Peak russian diplomacy




Like bad cop bad cop https://youtu.be/74Od5-Fmf60


Look, I'm really sorry about that. I just... I saw how aggressive you were being, and I thought 'Wow, I gotta go even bigger than that since we're doing 'Bad cop, bad cop'.


Another theory is that he goes above and beyond to prove he is on the "right" side, because before the war he was seen as one of the most liberal men in Putin's inner circle. Well, liberal is a swear word in Putin's world view now, and Medvedev really wants to keep his head the next time his master looks for the one most choppable. But he probably also drinks something fierce to help.


He was addicted to receiving new iPhones and McDonald’s 🤫


Not sure where you got this idea from he was more liberal.. Medvedev is the one who wrote Russias current military doctrine back before 2010, basically stating Russia needs to remove NATO, take everything all the way to “lissabon“, which is where that comes from, and be the power to replace NATO In the world. In other words he is batshit insane.


I got that idea from Russia when I was still living there. He was the guy that everyone knew for chatting to Steve Jobs about new iPhones and dancing to "American boy" on a video that became a meme. And if he did anything significant, people generally thought he was a temporary front for Putin. Today, he doesn't care what people think of him outside of Russia. Your points, while valid, do not come into picture for that assumed reasoning. He cares, however, that his previous image of a simple-minded, but curious and friendly to westerners guy is shattered in Russian media space. Which can explain his current behavior. Anyway, this is all guessing too. I hope I clarified why I consider it a possibility.


Not exactly, he is just lazy alcoholic with much stolen money pretending he is strong and achieved something in life. But truth is - he is nothing and can't even leave country for vacation (i'm joking, he is jobless now), that's why he so angry


Say what you will, but this guy is doing he best to not be thrown out a window.


Word of the day: [Defenestration](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/defenestration)


The monster, in his consternation Demonstrates defenestration And runs and runs and runs and runs away. -Bill Watterson, vocabulary champion of eighties babies


From Russian side, defenestration is cultural appropriation of traditional Czech free time activity. And they are doing it wrong, throwing one guy at a time by unknown assassins, how barbaric. They should do it proper civilized way like Czechs did - make a lynch mob, storm kremlin and defenestration everyone there. And have another mob waiting under the windows, finishing survivors with farmer tools. Just be so kind and don’t mix it with religion, Czechs learnt that a hard way.


Came here to say this, it's my new favorite word


I find it bemusing that: 1. The English language has a word, defenestrate, that specifically describes the act of throwing someone out of a window. 1. That word is getting such a ridiculous amount of usage, thanks to the Russians.


I don't know if you are just unaware or joking, but: 1. Most European languages have that word (or at the very least the noun "defenestration") 2. It is connected to a major event in world history (the beginning of the Thirty Years' War), so its existence should not be surprising.


Point #2 is I believe the “third defenestration of Prague.” So the third time The Czech tossed some folks out a window having significant political impact.


It's like the first two were just coincidence, third one was the real deal.


Defenestrate me once, fool on me. Defenestrate me twice, fool on you. Defenestrate me thrice, stop visiting Czech high rises.


Fun fact, the Latin word for window is Fenestre, in French it's Fenetre so Defenestrate is literally 'Of the window'. English language is a funny old thing.


Fenestra* ;) And fenêtre, if we going that way


Come to think of it the word disembowel doesn't come up too much in daily usage. Thanks Russia.


Oh yes, dying if natural cases from falling out a hospital window. It's a shame that is on the rise I hear.


If you fall out of a fifth story hospital window then naturally you're going to die. It's natural causes.


The "accidental fall" occurs when the poison fails.


That much Polonium would naturally kill anyone. How much more natural can the causes be?


You know you're doing the right thing when you piss off Russian officials.


Step 1: show everyone how much your military sucks Step 2: insult your neighbors


step 3: drink?


This guy is the general Flynn of Russia. We should stop listening to him


The federal government still pays General Flynn's pension and health insurance despite his committing multiple acts of sedition and being unwilling to say under oath that he supports the peaceful democratic transfer of power. That is both mind-boggling and infuriating.


This is the same guy that threatened to detonate a nuke in the sea next to the UK. He then went on to explain how it would cause a nuclear tidal wave to envelope the isles, making then completely uninhabitable. Dudes a fucking psycho.


I bet he's been told to act and talk like he is to make putin look calmer and more statesmanlike when compared to him.


i bet thats the case, putin and other kremlin officials like shoigu and peskov look like gandhi compared to medvedev




Historical Gandhi, including the extremely creepy behavior around minors.


Hyeap, what was it called again? Good czar, bad boyars or something along those lines.


Bad cop bad cop? https://youtu.be/74Od5-Fmf60


It makes Putin look even more insane for tolerating his presence on the security council. But contemporary Russian leaders just kind of suck at everything, so this is probably exactly what they tried to do.


Well a man in his position talking like that could one day wake up dead with a full cricket set up his rectum for talking like that.




This, and also, water doesn’t work like that. It would make some coastal villages/towns very wet and annoyed, but it’s not a tsunami. Waves generated by a single blast lose energy very quickly, whereas tsunamis require the vast energies created by earthquakes (something nukes really can’t emulate) Only Tsunamis have the extreme energy needed to travel in-land. Russians are hella dumb…


You mean this one? https://youtu.be/7SnTkc0r6gk Btw, the TV host in the video (Dmitry Kiselev) lied about the UK having issued a nuclear "threat" to Russia (notice how they didn't actually show the original claim), and the quote about the Western expert allegedly praising the Sarmat missile was actually him [quoting](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9545125/Russia-announces-tests-Putins-invincible-hypersonic-Satan-2-super-nuke.html) Moscow doing so... priceless.


Legitimate question for those who would have personal experience: what percentage of Russians actually believe the bs from the Kremlin? My guess is the average person doesn’t, but is ruled strictly with fear and intimidation. Then again, Vlad the Defenestrator has been in power long enough to indoctrinate at least one generation already.


The goal isn't to make people believe. The goal is to overwhelm them with bullshit. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firehose_of_falsehood A typical Russian will tell you all media is equally false, be it Russian or Western and the truth is somewhere in the middle. But in reality they just choose the narrative they like the most.


Yup. The typical Russian distrusts everyone, disbeliefs the truth no matter how calmly you lay it out, and knows what to say to not get into trouble. They also rather go to the front and freeze and die rather than take responsibility for anything that's going on.


I have worked with many individuals of Russian or from land that was occupied by the Soviet Union. My experience with them has taught me you are correct. When we would discuss the differences between the West and Russia, one of the first things they said was that you NEVER let people know what you are thinking because you never know who to trust and your life or at least your freedom were at stake. The experience of being around not only Russians but anyone who comes from an oppressed nation taught me that the most valuable asset a nation has is for the ability of its people to think for themselves, as nature intended.


Opposition media suggests hardcore supporters of the war are at most 30-40% of the Russian population (if support was measured by overall loudness, it'd be like 60-70%), and a few other dozens of percentage points do so opportunistically, without much confidence, or out of fear. Those firmly opposed to the war are probably 15-20%. That's the short answer.


That is what shocks me about people in the West who want to negotiate and deal with Russia. Russia is vocal about wanting you dead, are you sure you want to meet it half way?


How much more shocking that the Republicans have joined forces with a nation that wants America burnt to the ground.


That does boggle the mind.


Not surprising at all that people would cooperate to achieve common goals.


Not at all weird. Conservatives want the United States to devolve into a fascistic country like Russia. Where there is a facade of democracy that always results in the ruling party in power. ​ Conservatives jerk off to authoritarian figures, they love people of authority to tell them what to think and do. This is why you can see them say: "I'd rather be a Russian than a democrat" because to them Democrats or anyone not in their in-group are degenerate. ​ In short. The Republican party is the Russian party. They are traitors.


It's wild to think that it was under Medvedev that the most "progress" was achieved in Western/Russian relations. That is, until Putin yanked back the leash and ran for President again. Medvedev must be scared for his life, because he basically became a lapdog after that.


It's because Medvedev's real personality is calm and sane. If there was no Putin and there was only dictator Medvedev he would not have started a full scale war against Ukraine. He'd try to only take donetsk and luhansk and Western nations would have let him do it. Now he's saying crazy things because he has to in order to avoid being thrown out of a window, and because Putin orders him to act crazy so that Putin looks relatively sane in comparison.


Medvedev just says the lines Putin gives him. It's a choreography.


He's an actor playing a role.


And also a fucking idiot if he thinks that's how nukes on water work. Has he ever seen the Bikini atoll footage?


If it's any consolation what he's proposing isn't a physical possibility, even if he detonated every single nuke in Russia's inventory off the coast of the UK it wouldn't cause a particularly destructive wave.


Dude must not understand physics. Water blocks radiation particles released in an initial blast, and no nuke is going to leave enough nuclear material behind to cause the entire British Isles to become uninhabitable. The entire concept of the Nuclear Tsunami is just made to scare people who don't look at it critically for a few moments.


He's a professional clown. A court jester. His job is to sit in the Duma and be a figure of ridicule, to make 'democracy' look ridiculous, and to make Putin look reasonable and stable by comparison.


It’s jarring how different this guy has been talking since this whole conflict kicked off because when he was in office he was such a different guy


He was Putin's puppet back then too, so I suppose it was all a part of the plan.


Now he just sounds like a meth addict every time he talks.


He drinks a lot.


Probably because he doesn't want to accidentally fall out of a window...


You'd think that at some point they would all come together and realize it's easier to just throw Putin out a window first.


He works as an Overton Window, so Putin looks like a sane leader even during this war.


Russian politics is like a reality show now, or maybe a bit like WWE wrestling. You get a script and say whatever fits the agenda.


It's like a country led by Homelander/Vought (The Boys), but without the superpowers... Or the looks!


Just a bunch of thugs with nukes...


Their special move is called China’s Final Warning


Medvedev's just a spineless bootlicker. He's doing this so that Putin sounds sane in comparison.


You'd need to know Russian's perspective on this guy. Since Zhirinovsky died (that guy was basically Russia's court jester who would spew any sort of bullshit to check population's reaction), Medvedev took his place in a state-wide propaganda shitposting.


He is rumored to be an alcoholic that spends each week drinking heavily, then when he gets somewhat sober, comes out and makes a statement like this, then back to drinking. This idiot has no value and is just doing his weekly content for Putin.


If this is his sober statements, I don't want to read the boozed up ones...


I have to concur. Perhaps he doesn't want to antagonise Putin lest he be thrown out the window.


it's not the window you have to fear, it's the bullets you fall on while tumbling down the polonium staircase you gotta really watch out for.


Your comment really puts it into perspective how much better Putin has it than his cronies. When he tumbles down the stairs, all he falls on is shit.


It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop


He was *playing* a different guy, yea.


His presidential contender who was a nutcase, died last year. So naturally someone had to replace his role. Or maybe they still use lead pipes.


All part of a role I think. Today his role is to be an extremist so Putin appears "sane and moderate" and appeal to as many Russians as possible.


He's the jester.


Was thinking the same thing. Mask off I guess.


It’s just a different mask.


I agree , he even invited Deep Purple to come and play in Moscow , apparently he is a big fan .


All the Russian nationalists like him go on holidays in the French Riviera, listen to British bands, drive Audis, etc. As the writer Iegor Gran said, Zaldastanov, the biker friend of Putin, looks like he's doing a cheap Hell's Angels cosplay. It indicates that these Russian nationalists are stupid af, not that they're closet liberals.


All the Russian nationalists like him go on holidays in the French Riviera, listen to British bands, drive Audis, etc. As the writer Iegor Gran said, Zaldastanov, the biker friend of Putin, looks like he's doing a cheap Hell's Angels cosplay. It indicates that these Russian nationalists are stupid af, not that they're closet liberals.


The Japanese PM could always recommend Medvedv fall out a window.


I bet Russia would act shocked and appalled at that response. Only *they* get to make statements like that.


An HBO mini series on Putin could be the next "The Sopranos". Everybody is getting wacked. You just need a likable protagonist that exists in the chaos.


Or the next Chernobyl. Everybody lies and incompetent and the few people who understand what is happening are in a constant threath from the powers.


I'd watch that also.


I thought that self-disembowelment was for ***LOSERS*** for their shame and disgrace at defeat, you know, losers like ***Vladimir Putin***.


Or the Russian in general after there loss to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war.


Zelenskyy (to Putin): You know, in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.




Medvedyev should go to Ukraine with a gun that jams and only two mags of ammo and no helmet and not enough socks and get killed and see how fun that is


If you're the loudest cheerleader for Putin it's less likley you will get windowed


>windowed That's a good one.


Defenstrated is a correct one.


Defenestrated is even more correct.


It is correctest!


Wouldn't want to commit windocide


I hope they play the Windows closing sound just before you get pushed out.


Since stereotypes are apparently fair game, the Japanese PM should retort that Medvedev should shoot himself twice in the back of the head.


Medvedev already did that to Russia the minute he decided to become another dog for Putin


ooOoOoo, bad guy big mouth, ooOoOoo 🤣


He just doesn’t want to shoot himself in the back, bludgeon himself and then throw himself out of a window.


Oh don’t worry it’ll happen soon enough


Single-digit number IQ man opens mouth again


Actually his IQ is in the negatives


Isn't this the guy our Lord Saviour Elon retweeted?


the very same


Genuinely surprised he was able to put a complex sentence like that together, ‘disembowel’ is a big word for a guy like him.


I tried to look up Russian sources to find out what exactly did he say, and, interestingly, all the ones I checked, omit that part altogether. One says: "he described a method this should be done", another says "he can absolve himself by doing it (without specifying what exactly) right in the parliament". Most likely, though, he just said "perform harakiri", which is a very common and well-known expression in Russia.


We will all remember this asshole when he eventually falls from a balcony.




Go jump out a window you hasbin


What a racist, schoolyard taunt. I guess some Russians will say anything to avoid defenestration. But what's the Japanese PM's turnabout taunt, hmmm? What's more ethnically Russian than dying in droves....drove-dying with a samovar....filled with dioxin-laden kool-aid....at a tractor factory in a gulag?


Every time I read about this dude he gets more blood chilling...true intrinsic evil.


Chilling? He’s just playing court jester after Zhirik passed away


He’s just trying to not fall out of a window


When this guy dies the global cunt index will see a significant. plummet


So we see the Japanese PM is doing something right too!


It’s be nice if we got the Japanese foreign minister tell Medvedev “come to Tokyo and say that to our faces if u got balls, pussy”


I don’t understand how this guy can manage to speak at all with Putin’s dick so far down his throat.


Ah I see they’re taking the Chinese route to diplomacy, bold move.


I’d be careful to anger the Japanese. Disrespect isn’t valued very high.


Lmao, does Russia want a rematch from their humiliating defeat a century ago ?


Spoken like a true terrorist.


Breaking news: UN orders international bomber fleet to bombard Moscow with Russian translation versions of Dale Carnagie's 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'.


LMAO looks who's talking? the damn puppet of the century, "ex-president" of Russia, Putin's personal little bitch.


So I guess Russia, especially Medvedev, doesn't think it ever needs to engage with other countries again. The amount of derogatory insults they've been slinging at world leaders/politicians is insane. I'm fine with it though as that shitty, fucked up country needs to be isolated for the sake of their neighbours if nothing else. There's nothing about them that makes them worth saving.


They’re the kid at school who constantly talks shit and then weeps that nobody likes them


Then he will no longer give a shit? 💩


This seems like something that’s gonna go over great with the Japanese /s


Yeah, this is really likely to stop them talking about possibly acquiring nuclear weapons lol


Says the man who history will mark as one of Putin's most subservient lapdogs.


And for some reason Western politicians still think that you can reason with Russia, or come to some kind of agreement.


The only one who should be committing seppuku is Putin after his disgrace in Ukraine


Seems like the Russian strategy has been reduced to wishfull thinking


He's such a punchable face. I hope he gets Gaddafi'd with Putin and the rest of those fuckers soon.


Isnt that what the Russian military is doing in Ukraine?


Japanese PM says Medvedev should fall out a window.


To which the Japanese might reply that Medvedev is clearly already working on the traditional Russian form of suicide -- drinking himself to death.


Why do we keep giving this turd our attention? [This article explains him and his childish antics well.](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/01/dmitry-medvedev-journey-liberal-anti-west-hawk-russia)


I suggest Mr. Medvedev himself should avoid windows and tall buildings, lest he suffer a "fall-out-of-window" accident, so prevalent among his colleagues.


We say the same about you and Putin daily.


Well, Russia, that was a particularly vile form of disrespect! I gotta say good job on insulting the only nation that has never been conquered by anyone. Not China not Mongolia not even you well us, but that’s it. Yeah antagonize them some more make the entire world hate you.


I don’t like this man, he seems not very nice.


Looks like Medvedev at least read something about honor and dignity, but still doesnt understand it completely.


If we're sticking to racist caricatures, then Russian ex-President should drink a bottle of vodka , club his wife, assuming he still has one. and spin a revolver cylinder, and put the barrel in his mouth and pull the trigger.




too much vodka


Why anyone listens to Russians at all is beyond me at this point.


If someone decides to kill Putin, please take this psycho with him. Shot him several times in the head just in case he's some sort of vampire.


Maybe the Russians can show him how. They seem pretty good at self-injury.


Medvedev should kill himself


Wtf is wrong with the Russians? Something is definitely going on in their society and it’s not good whatsoever.


Makes me wonder What kind of prog rock is Medvedev listening to, while writing up these crazy tweets (Medvedev is a big prog rock fan)


Says, slurs… same thing


He's giving the advice to the wrong man.


Wow he sounds like a stable genus lol


Russia = shit


Careful pal. We’ve all seen enough Hollywood to know, when you’re the asshole bad guy, and you say things like that, the final scene is always irony.


Man needs to take his own advice.


Ah, the nuances of diplomacy.


“Vladdy do you think I’m tough yet?”


Needless to say, when Medvedev "falls" out of a window in the next few years I'll get a good chuckle.


“shameful subservience… disembowel himself”.. tell your friend in Bularus,oh you can add your name too,so we don’t have to hear your weekly”whining little bitch”


You’re drunk. Go home.


Why should he when Putin already *voided* his *bowels* while falling down a set of stairs?


Go play some of that Russian Roulette...


Here we go, ridiculous statement of the day from this idiot.


Big talk from a guy who will be doing some very enthusiastic window shopping as soon as he disagrees with Putin's favorite BTS member or whatever.


How oddly culturally sensitive of him.


Hey Russia you are losing one war try not to pick a second one.


“Dear Sir and/or Madam, Thank you for you kind suggestion that I disembowel myself. However, it appears my calendar is quite full at the moment, so I am unable to help with your request at this time. As an alternative, my most enthusiastic suggestion is that you go and fuck yourself. Yours Sincerely, Fumio Kishida Japanese Prime Minister”


Only response would be to quit the vodka.


*Japanese PM plays Uno Reverse Card*


Only empty threats from this coward


Medvedev is basically a court jester these days.


I’m starting to think these Russian higher ups might actually be jerks.


Medvedev sees his friends and allies dropping like fly's so he'll clearly spout any bollocks he feels will buy him another day of life. I could almost pity him if he weren't where his is because of his weakness of character.


Medvedev should play Russian Roulette with all chambers loaded.


He is worse than Putin


Medvedev hasn’t had a heart attack while falling out a window. He’s no dummy.


No, you.


He should hold himself to the standards he hold for others


Medvedev should go to the Frontline or visit a skyscraper.


What is wrong with Russians these days that their people say the most violent stuff


The term is either *Seppuku* or *Harakiri*. I don't remember which. Plus, would it be an honorable suicide? Can't commit suicide willy-nilly in Japan. They have standards, you know.


Top notch diplomacy right here this guy


In Russia, you don’t fall from balcony. Balcony falls from you.


ruZZians will be hated for generations to come… and they’ll only have themselves to blame. Can’t wait to hear them cry about it.


He should take his own advice


Needs help falling out of a window….