organizing people and fucking with these dudes.


Umm the same companies that got more than 18 billion in subsidies? They can go pound dirt


They should get the Chevron judges to prosecute. They've had [Steven Donziger](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Donziger) locked up on house arrest for the last 3 years for contempt of court (he won a suit against them). $800,000 bail on a misdemeanor, and a trial that was outside of the normal judicial system. The oil companies have their own courts, and apparently the US can't do anything about it.


**[Steven Donziger](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Donziger)** >Steven R. Donziger (born September 14, 1961) is an American attorney known for his legal battles with Chevron, particularly the Lago Agrio oil field case. Donziger represented over 30,000 farmers and indigenous Ecuadorians in a case against Chevron related to environmental damage and health effects caused by oil drilling. The Ecuadorian courts awarded the plaintiffs $9. 5 billion in damages, which led Chevron to withdraw its assets from Ecuador and launch legal action against Donziger in the US. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Governments should be suing fossil fuel companies out of existence, since they threaten all life on this rock.


*"These corporate arbitration courts operate outside of a country's domestic legal system."* ... *"She added: "These courts are built into trade deals and operate outside of and supersede domestic courts and legal systems. That means a country that passes meaningful legislation to phase out fossil fuels could face a multi-billion dollar fine, despite acting entirely legally. It's utterly undemocratic."* ... *"International law provides a different standard of investment protection open to investors from other countries in international courts. The international tribunal is appointed by both parties, i.e. the Dutch state and Uniper."* So what exactly is stopping these countries from telling these companies to straight go fuck themselves? What are the consequences for refusing to pay? How would they be compelled to pay anything? The article stops short of explaining the repercussions of failing to meet any contractual obligations.


Yeah, these Free Trade Agreements that are hammered out behind closed doors and the contents never shown to the public. They have nothing much to do with "free trade", but everything with giving big corporations powers over governments that they should never ever have. And the politicians? They don't work for the people, who elected them, but are in the bag of them gangster capitalists too. Free world, my ass!


Once people start killing their CEO’s in self defense their stance will change.


Like I always say! It’s illegal to vandalize a fossil fuel company’s property, but it’s not illegal to kill people or animals with climate change!


I lose more faith in humanity every day


Ok.. why the hell haven't these companies been wound up by court order? I mean, they are *literally* killing people in the name of profit.


Honestly I think it’s time to start holding the executives and owners of these companies personally responsible for the destruction of the climate. They can spend the apocalypse in a jail cell on a beach somewhere and watch the waters rise until they drown.


Let's counter Sue for damages


If this makes you angry (which it should), please channel that anger into tangible action: * Donate to Global Justice Now, who brought us this incredibly important story and are doing their best to spread awareness of it. You can donate to them or become a member on their website [https://www.globaljustice.org.uk/](https://www.globaljustice.org.uk/) (They're also hosting a webinar on Sat 18th about communities fighting back against this issue, which is free to join: [https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/webinar-corporate-courts-communities-fight-back-tickets-169349726591](https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/webinar-corporate-courts-communities-fight-back-tickets-169349726591) ) * Contact your local representative/MP/congress person etc and explain that you will be casting your next vote with the climate as your top priority. Do a little research on them first; if they have a positive voting/activism record, thank them for it. If their record is questionable, ask them for an explanation and explain that, even if you support them in other areas, they will lose your vote if they continue to devalue the planet. If they record is downright poor, explain that they have lost your vote because of this. * Remember the companies listed and punish them financially - end any links you may have to them and ensure you never support them in the future: TC Energy, RWE, Uniper, Rockhopper and Ascent Resources. If you have the time and know-how, consider working out and sharing which other companies work with/for these five in any capacity and what other companies the owners of these five have a hand in. Spread the word and contact any connected companies to explain that they'll lose your business if they don't sever ties. Make having anything to do with these five companies toxic as hell. * A bit of guerilla protesting wouldn't hurt, so if you are inclined and have the ability, consider spamming any contact numbers/emails these five companies provide to frustrate the hell out of them and make their work less efficient. If you can do more than that, impacting their ability to host and share their message online, certainly consider doing so (this is not, of course, directly endorsing illegal activity, but make of it what you will. I ain't your momma). Thought do please remember that low-level employees are not the enemy. If you're spamming and clogging phone lines, treat the person on the other end as a human being. The people on top are the real enemy, not the people who man the phones. * Look into any local groups, campaigns and organisations that aim to protect the planet and shape public policy for the better. Get involved in local protests/marches. I'll admit I've not been the most active on that front in the past, but stories like this one are going to change that for me. * Reward companies with a positive climate policy. This can be hard, since most of them talk a big game (including the evil five of this article), but with some proper research and consideration, you can generally find companies that are *less* pure evil. We need to collectively make it financial suicide to destroy the planet and also financially rewarding to do the right thing. Whenever a company takes a step in the right direction (such as moving to renewable energy or electric vehicles), drop them a message to say you approve of the change and are more likely to be a customer in the future because of it. * There will be many, many other ways of taking action that I haven't considered or listed here. This is just off the top of my head fuelled by anger from the article. Please feel free to continue to list useful actions in response to this comment, and educate me further if any of the above advice isn't solid. I'd love to see some links for other great organisations to support, and because I'm running on outrage here, I promise to split at least £100 between any reputable pro-climate organisations linked in response to this comment. It's not much, but it's a start.


They are rich enough for their grandkids to retire at birth but they still want more ? They should rot in jail.