Vaccinating the world: 2 billion shots done, 13 billion to go

Vaccinating the world: 2 billion shots done, 13 billion to go


I am actually impressed


I am impressed with some nations. Others, it so much. How can a nation like Jason only have something like 3% vaccinated? Edit: I will keep Jason but say Japan in the edit.


No one really understands why *Jason* is so slow. They blame the immense bureaucracy, but even countries that are ridiculously bureaucratic like Germany and Brazil managed to do it with some degree of success...


Japan has serious trust issues with vaccines due to various incidents with tainted vaccines in the past that lead to several deaths.


13 billion shots on the wall, you take one in your hand and put it in your chest, 13 billion minus 1 shots on the wall


All in all it’s just another shot in the wall.


The song that oddly popped in my head was to the tune of the Ramones "I Wanna be Sedated": 13, 13, 13 billion to go-o-o, I wanna be vaccinated


I'm now hearing "teenage lobotomy ",


I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby


CoronaV did a job on me Now I am a real sickie Guess I’ll just spread woke meme “news” Now I got no mind to lose All the Qs are in love with me America needs a lobotomy


Immensely populated countries are a Huge Bottleneck for Vaccination drives. On the other hand, if the vaccination is successful in those countries then the outcome would be manifold for all global citizens


Never gonna happen.


I think it will. People in poorer countries aren’t scared of a little needle as much.




I work with a broad spectrum of people here in the UK. Muslims talk about pork being in the vaccine and it can't be taken during Ramadan (now ended). Black people talking about past instances of white people using them as guinea pigs and they are being given different trail vaccines. Eastern Europeans with 5g and moneyless society conspiracy and whites in general going on about people dying or being paralysed by the vaccine. They wont sit at the same table in the canteen, but they all nod along with each others conspiracy theories. I'm not 100% sure they believe each other, but it doesn't make them think "I wonder if my theory sounds this bat-shit crazy to an outsider" either.


Good to know everyone is fucking retarded


And somehow we have to get everyone on board with global waming issues lol. If you are rich, bunker is realistic alternative.


Global warming? Hahaha the human agenda does not care about the Earth, rather on how much money is to be made.


Sure the earth was destroyed, but for a shining brief moment in human history the share holders made sooooo much money!


In no scenario of global warming that Earth will be destroyed or harmed. It's the human civilization, or exactly our modern, comfortable life that will be destroyed.


...it's a joke.


They’ve been in their bunkers for quite some time.


If you want to save the world, kill all humans. Bender is right.


That bunker is mars


Anyone that even realistically believes in Mars as the safety net needs a sharp high-school science reality check. The Earth is hospitable for thriving life. Yes, we will probably fuck it up very quickly and modern way of life will end. That does not mean all life in the planet will end. We may just regress by a few hundred/thousand years. Mars on the other hand is not able to sustain life without huge technological investment and upkeep. If we fuck up the Earth so bad that all the resupply missions stop, then Mars will die. We are probably a hundred years or more away from having they type of technology needed to make it self sustaining in any meaningful permanent way. I.e. it would be infinitely easier to have a bunker or other fallback plan on Earth, rather than believing in fairytales.


We have yet to send anyone to mars, and creating living conditions there is whole another beast.


Well, retardation, like other human impulses, moves and drives history. It can drive a nation to commit atrocities, put efforts to powerful projects, mobilize countries to war and decimate empires with a large amount of ordinance.


I mean, id say black people have enough justification to distrust after Tuskegee.








You never raised a point against me, you just resorted to calling black people retarded for having justified fears of their government, sounds like you’re being purposefully racist and ignorant.


Repetition and racism? What a role model!


I see the same type of Eastern Europeans went to the UK as Ireland.


To be a fair a small amount of people died from the vaccine’s. Just a very small amount. My mom got pretty sick from it. She had an increased heartbeat and was very short of breath. Kind of scared me. She got her forst shot of astrazeneca. I just got my second shot of pfizer and just had mild fever symptoms but nothing to worry about. I work in a retirement home for my studies. I’ve seen 80+ old people get vaccinated and have nothing but a stiff arm. These anti vaxxers will blow everything out of proportion just to spread their own irrational fear . Boycotting us all.


Pre-vaccination I predicted I would know a handful of people choosing not to vaccinate (maybe 10% of people I know). In reality it is a 50/50 split. 50% of friends, family, co-workers will and 50% won’t.


it’s not a conspiracy of black people used as test subjects in America and disrespectful as hell to say. Blame governments for being so distrustful in which nobody wants to listen during a crisis.


Well, welcome to history. Governments have been distrustful since the beginning of time because they’re run by flawed humans.


i don’t think the internet was around for majority of that time.


>Black people talking about past instances of white people using them as guinea pigs and they are being given different trail vaccines I think this is one instance I can forgive a wariness of vaccines. Unjustified given that I got mine in a drive-thru with hundreds of others and they all came from the same source, but knowing up until the 70's the government was infecting black people with syphilis during the Tuskegee Studies would probably skew my perspectives, too.


theres also a subset of brits who believe they are americans and thus believe the same dumb shit republicans do. just because they exist however, it doesnt mean they are in significant numbers like they are over here in the u.s.


Is this the stereotype they always portray Richard Hammond as in Top Gear?


> theres also a subset of brits who believe they are americans lol, what on earth are you talking about?


im talking about the tories


So you just mean conservatives, 'cause that is a global thing, not a just an American thing..


nah im saying that the tories are a subset of brits who believe they are americans


Agreed, and I hope my comment isn't taken to belittle the challenges any country faces with dealing anti-vaxxers and vaccine hesitancy. Vaccine confidence in the UK was \~77% according to polls earlier in the vaccine rollout and we are already up to 76% of adults having one dose and we are only just doing the over 30s. Even though it appears younger generations are more hesitant than older generations in the UK, we're clearly going to well surpass the number who said they'd take it. If there is some hope from the UK, it is that when it comes to the crunch, people are getting the vaccine.


vaccine confidence here in the us is a bit worse at around 70%, but hopefully the current downward trend of hesitancy here continues and as we get more people with the first dose like you guys that goes down more


i feel crazy thinking i don't want to take them for a couple years because i think they were rushed out without waiting long enough to see any long term effects on people or offspring its not that i don't trust vaccines its that i know normally they are tested for years before being released


I encourage you to look at the regulations on vaccine trials from organizations such as the FDA. These vaccines went through all of the same duration & sample size trials as any other vaccines would. No element of safety testing was skipped over to rush them out. Consider that the regulatory bodies are doing their best to ensure safety, especially in this case because of the high profile nature of COVID-19. The big reason they were able to be expedited was actually money. For example the US government foot the bill for several vaccines up front, which meant that trials were instantly funded and manufacturing began ramping up right away. Normally there is a longer process to allocate funding to different drugs/vaccines/treatments, then you need find enough people to recruit for trials, and then if the trials went well you might begin to set up to manufacture. You may even get most of the way through that process, but if it is determined that there isn't a profit to be made, then it probably gets shelved anyway. If you pay all of those costs up front, however, and you have all the willing trial participants you could ask for, then the process goes much faster. It also helps when half the experts in the world all turn their focus onto one problem to solve. It's perfectly acceptable to have doubts or concerns. Do your best to look into things before jumping to any conclusions. Good luck & stay safe!


That's not crazy. A lot of people have that fear. A couple of points though. Firstly, tests normally take years to complete, but the tests themselves are not longer. Time has been saved on gaps between the tests, waiting for funding, gathering volunteers, waiting for peer reviews, waiting for their turn for government body authorisation, etc. Also, the vaccine isn't like normal medicine. It doesn't need to be in your body to continue helping you. It gives your body a practice run at fighting the virus and is then washed from your body with all the other waste from your blood. It's only in your body for about 5 days. Any reactions to it have to start in that time. It can't do anything new to you in 1, 2, 5 or 10 years time.


And meanwhile there is me a healthy 30 year old who Lives on a small island with no covid and is just a bit weary of the vaccine but I get lumped in with the crazies


There's loads of distrust in the Uk. What a nonsense post


Recent poll showed nearly 90% of Brits trust the vaccine. There's less mistrust than social media would have us believe.


Feel free to link your evidence






There is, but in comparison to the world, I think the UK and Israel are top for trust in vaccines.


you simply dont understand. im not saying there is no distrust, but compared to an anti-vax hotbed like the u.s. or russia, and the uk and canada has it easy. even despite a shit rollout, the u.k. has managed to vaccinate a greater % of people than the u.s. has, and that largely has to do with how many anti-vaxxers and vaccine hesitant people are in the u.s.


> even despite a shit rollout but the UK has had a really good rollout. It's like the one thing our government did well.


Yup. This government has been thoroughly corrupt and incompetent on just about everything but the roll out has gone surprisingly well.


UK 77% vaccine trust: shining example to the world Canadia 66% vaccine trust: shining example to the world. US: 70% vaccine trust: anti-vax hotbed. You sure you aren't just trying to say "America bad, gib points?" Because it sounded like you said "America bad, gib points."


And that person is just completely ignoring the fact that [Western Europe is by far more vaccine-hesitant compared to the US.](https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-the-most-anti-vaxxer-country-in-the-world-2019-06-19) But nah, it's all the US and how we're all just shit people.


multiple things: i never mentioned western europe, and depending on who you ask, the u.k. is not part of western europe. plus what youve posted is talking about anti-vax but anti-vax in 2019. as we all know, republicans have changed that paradigm in 2020 and 2021. and of course, i quite literally posted the official stats, the u.k. has vaccinated 76% of their adults with at least 1 dose, compared to 68% in canada and 63% in the u.s.


who would possibly say UK isnt western europe? goalposts!


funny enough, the un. the u.k., at least by the un, is considered to be part of northern europe: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-four-european-regions-as-defined-by-the-united-nations-geoscheme-for-europe.html but like i said, its one of those things that people disagree on as others say that the u.k. is part of western europe


Did you look at that list? Countries are listed in multiple regions. That's a political classification.


look at the vaccination rates, which are gonna have a better sample size than a survey will. currently, 76.2% of british adults have had at least 1 dose: https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/vaccinations canadas is already ahead of the u.s. despite having significant supply issues in the earlier months, as currently 68.3% of canadian adults have had at least 1 jab: https://health-infobase.canada.ca/covid-19/vaccination-coverage/ for comparison, in america, its 63.4% of adults: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations due to how canada is rolling out its vaccines, the fully vaccinated number is abysmally low, tho, but thats obviously gonna change as more vaccines come in


Canada as PLENTY of anti-vaccine rednecks. I see it everyday.


oh definitely, i did read about wexit after all lol. that said, compared to the u.s., there simply arent that many, and as such canadas gonna have a higher rate of vaccinations than the u.s. will, its just a matter of the vaccines arriving


Just to be that guy. I like to discourage the derogatory use of rednecks, rural, hillbillies ect


Hopefully you're also the guy that calls out antivaxxers when they show bad behavior, because otherwise you're fairly useless.




All of them were? Damn you got a lot of time on your hands to talk to every single rural resident. I’m just saying it does nothing but foster polarization and it’s just as easy to use the term idiot then make a generalization -sincerely your local bi, eco activists, leftist redneck


I agree but we have a fair amount of morons here in Alberta, Canada. There are definitely people here who won't take a vaccine. The idiot who frequents my property is refusing though he doesn't realize that, working for the government, he will have to. I had my first yesterday and am in the lucky bunch who had no ill effects Besides being tired


Humanity is at this weird midpoint where we're collectively smart enough to understand things like conspiracies and ulterior motives, but still way too stupid to understand that we're not all geniuses who can stay ahead of the curve.


Distrust is everywhere. I have a friend who won't get it because it was rushed, and believes it's going to give them cancer or hurt them somehow later. He won't get it until it's been out a few years.


Sure there are some nuts. There are also those of us with real concerns like myocarditis. And a recent paper showed the vaccines loose the spike proteins into the bloodstream (they aren't supposed to, they are what cause most of the damage when you get the virus). Couple that with a low risk profile of the virus for age/health, and/or already having had COVID, and there you have the resistance to the emergency authorized vaccines. Calling us all "anti-vaxxers" and lumping us in with people that don't trust actually FDA approved vaccines is intentionally insulting and intellectually dishonest.


whats intellectually dishonest is everything you just said lol


Which part? 3 of the papers authors were from Harvard, does that count as intellectual, you dissmissive fool? You don't see why this could give a rational person pause on a vaccine that at this point is poorly understood? It uses new biotech that they haven't been able to master for a decade. But it's up to you, go get it. I'll pass. (If I were over 50 or had a compounding medical risk, I would reconsider. For the record I think it's great we have these.) SARS-CoV-2 proteins were measured in longitudinal plasma samples collected from 13 participants who received two doses of mRNA-1273 vaccine. 11 of 13 participants showed detectable levels of SARS-CoV-2 protein as early as day one after first vaccine injection. Here's the paper: https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciab465/6279075


From the paper: >The clinical relevance of this finding is unknown and should be further explored. Nowhere in the study does it begin to suggest that this is a danger. It feels like we are jumping the gun to imply that this paper indicates any risk in getting that specific vaccine. Also from your previous comment: >...showed the vaccines loose the spike proteins into the bloodstream (they aren't supposed to, they are what cause most of the damage when you get the virus). What is the claim you are making here? The paper itself makes no such claims, so it would have to be something you are hypothesizing, correct?


Spike Proteins in the blood doesn’t mean anything. The paper states it’s mostly likely residual material from when T-Cell/ Proteases destroyed the cell that translated the mRNA. That’s a good sign that the immune system is responding to the antigen. The spike protein alone can’t do anything. It’s only a protein, who’s only purpose is to allow the actual virus to enter the cell. It doesn’t have any destructive capabilities.


Its been suggested that it does, even without active virus. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-04-sars-cov-spike-protein-lung.html


I get the antigen part, but I thought the spike itself could cause tissue damage. And I thought the vaccines were not supposed to release them. I will look into both, thanks. Certainly (as the paper says) further study is required both because of the small sample and unanswered questions.


> in hong kong they distrust the vaccines because the vaccines are coming from mainland chinese companies, in japan they distrust vaccines because of old vaccine scares This is completely wrong. Please no one believe this. We don't need lies and misinformation right now. In Japan, people absolutely trust vaccines and are taking them. Japan is just incredibly slow in making them available. In 6 months, though, they will be caught up and majority vaccinated. My family is in Japan. People in Japan understand the need for the COVID vaccine. For Hong Kong, you made another complete lie. People in Hong Kong are scared of the vaccine because of news stories that have said you can get sick from the vaccines. Anyone can verify this in the media and the recent New York Times article on this.


you can read from the sources: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2021/04/hong-kong-trust-vaccine/618469/ https://apnews.com/article/japan-coronavirus-pandemic-coronavirus-vaccine-tokyo-c3ada73ee522e7056e36826c7eb51c04 https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/03/17/national/vaccine-poll-results/


I literally just read the research on the vaccines in Hong Kong and the reasons people are not taking them. Hopefully you will stop spreading lies about that, such as this: >in hong kong they distrust the vaccines because the vaccines are coming from mainland chinese companies Or even better edit your comment.


i believe that you believe that you have read the research, but i dont believe that you have read the research lol


> in hong kong they distrust the vaccines because the vaccines are coming from mainland chinese companies Maybe they distrust the Chinese vaccines because they have low efficacy? https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/06/china-ramps-up-vaccinations-as-other-countries-back-away-from-its-vaccines/


not only are you wrong about the efficacy, since real world studies have shown that they can effectively stop corona, but youre also wrong about the vaccines being distributed there. the people of hong kong also distrust pfizer, largely because its also being distributed by a chinese company


Sinovac have been proven to be effective in multiple real world studies https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2021/05/12/asia-pacific/china-sinovac-effective/ https://www.straitstimes.com/world/sinovac-shot-controls-covid-19-in-brazilian-town-after-75-covered Vaccination with those supposed high efficacy vaccine does not grant immunity either. My country of Singapore is in semi lockdown after experiencing another wave of infection, we're using Pfizer and quite a number of those infected are fully vaccinated


His article is more recent than your sources, mentions flaws in how the efficacy studies were conducted (only counting symptomatic cases in a predominantly young and healthy population less prone to symptoms), and illustrates multiple countries going through a forced new round of vaccinations due to the observed lack of efficacy of sinovac (for which short-lived immunity, and low effectiveness against new variants would be expected for this type of live attenuated virus vaccine). Could be that sinovac would have been good enough if administered massively earlier in the pandemic (before there were so many variants of concern), but now the mRNA vaccines have the technological upper-hand (more effective, so requiring less people to be vaccinated to reach herd immunity, which means, they will let us get out of the pandemic faster). Also, 80% of the reported new cases in Singapore were not vaccinated, which is excellent news for the efficacy and relevance of the vaccine your country has been administering, it might have turned much worse otherwise. Then, that's just my opinion, I don't think countries like Singapore (or most of EU, tbf) should re-open before a majority of the population has been fully vaccinated, and that's clearly not the case right now.




This is wholly untrue. Any efficacy needs to be weighed against health risks from the vaccines themselves and from the thing they are innoculating against.


sjfiuauqadfj is just lying about hong kong, presumably because of his ignorance, or he is repeating one wrong bit of information he heard. There are other reasons some people in Hong Kong are scared of taking the vaccine (mainly because of news stories saying they are unsafe and will make you sick).


I don't trust the vaccines because I don't trust fauci and his CCP comrades.


whats funny is that the people you do trust are the ccp themselves. you are being played, my sheep


Why would anyone have experimental vaccine hesitancy ? Don’t they know how trustworthy Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gates are ?




no, its pretty crazy. anti-vaxxers are crazy and dumb after all


Lmfao they are all fucking complete idiots who do not deserve to exist in this society


Yeah, because unwarranted side effects from untested technology doesn't happen. I really think its odd how people swallow the pill, or take the shot I should say, about vaccines. The government has constantly taken the quickest solution to many problems and most of the time this has yielded unforseen consequences. Like, allowing gmos into our food supply, as early as 1970, or spraying our food with ROUNDUP, something advertised as a pesticide, in reality is only registered as an antibiotic. Do you know where the highest cancer rate in the world is? At the bottom of the Mississippi basin. Do you know what country sprays the most Round up? The US and Canada. Just blindly believing a scientist as tho there word is divine truth is not a fucking woke course of action and to chastise those who are cautious to trust such a greedy institution, pharmaceutical, governmental, is divisive. Unintuitive. Unintelligent. They know a whole lot less than people assume they know


"They know a whole lot less than people assume they know" i say the same thing about anti-vaxxers like you


You're right.


And it doesn't need to


"What will it take to vaccinate the world?" A whole host of civil wars I would imagine


The math took me a second.


Half of people I know won't do it. why? facebook.


nah the answer isnt facebook, facebook is a result of the problem not the cause, the cause is poor education


You mean disinformation. Plenty of educated morons who are anti-vaxxers.


disinformation is also a cause of poor education, that they are "educated" thos not mean they had proper education.


You are thinking of the difference between education and critical thinking, they aren’t the same. You can think critically and not be educated... you can be educated and not critically think. And you can be educated and think critically. One does not preclude the other in this case


Education is merely the systemic process of giving or receiving information. You emphatically stated 'the cause is poor education' and doubled down with 'proper education' - I can retort with the names of many right wing troglodytes who have graduated from Ivy League schools and maintain the stand of vaccine=bad. Education is education. Disinformation is the dissemination of inaccurate information purposefully to deceive. Facebook is filled with disinformation meant to create a divide in society. The people responsible for this disinformation are not necessarily ones without 'proper education', they have a system and they want to sow disharmony. Their culture and environment allows them to do so for whatever reason they consider worthy.


Disinfo only works on people who want to believe it. Show 10 posts against and 1 for and they'll believe that 1 for because it aligns with their thoughts.


1950's Solomon Asch Social experiments showed that that people, despite knowing X is incorrect will still follow Y as more and more people (falsely) state Y is correct. People in general want to fit in, especially with commonly held world views in their immediate social/work/family environments. Disinformation spreads like forest-fire and I shouldn't need to elaborate given the global divide caused by it. What is the basis of what you're saying? Have you conducted disinformation experiments/surveys?


I might be wrong but didn't those experiments only say that they publicly agreed and not privately? People are good at hiding unpopular opinions, doesn't mean they don't hold them. When Trump came in power, all the racists etc came out of the woodwork because they felt it safe to air their views not because they suddenly changed their beliefs and became racists or whatever. And confirmation bias is a thing; people actively seek out sources to confirm their beliefs rather than challenge it.


I think it's more a lack of trust in governments, too. Systems that lie and deceive as a norm and then expect full trust from the people when they need it. Even as recent as the pandemic itself, there's been so many lies. Fake stats, misinformation, agenda pushing. I can empathize why people wouldn't want it, honestly.


This is the answer right here


No, its still a problem. A big one.


Dafuq is wrong with reddit? Bloody americans from middle of nowhere bitching unstoppably. Most of the world won't get those shots cuz they live in poor countries that can't produce vaccines, even if they could they can't afford patents, and buying 20$ p.p. jabs for the whole nation is completely out of question. Add to that lack of infrastructure and political willpower, and you can see why the top comment is "won't happen". And all you have to say about the situation is that karens on Facebook in the spoiled dumbfuckistan don't want to vaccinate. Offer them a free pumpkin spice latte with the shot, problem solved.


He’s literally only talking about people he knows…


I think he means “the comment with most upvotes,” not the parent comment to this thread.




I got mine. First shot went off without a hitch. Second shot gave me a mild fever for a couple of days but nothing beyond that.


Just got mine yesterday, Pfizer, slight pain in the arm, a bit drowsy (though that may be from waiting for two hours in the queue), otherwise feel fine. If you haven't got yours and you can, get on it asap.


Got my first pfizer on friday, sore arm, nothing else.


I got my Pfizer shot last week. Holy shit, the arm pain was immense for me. I couldn’t lift my left arm beyond straight/perpendicular to my body. I know a couple other people IRL who experienced similarly intense aches where the shot was administered


Daunting. This is probably the greatest endeavor in the history of humanity. I am proud to be vaccinated.


Nah, we did this once already with polio.




Pharmaceutical companies are making bank.


Obviously, we’re in the largest health crisis in recent history. If there was a global flood, boat companies would make money


> If there was a global flood, boat companies would make money Why do you have to ruin the surprise?


The AstraZenica vaccine (the one most the world will get) is being sold globally at cost as per their agreement between the UK government and Oxford university.


Which isn't so bad. Industrialized nations can afford to shell out $20 - $50 per shot. What *is* important is that developing nations get it either for free or at a heavy discount.


They will, once we’ve covered ourselves. It’s a good investment.


Honestly, If your company can design, properly test, on-board, ramp-up production, and distribute a vaccine in about a year and thus prevent le collapse of the global economy or the death of millions or both, I think you deserve a bonus.


Great, they earned it


What's the problem with that? Are you against capitalism entirely, or do you just think pharmaceutical companies specifically shouldn't be allowed to make profit?


They gave us a way out so them making bank is a good reward for their contribution. If not for them. we'd still be deep in lockdowns with no way out.


Meanwhile in Japan…


Not gonna happen my man. You’ve got maybe another billion before the numbers fall off.


More like another 7 billion before the numbers fall off, plenty of people want the vaccine, but can't get it because all the supply is going to the western countries at the moment.


I'm in the US and still can't get it because I've been staying in a different state than what's on my license and work remotely. Pretty damn frustrating when I'm hearing about mass-vaccination events where most of the nurses are standing around doing nothing because nobody is showing up. I feel like in that situation they should be able to wave me not being a state citizen but nope, they aren't allowing it. Worst of all the whole state has stopped wearing masks recently. I know most of the maskless people in stores have not been vaccinated. I get glares for doing my shopping in a P100 respirator. I feel like they think people like me are keeping them in a "new normal".


What are you talking about ? You can just walk in to any Walgreens , cvs , ECT . And get a vaccine. They never ever asked for your ID. And if they did it being a different state would not be a problem.


Aren’t you in legally required to get a new license when moving states(within a certain time frame)?


You are, but I don't plan on staying here. I'm just a long-term visitor while work and my family got vaccinated. I'm actually headed back to my home state right now, it's just going to take a few days.


Can’t you just go? In my country if there are vaccines leftover at the end of the day they will be given away on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Can you not drive to an adjacent state that does not have such a policy? It’s an important enough thing to think outside the box and make some extra effort for….


Yeah, there are people traveling from other countries to get vaccinated in the US..


Closest one is Mississippi and that's a long haul from me. A few days trip there and back.


A few days trip? You can drive across the entire fucking country in 3 days


He travels by donkey.


What are you even talking about? I'm not even a citizen, just in the US visiting, and I got the vaccine at a Walgreens, no questions asked.


Here in the midwest at least, most colleges and universities have walk up clinics, you don’t need to be from this state to receive a vaccine. There are loads of out of state people in my area. You also don’t need to be a student at my local university they have been vaccinating everyone who walks up. I would start looking at a local university, soon it will probably be mandatory for enrollment.


This doesnt sound right. Govts have no incentive to make vaccination harder to get.


Couldn’t you just… get a proper license for the state…? Sounds like you’re bringing this on yourself


Won't happen, Conservative right-leaning media has poisioned too many people's minds.


How is 13 billion more to go when there are only 7 billion people on earth?


Most vaccine’s need 2 shots to make you +-97% safe. Some countries are researching what a third shot does.


The most effective vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna require two shots, and it typically takes four weeks apart to have both shots.


7.6 billion. Multiply that by two doses...


God we're up to 15 bil? I thought we were still working around the 7-10 bil mark. My, how we grow


2 doses per person.


Omg I'm a dipshit


Lol! You weren't the only one.


I wonder how many are getting the 2-for-1 Johnson and Johnson.


**Western nations:** hoards vaccines up to 5 times of their population **Also western nations:** china and russia are using vaccine as political leverage... ffs


Who is hoarding vaccines? Most western countries are focused on vaccinating their own citizens as fast as they can, they are using all the doses they can get. Maybe the US has too many vaccine doses available as the demand seems to be falling?




US and UK don't represent the"western world". Most European countries struggle to get enough doses, because the EU messed up ordering them early enough.


Some countries refused to sell it and prioritized their own citizens, yes. However, hoarding implies they are not using the doses, just stockpiling them. At least in Europe it is no true. There may have been some of that in the US, I admit I don't know the detailed situation over there.


If I’d be the leader of a western country, I’d order 5 times the population without a doubt. You have the money, not every vaccine will succeed. You order twice the population from multiple vaccines so that you are sure at least one succeeds. Afterwards you can sell them to other countries. It’s what’s best for your people, that’s their whole job


Too many people don’t understand this. Governments are supposed to help their people first. Then worry about others


I mean, if you're in the habit of screaming about human rights all the time...


Vaccinating everyone will never happen the same way getting everyone to do anything will never happen. There are pros and cons to every decision and everyone has the right and obligation to do what is best for them and their family.


It is, however, conceptually possible to get a large enough fraction of the population possible that the virus no longer can spread. It just doesn't work when people side with a virus against humanity.




My grandfather lost 6 siblings and his mother during the Spanish flu. No vaccines but they had an immune system. Worked great didn't it?


You're so unbelievably uneducated. Look at the life expectancy before the 1970s in the US alone. Fuck I hate how stupid people like you allow yourself to become as stupid as you are. Grow a fuckin brain and try and use a couple cells up there.


You realise vaccines are the reason way fewer people die of disease today than 200 years ago. Many people died in the past because they caught diseases that today are almost unheard of.


When people don't personally see others around them suffering and dying from horrible preventable diseases they start to think it's always been like this, like humanity never made great efforts to end this senseless suffering. These anti vax nuts were born into a world that already did a lot of the "heavy lifting" for them and forget or even ignore the lessons our society had to learn the hard way.


In keeping with the hard-to-swallow truth, when reading news I switch the word 'vaccine' (when talking about covid) to 'experimental treatment'. ​ "Experimenting on the world: 2 billion shots done, 13 billion to go" Some other related adjusted slogans: ​ "Partaking in experimental treatments: A Shared Responsibility" "Why are you so opposed to being injected with an experimental treatment?" "The experimental treatment is safe, you should get experimented on too!" ​ Just to be clear, I'm fully aware of the good that well developed vaccines do around the world and I'm pro vaccination. I'm just against THIS particular drive to jab experimental stuff in my arm, while the companies produce it are fully immune to any form of responsibility or legal prosecution. ​ Guess I'm a 'experimental covid treatment skeptic' since 'Anti-vaxxer' is somebody against any and all vaccines, and the term doesn't apply here.


My guess is you don’t have a great understanding of biology. mRNA vaccines aren’t nearly as controversial as you’re thinking they are. We know very well how mRNA works. The main cause for concern is an allergic reaction, which is so easily treatable that it’s a negligible concern. I’d rather have an mRNA vaccine than a deactivated viral vaccine any day. Not to mention it’s activity period is extended, so it’s more efficient at inoculation.


So your saying you won't take experimental treatment because it hasn't been tested and its foolish for any for anybody else to take experimental treatment because it hasn't been tested. How then does it get tested? I guess its a good thing not everybody thinks like that or no vaccine would ever be non-experimental.


This. If you take the CDCs statistics and the government information on population, there is roughly 40,000,000 people in my age group. There has been 6,513 deaths since 2019. That brings the grand total to .01% chance to pass away from this virus for younger adults. And even lower If you include everyone under 40. These numbers also include people with pre-existing conditions, so for a healthy individual under 40, your rate is significantly lower. This virus was no Spanish Flu. It was rough and people should be safe (I personally have had it), but we shouldn't force or expect everyone to take the vaccine. Side note: Research is starting to show that if you have caught the virus, you do have lasting antibodies. There is even a study that says if you have had the virus and get the vaccine, you might not need any booster shots.


We don't ALL need to be vaccinated. I'd be curious to know what amount we need to get to to effectively stop the spread of the disease.


South and Central America very low numbers. At the same time being allowed into the US by the millions, unchecked


Get fucked, I'm not taking something till its passed all clinical trials (you lot) and it's been proven that the side effects do not outweigh the risk of me catching the new flu strain with a marketing budget. As that's not going to happen, good luck to all taking it. Just ask why its being pushed on kids now. It started of as an exercise to protect the aged, but they are all vaccinated aren't they?


I don't think you understand how vaccines and viruses work. Vaccination isn't simply the process of making individuals immune, it's also of reducing their chance to spread the virus. Kids go to school, intermingle, then return home. If any one carried the virus, they will now all have it and bring it back to their respective, formerly uninfected homes. This is especially bad for those that foolishly refused the vaccine such as yourself, or have had to so far reject local ones on medical grounds (e.g. allergic to ingredients, taking a medicine that clashes, etc). Their kids can now infect them. Had their children been vaccinated, this spread would not have occurred. The world is far, *far* more complex than you give it credit for. Even my summary there is extremely simplified. You have taken into account only one of several million factors.


Shut the fuck up


Because every human is a possible vector, duh? We need a certain percent immunized so variants don’t mutate? Isn’t this obvious?


I simply will not get it yet. I do not trust it completely. I will get it someday though


Skepticism alone does not make you intelligent, nor seem it. A lot of people seem to be jumping on the "hmmm im skeptical of this" bandwagon, thinking it's clever to do so. But being skeptical of concepts with little to no reason for doubting them is no different to the skepticism of flat-earthers. The evidence in both cases is only not immediate to those that do not understand the data, and therefore they are skeptical due to their own *ignorance*, not intelligence. 2 billion vaccines and only expected side effects have manifested, and you are questioning it still. What is effectively a test sample of 2 billion should be more than enough proof for you, but you *still* remain skeptical. This implies a skepticism from your lack of understanding regarding the data, and is therefore of the ignorant kind. There is not going to be some big "thalidomide tragedy" style reaction. We've long passed the point such effects would manifest. You will not get an "I told you so" moment. All you're doing is prolonging the period of time that you risk spreading the virus to those that have yet to, or can not get the vaccine. Your ignorant skepticism is a hazard to others. Get vaccinated.


Yeah that day it will be too late tho


What do you mean “too late”? If I get the virus, I’ll stay home just like I would with any other illness. I’m not going to go out of my way to endanger people. I’m not killing anyone by not getting it