Not any time soon. Devs said as much.


I think wobbledogs will indeed come to switch at some point There's not much of a reason for it not to


I feel like it's a ways away but I would seriously love to take care of my dogs while on long train rides. Importing and exporting wound be a pain though. Might need a QR instead of code system at that point.


Gosh, I hope. I only have a switch at the moment so creating genetic abominations on the go would be a dream come true for me. Currently, all I can really do is watch youtube videos.


I feel like that would be a lot of work for Tom (and whoever else is developing it if there are others)


it would be such a great game for the console in general, i know i'd get it if it ever did!!


It looks like it was made to be on switch. It just looks like a switch game to me for some reason.


It would run like GARBAGE. Even if it did come out on switch, it shouldn't. Less taxing games crawl at 20fps on the switch and it would be a shame not to have the game running as it should bc of the underwhelming hardware.