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Pretty much any epoxy if you follow the directions on when they cure. When they cure they become chemically inert to most substances. But you don't need epoxy on a cutting board. Too much of a barrier to the wood. Mineral oil is a neutral and food safe finish that has no California warnings attached to it.


Oh, I finish all of my boards with mineral oil and beeswax. I'm just looking for a way to fill where my planer left gouges in the wood.


So long as you buff on a coat of bees wax and keep it waxed appropriately and you don’t cut, chip or dent it, it’s perfectly OK to eat off epoxy. It’s just an inert plastic…


If they’re small I use black CA glue and accelerator. For larger voids, epoxy. Neither is officially food safe but I also use oil and wax. I tell customers not to chop with a knife where the epoxy/CA glue is and they won’t have any problems!


Serving trays with epoxy: Yes Cutting boards with epoxy: No




Yes, cutting/scratching and leaving plastic shards in the air to breath leaves you at risk of getting quite sick and in the end with long term use of epoxy resins like surfboard builders ending up with fibrosis which is little different to asbestosis. It’s perfectly fine to EAT off plastic. It’s not OK to CUT it, or breath in plastic dust. You should wear a mask when sanding it.