Over 250 journalists, including reporters from The Washington Post, WSJ and LA Times, sign letter calling on media to stop obscuring oppression of Palestinians

Over 250 journalists, including reporters from The Washington Post, WSJ and LA Times, sign letter calling on media to stop obscuring oppression of Palestinians




Yeah, the main problem is the media execs think they’re journalist.




No, the main problem is the media execs can control the journalist . . . And the story’s facts !


"Details, detaaaaails, I've got this one big brush that'll surely take care of things 💁‍♂️"


Not even that. It's 2021 and people don't know the difference between opinion pieces and news reports. Also with personality hosts and actual news reporters for TV news.


its 2021 and people cant tell real from fake news. actual fake news. propaganda. etc need I go on? lol? /s


There were several reports of exageration and straight up lying when it comes to reporting on this. Recently, BBC was caught (spreading their agenda and showing clear bias in reporting yet again) using the words "killed" referring to Israeli casualties through anywhere in Palestine, and Palestinian casualties as having "died" through anywhere in Israel. Short version: ["Kill" vs "Died"](https://youtu.be/NwSC5hacBCI) Longer version: https://youtu.be/HM-UqJUPhl8


For a long time I didn't think that wording differences like that weren't that big of a deal, until I visited Auschwitz. There they made the choice to refer to the over 1 million people there as being murdered. Using the word "murder" and its derivatives as opposed to something like "killed" or "died", made the message much stronger.


BBC has been peddling an agenda for ever.


Yeah words do matter. Every time I see a redditor claim that Israel is committing “genocide” it’s 2x as bad as the “killed” vs “died” usage.


What, the same BBC which headlined a story on three Palestinian terrorists shot dead while on a stabbing spree that left an Israeli policewoman dead with "Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem.” is biased *against* Palestinians?? https://www.timesofisrael.com/bbc-regrets-headline-that-victimized-jerusalem-attackers/


Getting your links from TimesOfIsrael may not provide you with the most objective of news about Israel


Times of Israel is pretty decent, and when it comes to news related to Israel they're actually one of very few with a nuanced perspective.


Yes, thank you.


Wait, they're accusing the media of *covering up* what's happening in Palestine?


It's not so much "covering up" as it is playing with words to downplay it. Imagine if China was doing to Taiwan what Israel is doing to Palestine. Do you think the media would be so generous in their choice of words? Israel's brutality does not go entirely unnoticed. But press reports are usually sporadic and sparse, only appearing during especially hard military offensives, and rarely doing justice to the endemic nature of the repression.


Exactly. Word choice matters in journalism. “Israel strikes AP building suspected of hosting Hamas militants” is a lot different than “Israeli air strikes topple media building in Gaza”.


There was even a leaked CCN memo urging their writers to do this. https://mobile.twitter.com/dena/status/1394711686712549385?lang=en


"Police shoots teenager" vs "Police involved in shooting incident with teenager."


Other thing I've noticed is the media mostly downplays Israeli provocations. And when the Palestinians retaliate they act as if that came out of nowhere. Step 1: Assassinate a Palestinian leader. Step 2: Palestinians retaliate. Step 3: The Evil Palestinians are attacking us!


Here in Germany it's often the other way around. "Israel launches rocket strikes on Gaza" instead of "Palestinian terrorists shoot rockets at Israel cities, Israel returns fire on rocket sites"


This is why I'm confused. The headlines last month were often *extremely* biased towards Palestinians. Basically exactly what you said, but in the US. I don't know how, after that, people are claiming that media is ignoring the plight of Palestinians.


Like calling Zionist terrorists "settlers".


Settlers should be derogatory enough of a term honestly, and terrorism is inaccurate because the state of Israel is supporting the settlements. But colonialism is so embedded in American history that we see the term “settlers” as ok.


>terrorism is inaccurate because the state of Israel is supporting the settlements Not really inaccurate since a country can be a state sponsor of terrorism.


> terrorism is inaccurate because the state of Israel is supporting the settlements "State sponsored terrorism doesn't exist"


It's still terrorism even if it's supported by a state.


If anything that’s the worst kind!


And the settlers in American history were awful to the peoples they encountered. By using the term “settlers” i the Israeli context, it forces an american viewer to re-examine their belief in the whole Manifest Destiny thing (along with ignoring our treatment of Native Americans). So immediately a bunch of people get on the defensive because they don’t want to admit that their supposed greatest country in the world committed a genocide.


The United States of America has committed many genocides and supported many more around the world. The Native American genocide is obvious enough but the Slave Trade was a genocide all on it's own. Sure, they may not have wanted to kill the people, all they wanted to kill was their languages, religions, names, identities, and cultures. That's genocide, albeit a "soft" genocide.


God I hate how people have started to use the word “genocide” to mean cultural repression. It really devaluates the entire term, which actially means the literal homociding (read: murdering) of entire people groups. It’s people being killed; the taking of their lives. Not their languages or religions or whatever identity markers they have. This really trivialises REAL genocides like e.g. the Rwandan genocide or the Holocaust. It’s a god damn disgrace.


Exactly. "Settlers" makes it sound like the terrorist are moving in to unclaimed land. Rather then just stealing it.


You mean like how the European settlers in America moved into unclaimed land?


The thing I've noticed is that the media tends to ignore the basic humanity of Palestinians. As though they're not even people.


I find any any Israeli criticism is not seen as socially acceptable in the US. Very different from Europe.


I don't know, I'm in the Netherlands and the coverage here consists of an awful lot of "this Dutch person living in Haifa heard shelling in the distance at night and is worried for their safety!". And our government keeps falling all over themselves to avoid any negativity towards Israel.


In certain circumstances it's even illegal. A family member of mine does contracting work and if you take contracts from our state government, one required clause is that you agree to, forever less one day, waive your ability as a company to partake of any boycott or protest related to Israel.


Those are blatantly unconstitutional laws, and [fortunately the Eight Circuit federal court agrees.](https://jolt.law.harvard.edu/digest/eighth-circuit-state-law-forbidding-government-contractors-from-boycotting-israel-is-unconstitutional) Hopefully more courts will take up cases against these laws and shoot them down.


Apparently if you want to become a teacher in Texas you have to sign an anti-BDS clause. For a country which prides itself on being the most free it’s insane that it’s illegal to boycott another country. You actually cannot be part of a movement that calls for the boycott of ANOTHER country.


This is a point that I make somewhat frequently. You have Hamas taking actions where they basically use the civilian Palestinians as human shields, and you have Israel shrugging and just blowing up the human shields and acting like they have no choice in the matter. If that's the option you want to take, then that's the option you took, but under no circumstances do you get to claim you are the good guy when you take actions that goddamn Hollywood villains take just to display how unambiguously evil they are. Imagine the scene from Robocop where a thug takes a woman as a human shield and Robocop kneecaps him by firing through her dress without hitting her. That's a display of awesomeness and goes to show the lengths he goes to avoid civilian casualties while getting his guy. Imagine how that scene plays out instead if he just shoots her straight through the chest and stomps away while calling for a meatwagon instead of an ambulance.


Problem being nobody has Robocop levels of strike precision


Did you at least get the main point though?


Correction: 1. Assassinate a **Hamas leader** (you know, that designated **terrorist organization**) 2. Palestinians go apeshit 3. Israelis say - yes - evil palestinians have been firing rockets into residential areas for decades. No surprise here. Imagine if a neighboring nations people did that to you and your family. Would you say, "wait, our military force is far stronger than theirs... it would be unfair to stand up for ourselves!" Its easy to judge others from across the world. If people want to be activists, go complain about wars in Africa where they kill hundreds of school children indiscriminately, or in China where they are euthanisizing Uyghurs by the millions.


Assassinate a *Hamas leader


Step 4: launch an offensive. Step 5: denounce criticisms as anti-semitic and accuse media of supporting NAZI-ism.


Step 3: Palestine votes rockets indiscriminately into Israeli cities. See, words matter.


And calling Hamas militants when it’s a recognized terrorist group by the EU and US is another example.


The rule is: First world shiny bombs and planes are 'defence forces'. Third world pipe bombs and AKs are 'terror'. So if you kill 60 palestinian kids using an F35 for example, it's an unfortunate accident, and if you kill 3 Israeli soldiers using a piece of plumbing pipe and some gunpowder, that's an outrageous act of terror. Remember; first world death and destruction good; third world death and destruction, animals.


To be fair they do fire rockets indiscriminately into civilian population centers. And they fire them in large quantities in a short period of time with the explicit goal of overwhelming the Iron Dome in the hopes of causing maximum destruction in civilian areas. I think that fits the definition of terrorism in this case.


In that case you must accept that Israel bombing palestine is also terrorism.


I never said otherwise.


So you are saying EU and US killing 500,000 civilians in iraq and afghanistan is actually terrorism? How about NATO killing the family of gaddafi? Is that terrorism?




Fuck yes. 100% Next question.


This argument has no real moral/logical standing. It implies that morality belongs to those who are doing worse. So if Israel also had only pipe bombs, that would be ok? Or if Hamas also had "shiny bombs" that would be ok? as long as they both kill about the same, you don't really care. Hamas isn't right just because they are doing a worse job or don't have shiny weapons. As a matter of fact, that's a good thing. That terrorist organizations like ISIS and Hamas "only" have pipe bombs.


No, the rule is and always has been intent, as acknowledged by virtually any actual military expert or country in the world yet somehow eluding a host of moronic redditors driven by sensdnationalism. Much like the difference between murder and manslaughter would lie in intent. If Hamas fires a bunch of rockets on an IDF military base, and they land on a nearby kindergarten killing 60 Israeli children, it could be called 'collateral damage' and not terrorism or GEENOCIDEE! unless proven to be a deliberate targeting. Whereas Hamas firing a barrage of rockets on random towns with 0 casualties is an act of terrorism.


> Third world pipe bombs and AKs are 'terror'. You mean missiles targeting civilians. If they only targeted military installations it would be different. Israel are not targeting civilians intentionally. There is a huge difference.


Hamas is a terrorist organization tho


Lol the US has no ground to stand on labeling other groups as terrorists.


You're right, they should be more honest about Hamas. How about this? Ahem. *Hamas, an extremist Islamist group that was kickstarted with Israeli army funds to go after the secular PLO and create internal divisions to make Palestinian lives even more miserable... because Palestinian Islamists were on the fringe and relatively apolitical until Israel funneled cash to the most extreme elements who used the money to build Mosques, provide social services, and radicalize the population, and to attack the secularists before the predictable blowback against Israel prompted the EU and US to label Hamas a terrorist group.* Does that cover it, or did I miss something?


https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.dw.com/en/who-is-hamas/a-57537872 There are claims the Israeli government helped finance Hamas in its early days to build up a counterweight to the PLO — though all actors in question deny Israel played any role in establishing the organization. You might be missing the facts around your claim.


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Still missing an important fact: They are bombing lots of people that are not Hamas and then blaming Hamas for it.


But many of Hamas' own rockets landed Gaza itselfin the fighting this year, at least 500 or about 650 or so depending on the source.


Except that’s compete bullshit. All I ever read in the media is “Israel strikes Gaza; 7 civilians dead”. They never portray anything as a military target, even when it is. All they do is report body counts. And terrorism committed by Hamas is literally never reported. What fantasy universe are you people living in?


And alot different from 'Palestinian terrorist organization houses military assets in AP buildings


Strange example , China is doing much much worse things in Tibbet and with the Oigers.


Lmao, you should check out what china is doing to muslims.. its literally the start of the holocaust there, and the media is dead silent


> Imagine if China was doing to Taiwan what Israel is doing to Palestine. This is a horrible and incorrect analogy. Taiwan did not vote in an Islamic terrorist organization to represent them that has sworn to wipe Chinese people out of China and Taiwanese people do not indiscriminately bomb Chinese children, families, schools, hospitals, etc like Palestinians do. Horrible analogy. How about the press hiding the fact that Palestinians are indiscriminately bombing American and Israeli families in Israel? Why no mention of war crimes committed by Palestinians against Israeli"s. If we are going to discuss the importance of words, lets not only use them to demonize the Jewish state like you and many like you do for some odd reason.




And look at the coverage (or lack thereof) of most local/regional conflicts. Yemen, Ethiopia, Myanmar, etc. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict has wider coverage than almost any conflict globally.


They are trying to finish off the rat infestation that is Hamas that requires might. Might is not brutality when you’re ousting terrorists and murderers.


>Imagine if China was doing to Taiwan because Taiwan will never fire rockets and missiles against China that hit residence and schools?


Taiwan doesn't on a consistent basis launch missiles at China


Last time I check Taiwan wasn't launching rocket for 60 years and paid by Europeans


I don’t remember Taiwan lobbing mistakes at Mainland China. Am I missing something???


>Imagine if China was doing to Taiwan what Israel is doing to Palestine. Taiwan would cease existing if they even tried to do what PLO, PFLP, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are doing. Taiwan has launched no large scale invasion of China. Taiwan does not have terror groups motivated to remove all Chinese people from China. Taiwan does not fire missiles at Chinese civilians. Taiwan does not give money to people who kill Chinese civilians. Taiwan does not hijack Chinese planes. Taiwan does not murder Chinese Olympians. But most importantly, perhaps the most important of the lot, Taiwan does not celebrate people who want to kill Chinese. That is what sets it apart.


If Taiwan launched more than 2000 rockets at mainland china, Taiwan would be bombed into the stone age.


By that logic we should allow China blocking Taiwan imports and exports, control a lot of its borders, and make it basically a prison for Taiwanese. Because some other country is allowed to do that.


Last time I checked the government of Taiwan’s official position isn’t the destruction of China and refusal to recognize it as a country Also pretty sure the Taiwan government doesn’t have a martyr pension for anyone who dies killing Chinese civilians


Except it dishonest to pretend like Egypt isn't blocking Gaza. So if Taiwan after getting all Chinese forces out, started sending suicide bombers into china and had militants roaming around in some other fictional country that bordered it. And ended up with a blockade by two countries after that. Well that would be a little bit more honest of an analogy.


No we shouldnt, because Taiwan hasn't fired any rockets at China. If Taiwan magically turned into an aggressive and erratic neighbor like that you better believe we'd drop support for them


>you better believe **we**'d drop support for them By "we" do you mean the US? Cos the US still supported them despite the February 28 incident, White Terror and Lieyu massacre. "The number of Taiwanese deaths from the incident and massacre was estimated to be between 18,000 and 28,000." [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February\_28\_incident](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_28_incident) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White\_Terror\_(Taiwan)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Terror_(Taiwan)) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1987\_Lieyu\_massacre


**[February_28_incident](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_28_incident)** >The February 28 incident, also rendered as the February 28 massacre, 228 incident, or 228 massacre (from Chinese: 二二八事件; pinyin: Èr’èrbā shìjiàn), was an anti-government uprising in Taiwan that was violently suppressed by the Kuomintang-led Republic of China government, which killed thousands of civilians beginning on February 28, 1947. The number of Taiwanese deaths from the incident and massacre was estimated to be between 18,000 and 28,000. The massacre marked the beginning of the White Terror, in which tens of thousands of other Taiwanese went missing, died, or were imprisoned. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


There's the answer. This was not a hostile act by the Taiwanese government against an uninvolved neighbor. This was an internal uprising.


Like palestinians, taiwanese don't do things for no reason. Israel knows when it steals land and throws people out of houses to give to religious extremists from Brooklyn, that there will be a response. That's why they keep playing this game. it's a trade off. Steal land, receive rockets. Steal land, receive rockets. It's been this way for decades.


Did you know that the Sheik Jarra incident was over a land seized by the Jordanian government from Jews who had bought it from the Turks? The current Palestinians who live there only got it in the 1950's when the Jordanian government seized land from Jews and gave it to Palestinians. The reason the people were evicted was because they didn't have any right to the land in the first place.


Ah yes the palistinians are poor creatures without free will who are forced by the evil jew beasts to launch rockets indiscriminately at civilian centers. Do you even hear how patronizing you sound?




Your telling me you wouldn't put up a fight against a group that openly call for your complete genocide? That fires thousands of rockets into your cities? A group that refused a two state solution and whose founding charter calls for your genocide?




Tell me more about how Palestinians dont have free will and how rockets being launched into Israeli civilian centers is actually part of a Jewish plot...


It's not a plot, don't be stupid. But Israel steals land and gets rockets in return. They know the game. The stealing never stops. But seeing how much you care about palestinians and justice I imagine you're always out there protesting settlers. Am I right?


More like pissed off humans react against the humans that pissed them off. What are they supposed to do? Just sit there and let the Israelis take it for nothing? Jesus under that definition there's no right to self defense until you're already dead.


What are the Palestinians supposed to do? Any negotiated settlement via the UN is blocked by the US. Israel refuses to negotiate in good faith, instead expanding settlements and "security walls". What is your solution? 2 states based on 67 borders or 1 state with equal rights for all? Neither? How about the status quo of Israel continuing to steal land, maybe thats what you want?


The Palestinians walked away from the last 2? 3?* peace accords in which they were offered basically everything they could ask for. *I lost count. 1993. 2000. 2008. I'm sure I'm forgetting some.


They could agree to the two-state solution that keeps being offered every decade or so. I'm sure Israel is content to continue the status quo if Palestinians refuse yet again.


If you were systematically disenfranchised, kicked off your land, and allowed no means for self advancement or support you would be a pathetic weakling to just be fine with it. Lashing out isn't good but given the massively unequal apartheid state being foisted on them, there isn't much else to do.


It’s as others mentioned, it’s minor play with words like, “Israelis killed” to “Palestinians died” It gives a very different meaning to the actuality of the situation.


Calling them clashes, a conflict is covering up. Refusing to call it an apartheid or ethnic cleansing is covering it up. The media has always sanitized Isrsel's crimes against humanity. What kind of question is this. Someone that thinks it hasn't been covered up has bought into a false narrative told by Israel and the media.


Until Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are labeled as genocidal apartheid governments, I will not call Israel such. To single out Israel and no one else, who is 1000x tamer than these other countries, is basically anti-semitic


>Calling them clashes, a conflict is covering up. Uh... No? A clash is a specific event that's part of a conflict. It would be inaccurate to report a single event as a conflict, because that word refers to the whole thing and always has. >Refusing to call it an apartheid or ethnic cleansing is covering it up. Are we living in the same world? Was it not a week or two ago that some NGO released some paper saying it's an apartheid and we got like 3 different posts from 3 different media sources reporting on it in this sub alone? >The media has always sanitized Isrsel's crimes against humanity. What kind of question is this. > >Someone that thinks it hasn't been covered up has bought into a false narrative told by Israel and the media. Dude. Literally all you hear about the conflict from the media is Israeli war crimes. The only false narrative here is this weird victimhood bullshit where the media goes light on Israel. That is the fucking complete opposite of reality.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/palestine-journalists-demand-better-coverage-israel-occupation) reduced by 86%. (I'm a bot) ***** > An open letter "Written by and for journalists" is calling on the news industry to stop "Obscuring Israeli occupation and the systemic oppression of Palestinians" in the media. > Signed by 250 journalists working for some of the world's top media outlets, the letter, published on Wednesday, accuses the mainstream media of "Failing" its audience with a "Decades-long journalistic malpractice" that has misinformed the public on the reality of Israel's occupation. > The letter calls on journalists and news outlets to meet their "Duty" and "Change course immediately" in terms of coverage on Israel and Palestine. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/nyf2ex/over_250_journalists_including_reporters_from_the/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~582472 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **letter**^#1 **media**^#2 **journalists**^#3 **Israel**^#4 **sign**^#5


Is it me or does 250 sound like not a lot.


It's a lot considering these people are potentially putting their careers in jeopardy. Think of all the people who believe this but are too afraid to speak up.


More often than not, "letters" and petitions are not a lot compared to the scope of the issue or audience they relate to.


Glad to see that Weekly Shonen Jump is on board


I legit went and check it if its real


Naruto says Free Palestine


Know your pain Circle of hatred must end, when everyone could accept each other




I feel like I hear SO much about Palestinians and these days it’s definitely in their favor.


If you look at reddit for sure its 99% in favour of the Palestinians


All social media, and all mainstream media as well. It's extremely hard to find a news source that doesn't excuse Hamas and blame Israel.


reddit is extrem in this regard which has probably something to do with demographics. But in general I would say that the bias is clearly more towards Palestinian support at least in Germany. Which makes sense due to the natural fact that more journalists are left leaning.


It's basically 99% in their favor. The 1% that isn't gets dog piled with "Why is there so much zionist propoganda!? They should talk about palestinians!"


the media is obscuring this? it is all the nyt and wp report on....


They often did report on the conflict, they just often chose to cover it in a way sympathetic to Israel's government, and in a conflicting narrative from what human rights groups portray.


Nonsense. They are extremely critical of Israel and lied to be more critical of Israel.


Journalists are not supposed to be activists. The cause may be worthy. But how can someone report objectively if they are actively taking sides? Journalists are not supposed to be the story.


The oppression in the Middle East is brutal on ALL sides. Media coverage should be obscured for no-body including Israel and Palestine. But it should be remembered that both sides have engaged in violence. The situation in the region is much more complex than people want to seem to believe.


Obscuring oppression? It's all that they're fucking talking about. How about you shine a light on all the other ongoing genocides? Perhaps spend a bit of time talking about Syria and Yemen? Maybe take a look at the Yazidis, they really have it bad but no one's talking about them. Maybe at least mention all the ongoing issues in Africa. I hadn't even heard about all the stuff going on there until I looked it up myself. I'd really recommend [genocidewatch.com](https://genocidewatch.com/countries-at-risk) for further research. They've got a whole list of ongoing situations. Situations that include actual extermination of the affected groups. Not just "Boo hoo, the army broke up our settlement" stories that you get out of Israel. Israel doesn't even make the list. I'd be fine if the media could shine a light on other issues at the same time, but they've clearly shown that they can't. Israel is the hot topic, and it's all they want to cover. They need to cover the bigger issues.


Its super easy to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Base yourself in Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv, enjoy the nightlife and the fairly safe streets write a couple of stories from your desk. This is not like reporting out of Sudan or the DROC those places are actually not safe.


Not to mention the government isn’t going to jail you / throw you out of the country, for reporting it.


I wish I could still find it. I read a great piece a few years ago about the focus on the I/P conflict in the media. It all came down to safety: it's a big-name conflict that is, compared to any other, waaaay safer to be around. The Israeli government, while of course it can be shitty, doesn't generally go around silencing dissenters, so you can live safely in Israel while reporting regardless of slant. At the same time, reporting on wrongs within the Palestinian-controlled areas is far more dangerous, so you don't get even reporting on the government of Israel and the governments of Palestine.


Yeah man. I mean, I don't want to minimize the bad shit that's happening in Israel-Palestine... but the media coverage is just so disproportionate.


I'll second genocidewatch.com. I've referred to them a few times. They do great work compiling the information necessary to get a clear picture of some of these conflict zones where crimes against humanity are occurring, or are trending towards.


Israel is just easy pickings. Get to report on the war from the comfort of nice hotel in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Imagine the same number of reporters who cover the IP conflict actually entering a war zone.


> I'd really recommend genocidewatch.com for further research You are right: > Genocide Watch has issued a Genocide Warning for Israel and Palestine. The Israeli government has systematically persecuted civilian Palestinians, including detention of children, withholding resources, forced displacement, and executions. Palestinian terrorist groups, including Hamas, have targeted Israeli civilians in air strike missile campaigns, undermining the Jews' right to their indigenous land. ​ > Genocide Stage: Eight - Persecution This comment should be at the top!


Yes, they have issued a warning. A warning of Persecution. They didn't declare an emergency, they didn't call it extermination, and it didn't even make their list for active alerts. There are at least 15 other ongoing situations that are in more desperate need of this sort of attention.


>How about you shine a light on all the ~~other~~ actual ongoing genocides? FTFY


Maybe I'd actually care if the mainstream media hadn't proven itself to be a completely unethical, narrative-pushing dumpsterfire.


Meanwhile Al-Jazeera is praised by Hamas as "professional" and "unbiased".


Yes, they should focus on how Hamas is oppressing their own people


Are they urging the media to report on the honor killings of women in Palestine discovered by rights charities and the fleeing every year of LBGTQ youth and adults to Israel due to the horrible homophobia in Palestine reported by those who care to look? Sure hope they are, and that this isn’t some one-issue focus for their own dogma


Lol “journalists”. Picking and choosing what they decide to report truthfully on (or what others should report truthfully on). What a joke this profession has become.


This is so funny, in Europe almost every single news outlet is heavily biased pro-palestine. In Ireland for example I couldn’t name you a single newspaper that doesn’t have a heavy anti-israel view. In Germany I only know 1 (the springer group) and in the UK there’s only 1 as far as I know (the daily mail, gobshites)


It's the most covered conflict in history?


I don't understand how you even heard of it. It's the most covered up story in the history of man. Literally just heard about it today!


It is. Every single Palestinian death is heavily reported.


They should also sign a letter to produce newsworthy journalism and not write opinions.


and stop obscuring the terrorist attacks perpetrated by hamas.


TLDR: some journos want other journalists to be pro-Palestine and anti-Israel, and to reframe news accordingly.


It’s not so clean cut. Acknowledging that the United States took Native American land and committed genocide to do it (trail of tears) neither makes you anti-American or pro-native American. It just means you speak to the truth.




So liars from all different lying organizations are signing a petition to lie? Sounds about right for the US media.


This is the kind of story where the most insightful comments will be among the most downvoted.


What the Israelis are doing is bad, no question. But I'm wondering a few thing: 1) Where did the Palestinians get all thoes rockets they were firing? 2) Who paid for the rockets? 3) Couldn't that money have been better spent feeding Palestinians? In stead of antagonizing a country that can squash you like a bug. 4) Who is pushing the Palestinians to make these moves now? Are the Palestinians being manipulated for someone else's gain? I just think there's more going on here than just attack and counterattack. There's more to this story that is not being told, and I think the world is being played for some other reasons.


Iran, Iran and Iran?


100% agree. The fact that recent Palestinian leaders are literal billionaires tells you what you need to know. Too much corruption and not enough building up of necessary services, educating children right and working on economic improvements for themselves. Instead it’s just Israel this and Israel that.




Is the news they aren’t firing rockets from residential areas?


Anyone who argues "pro-israel is pro-israel's government, pro-palestine is pro-palestinian people," as everyone who's pro-palestine does, is either arguing in bad faith or someone who has no beliefs of their own and merely takes the opposite position of conservatives. argue apples to apples or shut your trap.


250 journalists sign letter stating their hypocrisy. They could be heard saying: "Somebody else has to do my job the way I want it done, but for less money than I'm willing to accept."


How do you know they chose to not do their job? You seem to mistakenly think they're a monolith, since you didn't give even a single reason to think they're being hypocritical.


Most people don't know what is going on and this letter which is primarily signed by Arab journalists and their supporters is just ridiculous. Yes, the situation in Jerusalem was a property dispute and evictions. It wasn't something sudden, it was a court case that had been going on for years. It escalated after the final ruling came down to uphold the evictions and Arabs started to riot as a result. They had years in court to try to prove their side and when that didn't work they fell back on violence to solve their problems. The idea that it is some kind of ethnic cleansing is hilarious because actual ethnic cleansing was the reason this whole situation existed. The people claiming ownership of the land had records of ownership dating back to 1870 when it was purchased until 1949 when Jordan ethically cleansed the Westbank of all Jews. The owners wanted their land back when the territory was recaptured and when the tenants leases ran out they tried to reclaim it. People who are claiming this is ethnic cleansing or something similar are hypocrites as that is exactly what happened to the original owners.


That’s my entire point. I feel like a lot of people who claim Israel is ethnically cleansing the region doesn’t understand that literally happened to the Jews as they have been under oppression for thousands of years


Just goes to show how the journalists who are supposed to be writing objectively are really just anti-Israel activists.


When they campaign for both sides in the conflict to be held to the same standards of behavior, the minimum requirement for any peace negotiation, they'll have done some good.


Lol that’s rich coming from these outlets


Lol that’s rich coming from these outlets


They should revise the letter to include media not obscuring reporting on anything, and for them to stick to a non-biased, objective angle on whatever they’re reporting on.


Funny how I here about Palestinians every freaking day. What the hell is this nonsense?


No clue. The Med east is def not the midwest.


media writes media letter requesting media to stop obscuring media, reports the media


Calling journalists "the media" is kind of like calling line cooks "the restaurant industry" They're part of it, yes, but they're employees, they're not the head-honchos.




Oppression from the Hamas regime that bombs Israel daily?


So 250 signed a document that they are not objective and there reporting cannot be trusted and has an agenda. How about signing a letter on how hamas funded by iran among others is terrorising the Palestinians on a daily basis just to balance shit out.. To many "journalist" fail to report objectively and it is shocking how low the level of intellect has sunk in the profession where activisme is confused by the retards with journalisme..


I will remember this the next time I read these newspapers' coverage on Israel/Palestine.


israel is mis-managing the situation. BUT they are surrounded by hostile powers that want to annihilate them. there's room for improvement, to say the least. but they are simultaneously defending themselves. moral panic stories like this article muddy the waters and make it harder to have an honest conversation about what's happening.


I'd like to see a single mainstream outlet mention that Palestinian political leadership has outright rejected the two state solution and Palestinian independence something like 12 times throughout history. The coverage is overwhelmingly in favor of Hamas at the moment, which is sickening considering what they do and the role they've played in making the cycle of violence unsolvable.


Journalists shouldn’t be acting like activists. There’s something terribly wrong here.


News would be which major publications DIDNT.


How about calling on Palestinians to stop supporting Hamas and calling on obscenely wealthy oil states to quit building up Dubai for their pleasures and donate some big funds to build the territories. Press is disgusting and now anti-Semites again.


I’m confused. Then what are the 250 journalists doing and why are they not covering the oppression of Palestinians? Are they not the media or is their employers WP, WSJ and LA Times blocking the news?


Articles need to be approved by editors at those news organizations


This is not about suppression of news. The [open letter](https://medialetterpalestine.medium.com/an-open-letter-on-u-s-media-coverage-of-palestine-d51cad42022d) is from journalists to other journalists asking them to avoid bias when reporting about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Examples of such bias: * Media outlets often refer to forced displacement of Palestinians living there — illegal under international law and potentially a war crime — as “evictions.”. This term misleadingly implies a real estate “dispute” between tenant and landlord * Israeli forces violently attacked worshippers at the Al Aqsa mosque compound with tear gas and rubber-tipped bullets. Journalists didn’t call this an “attack” or “assault” on Palestinians, but rather a “clash,” as if both sides shared equal culpability and agency in the escalation. * When Israel attacked Gaza, media outlets framed it as a “conflict” between two equal entities, ignoring the total asymmetry in power. * stories tend to disproportionately amplify Israeli narratives while suppressing Palestinian ones. * media outlets uncritically repeat Israeli military claims about its assault on Gaza without asking for evidence or proof, despite clear examples where Israeli officials spread false information * reporting wanes considerably when Israel halts its airstrikes. Palestinians are ignored in so-called times of “peace” despite attacks and other hostile aspects of life under occupation continuing after the ceasefire.


In my eyes the majority of headlines have been pro palestine lately despite being media silent in the political turmoil leading up to the attacks and the mass of civilian attacks during ramadan. Everyone acts like they have some insider knowledge about old benny losing votes in israel but they don't apply the same critical eye to what happened to the vote and power struggle between hamas and the palestinian president.


> The open letter is from journalists to other journalists asking them to avoid bias when reporting about the Israel-Palestine conflict. I'm all for avoiding bias regarding journalism. No problem there. Just wondering where all these *"suddenly woke journalists"* have been for the past decade... - 2021 [Palestinian journalist detained after calling Abbas at home](https://www.jpost.com/middle-east/palestinian-journalist-detained-after-calling-abbas-at-home-667179) - 2020 [Palestinian Authority Jails Journalist Again Over Facebook Post](https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/06/25/palestinian-authority-jails-journalist-again-over-facebook-post) - 2020 [Human Rights Studies and Al Haq are concerned with the ongoing crackdown on the freedom of opinion and expression targeting Palestinian journalists and activists by the Palestinian authorities](https://www.alhaq.org/advocacy/17477.html) - 2020 [Amnesty slams Palestinians' freedom of expression arrests](https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/amnesty-slams-palestinians-freedom-of-expression-arrests-1.4928591) - 2019 [Palestine: No Letup in Arbitrary Arrests, Torture Palestinian Authority, Hamas Muzzle Critics, Opponents](https://www.hrw.org/news/2019/05/29/palestine-no-letup-arbitrary-arrests-torture) - 2018 [Human rights group slams Palestinian leaders for torture, arrests of journalists](https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/human-rights-group-slams-palestinian-leaders-for-torture-arrests-of-journalists/2018/10/23/380d2932-d699-11e8-a10f-b51546b10756_story.html) - 2018 [Families of Palestinian Journalists Arrested in West Bank: This Is Abbas' Revenge](https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/palestinians/.premium-families-of-palestinian-journalists-arrested-this-is-abbas-revenge-1.5442660) - 2017 [Palestine: Dangerous escalation in attacks on freedom of expression](https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2017/08/palestine-dangerous-escalation-in-attacks-on-freedom-of-expression/) - 2017 [The Palestinian authority’s security forces arrested five journalists from the west bank and summoned another after they raided their homes and confiscated computers and cell phones.](https://www.journalistsupport.net/article.php?id=375891) Eta: lol -5 in under 4 mins. Downvoting dozens of Palestinian journalists being jailed by the Palestinian Authority won't stop the Palestinian Authority from arresting these journalists Reddit. Doesn't work that way. If you actually care about **Palestinian journalists** then be outspoken about it. Help stop it from happening. Burying it under downvotes just allows it to contine.


They're not "suddenly woke" and there are more journalists than those you list here. That said, attacks on journalists in various countries - and especially Israel - have been quite severe.


> That said, attacks on journalists in various countries - and especially Israel - have been quite severe. Not as severe as the repeated ATTACKS ON JOURNALISTS BY THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY. (see: links above) Yet, zero Reddit threads, zero letters from woke journalists. Two standards is the very definition of bias. Which is the reason their letter means shit. It's woke bullshit.


> Not as severe as the repeated ATTACKS ON JOURNALISTS BY THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY According to whom? [Israel is currently holding over 13 Palestinian journalists in jail.](https://rsf.org/en/news/israel-now-holding-13-palestinian-journalists) Israel also recently bombed the Al-Jawhara Tower, a 10-story building housing 14 media outlets, and the Al-Shorouk Tower, a 14-story building housing another 7 media outlets. Has the Palestinian Authority ever bombed Israeli press offices?


> According to whom? Amnesty International. Human Rights Watch, all the links above. I dunno why those sources ARE VALID when they are critical of Israel and INVALID when they are critical of Palestine. (Actually I do know, see: confirmation bias.) > Has the Palestinian Authority ever bombed Israeli press offices? No. The Palestinian Authority just arrests AND TORTURES the journalists. No need to bomb empty offices. https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/06/25/palestinian-authority-jails-journalist-again-over-facebook-post


We are taking about a bias in Western media. Hamas being shitty has nothing to do with that.


Journalists asking journalists to avoid bias. That's precious. There's always bias. That's nothing new. As if this is the only news story where you see people playing around with words? Please. And honestly, I'm not noticing this overwhelming pro-Israel bias they're complaining about. I'm seeing all kinds of really, really harsh criticism of Israel (which is a great thing). Not sure what they're talking about. Of course there will always be pro-Israel articles that play with words. And guess what? You'll see the anti-Israel articles do the very same thing. What else is new?


>Media outlets often refer to forced displacement of Palestinians living there — illegal under international law and potentially a war crime — as “evictions.”. This term misleadingly implies a real estate “dispute” between tenant and landlord but it literally is in most if not all cases, for example the recent ones in sheikh jarah. sheikh jarrah used to have a lrage jewish minority before 1948, which owned much of the land there. then in 1948 it was masscred and expelled by the advancing arab forces, and the jewish owned land was given to the arabs. in 1967, after israel took the neighberhood in the six day war, the original owners of the homes went to court to receive their lands back. the israeli courts, decided that it will not evict the families already living there. insted, they will be required to pay rent to the owners of the homes they took. fast forward a couple of decades, and in the 2000s some families stopped paying rent, leading to their evictions today. it is very much a property dispute. >Israeli forces violently attacked worshippers at the Al Aqsa mosque compound with tear gas and rubber-tipped bullets. Journalists didn’t call this an “attack” or “assault” on Palestinians, but rather a “clash,” as if both sides shared equal culpability and agency in the escalation. israeli police entered the temple mount after violent rioters used it to hurl bricks and fire fireworks at jewish worrshipers below in the wailing wall. it very much was a clash. >When Israel attacked Gaza, media outlets framed it as a “conflict” between two equal entities, ignoring the total asymmetry in power. lmao, israels airstikes on gaza were in retaliation to over 4000 rockets being fired from gaza at israeli civilian centers. so what that israel is stronger than hamas? what country would just take it and call it a day? >stories tend to disproportionately amplify Israeli narratives while suppressing Palestinian ones. no not really, i would love for you to give me an example. >media outlets uncritically repeat Israeli military claims about its assault on Gaza without asking for evidence or proof, despite clear examples where Israeli officials spread false information citation needed. when you only have hamas and the idf as sources for the conflict, which one will you take? for what i have seen, most if not all news agencies use the gaza minister of health for casualties. ​ they arent asking for other journalists to have less bias, they are asking them to add anti israel bias.


Obscure != cover.


Utter horsehit, how many articles have they produced about Palestinians in Syria for example, and how they're being killed by Assad?


Middleeasteye isn't the place to get your news from mate. Anything less than destroy Israel is pro Israeli to them (extadurating but not that much)


Let me see if I’ve got this straight, they’ve signed a letter… asking themselves to stop obscuring the oppression of Palestinians… and then they’re reporting on this… uhhh is this national lampoons or mad magazine or some shit wt actual f is going on here?


Anyone who says the media is obscuring what’s going on in Israel doesn’t give a shit about any other place in the world


a letter to whom exactly?


It's an open letter. It says it right there in the article at the start of the second paragraph.


Anytime an article starts with "Over X amount of Y people" it is a garbage article not worth reading. I have no idea why these are so popular, especially on the politics subreddit in the Trump days. Every day, it was over 140000 scholars think impeachment is good or 27 million scientists complain about changes to global warming laws. It doesn't fucking matter.


Well hopefully they call it how it is don’t just blame Israel for everything. They need to blame Hamas, other terrorist groups, and Iran for much of this. Otherwise it’s a farce


Oh puh-leese. Those same Palestinians allowed Hamas, PLO and other shiteheads to build their tunnels and access points under schools and hospitals, so that if a surgical strike were to happen, they could spread more propaganda by claiming Israel killed children and innocents.. ***The terrorists they allowed to stay with them don't give a shit about them, or others.. so why should we support the aiders and abetters?*** (*XYZ NEWS: So-and-so Army bombed hospitals/school.. news sound familiar from Pakistan and Iraq already? No army is that stupid to bomb civilian targets unless they were overrun by terrorists.*)


Until a national media outlet (that isn't Middle East Eye...) reports this, it isn't going anywhere.