Afghan interpreter for US Army was beheaded by Taliban. Others fear a similar fate

Afghan interpreter for US Army was beheaded by Taliban. Others fear a similar fate


Australia doing the same. We told the Australian embassy interpreters they have to wait for their visa application to get processed like fuck, a general should be able to just order the military to go pick them up what is this BS. Also didn't Biden recently say they where going to let in the interpreters ? EDIT: Yes seems Biden is planning to evacuate interpreters next week Operation Allies Refuge https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/07/14/afghanistan-us-relocate-interpreters-who-worked-military/7965239002/


Source: case manager in refugee resettlement agency in Minnesota. We don't have a large Afghan community here but we've already received 3 families in 2 weeks. Which has never happened since US military operations began in Afghanistan. I hope this speaks to the fact that there are families being processed and resettled in United States. I cannot speak for the incidents in the application processes in the article but interpreters are entering the US. And I believe a rapid pace.


Hope this comment isn’t buried by people reacting. Congress literally approved approved visas and grant money for asylum seeking locals for tens of thousands of Afghans and their families within the last 2 days. This case is indeed a tragedy, but the administration IS trying to do the right thing


This is true, however, every president in the past 20 years bares responsibility for every life who dies because they helped us. We should have been doing this all along.


the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago the second best time is now


That is fascinating to me, I'd love to heat more about Minnesota and all the immigrants you handle. Could make a very interesting bunch of infotainment. These people adjusting to a new life.


Fun fact, Minnesota is a refugee state - we actually have the largest population of Somalis in the US! I used to wait tables in that area and loved the large groups Eid al-Fitr would bring in - beautiful outfits worn by the women!


ok that's a relief to hear. In AU we have these afghan areas in cities now from all the refugees from the last 20 years


I'm really happy to hear that. Where do these families live? Do people kinda foster the family until they can find a permanent residence? I'd open my home to a family in danger. I wish I could do something aside from wish them well.


I recall a lot of Somali folk getting refugee status and settling in MN. Any time I visit family there, you can see a lot of somalian folk out and about living their lives. MN is a refugee state, so its not suprising, and it's nice to see them getting to live a more comfortable life away from all the shit they had to deal with before. Met a real chill 30-ish year old somalian dude in a vape shop in Minniapolis. Cool guy, and just meeting him once I'll be hard pressed to forget him. He was quite the character.


Imagine go long from the desert heat to a MN winter.


Afghanistan does get very cold though, so a Minnesota resettlement won't be as difficult for them to adjust to.


It's high desert and mountain valleys. They can handle the cold.


There is a large population of MN that is so happy and energized to welcome all immigrants. The Somali population is def one of the OG groups that came to Minnesota after refugee resettlement came under US govt auspice in 1980.


Hmong too after Nam in ‘75. (I’m Hmong American). Believe or not, MN has the largest population of Hmong outside of Asia/SEA.


Canada also. Why the eff does anyone even help us. This whole thing is embarrassing and has been warned about for years...


corrupt politicans say alot of shit they usually give zero fucks about


Yeah I'm sure the guy who got beheaded was on a waiting list, too. Just a few more years, hang on buddy.


From the article, he had applied for a visa, which involved taking a lie detector test. He was told he failed that, but was never given a reason, and then was fired and became ineligible for the visa needed for extraction. The article mentioned that there were a lot of people who failed this lie detector test without being told why, so there’s probably some fuckery there too.


The U.S. should really offer asylum to those translators. Leaving them there to die is fucking shithouse.


I dont understand why aren't they offered asylum by anyone?? everyone knew that the Taliban would come to kill them once the millitary leaves, its not a lot of people is it that hard to get them out of there?


Aren't US veterans always complaining about how they're treated when they come home and need to ask for disability? If that's how the US treats its own soldiers then why should anyone expect it to take care of foreign support staff?


Veteran here, can confirm. They only care about us when it's politically convenient to do so. Otherwise, they don't give a shit about us. I'd wager it'll be about the same for our foreign support, if not worse.


Unfortunately you're not just talking about small numbers of people. You're talking about tens of thousands of support staff and their families. The US should have made sure to extract these people first before ditching Afghanistan but Trump was pretty eager to burn that bridge and Biden wasn't interested in trying to stop the fire


We did it in a few weeks during the end of Vietnam. The same thing happened as we reduced our roll in Iraq. We can easily get them out and resettled. It's just the will to do it. The hmong vietnamese were resettled successfully in the US. Much more than translators and people that worked for Americans.


>We did it in a few weeks during the end of Vietnam. The same thing happened as we reduced our roll in Iraq. And it's not like this hasn't been drummed up by the media or veterans and some politicians before. People have been warning that US needs to expedite the process for YEARS now.


Clearly we need a crack group of veterans to help out. Maybe some living in the Los Angeles under ground, found guilty of a crime they didn't commit. Bust their pilot out of a looney bin round up the Muscle, the ConMan , and a leader with a love of cigars and plans.


An Aussie Afghan war veteran [burnt his service medal](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jul/20/afghan-war-veteran-burns-service-medal-saying-morrison-government-betraying-anzac-spirit) over this Our leaders are mostly greedy self serving economic extremists, they don't care about anything but money


> An Aussie Afghan war veteran burnt his service medal over this Not just one either, a lot of Aussie war veterans, Afghanistan or otherwise have been burning their medals in solidarity over this issue


One our Canadian Generals said the Taliban told them we respect your soldiers as a formidable enemy but your governments are weak and we wait for them to make predictably poor decisions.


"You have the clock, but we have the time"


What is that phrase a reference to? Manu Militari used it in his song [*L'Attente*](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rjwm_GsNYds) about Pashtun resistance to occupation, still one of the GOAT imo.


They live there, much easier for them to fight with attrition


It's weird to think there are Afghan fighters and western soldiers fighting each other who weren't even born when we invaded.


I wouldn’t really expect much from ScoMo tbh


I know very little of australian politics, but after watching Clarke and Dawe on youtube I'm convinced that all the major figures in australian politics are complete idiots


As an Aussie, we are convinced too, at the federal level at least. I dont like my state’s current premier, for something he did many years ago, but I gotta admit he has done a great job of getting us through Covid with minimal outbreaks so far. Being stuck a couple of thousand kms away from the rest of the country helps too


The serious replies to your A-Team reference are killing me.


I was going insane, i was second guessing myself like "this is clearly an A-team reference right? What are these people talking about..."


Did the movie revival use that opening? Because the show is old enough they let a union be the good guy on network tv.


Lol right? There was a lot of woosh replies


I do love it when a plan comes together.


Maybe like A Team of some kind?


Weird how I live in Norway, haven't watched a single episode of the A-Team in my life, and still I knew exactly what you were referencing. Watched lots of MacGyver reruns as a kid though.


One of them must surely pity the fool


If you have a problem and no one else can help you, and if you can find them … maybe you can hire…


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> Maybe some living in the Los Angeles under ground I feel like looking for Hannibal in the LA underground is a bit of a toss up. You could end up getting the Lecter variety


They could form… A Team


Operation Babylift and Operation New life.


Operation Beg for Interpreters when we are back in 10-15 years after the Taliban are in power and have killed your old interpreters and now their families hate you for it.


Nah. Google translate. They'll install it on those robot dogs.


>We did it in a few weeks during the end of Vietnam. The same thing happened as we reduced our roll in Iraq. We can easily get them out and resettled. I think you’re a little mistaken about how we actually treated our allies in Vietnam. We got *some* of the ARVN members and their families out of Vietnam. The majority did not and fell under communist rule and it took decades before they could make it to a neighboring country and then gain asylum in the US. Look the history of the Hmong…we almost entirely abandoned them. The number of people airlifted out of Saigon was a relatively small number of people. And the reason they needed airlifts anyway was because the US ambassador at the time was a freaking moron who didn’t appreciate the gravity of the situation and how quickly the North Vietnamese forces were overtaking the country (kind of like now). The situation happening in Afghanistan now is actually *exactly* what happened in Vietnam.


^ this. That Ken Burns documentary does a good job of setting the scene. The chaos that was the fall of Saigon. It tells a story of G.I.'s who were quietly moving through the embassy building to get to the roof. Knowing that all of the South Vietnamese there were getting left behind. And stories of interpreters, who have grabbed abandoned American radios, pleading for help over the airwaves as the Americans were desperately trying to leave.


Yeah I grew up in a town that was like 30% Hmong. They all snuck across on boats and then later became legal citizens after having been here for a bit, the USA sure as shit didn't get them out of anywhere.


This is the story I've always been told. After the US and CIA pulled out of Vietnam and Laos, the majority of the ethnic groups and their families in Laos had to hump it all the way to Thailand, avoiding reprisal from the Communists. As refugees stuck in camps in Thailand, the US government didn't do squat for us. Instead, the Quakers sponsored my family and bought the plane tickets for us to come to the States.


I posted earlier about a medal we got in 1981 for recovering sinking boats in Gulf of Thailand in 1981. We were part of US battlegroup. Our ship rescued only about 100 ourselves. It wasn't enough, but the US sailors made the very most of the opportunity given. Sorry not more.


Not almost we entirely abandoned them. Every man who knows how to steal a helicopter will. He'll go back and forth as many times as possible and start throwing kids on to the nearest navy boat. If the boat is too small like a destroyer he'll have to roll it and jump. I never want shit like that ever happen again.


In the 1980s we (sailor on US Navy warship) zig zapped the Gulf of Thailand, searching for Vietnamese boats. Upon sighting US warship, refugees sunk their overloaded boats, and according to maritime law, we were obligated to pick them up. They went to US, we got humanitarian medal. Probably 20 - 25 people each boat, and our ship alone recovered 3 - 4 boats. I was a young stupid sailor on a US warship, picking up so few people this way. Until today I never understood the significance of what we did in 1981. Wow, I served my country and somehow we managed to do something right! Too little too late, though; they had, and would go through hell. I am proud to have served with my shipmates.


It’s almost likely the US knows exactly what it’s doing and simply doesn’t give a shit


I don't know if you remember the fall of Saigon but we definitely didn't get everyone out and because Congress refused to give $750 million to the southern Vietnamese for ammo, there was a massacre as soon as the last chopper left.


Agreed, that is revisionist history to say we got everyone out of Vietnam. Their was mass slaughter when the US left. Even if we were able to get every translator and their immediate family out, which is a huge number of people, the Taliban would resort to executing their friends, people were they work, everyone in their village, basically anyone who had even a passing affiliation with these translators would be next in line to get beheaded.


>Even if we were able to get every translator and their immediate family out, which is a huge number of people, the Taliban would resort to executing their friends, people were they work, everyone in their village, basically anyone who had even a passing affiliation with these translators would be next in line to get beheaded. It's still worth doing.


There were mass slaughters when the US arrived


The fact that we've done this before makes it even more infuriating that it isn't being done right now.


A lot of the refugees weren't welcome in the US, with some of the airbases not even letting get away from the plane by more than a literal arm length (as in had to stay touching the plane). My area has a large Asian population in large part because when we let them off the planes it was the first chance they got and they couldn't be sure they would get a second.


Well I gotta say, if I'm living in another country as a civilian, and america asks for my help...yeah that's gonna be a no for me.


It's not volunteer help. It's an opportunity to make good cash. And for dudes in Afghanistan, it's really good. But they got fucked in the end. Promises of potential relocation never materialized.


I could be mistaken, but I think it was markedly easier for local support staff to get into the United States from Afghanistan and Iraq in the early days of both wars. One of my close friends is from Baghdad; his mom and aunt both worked with the U.S. Embassy. They had to flee the city after his aunt dropped her I.D. in front of their home, only for it to be handed back by a stone-faced neighbor. They immediately left Baghdad and drove to Iraqi Kurdistan the same day. IIRC, they spent a half-year in Duhok before the U.S. processed their visas and let them enter as refugees. My friend just finished medical school and is a resident physician now. Meanwhile, I've met other people whose relatives suffered far worse fats. I remember one Iraqi guy telling me that, after his dad or brother was outed as an interpreter, him and a few other family members were allowed into the U.S.--but the rest of his relatives were refused visas. Some months later, al-Qaeda or another terror group sent them a picture of a couple of their cousins, skinned and beheaded.


Hmm I'm pretty sure those pictures of the American embassy in Vietnam on the last day to a different story.


Fun fact: that famous photo of the Huey making the last airlift is actually from the top of an apartment building


As Hearst said: you provide the pictures, he’ll provide the war.


We did not take all the terps out of Vietnam at the end of that war.


Just so you know, there is an ongoing operation to mass evacuate 35,000 Afghans (those who helped the US and their families) into Qatari and Kuwaiti US Army bases and they’ve already transferred a couple thousand into them. The bases are being renovated for the huge influx of people right this second. It doesn’t excuse the fact this man died (and probably many others we don’t know about) and so many were left there and STILL are, but there is significant action being taken right now despite the sense it’s not. It’s a shame this wasn’t done sooner.


Now I know trump sucks. But the guy the article talks about was fired and denied visa in 2012, right in the middle of Obama’s tenure.


Oh, absolutely. Everyone who has ever set foot on a fob or patrol base is at risk. They served our food, did our laundry, and put up with all our bullshit. I’m surprised there isn’t or was not as much of an uproar about their Iraqi counterparts. Definitely some good people in both countries that aided coalition forces at great personal cost and should be reasonably accommodated via asylum.


I think Iraq is different because there was no strong centralized group taking over. A lot of folks wanted Saddam out, especially a lot of pro-Iranian officials in Iraq. Afghanistan rebel groups are centralized and they have been waiting for US troop withdrawal. Also, they have support from locals as the Afghan government is corrupt. So Taliban takeover in Afghanistan is happening rapidly and expected.


>Trump was pretty eager to burn that bridge and Biden wasn't interested in trying to stop the fire The video says 2012 and 2014 is when the two featured applied, so...?


Classic Reddit. Let's score a few easy political punching points.


They are building temporary housing at US bases in Kuwait and one other elsewhere (don't remember exactly) to house 30,000 people for interpreters and their family. The state department is apparently behind on processing all the visas but after they are processed they'll be moved out of the bases and to the country IIRC It's happening, it's just slow as shit.




USA govt doesn’t give a damn about you or me or anyone lol


Veteran here, can confirm. They only care about us when it's politically convenient to do so. Otherwise, they don't give a shit about us.


From what I heard on NPR's Rough Translation: Home Front podcast, [https://www.npr.org/2021/05/25/1000152982/new-season-home-front](https://www.npr.org/2021/05/25/1000152982/new-season-home-front) you would be correct. The story is nuts. I still have a fourth part to listen to actually.


Someone once mentioned - "if politicians start calling you a hero, you're probably gonna get screwed over" See: Veterans, medical workers, teachers, 9/11 first responders, etc.


Germany took in 2 Million people in 2015, many without passports, without background checks, that illegally stepped into the country, not knowing where they came from. I think a couple tens of thousands of people you already know, that have an actual proof they are in a dangerous situation, distributed over the countries they most closely worked with should not be a problem.


Germany is a big country with lots of space. The US does not have that luxury.


Sarcasm done right.


I genuinely thought not a single person would misunderstand but the post went to -20 in a few minutes XD


Unmarked sarcasm on the internet - a bold strategy, let's see if it plays out.


Whether it is Trump or not, it is classic US policy to leverage innocent foreign lives for their own geopolitical gain. I don't think they give a shit. I hope there's an outcry so they actually have to help these guys out. What's shitty is that those interpreters are usually promised something in return like an easier visa etc but then their heads get cut off. Kurds were also abandoned real quick as soon as Turkey decided they wanted to invade northern Syria. Despite praising and helping Kurds so much, the US abandoned them real fast because Turkey is a US ally and offers more geopolitical gain.


I know the interpreters+family that worked with the Dutch got offered asylum in the Netherlands. I would have assumed other countries did the same.


I think you can only get asylum when you're in the target country. Getting help getting there is another story


Even from a long term military view it’s terrible. Who on earth is going to offer their services as a local translator in the next conflict after watching this play out.


Show up in a impoverished place, offer USD to work, people show up. Sad reality.


Yea and america has infinite dollars to throw at any war they deem necessary. Healthcare for citizens? Too expensive. Pointless war overseas? Endless resources.


I read somewhere a year or so ago that the amount the military paid for a new nuclear sub could have paid for the a year's worth of the entire country's teachers' pension or some crazy stat similar to that.


Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in a final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. -President Dwight Eisenhower


Are you suggesting that the US spend money on its actual citizens instead of massive war companies like BAE/Raytheon/LockheedMartin/Northrop Grumman/General Dynamics? How DARE you be so unpatriotic.


Easy as pie. A jobs a job when you have to eat. And it's not like people struggling to survive keep up on all the world's news.


Fucking everyone since instead of earning $5 a day, you can earn hundreds? If you're worried about when your next meal is going to be then are you really worried who's going to win a war that has been going on for years and if it's the side you picked?


[They are, it’s just taking longer than it should have.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/politics/story/2021-07-21/us-details-plans-to-evacuate-afghan-translators-who-worked-with-american-troops%3f_amp=true)


Better late than never but they should've done that even before their troops withdrew. The translators being under the threat of death should've made them the priority.


Are you certain that wasn’t offered? I’ve met several interpreters who earned citizenship in the US. The article stated he was driving to pick up his sister which makes me wonder if he decided to stay on his own.


Yes, if you continued the article a couple more paragraphs it explains that.


Efforts are already being made. [Here's](https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/07/20/pentagon-says-fort-lee-picked-house-afghans-due-immediate-access/8027715002/) a usatoday article about this operation.


Just for clarification, I really haven't been tracking this too closely, isn't the US doing this? I know I heard about commercial flight chartering and getting interpreters out for asylum.


Yes, the US is evacuating interpreters. But this is reddit.


Politics/morality aside, leaving these people to be killed is not going to help the US and their allies win the next war. Very publicly bringing them to the US/Aus/UK etcfor a better life would have people lining up to help next time.


Bruh, this was done in Nam. All of this has Roots since WWI that was watered in the Cold War. This is the second time the US pulled out and left folks hanging.


Umm the Kurds?


The US has abandoned the Kurds like three times now, I don't know how the US expects to ever gain local allies again.


a simple look at US actions for the past century is enough to understand why they don't have "local allies" in the countries they invade, unless they start handing out cash.


Even the Kurds themselves said something alongside: "Well we expected them to abandon us, they always do, just not this fast"


I know how, moneyyyyyyyy!!!!


American veterans are left to deal with PTSD and suicide on top of being homeless, all on American soil...the US does not give a fuck about their own soldiers - they care even less for the foreign ones they leave behind in the wake of their imperialism


Try quietly kneeling during a football game and you will learn just how much they care about veterans! Now, let a veteran be the one to say "kneel, it's respectful" and no one will care. Cause they don't give a fuck about veterans. https://www.npr.org/2018/09/09/646115651/the-veteran-and-nfl-player-who-advised-kaepernick-to-take-a-knee


Correction: they care about us when it's politically convenient to do so. Otherwise, yeah.


Saving people who helped you will be an honorable behavior. But honor is really not part of our cultural set of virtues. Try greed, narcissism and arrogance. We abandoned our allies and break our promises whenever it is convenient or when they are no longer useful so many times I wonder why anyone still believe the words coming out of our mouths.


Even if you were such a sociopath/racist that you don't care about the local allies, you've got to realise it's a tactical error for the next war. People are going to remember how America treated their local assets. You get them asylum away from the warzone for them and their families? People will be lining up to help. Abandon them to local warlords to get beheaded for collaboration? Ghost town.


And then everyone can't understand why "these people don't want to help us." If my children are going to get tortured in front of me before I'm cut into pieces, you can buy a fucking dictionary.


Maybe we shouldn't invade these countries in the first place.


Isn't it sad how every time the US does something like that, the situation in these countries becomes worse every time, and yet they keep doing it?


I'll give you one dollar sign as to why


The worst part is that their main excuse used to be “to bring democracy to these countries”. Coming from fucking attempt-a-coup-because-we-lost-the-election murika, is beyond hypocrisy.


And it isn't even true. In many cases, American activities actually tried the opposite: To assist in establishing a dictatorship in oil states that was politically more cooperative.


Iran was one of the most progressive places in the Middle East and even a lot of the west. Til murika happened to stick their fingers in. Now it’s like, decades later where one sole country lets women drive. Yet it could have been the norm. America cause so much damage even without invading.


> If my children are going to get tortured in front of me before I’m cut into pieces, you can buy a fucking dictionary. I know people hate comments that just say “this!”, but, fucking hell, _this_. This is exactly the response that I would have in their situation. What an appalling, ignominious way to treat people who risked life and limb - quite literally - to help you.


These same guys become cops and get mad that community doesn’t just inform on each other.


The Kurds anyone?




7 times, theres a neat WSJ article on it


Who needs enemies with friends like America


The kurds have no friends. It's literally their national motto


Except the mountains


America is the rich kid in high school that treats all his friends like shit, but they still hang out with him because he has cool stuff.


In 1991 Bush egged on the Kurds to rise up against Saddam, but when Saddam attacked us for it, US didn't stopped them and in the result 1.5 million Kurds quickly [fled Iraq](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1991_uprisings_in_Iraq?wprov=sfla1#Aftermath) in a sudden and chaotic exodus and went to Turkey and Iran which is the biggest mass exodus in history. It happened in the harshest days of winter and thousands were dying each day along the way. In the result UN imposed no-fly zone in Iraq so that the Kurds can come back and millions did but so many remained in Iran and came back only after the fall of Saddam in 2003. This was the first time US abandoned the Kurds in the last 30 years. They did it again in 2003 (politically), 2017, 2018 and 2019 (militarily).


The US also defended Saddam Hussein when he committed genocide against the Kurds during the al-Anfal campaign.


lol my god the next war


>You get them asylum away from the warzone for them and their families? People will be lining up to help. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/biden-afghans-relocation-operation-allies-rescue-special-immigrant-visa/


Yep. On the radio in Aus a lot recently. Many interpreter's that assisted us and then Australia just dumped them. Terrible


Can someone explain why the asylum process wasn't being done BEFORE the US pulled out? Why are they working on this now like they just thought of it?


I worked in refugee resettlement ~9 years ago, and we were resettling hundreds of afghan SIV families every year. The process did start ages ago, the number of applications in the pipeline and the speed at which we can resettle have created a bottleneck.


When the Taliban take Kabul. It will be like Saigon all over again.


I wonder why America starts expensive and long wars just to leave the government of the country to collapse to rebel control


A variety of reasons all centered around enriching the already wealthy. To provide lucrative defense contracts To destabilize a region and install a sympathetic regime in place To bully stubborn a company into complying with US companies To stabilize a region only as long as it takes to extract a valuable resource Every one of these points had been the root cause in previous wars. And every one of them surround money.


> "I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents." Smedley Butler, at the time the most decorated soldier in US history


You left out the part that big corporations at the time tried to stage a coup and overthrow the government by recruiting Butler to lead it. General Butler summarily went to Congress and testified to the plans of a coup, ending it.


And now the big corporations have learned they don’t need a coup, just enough money to buy the government and the laws to let them do it.


And he stated this over a century ago! I simply can’t wait to watch the next round of crimes against humanity, or genocide, the war machine engage in, or the mass media manufacturing of consent! 👍


Yep, the US Military is basically a bulldozer for mining companies. They come in clear the land of all people and obstacles and then the US/International mining company comes in and extracts the resources and then they move on and leave a black water type security company to protect the mine. Afghanistan has crazy lithium and silicon and many precious metals used in microchips. It’s literally to the only reason we were there.




$$$. America has a history of collapsing countries. In my country the CIA installed a dictator.


It's really profitable.


So it's basically a pump and dump but for countries?(I have no knowledge of crypto or anythn so might be confusing lol)


Yes, pretty much, albeit at the cost of thousands of lives.


Well humans are renewable! /s


I’m terrified. I’m a teacher and my school has a lot of Afghani families who are recent immigrants to the country. I know a lot of my students went to Afghanistan this summer to visit family. I’m so scared many of them are going to be stuck there now, or killed because of their ties to the US (most of our students’ families were interpreters or worked with the military). Most of my students are female as well, they’ve been working so hard to learn to read and write. I’m worried I won’t see them back at school in the fall :(


No, it's gonna be Kabul 1992 all over again. And the West was fucking cheering to it.


"The father of three said his contract with the US military was terminated in 2014 after he also failed a polygraph test. He had applied for his visa the year before" For fucks sake. The Polygraph is not real. It doesn't work. It doesn't show anything of value. You left a good man in the hands of the Taliban because of pseudoscience. Shame on the sons of Washington. Shame.


The polygraph is like your average drug sniffing dog. It is statistically no better than guessing, but it can be used to bolster a hunch and give the person administering it credibility.


I can agree that the two are very similar in function. That is, they don't function at all. Dogs hit when they're told to and people fail polygraphs when the person giving the test wants them to.


I worked with interpreters during the invasion of Iraq, they were more than essential; we were not given any language or culture training, we had no idea how to interact with the populace! We treated the locals well, and interpreters better; like our lives depended on it! We even tipped interpreters personally, and gave them honorary Combat Infantry Badges when we had the cerimony! It is really sad what is happening to interpreters in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan! Not just sad, but shameful on the US bueracracy, and even the populace for putting up with it. If we go home, they should come with us, or at least in a third party place for processing while all the red tape is cut!


Rachel Maddow has started covering this. She did a big thing last night regarding how thousands of these people are unable to make it to Kabul. Also, that she would be following it daily for us. Why couldn't they get these guys out first, before they announced?


I wish, it was my whole point in commenting! No terp left behind!(Family as well!)


Saving the people who helped us will mean we are an honorable country. Have we behave honorable lately? If we are a culture that demands that kind of honor and dignity, you think the anyone can stop us from getting it done? I think you and I both know the answer to those questions?


Honor is when you die for an oil company Anything else is treason


Or to die for Megacorporation's share holders


They said should, not would


Gee, who would have seen this happening - except anyone who's ever seen the US withdraw from anywhere? This blood is on the hands of every politician and commanding officer who could have done more but then chose not to.


> This blood is on the hands of every politician and commanding officer who could have done more but then chose not to. And the sad truth is that they couldn’t care less.


I also feel for the soldiers in this scenario. I know of a Iraq war veteran who us become a good friend over the years. Hearing from him about his experiences and the good people he had to leavee behind was eye opening. The lad is proper depressed. No one wins in wars except the people on the side profiting through the military industrial complex.


I don’t understand why people even bother helping NATO/US forces. You will be get fucked. They are not your friend, you are nothing more than an asset to them.


Money. They could make good money working for the US in a very poor country where it's not that easy to find good paying jobs. They probably assumed the US will crush the Taliban (which they initially did) and didn't expect the Taliban to come back. Some of them were surely double (and maybe even triple) agents, selling secrets to the Taliban and/or Afghan government/war lords.


You don't even have to guess at that one, just look at the amount of American trained ANA soldiers who as soon as the Americans left just found the nearest Taliban and handed over their equipment.


Not like advocating for beheadings or anything, but this was always bound to happen. It's common practice to execute those who have given assistance to occupiers. This happened all round Europe in the 1940s for example when civil servants, politicians, civilians and even ex lovers were shot or hanged all around Europe. And let's be real here even if government in Kabul is light years ahead in human rights over the Taliban, it is still seen as a puppet regime of the occupiers by the Taliban and that is what it objectively is.


I'm surprised that this view is uncommon and so controversial. Even if it wasn't the Taliban, as soon as the invading army pulls out, family members of killed relatives will find collaborators to settle the score. It's happened countless times in history.


The fact they leave them just because of " waiting for paperwork" go fuck yourself.. are you serious??? I'm an American, these ppl Risk everything to help us. Get with the fucking program. Put them in a fucking hotel anywhere ANYWHERE. We spend 15,000 on fucking hammers. Jesus fuck all Christ. There is nothing to defend on why we can't. Holy fucking shit.


US is taking as many of these interpretors as fast as they can. Just a few days ago the US Senate even streamlined the process to evacuate even more people. Read the article.


This is just a reminder that an invading foreign army will never be your friend; they will just use and throw you away.


Holy shit. 18,000 afghans who have worked with the U.S military have applied for special immigration visas because they are afraid for their life. Bring them here to the U.S.! Their lives are in danger. Show that we don't completely suck and help these people before more die.


It if makes you feel any better all the other countries that pulled out are doing the same. I think US might be ahead of most other countries with brining back 'assets' Here in Canada I thîbk some Vets paid themselves to bring over their interpreters Edit: that doesn't make it acceptable, just so embarassing for all these counties


This is a major message to anyone who thinks of helping the US. “Help us and we’ll leave you in the dust”


The Kurds know this better than anyone.


That's usually what happens to people helping the enemy. What do you think happened to the Vichy French.


Ask the Hmong. Ask anyone who helped US intelligence and military.


I am not an advocate for permanent war and I doubt that even another 20 years would make a difference there but it just seems like this is being badly botched in how we’re handling this. Those people put their lives on the line helping us - they’ve earned citizenship.


The US, believe it or not has left Afghanistan in a worst state than it was in 2001. Not only the Taliban are more powerful and with more advanced weaponry but the infrastructures of the country are completely destroyed in many provinces. Well done


Yeah honestly. With how the war was handled the invasion only made them more powerful and legitimate lol. It is easy to understand why they were never wiped out completely.


Btw the soldiers on the ground new this would happen and asked the higher ups bout this and they just noped out of there


Dam, maybe the US shouldn't have propped up Pedophiles and Opium warlords in Afghanistan huh?


US army promised many interpreters and their families visas over the years. Many of them eventually got denied visas and got killed. We are destroying so many lives in Afghanistan for no reason.


Donald Trump negotiated and signed the peace treaty with the Taliban. Check with Fox News and Breitbart if you don’t believe me.


Most of the terps I met were amazing dudes and alot are promised asylum but never receive it. We need to change this


If you think this is heartless… try looking at history of the Hmong in Vietnam. Same thing ,same fate ,nothing new.


Literally the US left over night and left them stranded.


how is it after 5 years a one polygraph test terminates a translator and makes them ineligible? weird


Polygraphs are no better than zodiac signs legally :\^)


That awkward moment when people help you stage an invasion, but you don't want any more immigrants in your country.


These people and their families should have been moved out before the military started to leave.