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Oh, I love that Kolinda is there.


Very historical moments for Morocco but sadly they didn't done yet its OK better next time


Croatia has 6 World Cup appearances (missing only 1 qualification in the countries history), and of those six, 3 were medal winning.


The OCD in me wanted the Croatia team to stand evenly behind the FIFA World Cup board. I still can’t look at these pictures without it bothering me. Why didn’t anyone say anything. 🫣


Doesn’t look like there was enough room for everyone to slide over without them standing unevenly on the stairs. I think Qatar just hates symmetry… I mean look at their parade buses lol


Morocco will be better at the next world cup, at least that’s what I hope and what I believe


Next world cup they wont have the whole muslim organisation there to give them advantage in every game they play so I sincerely doubt it, but hey good luck buddy!


The post is about football and you turn it into religions you showed you sickness


Hes not entirely wrong though.


You can be sure there'll always that one moronic comment.


I don’t think they gave advantages to them aside from the 3rd place match, but this guy works with the team for 3 months only, and look where they’re now, imagine the future bro


Well deserved. At least Luka Modric took the 3rd place 🥉⚽




we're going for 4th next time!


The reverse strategy


So they really hand out medals?


Why wouldn't they?


Thank you Croatia and Morocco for the wonderful games you have had this tournament! Both of you can be proud! Thanks and i hope to see you both next world cup! All the best, and fans of this beautiful nations, dont be sad you did not get to the final! You did not win the cup, but you won our hearts 👍🍀


Morocco You had the best run and have written history Unfortunately, too much injuries happened :( Next time even better hopefully


The best chance ever with a corrupt organisation who let them have a free pass on everything they did wrong. They will never get this far again.


A free pass on everything? Provide examples pls. They got robbed off a penalty against France


Morocco played really well true out the tournament


The third place play-off is an utterly pointless game


Winning the last game of a WC is a great honor, be it as first place or third place.


I disagree. Coming third in World Cup is amazing achievement and it means a lot


Morocco had a good run.


Slavery bad


Next up, France


Much respect to Croatia. Out of the games I've seen from them, they've never played dirty and got their results through actual hard work. People congratulating Morocco and cheering for them surprise me (unless you're Moroccan, then it's obvious you're gonna support your home country). It's a shame, cuz normally, when there's an underdog you wanna root for them, I just couldn't. It's not because they eliminated my home country but because of how dirty they played. Unless I don't know the rules of football. But the amount of times I saw a defender of theirs elbow a striker in the rib, tackle, push and kick them was monumental. It's a shame that that's what defines them in my eyes because they played beautiful football on the attacking end, however I can't say I'm mad they got eliminated


ah so when Italy does it to win WC 4 times its okay but when an africcan team does it its dirty grow up and stop the rasist shit you got in your mind


I'm criticising the present. Things I can see live, if u want me to go back in time and criticise something that's happened in the past, I'm sorry, I'm not going to. Besides, what's up with everybody saying that critics to Morocco are just because of hate to Africa? If u can't see the dirtiness of the Moroccan team then u haven't seen the games I've seen. I can even criticise a European team to make your sorry ass happy. Netherlands have played like hooligans since I can remember. Tbh, if it wasn't for people like you, I wouldn't even mention the continent of individual teams when judging them. To me, continent means nothing. I'm criticising the football of that team


Dirtiness? I'm afraid this is the most wrong word to use here and maybe speaks to how you view Africans in your 'dirty' subconscious mind.


Are you new to football or what?


Football is a contact sport. Stop whining


It's a legit reason to support one team because they play way less dirty than the other one. Stop telling people to stop whining


Yeah, you are not salty that they eliminated your home country at all.


I'm mad cuz they lost. Truth is, my team didn't create enough. But that doesn't take away from Morocco's dirtiness throughout the tournament, something I noticed before they eliminated us


But this is a debate old as football itself. In my country (Argentina) it is usually labeled as "Bilardismo vs Menottismo". Bilardo (1986-1990 Coach) being the representative of winning no matter what, and Menotti (1978 Coach) being the representation of winning with style and elegance. Both styles have their followers Coach. The important question here is what your stance is when your own team choose the "dirty" style. The main culprit here is Fifa as they are the ones that set the rules. A team may play borderline to those rules but Fifa can change them anytime to make it harder for "dirty styles" like Morrocco. Like it or not, Morocco play according to Fifas rules.


Obviously they play along the rules, if not they would get called for those fouls and violations. It takes great skill to play on the limit without overstepping it. Something Morocco clearly have done well but there are instances where they might get away with something like elbowing. That's my main issue with them. Because apart from that, it's a very good team. Their defensive line is very well coordinated, Hakimi and Ziyech are class and their keeper has shown a lot of heart. Maybe there's a bit of bias lingering but I honestly try to remove it when judging a team that beat the one I'm supporting


The referee robbed 1 penalty from Croatia and 1/2 from Morocco.


Give the time stamps for the so called penalties for morocco


Do we get one boob from the Superfan for third?


Watching Moroccans tear up France kinda makes this seem like karma


Not only France, Belgium and the Netherlands as well. Moroccans have a tendency to misbehave as they don't seem to integrate well into western societies. Oftentimes they view themselves as Moroccans in another country instead of citizens of that country with Moroccan roots


A small addition: Moroccans tend to misbehave when in larger groups (usually young males), this happens in cities more often than smaller towns because there is a higher density of immigrants in the city. I live in a smaller town and a lot of Moroccans are well adjusted and decent people. It’s just when they’re together they’re less likely to integrate and more likely to form their own small community


Which is, to some degree, true for every nation. Most people behave the worst when they are in a larger group, especially when they are in late teens/early twenties.


Well I'd think that but we never ever had any problems with Indonesian or Hindu youth of which there are MANY. It is mostly Moroccans and to a lesser extent Turks and sometimes from people from the Dutch Antils. Other than that no problems from other big groups


well for us its Hindu and Americans do that the most Moroccans here are calm an welcoming so that's a thing that you can find in any humanbeing if they gather they celebrate


Ah yes I fully agree! 100%


Ggwp to both squads. What a tournament it has been. Happy to see Croatia leave with a medal. Sorry to all Morocco fans.


Have to commend Morocco, well played guys!!!


Having two underdogs go against each other is definitely better than having Brazil massacre Morocco so I guess this match is the consolation prize for losing Brazil on the quarter finals.


Who cares about the 3rd place ? You will be remembered as a semi-finalist. It's a select club and Morocco entered it.


Lol, at least we will be remembered. Croatia now has more WC medals than England and US combined and a 3/7 sucess rate in reaching the semi finals (since 1998 which was our first). I say we did great. Same for Marocco.


The entirety of the third placed team and their country? Sure being in the semis is amazing, but you can't really say "who cares about 3rd place"


I mean, for history, it's not as relevant as being a semifinalist. Who remember who was the 3rd in the last WCs ? Most of the time, it's not a competitive game and coaches align all the guys who didn't have the chance to play. As a French, I don't know the result of all 3rd place games France played.


So you remember the semifinalists but not the third placed team? I disagree that being a semifinalist is more relevant than being third. It not being a competitive game is on the team, if you play the entire world cup and lose the last two games you go home empty handed, if you lose a semifinal but win the third place match, you're gonna definitely be happy about it and the medal it brings.


Belgium, the kicked England. Your apathy and 4 year cycle of watching football does not mean anything on a world stage. I dont know who won Superbowl last year, or a year before that, im just not interested in it, but i will not put American Football fans down cuz of my lack of interest.


It was a good match at least


Nah nah nah Brazil would’ve beat Argentina in a fair game. Croatia got damn lucky the officiating was towards them. But they got it back when the officiating was (as always) towards Argentina instead of them lol. In an average game this WC Argentina would win based off the biased officiating alone.


Croatia won because brazil only found the weakness of croatia's goalkeeper near the end of extra time. By then it was too late.


Do you need a tissue?


Cry more


Very happy for Croatia 🇭🇷. Well done!


Morocco's participation was legendary, congratulations! 👏🏼


congrats to Croatia! gg to Morocco!


So happy Croatia defeated Morocco- the score should have been 3-1.


A great match between the very two teams that made the entire tournament great. Hope we see both in 2026.


This is the real “Golden Generation” everyone should have been talking about.


Agreed, even though 2018s squad had more starpower, this year's felt more as a functioning whole and it never felt like we were lacking anywhere except the front sometimes


so proud of them. they did a really good job!


Why is no any official channel showing live this time? Is quatar too much into making money only. Last time it was available free in many channels


The game finished like 9 hours ago mate


Its like $8


Hopefully Croatia make it to World Cup after Luka Moderic leaves.


Don't worry about us, we always had great teams and we only missed one world cup in 2010. And in 4 years there will be 16 teams from Europe and my country will for sure be there.


Yeah you guys do have pretty solid younger folks on your team as well. Like luka Sucic I believe and the goalkeeper is young so I wouldn’t doubt it.


Honestly I think their younger players are solid as well. I remember people saying that back in 1998 for their first World Cup. Out of 7 world cups they qualified for 6 and finished on the podium for 3 of those 6.


Yeah you’re right Croatia has been getting better over the years. I would say Croatia is slightly in the next tier above Netherlands for sure.


Yeah their young guys on the current team are solid and they have a bunch of upcoming players that look fantastic. Plus now the younger players have this experience as well. They have always been the team that can upset the stereotypical powerhouse teams. In 1998 it was the Netherlands and Germany. 2002- Italy. 2014- Brazil would have likely lost if it wasn’t for the worst reffing in history. I’m generally not one to nag about refs but this was next level BS. 2018- Argentina, England and this year Belgium and Brazil. They might fall into a bit of a slump as they rebuild but I don’t expect them to fail at qualifying.


Good, fuck Morocco


Hating Mexico fans is what brings international football together


fuck you


Croatia is compleatly different team when we finally get to watch our young players. Thank god some of the 1st lineup players couldnt play because we got to watch skilled players chasing ball for full 90 minutes.


Morocco! Airport that way!


At least they played all 7 games.


Let me guess youre spanish or Portuguese haha


Lmao nope.. 😂


Omg that's funny. And original too






💀 bro remembered


Croatia are truly an amazing team and with only a population of less than 4 million and they manage to make it to third place and second in 2018. I congratulate Morocco on their performance as well, be proud!


Wish they would have taken first. Now I have to root for france and or Argentina. England would have been fricken awesome too!


What does any of this mean?


I wish they took first too! :)


Wish they would have had Morocco join them at the end. They had an amazing run and made history.


Now, where is Ms. Croatia’s promise they didn’t lose


I can almost hear Roy Keane seething


He's always angry If Argentina lose tomorrow give him a chill pill


Why don't they do that in the euros then? It's not a universal sports ranking. It's an Olympic ranking standard. They don't do this in any other football competition bar maybe the Copa America. Do they do this in tennis?


Ignore my last comment which I deleted,I didn't realize you were talking about 3rd place match 😂🙏


6 world cups and 3 medals. With only 3 million population. Damn


We were still 4.3/4.1 million in 1998 and 2018.


3.8 million, but yeah, you could take away 200 million people from Brazil and it would still have 4x the people of Croatia.


Only 3 million? Here we are 11 million in just one city. Guess i'm visiting my best friend (a croatian/peruvian dude) next year and see if i could live there for a while.


Soon to be 3,000,001


Your city could take over Croatia


ask serbs, didnt go well for them lol




Congrats to Croatia


People forget that there is money involved in all of this, so yes, Croatia is definitely happy to be in 3th place. And it was well deserved!


I know you meant 3rd but I still read this as “thirth” place




What a bullshit and u/sensiblestan is totally right


You realise they were in the final last time and Messi isn’t French…?? Also is this you implying that Argentina somehow cheated against Croatia in a 3-0 victory?




And what is your evidence apart from being a sore loser?


I was really cheering for Morocco. They made a long run!


I had a dream, this thirs place, its something we probably aint gonna do again anytime soon, im so sad


>we probably aint gonna do again anytime soon, im so sad That's not correct, what happened will speed up the progress of African football


You still made us Africans proud! You broke the African curse so 4th place is still an amazing achievement. Everything after that was a bonus for us.


I'm full of hope for Morocco in 2026 and onwards.


Trust, fútbol is a lucrative business. Your team’s historical wc will have an impact in the future for all of Africa fútbol


Thank u, cheering for Argentina tomorrow


don't worry friend! For morocco to make it this far has brung enough pride on the arab world and the african continent. I can definetly see one day, Morocco taking third, second, or first!


So proud of this squad


Embarrassing. Celebrating failure??


How the fuck is celebrating a bronze medal a failure? GTFOH...


That's like 2 million dollars extra for the 3rd place fyi. Sounds good enough for me.


All about the $$$


How is that a bad thing actually?


Lol dumbass


where are you from sir?


Weird response. None of your business you creepy fucker


england i guess, well that explains it, have a nice day


Ha. Incorrect. My country wasn't even at the world cup. Got nothing to do with my opinion on this glorified friendly. And thanks I will. It's been great so far.


its uk, all the same, still explains it all


Explains what? That I can have an opinion on the most pointless match in world football?? Great input.


yes, it explains the pettiness, now i understand it


Bro you just had to answer him, not humilliate him


nah, he did it himself


Prime r/iamverysmart shit




What exactly am I jealous of sweet cheeks?


You, sir, are very stupid.


where’s the failure in winning a match?


They won a friendly after they got knocked out the competition. Who would celebrate that? Most pointless match in all of football


You do know that there is a bronze medal and a bigger pot of money for 3rd place (3rd place gets 27mil and 4th place gets 25mil) 2 mil doesn’t sound a lot but it is enough to improve your team and you get a MEDAL!


I did know that Doesn't change my opinion on it. How do they determine who came 5th and 6th place? They don't, they just get the same amount of money as each team that got knocked out at the same stage. Why not for the semi finalists as well?


Uhh because of universal sports ranking of who comes 1st, 2nd and 3rd?


bro. this is not a friendly. this is a third place play off. it’s not pointless


Bro.... It's a friendly. I've followed this world cup closely and watched every match where I possibly can. Don't even know what the score was for this match... Just let them go home after they've been knocked out.


You’re not very smart are you?


How do you come to that conclusion? I think it was pretty smart of me to spend my time more wisely than watching this glorified friendly.


Ah yes, the “friendly” in the most loved and watched tournament in the world where over 40 countries try to win, when only 32 makes it to the group stages, then only 16 make it to the actual playoffs and God forbid a country try to celebrate getting third right? Look no one is gonna force you to watch the 3rd place match buts it’s pretty braindead to call it useless and a “glorified friendly”. This leads me to assume you never watched the sport which isn’t a problem, or you’re just very stupid, which I’m assuming the latter.


What an idiotic comment. Go back to sleep


Not helping your case you daam idiot


Winning a medal in the most competitive sport in the world is meaningless?


They got a medal?!! Jeez didn't even know that. How embarrassing!


They won money for themselves and their country. Why is that looked down upon? Are you just starting to watch football or something? Dunno why these teams play? Didn't have to watch it if you didn't care. Been the tradition to have the 3rd place winners for almost a century now...


Croatia has not been knocked out. It has won third place. What’s so hard to understand about that?


They were knocked out Tuesday by Argentina. How can you win third place? Will the team that loses tomorrow "win" second place yeah? Do you honestly think those players will be happy that they "won" third place? No one ever remembers who came third.... Because it doesn't matter


And yes we won it, with our win steak, sure we lost but that does not negate what we already won


Well we croatians are happy about it, your opinion is utterly insiginifcant. We are proud that we made it into top 3 2 timez in a row, despite being a country with less than 4 million people


Effing amazing! This was the golden team.


Not the ultimate prize but definitely something to celebrate. Congratulations! Also that logo behind them is tripping me out lol






I know it's have. It's also Qataris*, and Morocco*.


every italicised word is intentional.


Of what?


To do what? He was shit to both sides


lol no


Congratulations Croatia. To both teams for coming this far




They do, it's hard to cry ( from happyness) and laugh at the same time. Plus, if you knew Croatian and the song in the background you would wanna cry from proudness too


It’s third place. No prize or bronze medal like the Olympics. It’s kind of meaningless.


Username checks out.


Number 3 in the world’s most played sport, in a tournament where only 16 even make it to the elimination round- there is a lot of pride in that. Also prize money is over 27 million USD


There is a bronze medal


Yeah cause they were second last wc and the game with Argentina could’ve went differently if the ref looked at the var footage


That was a penalty. Plus, there were a second and third goals, Croatia is a good team but Argentina was much better.