One child in Yemen dies every five minutes as half of medical facilities are out of service: Health Ministry

One child in Yemen dies every five minutes as half of medical facilities are out of service: Health Ministry


I wonder if Yemen is really forgotten by the world. Feels bad that no one wants to help them, worstly, being ignored because of not-my-problem attitude especially veto-powered countries.


The civil war in Yemen is part of the larger Saudi-Iranian conflict Any action regarding yemen would be picking a side which everyone pretty much have done already. The west and Saudia support the Yemeni government while countries like Russia and Iran support the Rebels. Its like Syria but the other way around where in that scenario Iran is on the defensive along with Assad while Saudia is supporting the rebels


Humanitarian aid can be non partisan. Instead of sending money for infrastructure (which would likely be requisitioned for war anyway), food supply and field hospitals can be set up. Not a long lasting solution but at least it can save some civilians


Not really, part of the Saudi strategy is a seige to force the other side to leave their entrenched positions or surrender. Someone who sends food aid to those in a siege is actively helping the defending side, humanitarian or not. The allies blockaded German good imports. This is the same concept. The purpose of a siege is to force the defender to surrender due to lack of supplies. Supplying them defeats the purpose.


No kidding. In a round-about way, supplying the defensive position could just result in more death; the siege keeps dragging out while the people lowest on the totem pole (both military and civilian) continue to die.


That's what people say to justify shooting doctors in war zones. They just keep treating the enemies, then they get back up and shoot us. But as most will agree it's still pretty damn unethical


Except starving civilians of food/medicine in this day and age, siege or no, is a war crime.


Don't worry, the ones responsible will be prosecuted for their war crimes in an international court, when all of this doesn't matter anymore. /s


Yeah! Just look how the Japanese paid for their crimes in WW2! (they basically got off Scot free)


They did have a trial that resulted in hangings. That and Japan itself was humiliated by being initially stripped of its armed forces - the once proud war machine now forced to play host to MacArthur. I argue that the ones who truly got off scot-free were the Italians. They had no trial and the fascists were mostly spared Allied wrath due to switching sides. Keep in mind that the Italians conducted war crimes on their own - poison gas and death camps during their invasion of Ethiopia. Spain also survived for some time, though it didn’t join the Second World War. Franco though was vicious during the civil war.


Well [except the ones that didn't, and were executed](https://history.state.gov/milestones/1945-1952/nuremberg), including high-ranking people like Hideki Tojo, not to mention essentially rewriting a tenet of the state religion and burning hundreds of thousands of civilians alive and displacing nearly a million more and occupying the country. Which is not to say that [some people](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shir%C5%8D_Ishii) didn't get off scot-free who [really REALLY shouldn't have](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_731)


**[Shirō_Ishii](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirō_Ishii)** >Surgeon General Shirō Ishii (石井 四郎, Ishii Shirō, [iɕiː ɕiɾoː]; 25 June 1892 – 9 October 1959) was a Japanese microbiologist, army medical officer, and war criminal who served as the director of Unit 731, a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army. Ishii led the development and application of biological weapons at Unit 731 in Manchukuo during the Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937 to 1945, including the bubonic plague attacks at Chinese cities of Changde and Ningbo, and planned the Operation Cherry Blossoms at Night biological attack against the United States. **[Unit_731](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_731)** >Unit 731 (Japanese: 731部隊, Hepburn: Nana-san-ichi Butai), short for Manshu Detachment 731 and also known as Kamo Detachment, and Ishii Unit, was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) of World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Imperial Japan. Unit 731 was based at the Pingfang district of Harbin, the largest city in the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo (now Northeast China), and had active branch offices throughout China and Southeast Asia. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Notice how you barely got any upvotes for this in this huge thread. The truth is the majority of Americans still have no idea about what the Japanese did after the war... just like most have no idea about the colonization & rape of African countries by european ones. None of this stuff is taught to kids in schools. They see them as saints compared to the Nazis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnAC-Y9p\_sY Why? Surely it can be blamed on things like Kawaii culture, anime, Japan being the cute innocent nation but the truth is they've worked to cover up or stay silent on all their crimes since the war ended. Pretend it never happened, make your country known for positive things in modern people's lives. Everyone likes to talk about us bombing them like they were innocent victims at the time but the truth is hundreds & hundreds of thousands of Americans would've died fighting a war in Japan if we did not. This was after countless of soldiers have been away from their families for a long time & already died. Its just more of American ignorance.


Africa is just sad to read about the history of, the repercussions of European colonization there is still felt today, and the reasons or so many wars and genocides over there today.


Yup basically got off Scot free definitely didn’t experience one of the worst atrocities in human history


Nuclear bomb death toll was a small fraction of the carnage on both sides that would have resulted in a land invasion and/or fire bombing the entire cityscape of Japan. Pretty sure to those dying, either option is hell.


War crimes only matter if there is a power strong enough and willing to enforce them. Theyre just made up rules that everyone agrees to follow until they no longer become convenient, or hold someone back from winning an objective. Its war, people are killing each other. It gets very difficult to follow rules when breaking those rules could potentially save your life, save the lives of others on your side, save supplies or infrastructure. Its a hard reality that most of us will never know because we won't experience war 1st hand but the reality is, there are no fucking rules. War is the perfect stage to remind us that we're still animals. Of course, as a species we should strive to be better, push forward mankind kicking and streaming into the next stages of critical and creative thought as well as our humanity.


It's also a very neat excuse to not help any countries that need help. Sieges don't even work that good anymore, there's always ways to smuggle in good, just not the official way. Also: how long have we been trying to starve out North Korea so that their people finally revolt. It won't happen, and they are dying like flies, while their politicians are getting fat and even more powerful


This may be a bit indirect, but they may be stunted in revolution for the same reasons the state is overall; for decades, they were highly industrializing and quite efficient. They just have completely infertile soil both due to location and poisoning in the war, so they depended on access to trade to get any food and when that fell through as the West was on a selective killing spree and the Communist states wanted more political influence than NK would accept, it got increasingly corrupt and consolidated as to maintain continuity of the state over total benefit. That’s not to absolve any person of their actions, but rather that the capacity of the state is entirely stunted and it’s the expected end result of its conditions.


Who says anyone needs NK to revolt? They’ve been sanctioned into highly controlled obscurity.


It is not a war crime to starve soldiers to death. If civilians are trapped in the area where the soldiers are it would only be a war crime if you prevent them from leaving.




Objectively incorrect. Allowing food or medicine into a sieged area would allow resupply for military forces in the besieged area, defeating the point of the siege and therefore justified under international law as a military necessity (assuming the scale of the siege matches the objective of it).


Even if no one is doing anything about it, I’m pretty sure purposefully starving civilians is a war crime, siege or not


They're literally being bombed into the middle age. Old diseases which were basically eradicated reappeared in Yemen due to the situation there.


We can evaluate the means used though. Just because its a strategy doesn't mean we need to dogmatically follow it. Some of the worst human suffering in the modern world has been caused by extreme economic sanctions by western super powers. We wouldn't carry a kid out into the street every five minutes and shoot them to get the fighters to surrender; why is doing it through policy any better?


We can certainly evaluate it, but the saudis don't exactly have many better options if they wish to win the war. After all they don't have the capability to beat the houthis in an offensive, so this is one of their few options. >We wouldn't carry a kid out into the street every five minutes and shoot them to get the fighters to surrender; why is doing it through policy any better? Because a siege is just forcing your opponent to decide if the child dies or not. They are free to use the food they have for the army for the child instead. And because the idea is that the other side will surrender due to not being able to feed their civilians, which is what reasonable militaries who give a shit about their population do. If you can't feed your people and your fighters, you have lost the war, and need to accept that. Seriously, one of the best moves Alexander the great made was to attack egypt instead of chasing darius after Issus, he went and took Egypt, the breadbasket of the empire instead. That limited Darius's ability to feed his army and people, and likely won him the war. >Some of the worst human suffering in the modern world has been caused by extreme economic sanctions by western super powers. No, it is equally caused by the other side not coming to the table and hashing out a peace or normalization of relations. There is no "fair" in geopolitics.


>>Some of the worst human suffering in the modern world has been caused by extreme economic sanctions by western super powers. > >No, it is equally caused by the other side not coming to the table and hashing out a peace or normalization of relations. There is no "fair" in geopolitics. I agree with everything but this. I'm thinking of countries like Cuba and Venezuela.


Venezuela went into meltdown before any major sanctions.


So how different is knowingly attacking infrastructure and food supplies that WILL kill civilians from just targeting civilians directly? If "its their only valid strategy" is an acceptable excuse then there would not be a moral leg to stand on to oppose terrorism as a valid strategy as well.


If you send food and shelter material without boots on the ground to make sure it actually reaches the population, the stuff will be grabbed by rebbel groups.


The Saudis have blockaded the country.


Actually even food is being taken by the houthi and sold for the war effort or to force people to join them. It's shitty situation


It's almost like that very thing happened in a neighboring country. I think they even made a movie about it.


They made so many movies about this that we could safely start to call it a genre by now.


That's great idea. We give the Saudis bombs to drop on Yemen. Then we give food and supplies to the people who are being bombed so that the Saudis need to buy more of our bombs. You could probably go into government work.


Well, they do have the WFP operating in the country I think.


It's on the shade the meal app for donations to it.


You need water in a situation like this and without infrastructure you got no water. This is a huge population of people. It's not just villages.


Didn't we already pick a side when we gave Saudi Arabia all the weapons that they used to kill people in Yemen?


Yea thats what I said everyone already has a side in the conflict even if non directly


there is also a group supported by UAE, do you know their stance?


I don't know about that so I don't wanna just say stuff. But the UAE is definitely Saudi/west allied so I don't see them fighting alongside the Iranian proxies


Do you mean the STC? They want Southyemen independent again, because Southyemen was oppressed and exploited by the Salih regime after the war in 1994. The STC is both against Hadi and the Huthi-rebells, and from what I know, they’re a lot more „diplomatic“ in a way. I think if foreign countries want the best outcome for the civil population, they should side with the STC.


Russia is neutral to the Yemen war. Iran is the only government backing houthis vs 6 Arab countries, USA, France and several African countries. You try to make it sound like its 50/50 but the houthis are heavily outgunned and under funded yet they're still defeating the government.


What is the reason for the Houthi's success in your view?


They're a grassroots mass movement that have the general support of the people and thus control all the most densely populated areas. The movement is actually called "AnsarAllah" but Western media calls them the "Houthis" after the al-Houthi clan that leads them. The patriarch of the clan was basically the only prominent voice of political opposition to the Saleh and Hadi regimes for many years and as a result basically became the rallying figure for a big tent of basically everyone who hated Saleh and Hadi. The Saudis are struggling because they are tech-heavy and reliant on flashy and state-of-the-art American arms that are unreliable, expensive to obtain and maintain, and act as a crutch for exceedingly poorly-trained and demoralized troops (the Saudi military is more effective at crushing domestic dissent than being an actual army). They basically got owned by a bunch of tribesmen hiding in rocks with AKs and RPGs right out of the gate so the Saudis preferred since then to just rely on a blockade to induce famine, a terror bombing campaign against civilians, working with local proxies like al-Qaeda and southern secessionists, and throwing American and African mercenaries at targets who have zero motivation to either die to goat herders or end the conflict that's paying their bills. So basically theyve made zero progress against the Yemenis since securing Aden, which was a priority target since they want the profits from operating the harbor, and are in fact losing ground now to a Yemeni offensive in Ma'rib, which is very bad for them because that's where a lot of the oil they want is. Their puppet Hadi is widely hated (the Civil War started because he intended to let foreign interests plunder the country's resources while legally marginalizing any say minority groups had in the matter) and their pretensions of being the "legitimate" government of Yemen is theater for gullible Westerners.


I think its ridiculous that most countries still recognize the Hadi Government when he's not even in the country and th Government hasn't set foot in the capital in over 5 years. Remember when in Ukraine when the leadership fled to Russia and abandoned Kiev? Almost immediately the international community said he was illegitimate and rightfully so. Yet in Yemen? Situation is even more ridiculous. The "government" had to abandon their second declared capital (as they have long ago lost their actual capital) at one point as they lost it to southern separatists.


Good shit. Please, please post more on this informational wasteland full of stupid memes, useless colloquialisms, and name-calling that is the internet.


I am surprised there isn't someone blaming China for this.


Give it time.


The Houthis are popular in Northwestern Yemen where they come from (and have controlled long before this war as the government historically had little control over the whole country). They are also Zaidi (a minority Shia sect) while their opponents are Sunni, so they'll face religious persecution if they lose. Southern Yemen used to be its own country and while it opposes the Houthis it also doesn't want to be ruled by the Saudi-installed government. Its separatism is getting supported by the UAE. Other parts of the country are Al-Qaeda aligned. So Saudi Arabia wants to rule Yemen, but most of it doesn't want to be ruled by them. Even if they don't support the Houthi government they're not going to break their backs for the Saudis.


Claimed president of yemen is living in saudi arabia instead of yemen says enough


Probably because they actual people of Yemen would rather run their own country than be a puppet state of exploitive foreign powers.


The Houthis aren’t just any tribe. They come from a lineage of Kings and rulers, which is where they draw their legitimacy from, with heavy support from Iran who looks to destabilise the Middle East and more importantly, Saudi Arabia. They initially had success marching to the capital and staging a successful coup because of insider help from corrupt people within government at the time. But make no mistake, these people recruit child soldiers, burn people alive, oh, and, they also killed the ex president as he was fleeing his residence. They were labelled a terrorist group by the Trump Administration which was later revoked by the Biden Administration.


Hasn’t the accusation of using child soldiers been leveled at both sides in the conflict? Often just figuring out the facts can be difficult amidst the fog of war. Supposely birth certificates are rare in Yemen, having always had a very decentralized governing system.


Heavy support, why do people keep making this shit up? The US and Saudi ramble about Iran to justify the starving of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Not because there is any real merit to the allegation. > According to a 2015 report to the U.N. Security Council Iran Sanctions Committee, Iran probably started providing small amounts of weapons to the Houthis in 2009 — five years after the first round of fighting between the Houthis and government forces. In 2011, U.S. officials — who until then had been dismissive of such accusations — started to acknowledge that Iran was likely responsible for the delivery of automatic rifles, grenade launchers and cash, probably in the millions of dollars. > The Houthi’s takeover of Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, in September 2014 prompted Iran to increase its support. It now appears that small numbers — perhaps dozens — of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officers, with assistance from Lebanese Hezbollah, have set up a train and equip program for the Houthis. There have also been reports of intensifying shipping activity between Iran and Yemen. > **This assistance, however, remains limited and far from sufficient to make more than a marginal difference** to the balance of forces in Yemen, a country awash with weapons. There is therefore no supporting evidence to the claim that Iran has bought itself any significant measure of influence over Houthi decision-making. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/monkey-cage/wp/2016/05/16/contrary-to-popular-belief-houthis-arent-iranian-proxies/


Russia is not directly involves but they do support Iran who supports the Houtis


Lol it’s a proxy proxy war. The US supplies 60% of Saudi’s military equipment. Similar thing is happening with Russia and Iran. This the fucked up way of continuing the Cold War in the most indirect subtle way. Saudi is bombing the hell out of the rebels and blocking ports from getting into Yemen which is largely aiding to the humanitarian crisis. It’s honestly a mess on either side.


Countries have interests not morals.


What do you mean, we help the Saudis with weapons to kill them more quickly.


Yup every one is freaking out over Palestine while Yemen is another humanitarian disaster


Funny enough America sells weapons to both invading armies.


Yeah both deserve a freak out but it’s basically the same situation in both countries. American allies who buy a lot of weapons are allowed to control and kill another population


China doin' it bad tho. Makes Merica good.


What invading army? It’s a civil war in Yemen with the Saudis supporting their allies in the government and Iran supporting a religious and ethnic minority group trying to take over.


I hope the freedom bakeries for Yemen charities do a good job of getting donations to them.. as far as I know that's the only way my $5 can do anything for these kids


That’s because civilians are powerless to do anything, and governments have no intention to help. Our governments pursue laws to preserve themselves and their own power, so they couldn’t give less of a shit about some dying kids in the Middle East. It is infuriating to watch these politicians get paid 6 figures to fuck us and the world simultaneously, and then retire with a massive pension.


countries wont do a thing for help unless there is profit and right now doing nothing is more profitable.


Too much to care about, not enough ability to do something. The best way to get peace in the Middle East is to cut humanity's dependence on oil. Maybe we'll get there in a century.


It's not like people don't care, it's that the average person doesn't have the power to do anything about it. Yemen is a proxy battleground between SA and Iran. If those two countries don't back down the conflict will rage on for many years to come.


Perhaps Iran can help with their healthcare since they had no problem helping them launch missiles toward innocent civilians.


Yet nobody would be able to see what's going on with their own eyes and be able to stomach it. It's sickening knowing a Parent knows their child will die and something could have been done about it.


Out of sight, out of mind. That's really a media problem. A big ugly one.


Ngl I didn't know where the fuck Yemen was before today.


Ethiopia is forgotten by the world.


Lots of other problems around the world.


Might've been better as a British colony


> I wonder if Yemen is really forgotten by the world. It hasn't. You hear a lot about it. Forgotten by the world would describe Central Africa. > Feels bad that no one wants to help them Because Yemen is a lot like Afghanistan in regards to some of the terrain. Which is why you see proxy forces and not a full on Russia/Iran or US/UK intervention. > being ignored because of not-my-problem attitude especially veto-powered countries. Well. Russia/China on one side and US/UK on the other. Lots of things come down to this on the veto.


>I wonder if Yemen is really forgotten by the world Should have thought of that before ya decided to not have oil - America


If only Israel dropped a bomb on Yemen, then maybe the entire world would suddenly consider it a top priority.


Israel is already in talks with UAE for acquiring an important island at Bab Al Mandib The whole Arab/Muslim world is talking about Yemen and the atrocities of Saudi, but it has no exposure in the Western media because “Saudi are our allies” and using American and French weaponry


At least in our Muslim regions in SEA the war in Yemen is barely discussed.


Citation needed.


and yet we don't see the same instant mass protests (that occasionally even turn into riots) despite a conflict that by raw quantity of civilian casualties alone is already at least an order of magnitude worse, despite going on for less than a tenth of it *e:* Btw, that claim of *"acquiring an important island"* is fabricated. What's actually known is that UAE occupies the Yemeni islands and builds bases on them, in parts of which in turn it may (or may not) have offered to house Israeli intelligence.


The idea that the UAE and Israel are dividing up islands owned by neither is quite dystopian and reeks of colonial-era “agreements”


I still scratch my head and as myself "How were they allowed to do that?" when I think about France and the UK carving up Czechoslovakia prior to WW2 without the Czechs even being present to object.


It's not true tho


Gives a bit of credence to Israel's accusations of antisemitism in anti-israel movements. Israel has a short war with hamas, less than 1000 people die despite tens of thousands of missile strikes - worldwide protests and riots, global condemnation of Israel and Israel only. Yemen being bombed into the stone age and being forced to suffer a horrific famine as more people die every week than in the last 50 years of the israel-palestine conflict - crickets. It's almost as if "zionist" is just the new trendy codeword for "dirty jew" like "bolshevik".


Plus Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen is purely for political purposes. No Yemeni terrorist group has ever attacked Saudi. No Yemenis are suicide bombing restaurants in Saudi. No Yemenis have built illegal tunnels underneath Saudi’s border to kidnap civilians. Yemen is not firing rockets into Saudi neighborhoods. Yemen has not forced Saudi to spend billions developing a sophisticate missile defense network just to protect its citizens. Saudi is fucking Yemen to hell purely as part of an Islamic dick measuring contest with Iran. But apparently that’s okay, as long as they’re not _filthy Zionists_.


Maybe you dont know this but, for the record, in recent years there have in fact been actual missile attacks in civilian areas in Saudi Arabia. Not justifying anyone's actions. Just saying that some parts of what you said is wrong. * https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Riyadh_drone_and_missile_attack * https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abha_International_Airport_attacks * https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Riyadh_missile_strike


**[2020_Riyadh_drone_and_missile_attack](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Riyadh_drone_and_missile_attack)** >The 2020 Riyadh drone and missile attack was a cruise missile and drone attack carried out by the Yemeni Houthi rebels which occurred on 23 June 2020. The attack according to the Houthis targeted the King Khalid Airport and the Defense Ministry headquarters in Saudi Arabia's capital of Riyadh. The Saudi-led coalition reported the interception of 8 Houthis UAVs and 3 ballistic missiles launched at Riyadh. However two loud explosions were heard in Riyadh. **[Abha_International_Airport_attacks](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abha_International_Airport_attacks)** >The Abha International Airport attacks were cruise missile attacks carried out by the Yemeni Houthi rebels which occurred in June 2019. The attack targeted the arrivals hall of Abha International Airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia and killed one civilian and injured 47 others. The Saudi-led coalition stated that an Iranian made Ya Ali cruise missile had been used in the attack, but Jane's Defence Weekly later reported that a Yemeni made Quds cruise missile may have been used because of its similarity to the fins recovered from the debris. The first attack occurred on 19 June and wounded 26. **[2018_Riyadh_missile_strike](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Riyadh_missile_strike)** >The 2018 Riyadh missile strike was a series of seven missiles launched into Saudi Arabia by Shiite Houthi rebels on 26 March 2018, targeting the King Khalid International Airport and other sites. Saudi forces claimed to have destroyed all seven missile, three of them targeting Riyadh, two targeting Jazan, and one targeting Najran. However according to Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at CNS, the Saudis failed to intercept the missiles following a malfunction of the MIM-104 Patriot system. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Assad government and Russia killed far civilians then any other fraction but their war crimes are largely ignored. Then you have shills coming out supporting Assad.


It’s not ignored, but it’s trivialized because it doesn’t fit neatly in the foreign policy context of certain blocks. For example Germany has no issue persecuting Syrians for atrocities allegedly committed in Syria, yet when a Yemeni sues in Germany over his family getting blown up by US drones controlled trough Ramstein, the same German courts don’t see themselves in any way responsible: https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/12/08/germany-could-have-delivered-justice-for-civilian-drone-strike-victims-it-failed/ Along the same lines it’s important to keep Yemen out of the spotlight or else people might realize who is actually involved there and what they are doing there: https://www.theintercept.com/obama-killed-a-16-year-old-american-in-yemen-trump-just-killed-his-8-year-old-sister.html


Ive been really fascinated by what trends and what doesnt trend - our society tends to hyperdocus on an issue for 3 weeks tops and then its on to the next one. But whats really interesting is while the palestine topic was getting a ton of energy. Conflicts in myanmar, eritrea, and xinjiang are measurably worse in deaths and suffering but dont garner the same focus/support/attention. Its as if we live in a curated world. Note: one story i remember on reddit that was huge but vanished quickly was a bunch of students dying in a south asian country? Does anyone else recall this? It trended so fast on the front page.


> But whats really interesting is while the palestine topic was getting a ton of energy. Conflicts in myanmar, eritrea, and xinjiang are measurably worse in deaths and suffering but dont garner the same focus/support/attention. Imagine putting Xinjiang in the same basket as the other conflicts.


100,000 a year


"Every 60 seconds in Yemen, a ~~minute~~ child passes." For real though, 1 death per 5 minutes is a shocking number. No matter what happens, it seems like Yemen is set to lose an entire generation.


1 die every 5 minutes... but more than 8 are born every 5 minutes in Yemen. Don't worry about this generation, there is still a net result of 7.2 births per 5 minutes.


Its mind blowing how 30 million people live in such an inhospitable place with little to no water, very limited agriculture, barely any oil/gas resources and such a weak economy. Is it any wonder that with such a birth rate they are having a civil war? The comparisons between Yemen and Gaza elsewhere on this thread really are apt. Both have way too many people for far too few resources. The Saudis should air drop condoms and birth control not bombs.


To reduce the suffering of these children to just numbers is to remove ones own humanity


I don’t think we was talking about suffering. Just speaking to population.


It's just clearing up confusion about scale. You are basically saying any overstatement must stand. Someone made a falsifiable statistical claim, for which someone else gave a correction. It's pretty simple. You don't have to read into it as downplaying or whatever. It's fine to point out that statistics are impersonal and fail to capture the suffering. Any meaningful statistical claim is going to be impersonal... Basically by definition. But don't defend bad statistics to support your position... especially when you don't fucking have to.




Share the Meal and Doctor’s Without Borders are two reputable charities working on ground in Yemen. If you can, please consider supporting them: https://donate.doctorswithoutborders.org/ and https://sharethemeal.org/


thank you for this!!




It's horrible, really, but when I searched there are dozens of countries with far, far worse statistics on child death, almost to the point where the statistic on child death in this story became not alarming. Can someone re-frame this for me?


wonder when the US will call out THAT genocide


Not when they're taking part in it


Probably 2 decades from now when they want to overthrow who ever is in control of Saudi Arabia at that point.


Wonder when Muslims will care about other Muslims being oppressed by Muslims?


Muslims have been opressed by Muslims since islam started.


Only 20% of Muslims live in the Middle East


Yeah, unlike Christianity.


tbh it's kinda wack when you realize that (even considering the crusades and the whole modern-day palestine situation) the sporadic violence between christian and muslim groups as a whole is still way less prevalent overall than near-continuous violence between splintered christian and muslim denominations


It’s like a family feud. Mooks will spend their whole life getting drunk and fighting their own family members over a cigarette. But let a stranger walk by and gawk at their nonsense and they all suddenly forget that they’re out in public at 2 pm on a Tuesday wearing pj’s. Shit suddenly becomes the worst crime ever.


they do care, they care a lot. they're just kept under brutal, usually Western-backed, fascist governments and attempts at revolution in resource-rich or strategically important countries get hijacked and bombarded by the NATO and other local imperialist powers.


[Just a reminder that this isn't "just happening". It's happening with the US' full support.](https://truthout.org/articles/biden-breaks-campaign-promise-approves-arms-sale-to-saudi-arabia/)


Sucks when people still defend their bullshit.


Endless war for profit continues again. Guns and bombs for dollars. To the people that caused 9/11. Happened under Obama Trump and Bush too. What about those kids and cages and student loans Joe? Tired of four or eight years of fascism or fascism light in our bananna republic. We replace one liar with another. Gets fuckin old. Meanwhile we are killing people and I'm not supposed to care because they arent American soldiers. When did you get radicalized? For me it was after voting for Obama changed fuck all. Edit- Didn't mean to leave Trump out of it. Was a typo. Don't come at me with that republican crap either.




good book. was supposed to be a warning not a manual.... we have always been at war with eastasia? or was it eurasia? doublethink is very prevalent in politics today. probably the biggest takeaway one can make from reading it is to learn how to spot doublethink.


it says they will only sell defensive weapons. it goes on to suggest that an F35 is not defensive. not sure whether I agree or disagree with that statement, but Im not sure the war in Yemen is being fought with any fighter jets. So what other sorts of "defensive weapons" is the US selling that would be used in the Yemen conflict?


EOS, an aerospace defence (offence) company based in Canberra Australia, are arming the UAE, Saudi, and Israel, and profiteering off all this misery. Their weapons include sentry guns that once switched on can be left to aim and fire at human shaped targets irrespective of whether they are combatants, or non combatants like women and children. They also have a laser that is being developed to nudge space junk away from their client’s defence satellites. Remote Weapons System not used in the Yemen war, Australian defence company EOS says - ABC News https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-31/australian-company-eos-denies-weapons-used-in-yemen-war/11368322 Human Rights Watch alarmed at Australian company developing high-tech weapons system in the United Arab Emirates - ABC News https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-10/australia-machine-gun-business-sale-uae-middle-east-human-rights/13220770 https://www.eos-aus.com/space/space-debris-management/ https://youtu.be/Y7B5WvopbiM


Snipers target children in Yemen https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-middle-east-56072279 450 killed in the past 6 years


No it says killed and wounded. I'd love to see where amnesty got that information from


>No it says killed and wounded Ah yeah it does. From listening to interviews with the people who live there this isn't hard to believe though.


This world is fucked


That poor child


http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/meast/04/09/yemen.child.bride.death/index.html I know. this is absolutely tragic.


The US and Saudi Arabia have their blood on their hands. It’s absolutely disgusting


As a medical student, I’ve thought a lot about which specialty I want to go into, maybe one that would allow me to take part in humanitarian efforts in places like Yemen. But honestly I’m scared shitless because the people fighting target hospitals and kill doctors and other healthcare professionals. It’s just so fucked.


Medicines sans frontiers might be worth looking into for you?


My OB/GYN couldn't deliver my second child because he was in Haiti with Doctors Without Borders after a hurricane. He's a good fella.


> Attacks on healthcare In 2020 and 2019, armed intruders killed patients receiving medical care inside the MSF-supported Al-Thawra hospital, southwest Yemen. This hospital alone has been subjected to more than 40 incidents of violence since 2019, including shelling. Our staff witnessed numerous attacks on patients, medical facilities and civilians throughout 2019. > Since Saudi-led coalition airstrikes destroyed our hospital in Sa’ada governorate’s Haydan district in October 2015, other medical facilities we run or support have been damaged or destroyed, including in Taiz (2015), Abs (Hajjah governorate, 2016) and 2018); Shiara (Sa’ada governorate, 2016) and Mocha (Taiz governorate, 2019). > **Each of these incidents forced us to suspend our activities, depriving people of vital medical care.** MSF has repeatedly called on the warring parties to take all necessary measures to respect health facilities and hospitals as humanitarian spaces, and to end indiscriminate attacks and other violations that threaten the lives of healthcare workers, patients and caregivers. https://www.msf.org/yemen-depth


Yemen is hell on earth.


Funny how that works: Since 2015, the US has supported the Saudi-led coalition's fight against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Until November 2018, that support included refueling Saudi warplanes that dropped bombs on Yemen — many of which killed civilians, including children.Apr 27, 2021


The place could be depopulated entirely, the World simply does not care.That much has been made clear over the course of the conflict.


I highly doubt you or anyone who is self-righteous about what is happening there really care yourself. The majority of the outcry about any foreign issue comes from people who want world leaders to do something while they sit back and enjoy the fruits of what our negligence provide (like the rest of us). And why should anyone feel anything? The geopolitical environment is so complicated over there, who really knows which side they should be on, why does any western power want to dive headfirst into that shitshow when there are clearly more pressing domestic issues that people will vote over. Our country (the U.S) is highly confused on our stance in foreign policy. Conservatives love to say "America First", but then love to meddle into israeli affairs. Liberals hate the dependence on oil and going to war, but somehow think that we can afford to dive headfirst into every humanitarian disaster, sitting in our ivory towers in the rich, coastal states where the median income is 100x the average in Yemen. Like what the fuck do we really know?


People can legitimately care that children are starving to death and still have no idea how to help.


I suspect that people who read about humanitarian issues around the world show concern, but before you know it they will be watching cat videos on YT or go back to bitching about a relative, etc etc There are tons of issues around the world. And yes, the united states is somewhat complicit based off trade deals and global relations we have with sketchy foreign leaders. You want to stop the uighur genocide? You're ok with going to a full on trade war with China again? Then be prepared for your bills on gas and groceries to skyrocket, and for your cushy 401k/pension to stay stagnant for 5 years because the stock market is NOT going to react well to this. You can say you legitimately care, but once your chips are also on the table, lets see how we as americans will backtrack. I've known friends to sleep on the sidewalk with the homeless people they were serving in solidarity. I've heard of people packing up their things in suburbia and moving into the ghettos and volunteer at after school programs. They care, and I'm nothing compared to them. But people who type on reddit about how they're mad at their leaders and then go off about their day and check how their stocks are doing and what luxury car they're gonna buy? They're just like me, but at least my BS doesnt stink


Thank you. This sub especially needs to read this. Too much armchair "concerns" when really it's just a place to bitch about what others are not doing (the irony) and karma whoring


Thanks for posting this. Real talk




Yea, this is kind of a shitty take but it's partly true. Just too broad-stroked for my liking.


I agree the US shouldn't insert itself into any new conflicts. But we already *have*, because our government, Republican and Democrat, across multiple administrations, keeps supplying weapons to the fucking Saudis. Until that stops, we need to keep calling out our politicians for being the snakes that they are.


um what ? The United States government is actively contributing to the shit show as it always does across the world. It’s not that complicated to think that our military shouldn’t be funding an arming a genocide. It’s also not that complicated to see that there’s little to nothing the average individual can do to stop these crises. U sound like a psychopath. People that think like u are why these atrocities continue to happen


dude man, our relationship with Saudi Arabia is long and tenuous. It allows a gas guzzling country like ours to thrive, it allows for the suez canal relations to be U.S. friendly. The whole peninsula is a hub for trade between the east and the west. Before we were born, our leaders of old have drafted deals and shook hands so that our way of life is established and cemented so we don't even have a fucking clue the political twines that bind us and provide our easier way of life. That's where we come from Imagine you're a leader in the U.S. and some sketchy middle eastern leader from the cesspool country of theirs tells you to back the fuck down on this humanitarian thing or face a serious gas hit in coo hoots with OPEC or some bullshit. Are you going to stand in solidarity with a people group foreign to you and can offer nothing in return to you, or will you cave in so your own people are not going to rebel when the price of oil a barrel doubles, or triples, and the entire economic market is shut down. These little compromises from a global perspective happen often and have a huge ripple effect, but they happen because they happen in our own individual little worlds, and we should not be surprised when our leaders go this route because we do it every day in our own little ways (ignore the homeless person, cheat on our corporate credit card accounts, finagle our taxes to get a bigger exemption)


The US is a net oil exporter


I think that generally misses the point of how our foreign policy functions on a global scale rather than where we stand currently with U.S./Saudi. In aggregate, we are still cutting deals with foreign countries to obtain something we don't have. We are a net exporter. One time ago we werent.


I like how ur here defending imperialism by saying there’s no better way. I’m sure the south was making similar arguments in its defense of slavery , considering it was central to the economy at the time


Dude you pull a william wilberforce on me to abolish slavery, nearly killing yourself in the process instead of polysci'ing your way to massive debt while you're smoking a joint and smashing some stranger you met on tinder i'll eat my words and donate 5k to whatever cause you choose.


All these assumptions lool, are you upset that not everybody is indifferent to suffering like you ? Get off Reddit and go to ur 9-5, u have kids to feed


I'm not saying in any way that the situation in Yemen isn't bad (it obviously is), but one child every 5 minutes is 105,000 children per year, with half of the population being under 18 => 105,000/14,000,000 = 0.75%. For comparison, the infantile death-rate in Germany is 3.8/1000, meaning that even here 0.38% of all children will die before their 5th (!) birthday. As the article doesn't state that the children in Yemen die before their 5th birthday (it just says "children"), 0.75% don't seem *that* bad. Also, what does "More than 8,000 women die on a yearly basis in Yemen" mean? Wouldn't the cause of death, their age etc. be of importance?


The under five mortality rate in Yemen is 58.4 per thousand, so 5.84% https://data.unicef.org/country/yem/, aka about one in 15 children below five.


You are correct. The number don't seem very high compared to other countries but the deaths in Germany are not because of a war or economic blockade. Yemen deaths could be avoided. I think the article is trying to say that a lot of poeple need medical treatment and Saudi's blockade is halting all aide. From a statistical point of view the numbers aren't high (I'm from India and every stat in my country would beat theirs) but that's not the point.


I think you missed the "starving to death" part. There should be no comparison here.


Where do you take the quote from? The article I read didn't claim that anyone was "starving to death". You can't take two separate pieces of information from one source and arbitrarily connect them. The article says that children are malnourished and that children are dying. It does not say that even a single child died from starvation


Doing anything humanitarian in Yemen would hurt our weapons sales, so we mustn't do that /s


The last of Yemeni jews were airlifted out of yemen and to israel. I believe only 1 remains and its because she's elderly.


they actually went to Egypt because they believe it'll be a better way of preserving their culture


I was mistaken. Most Yemeni jews made aliyah to israel and were airlifted by mossad https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-35861374 Though in march, 19 arrived in Israel and one had a 500 year old torah scroll. The 50 jews that remained were deported and decided to go to Cairo. There was a jewish girl who was kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam and was forced to marry a Muslim man. 4 of her brothers were killed. Disgusting.


If you're the US government, this is fantastic news! Our Saudi allies will be pleased with these desired results. HUZZAH, our military and strategic supply chain choke is seeing massive success! /S and also r/noahgettheboat


Once we defeat micro aggressions we can take a look at the genocide issue.


Remember Biden said he's ending support for Saudi's war in Yemen? Lol what a liar.


More than 8,000 women die on a yearly basis in Yemen, and more than 2.6 million children suffer from malnutrition.


They are suffering so much from malnutrition that they quintupled their population in 50 years. That does not look like a serious famine. But if they continue, yes, famine is the natural outcome of over-breeding.


I don't want to be a dick here but what does "More than 8k women die on a yearly basis in Yemen" even mean? It might come as a surprise but in 2019 alone, almost 260 000 women died in the UK. According to the Office of National Statistics. (just wanted to show how such statements don't make any sense without a context, because the figure you gave is miniscule)


> 8,000 women how many people in general? of which how many are men? this is a serious question btw not a troll I just want to know the full scale


Almost more than 40,000 women die on a yearly basis in Sweden, looking at your stats Yemen seem like it's a futuristic utopia where the citizens have discovered immortality lmao. Yemen has 30 million people compared to Sweden's 10 million btw.


Maybe a dozen times a year I see a story intended to create outrage where somebody posts "nnn number of demographic get killed each year"... and somebody does the calculations to show that rate is actually pretty fucking good.


The Houthi offensive into Marib supported by Iran is causing the famine. Everyone in this thread is ignoring the fact that all US military support has been cut off along with the majority of Saudi support. Guess who’s still not coming to the peace talks? Yup the Houthis. https://www.un.org/press/en/2021/sc14470.doc.htm


But G7 cares more about hong kong while they are providing weapons and missile to bomb school buses. It's all politics. US invaded Iraq on false lies, why aren't they invading Saudi Arab or maybe enforcing some sanctions on them. The champions of humans right also said that Palestinian don't have a right to defend because they ain't a state. Hypocrisy much.


In all seriousness I’m kind of surprised that Yemen hasn’t been given a failed state designation yet.




We failed you


What is going on with the comments? Why are people victim blaming instead of blaming aggressors?


While the inhabitants in Jerusalem chant "Death to Arabs." Sounds like witchcraft.


It sounds very awful. Poor children, they can't help themselves.


They must have parents to do this. I'm glad I wasn't born there. You need to escape from this country, not hide and lose your population. How many refugees find a better life elsewhere.


And all of it happened only because the US has allowed it to and we've even contributed to it. Remember when Obama hit a wedding with a drone strike and killed 130 civilians. Pepperidge Farm remembers. Reddit needs to retract those wagging fingers from the threads on Russia and China and start dealing with our own gross sins.


You're asking too much of the American citizentry. We aren't capable of self-reflection. We would rather project and deflect than solve these problems...


But the longer we go without fixing them, the harder we are going to fall. At this point, our Messiah complex is going to get us all nuked as our management class desperately tries to hang onto sole hegemonic power at all costs. This is a slow motion train wreck and anyone perceptive can see unnecessary conflict ahead.


The military industrial complex desires and creates conflict on purpose. Like you mentioned with Obama drone strikes, US liberals won’t acknowledge they’re voting war for profits if the media tells them they’re being virtuous.


That's exactly the game that's played now. It's all about moral grandstanding and virtue signaling. All they do is simply call their cause moral and ram that down everyone's throats and it seems to be enough to at least create the illusion with enough of the population. That also implies the opponents of these ideas are inherently immoral by comparison and they skirt around any rational discussion...since they claim it's a moral issue and above even discussing. It's why it feels like hypocrisy is peaking. Our managers put out the narrative, call it moral, and then ostracize any dissenters and drown them out, and we chug along our merry warmaking way.


Well said. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing.


We could view this situation in Texas as a type of "controlled burn" , eventually, Texas will get back on track. Ppl will make more of a ruckus compared to the outages back in Feb.


Still Saudi is bombing it, Uk providing the weapons & The US sanction it.


I wish children didn't have to be victim to the actions of arbitrary adult problems 😔 the dont hate. They don't discriminate. They're taught to. All these invisible lines, the obsession with having more more more all the goddamn time and who suffers? Who suffers for it most? Children.


US facilitated. What’s new here, in the 90s the US was asked if the 500k dead Iraqi children was worth it to punish Saddam, the US said yes. The war on terror killed at least a million and displaced I think 40 million people. The US still remains delusional that they are anything more than oil companies, weapons manufacturers, mass surveillance, and state enabled exploitation masquerading as a free nation. > In totalitarian regimes evil dictators bomb their own people. In free democracies we do it for them > In totalitarian regimes students are taught to mindlessly worship a picture of the evil dictator. In free democracies students are taught to mindlessly worship the flag. https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2021/06/13/the-difference-between-totalitarian-regimes-and-free-democracies/


Brought to You by KSA and USA inc. Edit: downvote all u want, it doesn't change the facts.


find a better source. presstv = Islamic Republic of Iran propaganda


https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-yemen-security-un-idUSKBN2AR088 https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/yemen-crisis-is-worsening-and-the-world-must-act-now-say-aid-workers-47447 https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/03/1086932


It should be common knowledge the Saudis are committing war crimes in Yemen with US weaponry by now. This has been going on for years.


True but people in Yemen are suffering and the western news agencies wont report because of their daddy USA and the terrorist little friend (Saudi).


It seems that American seem to care more about the Uyghurs.


Good thing we only care about kids that died 100 years ago in Canada and not 100 every hour in Yemen