Reports of Israeli strikes in Gaza, 1st under new government & after ceasefire that ended 11-day war

Reports of Israeli strikes in Gaza, 1st under new government & after ceasefire that ended 11-day war


If this means another war will start idk, but I do know just because Netanyahu is gone doesn't mean the policy has changed.Though I'm curious if there will be slight changes.


This was all literally planned beforehand. After Israel approved the March that happened yesterday, Hamas said it will retaliate in some form. So they sent incendiary balloons to do some damage, and as a response Israel dropped some air strikes in an open area. Both didn’t kill anyone because that wasn’t the purpose. Egypt already publicly came out and said that Hamas agreed to not escalate to full blown war as long as the March didn’t go through the Damascus gate, and Israel had already decided to redirect the route to avoid clashes at Al Aqsa.


This shit is so dumb


Saber-rattling is a time-honored tradition among countries, unfortunately. :( Gotta give the soldiers something to do during peacetime.


Yeah, it does get exhausting after a while.


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TBF, the US, China, Russia, NK, and Taiwan all saber rattle at least once a month.


When was the last time the first three rattled by hitting each-others territory?


This is your magnum opus, your calling. This is what you were brought into this world for. You have served your purpose!




> peacetime The whole 11 days?


Saber Rattling


You're gonna be sorry you said that! Just wait til my balloon gets to you!


The Japanese launched something like 10,000 of them towards the US during World War 2. Lucky for us their design and winds and long distance meant very few reached us and did any damage at all. But a few people were killed IIRC.


One of them landed in my state of Oregon. Five children and one adult found it and it exploded when they tampered with it.


They attract children. Hamas sometimes wraps grenades in birthday paper and floats them over with balloons.


what the fuck


Those “balloons” has made massive fires in the land that destroyed agriculture, nature and wildlife. Those arent jokes. When someone doing “gender reveal party” and accidentally burn half of California you guys know that its bad, dangerous and stupid, but when a terror organisation purposely tries to burn the land its “just a balloon bro!!!”


To be fair, when an Israel-sized chunk of California burns down, we just call that "summertime."






To be fair I’ll make a joke about any despicable act no matter how connected it is to me. I grew up in downtown Manhattan and a clever 9/11 joke will always get a laugh out of me.


Genders are like the twin towers. There used to be two of them and now it’s a sensitive subject.


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Right. 911 - the Sacred Cow. No one make jokes. Serious shit, we should all be respectful. Never forget. ​ Also, I have a really funny joke about George Floyd I want to share. /s


"Its all so tiresome" was never more appropriate.


The incendiary balloons didn't start yesterday. They started the day after the last escalation ended. And while it is true that no Israelies got hurt, the balloons did start massive fires in the area that killed countless animals. Also, the reason that Hamas is using ballons in the first place is to attract children.


>After Israel approved the March that happened yesterday, Except they didn't.


i feel like it's incredibly absurd that hamas thinks they can "retaliate" because people are having their [yearly march](https://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A8%D7%99%D7%A7%D7%95%D7%93_%D7%93%D7%92%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%9D) in a region that hamas has no damn control over.


and each year there are chants "dead to Arabs" and "may Arab village burn". The event that is approved by the government, secured by police and paid by Jerusalem municipality... Imagine KKK is having a similar march in a black neighbourhood and people are supprised that BLM is violant...




mind if i launch explosives from my city in israel towards gaza because they are allowed to chant "idbah al yahud"? (annihilate the jews)


Not surprised tho, given the exact same can be heard from the Palestinian side during any riot there. Even better, they instructed Palestinians to go out and knife Jews in Jerusalem. Directed kids tv shows with part of it being about destroying Israel and wiping out all Jews off the face of the earth. Guess they can say their blessings that the Israeli's haven't decided go eye for an eye in that regard yet.


Hamas is absolutely nothing like BLM. Holy shit you people straight up post anything without actually thinking about what you're saying, don't you?


Are we calling it a war now?


Well the policy of defending oneself from attack will likely never change.


I found that whole situation fishy to begin with..


Policy hasn’t changed - send ballons with molotovs or explosives from Gaza to Israeli territory == get blown up.


"ceasefires" are pretty much for restocking


Ceasefires only work if both countries are war-exhausted or have other countries really trying to keep the ceasefire or both. But neither was really applied in this case. Only Gaza wanted a ceasefire, and no country was backing up the ceasefire after the first few days.


> Only Gaza wanted a ceasefire, and no country was backing up the ceasefire after the first few days. I mean Hamas runs Gaza and they were the ones who broke the ceasefire.


You realize that it was Hamas who controls Gaza that violated the ceasefire, right? This was Israel responding to attacks from Gaza.


When Egypt offered negotiations and peace talks, Israel was the first to accept.


When I saw the earlier posts about the incendiary balloons, I knew this was coming. I must be psychic.


It doesn't start with incendiary balloons, the further you go into the timeline the more complicated it gets, just less than a week ago Israel shot dead a Palestinian kid named Mohammed Said Hamayel, today Israeli settlers were chanting 'death to Arabs' in East Jerusalem, so yeah it's like a domino board out there


>today Israeli settlers were chanting 'death to Arabs' in East Jerusalem I'm sure on any given day you can find palestinians/israelis chanting "death to the other guys" so it's an especially poor justification for anything.


And before that Hamas did something and before that Israel did something and before that Hamas did something and before that... We can go all the way back to the pogroms against jews in the 1920s. Probably earlier.




The march was already approved days before. The Palestinian kid was shot dead 5 days before the very first balloon.


They’ll never have an answer for the kid theyll just move the goalposts


I mean, from the perspective of the lawful use of military force it does, because incendiary balloons are not a lawful use of military force. They are a war crime under the customary laws of war. And, of course, Israel's government would be expected to respond to terrorists committing war crimes. What excuses the terrorists gave for committing war crimes is irrelevant.


Yeah incendiary balloons are war crimes but Israel killing 67 children less than a month ago is not, impressive mental gymnastics.


I mean, the US killed a lot more German civilians in World War II than the Germans killed US civilians. As Patton said, the point of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his. It's unfortunate that Hamas doesn't invest in protecting the civilian population of Gaza the way Israel invests in protecting Israeli civilians. It's unfortunate that Hamas uses the civilian population as human shields. But that doesn't make those deaths a war crime. And if they be war crimes, the criminals are most likely Hamas. The laws of war require that belligerent forces try to seperate themselves from the civilian population and not use protected sites such as hospitals, schools, and mosques for military purposes. Hamas pretty clearly violates these laws.


Also, the Palestinian population electing a terrorist group which suspended elections is about as /r/leopardsatemyface as it gets.


Hamas also tortured and hanged its political opponents after the previous elections so there would be no one to rival them next time.


Those in charge of the allies also admitted that if they lost they would all be charged with war crimes. Bombing of civilian areas is bound to have casualties, but there must be proportion. (Note, I'm not defending Hamas, who are sick fucks even if "defending their homelands"




>A decent portion of those kids were killed by HAMAS How many exactly? >have those numbers been verified by reliable and independent investigators So you just claimed that a 'decent portion' of those children were killed by Hamas, and now you're asking if the numbers are legit?


> So you just claimed that a 'decent portion' of those children were killed by Hamas, and now you're asking if the numbers are legit? Hamas has been known for falsifying deaths of children and civilians and inflate numbers of deaths. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-girlrussia-palestine-idUSL2N2N6211 https://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2014/08/12/hamas-lies-about-the-gaza-civilian-death-toll-and-the-media-bought-it Every time a number comes out from hamas, without actual proof or 3rd party check, that number is suspected of not being real.


There was at least 10 confirmed Palestinian children killed by malfunctioning Hamas rockets during the recent hostilities. Yes, forgive me if I’m doubtful of the accuracy of the death numbers claimed by a literal terrorist organisation that is well known for making shit up. Like when they took a female doctor hostage and then released her in the middle of a border skirmish and shot her in the back, then ran around loudly claiming that IDF soldiers shot her until it was proven that she was shot in the back while facing the IDF and with an AK. Why are you licking the boots of terrorists?




It was widely reported everywhere about the Palestinian kids killed by malfunctioning Hamas rockets. I’m currently at work so I can’t do the googling needed to link the articles. So they have been verified then. Why was that so hard for you to say? They hadn’t been verified by anyone last time I looked into it. It’s kinda suss how determined you are to defend a terrorist organisation...


Not really, no. Incendiary balloons are a direct attack by Hamas on Israel. A teenager being shot in a violent clash in the West Bank, and certainly Israel allowing the democratic freedom of speech to racist pricks, are not direct attacks on Hamas or Gazan territory by Israel. I'd also add that the march in Jerusalem, not Mohammed Said Hamayel's death, is the reason Hamas repeatedly stated for restarting the violence. In fact, I can't find anyone linking Mohammed Said Hamayel to this at all. It's pretty weird we decided that Hamas simply has the right to retaliate to Israelis chanting racist things by sending firebombs into Israeli territory, or that the two are somehow equivalent.


The iron dome won’t stop balloons, or antisemitism.


Next development project for Rafael: Cyber Dome.


It's pretty weird we decided that Israel simply has the right to retaliate to incendiary balloons by sending bombs/missiles into Palestinian territory, or that the two are somehow equivalent >A teenager being shot in a violent clash in the West Bank... Sure, who is this teenager to protest Israel's decision to annex his land (Nablus) he certainly deserves to be shot >are not direct attacks on Hamas or Gazan territory by Israel. There is no such thing as Gazan territory, this is a divide and conquer dirty game setup by Israel


The right of a nation to self-defense is written into the UN Charter. And even if it were not, no political leader is going to let war crimes committed against their citizens by a terrorist group go unanswered.


Does that right apply to the Palestinians?


Of course. However, they might fight in accordance to the laws of war. Which is a problem, since their tactics so far have been about 99% war crimes and crimes against humanity. And unlike the "war crimes" Israel allegedly commits all the time, nearly all of Hamas' military tactics are, in fact, unquestionable war crimes, that they're not even trying to make an excuse for, beyond "the Jews can suck it". There isn't even the slightest attempt to pretend any legitimate military objectives are being targeted. And in most cases, openly unguided weapons (an explicit war crime) are used. For the record, sending unguided firebombs into civilian territory, falls into that category as well.


Palestine is not a state (and if they were, Hamas still wouldn't be recognized as their legitimate government) so they don't have a collective right of self-defense. Individual Palestinians have the right of self-defense against an occupying power under the laws of war, but they must fight according to those laws. Hamas's use of rockets aimed blindly at Israeli population centers and incendiary balloons are serious war crimes.




If the neighbor of Wakanda started launching incendiary balloons into Your neighborhoods then what would you expect Wakanda do to protect you?


Well, an example of the lawful use of force would be if soldiers approached a town and the members of the town attacked them upon approach. At that point, they would become combatants, and Israel could legally kill or capture them. But they would be legal combatants, not illegal combatants. Launching rockets aimed at murdering Israeli children isn't the lawful use of military force. It's a serious war crime and an act of terrorism because there's no lawful military objective in killing civilians and destroying civilian homes. Launching incendiary balloons is a serious war crime, because there is no lawful military objective in burning wilderness areas, farms, and killing farmers and recreational wilderness users. I suggest you read these as a primer on the laws of war: [https://dod.defense.gov/Portals/1/Documents/pubs/DoD%20Law%20of%20War%20Manual%20-%20June%202015%20Updated%20Dec%202016.pdf?ver=2016-12-13-172036-190](https://dod.defense.gov/Portals/1/Documents/pubs/DoD%20Law%20of%20War%20Manual%20-%20June%202015%20Updated%20Dec%202016.pdf?ver=2016-12-13-172036-190) [https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR\_pubs/DR\_a/pdf/web/ARN19354\_FM%206-27%20\_C1\_FINAL\_WEB\_v2.pdf](https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN19354_FM%206-27%20_C1_FINAL_WEB_v2.pdf)


No version of the "laws of war" are applicable to individuals or stateless actors, mostly because getting someone to sign on behalf of "individuals and all possible groups thereof" is kinda difficult. Individuals committing "war crimes" are just committing crimes. Groups are committing *organized* crime. You don't get to say Palestine isn't a state and then say they're committing War Crimes just because it sounds scary. "Terrorism" is the word that's been made up to cover that.


imply being a subnational actor does not alleviate you of the right and responsibility to follow the laws of warfare. The Third Geneva convention is very clear on that. And yes, individuals can be held responsible for committing war crimes in an international armed conflict. The process for doing so is laid out in various treaties regulating armed conflict. It is usually done via military tribunal, although there are now also international bodies that also claim jurisdiction. Terrorism actually isn't really defined by international law. It's just a way of describing certain violations of domestic law or war crimes committed by subnational actors. There isn't really a comprehensive framework for punishing terrorism the way there is war crimes. Most acts of terrorism would fall under either domestic law or the laws of war.


Hamas is not a nation, and they are the aggressors.


I don't think you grasp how much damage incendiary balloons actually do.


>It's pretty weird we decided that Israel simply has the right to retaliate to incendiary balloons by sending bombs/missiles into Palestinian territory, or that the two are somehow equivalent I don't think it's weird at all. Incendiary weapons don't get some special pass because they're attached to a party prop. >Sure, who is this teenager to protest Israel's decision to annex his land (Nablus) he certainly deserves to be shot The idea that Mohammed Said Hamayel's death was "deserved" is something you just came up with, and I'd personally disagree. Just like you came up with the idea that his death was the reason behind the incendiary balloons to begin with. >There is no such thing as Gazan territory, this is a divide and conquer dirty game setup by Israel. I agree on one thing: it's a bit weird that we just decided Gaza is Hamas sovereign territory, or that Hamas is a legitimate sovereign over any territory at all. But your implication that Hamas somehow is the legitimate sovereign of all of Palestine, and gets to decide who is allowed to say what in Jerusalem, is more than a little ridiculous.


Didn't the Israeli government dismantle the settlement multiple times? And the settlers were given a deadline to gtfo by the Israeli government. "Since it was first established in 2013, Evyatar has been razed several times by Israeli troops. Settlers began the latest attempt to re-establish Evyatar last month, following the fatal shooting of a young Israeli man, Yehuda Guetta, at a nearby junction. There are now 47 families living on the site, according to the Times of Israel. Last Sunday, the Israeli military issued an order to all those living at Evyatar to vacate the site by Monday 14 June and banning further construction." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57446157


Should Israel army have an incendiary balloon launching unit too?


> has the right to retaliate to incendiary balloons by sending bombs/missiles into Palestinian territory Like NATO's right to bomb lybia into hell because of a local dispute? Are you saying israel has not right to try and stop a foreign terrorists from keep shooting at them? Did you cheer with bin laden was killed by US, or did you protest and booed because they killed him without a trial?


That 15 year old who was shot comes from a family who are all "martyrs" or prisoners and a few weeks prior he sent his friends a suicidal message about becoming a martyr so...


Yeah he also sent a message to his grandmother about how he was planning to nuke Washington DC, what says enough is a 15 years old Palestinian kid was shot dead by the Israeli army while protesting the construction of an Israeli settlement south of Nablus (a Palestinian city)


Ceasefire to reload.


There's a Portuguese saying... "Vira o disco e toca o mesmo" "You flip a record and it plays the same song"


“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”


Won't records have different song on the other side?


This is concerning but I don't think it will lead to a serious escalation like what happened a few weeks ago. Hamas had been threatening some sort of action against the ultranationalist right-wing march through Jerusalem that Israel permitted to take place today (where some marchers shouted "Death to Arabs"). Israel had deployed its Iron Dome but Hamas "only" sent over incendiary balloons. Hamas is also claiming that nobody was injured in the airstrikes. It looks like Israel targeted unoccupied Hamas camps. Of course an escalation is possible but it's not politically useful to Bennett as it was to Netanyahu trying to force another election, and I think if Hamas had been interested in sending barrages of rockets towards Israel they would have already done it.


Israel responded to incendiary balloons that didn't kill anyone with an airstrike that also didn't kill anyone? Surprisingly reasonable. Hope it doesn't go further than that.


The balloons aren't meant to kill anyone anyway. Gaza is surrounded by farms and fields, burning those fields hurts the economy and random farmers jobs


yeah they aren't meant to kill anyone anyway, just destroy property, it's cool, everything's okay.


!remindme 6 hours


What does incendiary balloons mean? A balloon filled with a flammable gas or a balloon carrying a light bomb? Very thankful to live in a peaceful area of the world


Both. Most of them are just flammable balloons, while from time to time they also try to fly some balloons carrying a grenade or some explosive device.


Just a bunch of regular party balloons capable of lifting a small, shoebox sized explosive. Either concussive like a grenade or flammable like a molotov cocktail. Sometimes Hamas will inflate condoms when they are low on balloons. In the summer it gets very dry and wildfires are dangerous and fast. Or maybe some crops burn. The grenade ones are wrapped in birthday paper with kids show balloons to attract children and rigged to blow up when they open it. The balloons are cheap, float on the wind at a low height and can not be countered by the anti-rocket iron dome.


The irony of being willing to burn to the ground the land you supposedly care about so much never ceases to amaze me.


Sometimes they use condoms too.


Usually they’re floated over with some really REALLY mean insults.


That wasn’t a war.


If it was, Palestine would be a crater.


It's also Lasted quite a bit longer than 11 days.


Correct. It was a massacre.


Gaza launched artillery strikes, then Israel launched airstrikes. You think that's a massacre?


Rt is not a credible source, might as well be quoting infowars Try again


Earlier: >as numerous blazes were sparked in southern Israel near Gaza, with fire services reporting at least 20 were sparked by balloon-borne incendiary devices launched from the Strip. **An explosive device attached to one balloon exploded over a kibbutz in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, startling children in a playground, according to Hebrew media reports. The children were said to have run to a bomb shelter after hearing the blast and there were no reports of injuries.** Nice, what a harmless prank! Reddit liked that. The only thing which makes Hamas a victim os that they really suck at hitting anything.


Im always baffled by how nobody cares what hamas does, nobody condemns the hundreds of rockets sent into israel, it feels pretty anti-semitic to be honest


The most important thing most outsiders don't understand about this conflict is that Hamas doesn't care about Palestinians. They will use Israel's actions as an excuse to attack, and blame Israel for killing Gazans, but in 16 years in power they have done nothing to make life in Gaza more bearable, and usually they are actively making it worse.


Thousands of rockets ... with numerous landing on their own people because they really do not give a flying fuck where these things land.


but you won’t hear anyone talking about that bc if it’s not Israel’s fault then no one cares 🤷🏻‍♀️


> it feels pretty anti-semitic to be honest Because it is. Just look at the disproportionate attention Israel gets in general.


I care about what Hamas does, but it comes with the context of decades of encroaching settler colonialism as Israel continues to settle Palestinian lands and Israeli colonizers continue displacing and killing Palestinians. Israeli settlers are committing a Palestinian genocide. It's a cycle of Israeli settlers taking, and Palestinian militant groups reacting, and Israeli military over-reacting so Israeli citizens can continue to displace Palestinians. It is state-sponsored genocide. Edit: This was a bit of a hot take, so I've shared more of my thoughts on this in a few comments. I sincerely believe the Israeli-Palestine conflict is a modern genocide being carried out by a settler state against the Palestinian people. On the definition of Genocide: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/o0qb21/reports_of_israeli_strikes_in_gaza_1st_under_new/h1zfebq/ On the Camp David Summit and Israeli escalation of violence: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/o0qb21/reports_of_israeli_strikes_in_gaza_1st_under_new/h1zla6o/ I used to be pro-Israel until this year until I started doing more research outside of the American media bubble. There are concerted efforts to control this narrative by lobbyists, and the US has a vested interest in Israel as a power center for us in the Middle East. We're ignoring a humitarian crisis for political convenience and it needs to stop.


There was a chance for peace at the [2000 Camp David Summit](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000_Camp_David_Summit). Israel offered a crazy amount of concessions that would be unthinkable now, and Yasser Arafat, representing Palestinians, torpedoed the negotiations by refusing to compromise. Subsequently Palestinians rapidly started [suicide bombing largely civilian areas](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Palestinian_suicide_attacks). Israel ended up securing their borders to stop the wave of suicide bombers from hitting civilians. Subsequently Hamas ramped up their rocket campaign [deliberately targeting civilian areas](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_rocket_attacks_on_Israel). Israel developed the iron dome system to counter these attacks, and started bombing Hamas headquarters and weapons piles. Hamas has used civilian locations and [has made no secret they employ human shields](https://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/factcheck-hamas-civilians-human-shields) as part of their campaign. If you’re Israel that puts you in the situation of letting your own civilians die, or attacking civilian areas that will result in loss of life and losing the public relations war that so many people fall into. Israel literally calls up Palestinians who are close to incoming strikes on Hamas targets, so no, they are not trying to just kill off Palestinian people. Additionally, Hamas is literally a terrorist group, [whose charter literally calls for the obliteration or dissolution of Israel](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas_Covenant). This is not a one sided conflict as you may believe. Imagine if ISIS literally had a state next to New York City and was constantly shooting rockets inside. What do you think the US would do?


No, it's not lmao. Doesn't fit any definition of genocide whatsoever lmao.


Hahaha - the only “genocide” where the population dramatically increases!


Are we sure it was Hamas? Last I heard Japan likes incendiary balloons. /s


Is this a reference to the WWII balloons that Japan launched into the US?


Hamas is committed to the destruction of the world’s only Jewish state. They were elected by the Palestinians when they got Gaza back. But hey, let’s treat them like peace loving victims no matter what.


Linking to an RT article?


RT ‘news’.


Hamas broke the ceasefire first (again)


Does not matter around here (and most social media), the narrative of evil jewz has ready been set.




There was one recently, but it got 20 times less upvotes than when Israel attacks, even if it was the reason. Go figure. https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/o0dce6/incendiary\_balloons\_from\_gaza\_spark\_fires\_in/


For me the most concerning thing about people's opinion on the conflict is that i feel like every time there are more Anti Jews rather than pro Palestine opinions and rallys, i saw a lot of videos from last month rallies that were not pro Palestine, those were Anti Jews rallies, full of slurs and anti semic stuff. Saying thins like death to jews, for example.


To me it seems that people at large don't actually care about Palestinians, they just care to be anti-Israel or anti-Jewish.


Pretty much this. I'm still confused why this cause is so popular versus all the other active conflicts that are going on that are an order of magnitude more severe.


Hamas won the PR war


Israel lost the PR war the second everyone realized it was a country full of Jews.


"b-but im not anti-semitic, im just criticizing the israeli government!"


That statement can be true, I've just rarely rarely seen it actually be true in practice by most people.


So if Hamas started it why is it only talking about Israel in the headline?


No Jews no news


Because that's a better headline to grab attention


It excites and pleases most people on reddit.


It’s RT, do not expect journalistic integrity.


RT is a shit news source. [Here is the article from the Associate Press](https://apnews.com/article/jerusalem-israel-middle-east-israel-palestinian-conflict-9a3a1cb047227999330dd44bb080e6c8), you know, a well respected news platform? [Here is the article from Reuters, if you prefer them](https://www.reuters.com/world/hamas-radio-reports-israeli-air-strike-gaza-2021-06-15/). Don't get your news from RT people. It's trash.


It probably didn't matter how peaceful or violent the marches were. Seems like a convenient excuse to send over incendiary balloons to test the water with the new government.


Of course the title make it sound like Israel just decided to attack for no reason... No mention of day long incendiary baloons


Typically it is required to actually read an article to understand what it is about. The title described what happened. The first subheading if you click on it is: # The attack was carried out in response to the inflating of incendiary balloons into Israeli territory. Read the freaking articles people.


bro it's reddit. most people read the headline and go straight to the comments. so yes, an addition to the headline mentioning the balloons that had caused this reaction from the israel is 100% needed. it's misleading.


The article wasn't designed for "reddit" it was designed as news. A critical part of consuming news is actually reading it!


RT being called news is ridiculous. It was designed as Russian propaganda. A critical part of propaganda is the obfuscation of facts behind visceral stimuli.


Its par for the course. Articles about the last war failed to mention the 4,500 rockets Hamas launched from civilian areas into civilian areas, each one a war crime twice over (for using civilians as human shields, and also for intentionally targeting civilians).






Yup. Generally the first thing I do with any Israel post in this sub is google the keywords from the title and limit search to the past 24 hours. In this case, all the to results are some form of "Israel strikes Gaza after fire balloons launched". The top two are from fucking BBC and Reuters. But of course, we can't just go posting things with context on world news, noooo. We have to pick the one article that leaves the context out of the title. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but considering this is the same sub that will happily post and upvote "articles" from known propaganda outlets with zero corroboration from reputable news organizations... I'm not surprised at all. Rather, this is what I've come to expect here.


RT is not a trustworthy news outlet.


Where’s the headline “reports of Palestinian incendiary strikes in Israel?” Which actually happened first. Tell the whole story This kind of headline and reporting discredits the news outlet




Folks, this is Russia Today as a source, take this with a gigantic grain of salt.


Here's one from the BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57492745


A gigantic grain of salt is a pebble


The right pebble can woo you a penguin bride.




Hamas started this new escalation


Does anyone even realize that Hamas broke the ceasefire, calling for a "Day of Rage" and launching explosive-laden balloons into Israeli communities, causing widespread damage to CIVILIAN property. Israel responded with targeted strikes against Hamas infrastructure, specifically military sites (Hamas is a U.S.-designated terror organization). Amazing how providing just a little bit of context changes the whole picture...


Hamas started


**MISLEADING HEADLINE** It started because Hamas sent over incendiary balloons which started numerous fires in Israel. The Israeli strikes are a retaliation.


Don't launch incendiary bombs then. Fucking hamas


Ah yes don't even include the fact that this was in response to Palestine's incidienary balloons, just make it seem like Israel randomly broke ceasefire. Its not like redditors will do research to form their opinion themselves.


Click the article. Read the first subheading.


This should be included in the title lmao, Ik this because I have actually read on this but looking at most comments I don't think many people have.


Literally the first line says that its in response to the incidienary balloons lmao. Read the goddamn article


All journalists know that a huge amount of people won’t read past the headline. Thus, they have a responsibility to have their headline reflect the contents of the article as accurately as possible. Real journalists do this. Hack journalists intentionally leave stuff out to emotionally charge an audience and generate clicks, because they know that advertising the true story won’t attract nearly as much attention. The media knows that “Israel bad” is extremely hot right now. The author was clearly cognizant of the truth that Israel attacked in retaliation, but deliberately left it out of the headline. It’s dishonest and it’s meant to rile up internet discussion.


Ok i see your point


When terrorists declare a "day of rage" and provoke action this is what happens.


When I see anything from RT, I keep on scrolling. Edit: for the pedantic folks replying, okay I stopped scrolling long enough to call out Putin's propaganda arm.


This is ridiculous: no mention of the inconsistent bombs in the title


Completely unbiased headline missing out the Hamas incendiary balloons hitting Israel.


Important story and all, but can we not use [rt as a source](https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/rt-news/)?


...in response to incendiary balloons. Why wouldn't this very important detail be mentioned in the title? hmm, I wonder.


The title makes it sound like Israel broke the ceasefire when in fact it was Hamas trying to burn civilians again >*The attack was carried out in response to the inflating of incendiary balloons into Israeli territory.*


I just wanna say,as a jew in Israel ,that the supposely chanting "death to Israel" is from some Isarel residents at the yearly event that accured yesterday in Jerusalem. the key word is *some*,in every society there will be people with extreme opinions,and it's wrong to present that like most of us said that. In the first place,this event was attented by smallpercentage of the people,so ofcourse that the people that care enough to go there are patriots and people with extreme opinions.


Of course the headline here leaves out the why. I believe the Palestinians launched some weapons that caused some widespread fires.


Hamas then cries that Palestinian children are being killed.


How dare Israel defend itself.






Bennet specifically said in the pas that each incendiary balloon will be responded by force. 10s of fires erupted in southern Israel because of balloons. I wrote about this earlier in this post https://reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/o0dce6/incendiary_balloons_from_gaza_spark_fires_in/




I mean, bombings are probably bad for the environment too.


>eco-terrorism that word doesn't apply here


Well they’re responding to the firing of incendiary balloons by Hamas, which is responding to right wing Israeli nationalists going on their annual fuck Arabs parade through the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem. So I’m not sure this is a reflection of Bennett’s right wing views, so much as a response to the fires. It’s almost as if the hard core Israeli nationalists and Hamas are taking the new government for a test ride.


Fuck hardcore Nationalists of any flavour.


Ya, I agree.


Exactly. Testing the new boss.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!🎶


Be out real quick with their wacky parliamentary system they have if that's the case.


I mean, any nation would defend itself if attacked by terrorists. It has nothing to do with his political stances. A Labor PM would do the same thing.


“Fighting for peace” is like “fucking for virginity”


In the sense that someone gets screwed in both cases?


Great going Bennett 👏🏻. Eradicate the terrorists


When will Palestine learn?