Christian terrorist who mowed down Muslim family ‘was laughing’ as he got out of blood covered truck

Christian terrorist who mowed down Muslim family ‘was laughing’ as he got out of blood covered truck


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It's interesting that they named the minor victims, but declined to name the 79 year old.


It’s weird because her name is listed in the Canadian media.


As is Canadian tradition


And the pudding just spilled..


The princess now in some sort of...isometric cube


Now they’re rubbing the pudding on each other’s faces…. As is tradition


So fucked that the 9 year old is living through this. Half his family dead.


Lost the most important people in his life. Only and only because some insignificant guy somewhere didn't like what their version of God was. In some years everyone will forget the driver . He will forever have to live with that scar.


I am so heartbroken for him.


Canada only protects minor identities in arrests or when specifically requested. As for the grandmother, it may have been requested she not be publicly identified for many reasons. The most likely one I can think of is there’s people the family wants to notify themselves.


It was requested


The family specifically requested privacy and media is reporting their names against their wishes.


Yes, their community requested privacy and not to be identified. Not sure how this changed to publicly identifying them and by association naming the survivor.


I believe they wanted privacy at first due to family living abroad not being notified yet, I’m assuming once they let them know they were ok with releasing the names


Iirc didnt a family friend start a gofundme with ALL of their information? Which allowed the media companies to then publish it all? Could be wrong, pretty sure I heard about it on Canadaland


[This](https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/london_community_united_against_hate#!/) is the official fundraising campaign. It doesn't look like there's any personal information there, although maybe a previous one contained personal info, since it says that some previous fundraisers were consolidated into this one.


They needed to contact her parents first.


I hate it when I have to dust off the Ouija board


"Possibly had swastikas". Were there or were there not...


They didn't check his scrotum, yet.


The swasticles comment from that thread had me dying.






[The comments had me dying](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/nxc9yz/soldier_with_a_swastika_tattooed_on_his_testicle/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Edit: [mirror link](https://imgur.com/rocWKhr) in case the other one isn't working [Here](https://i.redd.it/0j1mh42qa24z.jpg)


This was the most resentful upvote I’ve ever given.


Shrodonger's Swastikas




Meta AF


Not sure yet, the "laughing" is also not confirmed in the strictest sense. Police are holding back details so that they don't bungle up the court case.


We haven't actually seen swastikas, we're just reporting it


The death toll in Beaverton is in the hundreds of millions!


You’ve actually seen people committing acts of cannibalism? No, we are just reporting it!


They might have been a maze


A place free from darkness…


> "Always pretty calm towards others". If that's the best deflecting platitude they can muster, I'm pretty sure we can assume this murdering terrorist had been a piece of shit for a long time before he ran down four people.


Not even the best part of that quote > He’s Christian and has a great relationship with God ... Does he really? Jfc.


I hate when statements like that are included in media to add some sense of "surprise" in regard to the criminal who committed some atrocity. How many violent nutjobs are religious? A LOT. Someone being religious doesn't inherently make them a good person with good character.


The reason why is a lot of people associate their religiosity with morality. They look down their noses at the immoral heathens. So to them, it IS shocking that someone of the faith could do this. But you are right. To the rest of us? Not so much.


I'm all too familiar, I live in a highly concentrated evangelical christian area of the U.S.


I used to. I had a girl break up with me when she found out I was an Atheist. "I couldn't date someone so immoral". Her dad was a preacher who beat their mom. It always amazed me that monsters were given a pass because they said the right incantation on Sunday only to live as monsters again later that day.


Didja throw that one in her face, the hypocrisy?


What would have been the point? Other fish in the sea.


Well, much like they believe they're saving lost lambs with their preaching, we can save people by exposing them to the truth about the real nature of people in their faith, lest they live thinking that anyone with a crucifix is a defacto good person, as though they couldn't understand that anyone can wear a symbol and use it incorrectly which is precisely why they were not supposed to worship symbols and idols.


A girl broke up with me because "how could we possibly raise a child together when one parent is normal, and the other, a muslim?". For 3 years, she thought I was muslim. I wasn't religious, I drank alcohol, ate bacon, never prayed, came from a christian family, am brown, and told her 3 years before that I wasn't muslim. Clearly I had all the telltale signs of being a muslim.


I wonder where religious people get this idea. Certainly it’s not taught by the religion itself. /s


They would never do this if the killer was a Muslim.


With Christianity, all one must do is claim outwardly to others to be saved. That's it. They're instantly a good person. No wonder they're seriously fucked up. They've been told they're untouchable simply be agreeing to this one term and condition -- saying it out loud.


Who the fuck determines and can identify that someone has a good relationship with god? Bunch of idiots.


Yeah, making this claim is verging on heresy in most denominations.


Evangelicals talk like this without qualm


Evangelicals are borderline fascists with some religious trappings for the tax breaks


The lord demands you send me your rent cheque so that I can buy a 6 million dollar private plane to spread the word of god!


Even a person who has never heared of God would be more acceptable in his eyes than an Evangelical.


Can’t speak for other denominations but this is 100% catholic doctrine. People who have no way of knowing about God and don’t find out about Christianity in their life time automatically go to heaven Meanwhile somebody who demands money and pretends to be doing it for gods will? Yeah that dudes def going to hell lmao


Selfish people who wear religion like an armband to signal their false virtue, when they're truly liars?


And thus I clothe my naked villainy with old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ and seem a saint when most I play the devil.


People who just want to claim their Christian to show people they're "good person" without putting in any of the work in.


Well you see he is a Christian, a good Christian, a proper God fearing Christian, so therefore he's better than the brown people he just murdered. /S


> Yeah, no, fuck this guy. - God, probably


>Mulligan - god, when pressed for comment


Really makes you think this god guy might not be who he says he is.


Ironically, the same god as the family he killed.


How do more radically religious people not understand this? Or do they just ignore it?


Something tells me that the kind of people who can ignore the whole “thou shalt not kill” thing might also be capable of ignoring other facets of religious teachings. Just a hunch.


To them it isn’t really the same god, it’s at best a different version and at worst a total perversion of what they believe. It’s easy for us nonreligious folk to see how similar their beliefs are on the surface, but when you get deeper into the three Abrahamic religions they get pretty different.


The religious practice is different but any one claiming to be a religious scholar telling you they aren't the same God isn't the scholar they think they are. It's literally the same God with three different modes of worship. This has been pointed out by plenty of priests, rabbis, and imams.


You have to think a little bit about your faith to make that connection, and people who start thinking tend not to stay radically religious.


Logic and Blind Faith don't mix well.


Jfc is god damned right


No kidding. "Welcome to your job, you'll be sharing a cubicle with Jim!" "Oh? What's he like?" "He's...pretty calm towards others."


"I want to set you up with a friend of mine, she just got out of another complicated relationship." "Oh yeah? What's she like?" "She's...pretty calm towards others."


"She laid out her plan to racially cleanse the world calmly. But she's nice."


“He only bit two people last year! He’s improving.”


>"Always pretty calm towards others". I guess "he's a cold-blooded sociopath" would've been too on the nose


“He’s Christian and has a great relationship with God”. I think Omniscient Sky Daddy would disapprove.


"He was pretty shaken up at the loss of a family member." Well, that doesn't seem newsworthy.


"Well, Hitler was a pretty kind man for the Germans"


And actually only *certain* Germans


... Unless they were Jewish, gay, black or Jehovah's Witnesses.


Or communist, or mentally handicapped...


or any other german who were openly critical about him or his party.


Unfortunately no one told him those people he mowed down also had a great relationship with that very same God. That's what I don't get about religious violence among the Abrahamic religions. You believe in the SAME GOD ffs.


Almost like groups with similar beliefs but slight variances usually fight the most. Christians had huge wars within Protestantism vs Catholicam etc, Muslims had similar wars about sects. Why would it be any different?


Christians didn't know that for centuries of their history; they assumed muslims were pagans. Many still don't know that now, as evidenced by this thread.


Pretty sure God’s gonna send him to the lowest depths of Hell, with the likes of Judas and Hitler.


Jesus: love your neighbour This guy: Jesus says murder my neighbour Jesus:…


This makes me wonder if they're lying. Another local paper said that his neighbours said he was always playing video games really aggressively and yelling a lot.


Oh, no, they're totally lying. He intentionally ran four people over. This is complete circle-the-wagons erasure. The right-wing community that the terrorist belongs to will absolutely shun anyone who speaks ill of this monster.


Doesn't have to be a lie. Someone can be quiet towards his neighbours, aggressively playing video games, and decide to kill a bunch of people. Those things are unrelated.


London has a pretty hard core Christian/Evangelical scene, there is a lot of money in that circle and they like to keep up appearances.


Great relationship with God though!


My partner's close friend worked with the guy for the past 4 years on a farm just outside London. Apparently, he was a very nice and pleasant guy. No one had any complaints about him. Everyone he worked with was shocked by what he did. Thing is, that workplace is probably 95%+ white. It's unlikely they have any middle eastern employees. While it's tempting to believe he was awful and that you could have seen this coming, that's unlikely to have been the case for most. The lesson I walk away with is that just because someone treats you well doesn't mean they'd treat everyone else the same way.


Outside of the divorce paper proceedings that described how his sister would lock the door in fear of him?


Exactly. I think it's comforting to believe that people who do something like this have severe mental issues, or were abused as children or whatever. It's more uncomfortable for people to introspect and see that he may have been just like them, or that they may actually share certain views (i.e. the radical right wing views that can lead to this sort of murder, as in the case of Christchurch and the Quebec mosque shooting).


One thing I always look back on is my step-mom. None of us liked her. She was abusive as fuck. We were fairly open about that to some of our friends, but some people would hear that and think we were the problems. I mean, she's such a nice person! She's even given talks in church about how much she loves us, and how greatfull she is to have us! Long personal story, but my sister started seeing a counselor, and the lady even agreed a lot of the problems revolved around my step-mom. She was super nice to people. Like if I had just met her, I would honestly think she was just a great person. Yet I'm 32 and haven't talked to her since I moved out of the house.


At least they used the term “terrorist”. In the US, he would just be a “shooter” because he isn’t the Muslim. Edit: in ‘merica, we shoot things. I realize this was vehicular.


Can't really call him a shooter if his weapon was a pickup truck. Terrorists gonna terror


I'm sure there's some fucking gun nut out there who has a life goal of making a gun that shoots trucks. Or a truck that shoots out other slightly smaller trucks.


mental health issues is also brought up.


"Texas patriot stands his ground against four terrorists threateningly minding their own business"


Same in Germany. Especially in some newspapers if the radical right does something they are all just called out as individual criminals, but if someone is part of a minority and he does something its always organized terror.


Just a "Lone wolf"


Stochastic terrorist. Ftfy


> A friend of the suspect told the newspaper that the 20-year-old had “never said anything hateful” about any groups before. All murderers and terrorists have an event which is there first time doing it. > “He’s Christian and has a great relationship with God " What the fuck does that even mean? I understand that he was a self professed Christian, which involves quite a broad spectrum of things, but what does "has a great relationship with God" mean? Fucking word salad.


Right? I could pretend to have a great relationship with god too.


Just to be clear; these people do actually believe they have an interactive relationship with god. Every good thing that happens is god speaking to them (they also believe their inner monologue is a dialogue with god -- just a lil narcissistic) and every bad thing is satan trying to ruin their relationship. I was raised by people like this -- it's been a hard time. lol


I always ask those people how they can reliably distinguish God's voice from any other voice in their head. Or how they can be sure the devil isn't tricking them.


I've got a great relationship. He doesn't bother me, and I don't bother him.


He's not my biggest fan I've got to be honest.


*"He doesn't bother me and I don't bother him. We get along great!"*


It's Christian slang for someone who has such an unshakable faith they report feeling personal affirmation and guidance from their god. It's also a platitude that gets trotted out every time a church member has a funeral so I would read it more as a nice thing to say about someone than any actual assertion about their relationship with god.


Yes, but the problem is that within the context of thought controlling propaganda, such platitudes are often [thought-terminating clichés](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought-terminating_clich%C3%A9). These are catchy little rhetorical sayings that are crafted to keep the masses from questioning what are otherwise contradictory or outrageous ideas and concepts. As such, every time I hear a platitude-like saying in the context of a controlling ideology (Christianity is one such), I try to understand both what it literally means and whether it has a deeper and more sinister purpose.


**[Thought-terminating_cliché](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thought-terminating_cliché)** >A thought-terminating cliché (also known as a semantic stop-sign, a thought-stopper, bumper sticker logic, or cliché thinking) is a form of loaded language, commonly used to quell cognitive dissonance. Depending on context in which a phrase (or cliché) is used, it may actually be valid and not qualify as thought-terminating; it does qualify as such when its application intends to dismiss dissent or justify fallacious logic. Its only function is to stop an argument from proceeding further, in other words "end the debate with a cliché. . ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I think God would disagree.


That just reaffirms the Christian terrorist aspect. All religiously motivated terrorist have a great connection with their deity.




Well he ran down a family with a truck and came out laughing so I'd say its a fair assessment.




Veltman can take his "good relationship with god" and go fuck himself. As I understand it, he's going for the Li defence, trying to blame his not taking meds for his actions, he wants to be put up in a nice psych facility because he knows they're gonna eat him alive in prison. I hope they see him for what he is, and honestly, what the hell does being a christian have to do with anything? Why does that have any bearing on what he did, if anything, it hurts his case.


In prison he'd probably get in with the Aryan brotherhood to protect him, as fucked up as that is.


Hes fucked in Canadian jails. Aryan Brotherhood isn't really a thing in Canada. The closest thing like that are bikers, and the jails split them up. Hes most likely going to be sent to the MSU J unit in Millhaven, which houses serial murderers and other violent offenders that have no chance at parole (due to getting the dangerous offender distinction). Its as close to solitary confinement as he will get, but even then he will be at constant risk of getting beaten or killed. Guys like him will be a huge target in there, as most people there killed with their hands, and he will most likely be considered a coward due to how he did it.


yeah, the guy would be a legend


Aryan Brotherhood isn’t really a thing in Canadian prisons.


As a Christian, I'd hold it against him


There is no such thing as a nice psych facility I promise. A lot of psych facilities are worse than prison.


This is Canada remember. Our prisons and psych hospitals aren’t quite as barbaric as our neighbours’ to the south. And, as someone who works in a psych hospital in Canada, it’s definitely better than a federal prison.


Beat me to it. Being put in a psych facility, is bad enough when you're actually a psychotic; to a sane person, this would be hell.


This, they'll give you meds you don't need and being there will eventually make you need them and then they'll add more meds on top of it to where you're eventually just a shell walking around. Especially lately where they are overcrowded and just drug the shit out of people and ship them out in three weeks.


Vince Li had never been prescribed medication because the doctors he had asked for help just sent him on his way, he had undiagnosed schizophrenia. There were several red flags in what he told doctors that were indications of serious mental health issues that they missed or ignored. Whatever you think of Li being declared not guilty due to a mental disorder I feel it's important to have the facts of a case correct when discussing them.


Being a Christian has a lot to do with many things. In this case it's appropriate to mention it. Tit for tat. Most religions have terrorists. Not just Muslim. Edit: I received a kind message from Reddit Care Resources. A concerned reader of this comment believes I'm suicidal. Ha! My comment was logical, not suicidal. But I realize logic is offensive to some redditors.


Yeah if Buddhist terrorists exist you better believe that every major religion.has someone willing to kill others over it


My landlords management company said that shit. Just because someone isn't outwardly racist all the time didn't mean they aren't racist. I mean should he have been goose stepping into the church weekly?


"He is a great Christian and has a great relationship with god" Narrator: He was in fact, neither of those things


“Leave my name out of this, you murdering bastard.” — God, probably




Hopefully the victims families get justice, someone who clearly laughed at a family while he mowed them down with his own truck is a menace to society


The word you are looking for is "terrorist" Edited to add additional information. 2016 Veltmans dad “While Justin Trudeau flies around the world on a feel-good mission that does not serve the ordinary Canadian, increases our debt dramatically as did his father and as he drastically imports immigrants without proper vetting from extreme Islamist countries, we are told to shut up and suck it up and pay the bills.” https://www.thestar.com/opinion/letters_to_the_editors/2016/12/01/revolt-against-ruling-elite.html


Absolutely terrorism, it's not like this terrorist singled out this family for a personal vendetta. It was an attack on a random Muslim family with the intent of, obviously murdering them but also causing terror within the Muslim community. It's not so far fetched to imagine that before the attack, the terrorist discussing and planning it with like-minded delinquents on some hate forum, and wanting to strike back at the Muslims because they're under attack from ISIS and being invaded and the white genecide blah blah more bollocks etc etc. Either way it's deplorable and I hope the community as a whole can become closer and stronger from this. Show hate that it has no place in the civilised world.


I had a libertarian economics professor my first two years of college that *swore* terrorists were those that aimed at destroying a country's economic system and not - you know - trying to commit terrorism. To this dude, only Osama bin Laden was a *true* terrorist because he was an economics major. The professor absolutely did not like my follow-up question, "So all terrorists are economics majors?"


Lmao that bastard was trying to associate communism and terrorism


Even if you don't laugh while mowing a family down, I would argue that you are still a menace to society.


He wore Neo-Nazi regalia and sung Neo-Fascist songs in the back of the police car Fully Chan Nazi, was trying to mimic Christchurch attack


Where did you see that?


Where’d it say that in the article?


Ah yes, I remember learning about this in my christian elementary school. The verse where Jesus told us to mow down people who dont believe in the same thing we do. /s It's amazing how you can label yourself as being devout and do heinous acts on behalf of your religion, as if your god told you to do so. What happened to "love your neighbors"?


"He seemed broken up over the death of a family member." You know what I did when my grandmother died? I cried, then I got on with my life. My cousin just died. Know what I'm gonna do? Cry, then get on with my life. If this guy really felt the need to kill someone because a family member died, he should have killed himself. The world doesn't need his psychopathic murderous ass in it, and this innocent family would still be alive. He's trash of the highest order and I hope he dies alone in prison.


How can you hate so deeply that you decide it’s okay to murder an entire family? Ruining not only their lives, but your own too?


All of the Christians in this thread getting upset about the title are r/selfawarewolves to what Muslims around the world have had to deal with. While it’s pretty clear that the vast majority of Christians would never dream of committing an act like this, the same could be said of all the Muslims who have had to deal with the media associating their religion with “terrorism” for the last couple of decades or so.


Kinda refreshing to see them call a christian terrorist what they are.. Before it was always mental illness assumed.


All those folks who blew up abortion clinics and murdered doctors are christian terrorists in my mind.


Not just in your mind, they are literally Christian terrorists.


No doubt. Christianity has an extremely long history of being used to justify terroristic acts throughout history. The Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades and the KKK profess to be Christian just to name a few.


Not just profess, but in many cases the worst perpetrators were sincerely devout in their christian beliefs.


It just took a guy coming out of a blood covered truck laughing. The bar is set a bit high to convince them let's be honest...


As a Christian, I honestly hope it wakes people up to how a) Muslims have been treated the same way and b) how there’s all these insane white supremacists using our religion as their cover or whatever and we need to be a part of helping shut that BS down, not ignoring it and hoping it goes away on its own. I hope this idiot gets every bit he deserves, including when he goes to meet his maker.


As long as evangelist mega churches and baptists carry the torch for Republicans, it will be known as the religion of white supremacy. Hell, US Christians literally PAINT Jesus as a white man, which he assuredly was not. And I say this as a Christian myself.


Old Jesus was a dark skinned immigrant socialist. New Jesus is white corporate capitalist supply side Jesus.


> supply side Jesus. :) [I forgot about good old supply side Jesus](https://imgur.com/gallery/bCqRp)


That's what I mention to my bigot family members. Do you really think we have 2 fucking billion Muslim terrorists? 2 out of 7 people on the planet? Really? And yeah, they do.


Whatever you do, don't remind them that the doctrine of Abrahamic religions has a ton of crossover. And don't mention that the over populating and force feeding of religion that they accuse Muslims of has been implemented in the US for hundreds of years. My brother is a missionary whose job is literally to tell Muslims in Indonesia that their religion isn't the right one.


Christians are so focused on "this isn't Christianity" they can't see past their noses to the culture they've created in their churches. It's true that the words said in church are mostly stuff like "love one another" and "how to live righteously," etc. This may be against the explicit teachings. But there's so much *enabling* of hatred within evangelical communities that the words mean nothing. As long as a white supremacist can go to church and be *coddled* instead of *called out* then this is CULTURAL Christianity, and that's what's being condemned more than anything else.


Bingo. Told this story on Reddit multiple times but I went to a Christmas service with my bf’s parents. The pastor spent the whole time talking about *those* people who try to oppress good Christians like them. He told a story about a couple getting “persecuted” by their entire neighborhood for putting up a small sign that said “Jesus” on it. It was the main point of the sermon and he made these people out to be martyrs. I Googled it in the car ride home and the actual story was that the couple was in an HOA that didn’t permit any yard signs. They had agreed to the rules but didn’t want to follow them. They got notes on their doors and were spoken to about it. Wow, how terrible! How is that oppression and why is it always our fault?


"when you're used to privilege, equality feels like oppression" Obviously rules shouldn't apply *to them* because they are Christians!


as a religious person, i agree completely. its absolutely stupid to defend Christianity at this point. as much as i usually do defend religions, this is disgusting and doesn't need to be brought up "oh all Christians are not like that" duh we know, but guess what this was religiously motivated so it matters in this context, not trying to take down the whole religion, just the obvious flaws within it. face it people, our religion and faith let us down that day. as it does many other days thru people's misinterpretation of what you are defending so much. those people are not the same supporters as you, they are motivated by evil, dont defend it.


“How to we explain such violence to a child? How do we look them in the eye and tell them islamaphobia isn’t real?” When speaking about a 9 year old boy that is the sole survivor of his *family motherfucking outing* as he recovers in hospital from the attempt on his life! God fucking damn. What a way to start Saturday. God damn.


Terrorism is not a brownskinned or political think. It isn't just religious. This is domestic terrorism and when people start getting charged as such, some of the idiot racism will stop. Running people down because of a racial, or in this case because he was doing it for Christianity is no different than someone doing it for Islam.


I genuinely appreciate the use of the word “terrorist” in this headline.


I’m a bit over the fact that he’s being portrayed as misunderstood and suffering from grief... like I don’t care if you were sad, you don’t get to ram people :(


Unfortunately they have to always try to produce a reason other than "he's just a piece of shit".


I guess I wasn't sad enough about the death of my aunt and best friend ; I didn't kill anyone.


Loved the title. That’s how Muslim people feel nowadays when the first thing that comes to someone’s mind when said Terrorist, is a middle eastern muslim male.


When I was growing up, terrorists were eastern European.


When I was growing up they were Irish and French Quebecers.


In my infancy years it was the Roman Empire that was to blame.


Fucking Sabre toothed tigers were the terrorists of my hay day.


It was the asteroid mate, the asteroid.


God man everything was so much better when the universe was an endless void. Then these fucking particles and atoms and shit just explode in out of nowhere, pisses me off man fucking terrorists


Grok talk to tree. Ogg talk to mountain. Ogg say mountain better than tree. Grok say tree better than mountain. Ogg hit Grok with stone until Grok stay still.


Even though in North America it seems there way more cases of white nationalist terrorism than Islamic


Having a "great relationship with God" says absolutely nothing about a person. You're defined by what you do. Edit: let's just say: people who have entire relationships with imaginary beings need to get help. Edit#2: I was too scared to say what I mean. It actually does say something. It is a RED FLAG🚩


Clearly he had a one sided relationship with God otherwise he wouldn’t have gone out and killed people. I’m pretty sure there’s a commandment about that and it doesn’t specify which are cool to kill and which aren’t. Just plain across the board don’t kill others in big bold italics.


I love how the topmost comment is: >*There is no such thing as a "christian terrorist" because this behaviour is completely against Christ's teachings. No true Christian kills out of hatred.* See, Christians have never done anything bad! Because, of course, if you do something bad, it's because you're not a "true Christian"! Such fucking bullshit, I don't even k ow where to begin unpacking this rancid mental excrement.


Couldn’t believe the actual headline uses the words “Christian terrorist”. About fucking time.


My heart mourns for the little boy who survived.


My heart breaks for their son Fayez who remains in hospital. There are no words.


We need to deport these violent Christians. Some are good people of course, but we can’t have them spreading radical Christianity in our country.


This entire thing is fucking tragic but I appreciate the Independent referring to him as a “Christian terrorist” as opposed to just “man”.


Are you surprised? Someone who did something like that’s not gonna be remorseful


Don’t remember seeing jesus do this in the Bible


Fascism is spreading like a fucking pathogen right now. I've met a lot of "normal" conservative Canadians who eat and breathe the same vile ideologies that likely led this guy to kill. I hope he and his ilk are fucking erased


If Jesus were to return and see what his followers were doing in his name, he would never stop throwing up.


Not the kind of “Christian” I want to go to church with.


You don’t really see the term “Christian terrorist/ism” a lot, I’m glad they’re calling it what it is.


Thank you for actually calling him what he is.


Fuck this nazi piece of shit.


Did he miss the part of the bible that says Thou shall not kill


Talk about radicalizing someone. That nine year old boy is going to wake up and realize some piece of shit killed his entire family. What would you do?


It's fucking terrible. It's just so fucking disgusting. What a goddamn waste of flesh that man is. I don't typically support the death sentence. Stuff like this makes me reconsider. He completely orphaned a goddamn 9 year old.