Well, there goes the single redeeming factor of the show.


I hadn’t realized how correct this statement was until hearing this news. Can’t imagine anyone else playing Geralt so well that it continues to carry the show the way he did. What a shame..


I actually really like Joey Batey as Dandelion. The bard song is cool, and his character is slowing developing rather nicely. But yeah, other than that, you're totally right.


When a humble bard…


Graced a ride along...


Damn Henry was big fan of books and games imagine him leaving must be something really shitty going on on creative department where “Welp, time to hand the sword”


Apparently, a number of showrunners and writers were vocal about hating the books and games


Why the fuck are they making a show based on source material they hate?




Netflix: "Here's this thing that is popular in the internets, go make it." Writer: "What is this shit, I don't connect it with at all, don't like fantasy, don't care." Netflix: "You want to get fired? I said go make it." Writer: "Ugh whatever, going to make you regret this." And so is born an unwilling showrunner and animosity towards the project.


100%. Imagine the bullshit you would have to put Superfan Henry Cavill through to make him leave his dream role.


That's what really speaks the most volumes. I have rarely seen an actor convey as much legitimate excitement for a role as Henry for Geralt. And the dude *nailed* it. Despite really bad writing, he genuinely mastered Geralt to a T. Playing the game and then going to the show, he just captured everything about the character perfectly. To do that, as an actor, and then leave before the show even ends - that really does say all you need to know about how badly the showrunner has messed shit up.


I haven't played much of the Witcher, but from watching the series, it really felt like Henry was holding that shit together with his passion for the series. He's the one who made me put the series on my list of books to read. It's kind of really disappointing how badly Netflix shits the bed on all their stuff. Around season 2 or 3 they always axe it or ruin it. Really disappointing.


Angry upvote...


It came out that the show runners did not give a shit about the source materials at all and he kept butting heads with the showrunner over it.


Lmao, the viewership's about to drop fast. Calling it now, it gets cancelled after season 4.


Absolutely. I kind of feel for Liam Hemsworth to be honest. Imagine being told you have to follow Henry fucking Cavill, in a role he's pretty much unanimously loved in, regardless of how you feel about the show itself.


I’m sure Liam will be good, but Henry is *great*. I don’t envy his position, I hope he’s at least getting paid well for it.




Oh my god you're right. I just realized I had them mixed up. Looked up Liam Hemsworth's discography and *what the fuck*. That's so much worse. Hell of a step down in terms of quality.


And he’s not good in any of those mediocre movies either. He’s more well known for being Miley Cyrus’ ex husband than he is for his acting.


It's not even about being good. Doesn't matter who jumps in - Henry is Geralt, and no one else can match him.


I mean I agree. If I was given the option of “Replace Henry, or replace every other actor/writer”, I’d choose to keep Henry and recast everyone else/hire new writers. He’s the only one in the Netflix universe that matches up perfectly. I feel like Netflix had one job, and they bungled it. They really should have bent over backwards to keep him. I don’t blame him the slightest for leaving. If I had “enough” cash saved, I’d absolutely take the same stand.


Real talk. After how badass Cavill was…Hemsworth is picking up a live grenade at this point haha. Why would they think this is a good idea?


I think he left and they had no choice. Honestly, good for him. I have incredible respect for his talent and passion as an actor and, as much as I love everything Witcher, that show wasn't it. They did not deserve the lead man they got.


Well that tells you all you need to know about this coming season


I think he was done after season 2, but probably was still under contract through s3. In some of those S2 interviews you could see him choosing his words carefully as to not break his non-disparagement clause.


I thought The Witcher was Cavill's baby, though? Like the man LOVES the books and wanted nothing more than to be Geralt, right? So if he's leaving that makes me think that he didnt like where they were taking the show away from the source material or something...


he’s leaving coz it was his baby. another writer who loves the series, too, recently stated that everyone was so arrogant and would make fun of people who knew and respected the source material but seriously, after how dirty they treated yennefer in s2, i was out, as well ):


All this is just so dumb and makes no sense. All you do if you butcher it, is losing the fans and leading a beloved and valuable IP to cancelation. Why even work on it when you hate it? The industry really needs to evaluate how to properly use IPs with existing source material. If you do it right they could rake in millions/billions. But no, lets butcher it for those short term profits and move to the next IP. I hate it


Half of the writers of wheel of time were hired cause they didn't read the source material per the showrunner himself. No surprises there were a lot of changes that didn't sit well with fans. Even suggested perrin mingles with bears instead of wolves. Lol


> perrin mingles with bears instead of wolves wow my eye actually twitched reading that i didnt know


I don't understand how this happens Like why spend money for an IP if to hire folks to change that IP? And what audience are they after? Is the assumption that fans of the IP will watch it anyway so they need to change it to get a wider audience? Which just seems stupid on other levels...


If your foundation is a showrunner or writers who hate the source material, dislike a portion of it and are out to "improve" it based on their personal takes then this might happen. They buy IPs with established Fandom and take for granted that Fandom believing they will be grateful that an adaptation is happening and will eat any shit you produce then rewrite the show to other markets. Game of thrones crossed Fandom and reach mainstream but its on the back of a very satisfied Fandom who by word of mouth helped market the show. Producers now think they can bypass that and go directly to mainstream and when the Fandom respond negatively, accuse them of being pieces of shit.


It’s so bizarre how many book to movie/series suck because the staff refuse to follow the source material.


Halo, Death Note, Resident Evil, Witcher, Cowboy Bebop, Wheel of Time, and I probably forget some cause those are the ones I followed/was a fan of. It's almost as if the writers have a disdain for the source material but feel they need it to get eyes on their product and once we watch it we'll suddenly realize how much better they are compared to the authors of said source material and they will get their big break. I don't know if It's ego, arrogance or something else that makes them think we will tune in for THEIR writing when they butcher what we loved about those series.


The funny thing about HALO is how much fans tried to justify it I remember someone claiming "this is like, a parallel universe" Then Master Chief started fucking


Master Cheeks


it is widely rumored that henry was the only person involved who knew and liked the witcher background. I remember seeing something a few months ago about writers admitting to hating the books and games


I can tell you the vfx crews were similar. I and my supe were the only people who cared about authenticity on the show :/. To be fair we are just one of the 10 different vendors to work on it


You and your supe sounded to me like you and "your Superman" Henry Cavill were the only ones to care. Took me a second to realize you meant supervisor. But I'm going to choose to believe you have a personal relationship with Superman.


Wow... you really are just outing Lois Lane like that?


yeah another writer plus him 😩 idk why netflix wants to tank all their good things


thats nepotism baby, why get people dedicated to the craft when you just get your friends at cost. Honestly, to do a good fantasy show, it takes years of laying groundwork, you cant just scrap something together every year and create something good, and they arent in the "creating something good business", they are in the "retaining customers business".


They're doing a pretty bad job of the retaining customers part.


It definitely tells me I'm out after it. Cavill was a great Geralt. And I've seen Liam Hemsworth act. He's not even remotely as good as Cavill.


Yeah no comparison




This show is so fucking dead


Talk about a glaring red flag that the show runner has completely lost the plot (not that she ever had it). Henry was the only bright spot in a show blighted by bad writing and distaste for the source material. Hiss deserves to take all the blame


I heard the writers actively hated the books


Maybe, I might be crazy here, but if the writers of your show hate the source material maybe it's better to try getting some different writers? Again, I might be crazy, but seems like a good idea to me.


If a season 4 isn't confirmed yet, I sure hope it gets cancelled after season 3


Well they’ve already hired Liam hemsworth for season 4 so they obviously plan on continuing


Eh, wouldn't be the first time something gets cancelled after actors are announced for it - there was that whole "monster universe" thing that was supposed to launch with Russel Crowe as Dr. Jekyll and Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man, starting with Tom Cruise's Mummy reboot but that got canned


It went downhill with Season 2. But this killed it.


What in the actual fuck.


Seeing how passionate he was about the role, definitely think there’s a good reason behind his decision. That being said, people LOVE cavill as geralt, I truly believe replacing him will kill this serie.


I mean that X-Men cartoon producer laid it out the showrunner and writers for Witcher hated the source material and Henry is very passionate for the Witcher franchise and its source material. There's a infamous interview I think or article where Henry revealed he fought heavily to include a line from the books for Roach's death to replace some shitty marvel tier joke the writers came up with and he even butted heads with the showrunner.


> writers for Witcher hated the source material WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY WORK ON THE SHOW THEN? fuck I want to hit them in their fucking face with a shovel, that is so obnoxious




Any idea which line that was?


“Enjoy your last walk across the meadow and through the mist. Be not afraid of her for she is your friend.” I believe this is from Sword of Destiny towards the end.


Who in their right fucking mind would replace that line? Rhetorical question, of course.


Modern tv writers lmfao.


It sounds like they actively don't care about the series or fan base, if that is all true. It's one thing to have your writers replace it omit lines that aren't inherently important to the plot, but it shouldn't require much thought to understand that line would definitely be well delivered by Cavil and show a lot of the character's feelings in a matter of seconds. I wouldn't consider myself a superfan of the Witcher franchise (played one game and have read three or four books, with the rest on my shelf for when I have the time to read them), but it doesn't take more than a few Wiki entries and a select few scenes, and the basic description of the main characters and their story arcs to start to understand the world and why people like it, even if you don't personally. I'd kill to help alongside a lot of franchises I don't particularly love or even know about, and I'd happily go spend my own time to learn the source material and what fans want. I don't know anything about My Little Pony or why there is quite a following for it, but I'd watch a good amount of the show and read fan sites to see what it is that made it successful, what fans want, and then see what can be added or changed to adapt it to new mediums and fans without changing any more than needed to fit the project if I was working on it. That's the kind of stuff a studio and showrunner should be able to distill down to clips and excerpts and summaries that could be emailed to everyone working in a remotely creative role. Then you call together fans to show test scenes or voiced story boards, and then again to people who aren't explicitly fans but your target demographics. Have the fans let you know what they're okay with changing or how they best think necessary changes would be made, and then show the non-fans various versions of the same thing with the fans suggestions and see which excited them, which confuses them, and then take all that info together and start seeing how best to tell the same story while keeping not accessible to people who aren't familiar with it. Netflix could have turned this into their own Game of Thrones-level series, but didn't seem to realize that means actually putting some effort into the work and not trying to throw in random bits of comedy or dumbed-diwn dialogue because it might make it more accessible while lowering the budget. Looking at GoT, a big part of their audiences didn't understand every bit of politics, history, and even some of the fantasy dialogue, but that was fine as long as the fans connected with the characters and understood them as people, and the weight of their decisions, deaths, and life-changing moments hit. A lot of character deaths in GoT were impactful even when they had little screen time, and that's because when we did see them their lines and actions typically said a lot about their personality and experiences, and they even managed to fit a lot of detail about the world into them mentioning their pasts and vuews about different places with different people. A 20-30% increase to certain parts of the budget is well worth it when you are getting more than that in return with a large, loyal base of fans that will watch every season (often more than once) and be happy to advertise it to all their friends while also buying shirts, toys, etcetera related to the series. It sounds like the majority of people working on this show have about the same thought process that a lot of bad comic book movies have: the names are the same and fans will flock to it regardless, but special effect/trope/actor X is really popular among all demographics, so just throw it in somewhere. It's like that Nic Cage Superman movie that never happened, where the guy financing it insisted on the movie ending with a fight scene against a giant spider. Sure he wants it, and if done well then a lot of people might see the movie to see that scene, but it's all pointless - if not completely detrimental - when that takes precedent over having a good Superman story being told. My rant is over. Sorry about that.


I'm gonna put my tinfoil hat on and speculate a little bit: Cavill got into The Witcher because he was really passionate and invested into the franchise. He liked the books, he liked the games and he wanted to be part of it. Then the showrunner and writers ruined the project with their poor decision making, which led to a mediocre season 1 and a downright bad season 2. After filming season 3 he probably figured out the show is doomed, so he decided to jump ship.


I don’t think that’s a too-far fetched speculation to be honest. I might be wrong but I’m sure I saw that he agreed to play Geralt as long as they stayed true to the source material and didn’t deviate too far from the books? Then we had that recent little scandal where one of the former writers said a lot of people working on the show didn’t even like The Witcher. So if you put two and two together, it makes sense that he’d choose to leave a role he loves because the show runners deviated too far. Or it could simply be because he wants to dedicate more time to playing Superman again, who knows? Either way, I’m sad and he will be missed. I doubt I’ll even bother watching once he’s gone, he was just perfect as Geralt. :(


Here's your answer: *"Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter for a recent feature, Cavill suggested that he would be up for reprising his role as Geralt of Rivia for seven seasons if the show keeps going, though he did have one stipulation. "Absolutely," Cavill said in regards to supporting Hissrich's vision. "As long as we can keep telling great stories which honor [author Andrzej] Sapkowski's work."* Writers picked a fight with Cavill again, Cavill lost/gave up and exercised his clause to leave. These Witcher hating writers killed the show.


So what’s up with having people who aren’t big fans do these shows? Wasn’t that the same situation with the halo show?


It’s the same reasoning for 98% of adaptations. Just greedy producers looking for an easy paycheck milking an already popular and established IP rather than bother making their own.


Cowboy Bebop fans send their regards. :(


The pain of being a fan of all three of these IPs and getting screwed over 3 times 😥


*cries in Halo*


I mean it can be both and very likely is both. The Witcher has pretty much completely deviated from the books and seem to be quite proud of that fact, alternatively we know that DC is going the more canon "boy scout with a heart of gold" direction with Superman and Caville is pumped to be back. I think a lot of studios just aren't use to dealing with someone who has a genuine attachment to the character and isn't there solely for the paycheck and exposure, like Karl Urban signing onto Dredd with the condition that the helmet stays on.


The good reason is definitely a Superman movie


Either that or he *really* wants to finish a Warhammer game.


You know in all my years on the internet I've seen tons of references to the lore of Warhammer and lots of pictures of mini paintings. I have never seen a single post about anyone actually playing the game. Edit: 3 hours later, tons of replies, and not one person has attempted to explain how the game is played. Can you just buy a fuckton of what amounts to Star Destroyers and steamroll anyone? Is there a set number of units of types you have to have for matchmaking? Like 30 Warhammer players have responded and not one has shed a light on how to play the game.


It’s an mlm, you but all the model characters and paint them to get others to buy them and paint them. No one actually plays, they just collect the models /s


It's gotta be a combination of both the opportunity of another Superman movie (+ the salary it implies) AND the drama with the series and its writers.


Can you fill me in on the drama with the series/writers?




Why the fuck are you writing for something you dislike, did we really run out of passionate people that want to do work on these things? Why the fuck were they hired?!?!?!?


Lol it’s the same with halo they “hired people who hated the game” because the logic is they’ll see the flaws and make it better oh yea


No way? That was their reasoning? Lmao




It's been a hot topic recently https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/ybdkty/beau_demayo_one_of_the_writers_of_the_witcher/


Henry is a big Witcher fan. Like he wanted this role very badly and actively fought for it I’d imagine he’s not thrilled with butchering of the plot in season 2 Edit: I think all drama is speculative, but there was a drastic decrease in quality between season 1 and 2. I doubt the show will last much longer.


They confirmed a season 4 with this announcement so it’ll still be here for a minute.


Season 4 becomes *The Ciri Show* with the Hemsworth as Geralt locked in a pitch-dark room or something.


Ciri does take a larger role in the later books while Geralt bumbles about with his crew getting into trouble but...I fully expect them to rewrite 99% of Ciri's plot and make it absolutely laughable.


There goes the series. Oh well.


"Enjoy diving in and seeing what you can find." He's basically saying good luck with these idiots at the helm.


Know what, good for him.




Cavil is fan of books, he saw what a piece of shit they filming and decided to leave


Didn’t the writers/producers just publicly state they were not fans of the books? For someone like Cavill who is a fan of the books and the game: this may have been a catalyst for the exit. Props to him for waking the high road and introducing Liam -but an audience /fan base will no doubt will depart after Season 3.


There have been a couple of adaptations lately where the writers have openly stated they actively dislike the source material. And that's a shame. It's wild, to me, how poorly they choose actual writers for actual TV and movies. I write professionally. Many of my friends write professionally. A couple of my friends even write fiction professionally. All of us could literally walk onto a set and fix half the writing errors in TV with a simple, basic understanding of writing for a broad audience: How to keep attention, how to manage expectations, how to test ideas with audiences, how to come up with big, simple ideas, etc etc. These - especially in adaptations (where the major plot points are written for you) - are simple, universal writing tools that THOUSANDS of talented writers have. So how do we end up in a world where MOST... 80%... of all TV and movies are poorly written? That genuinely confuses me.


My brother works in TV writing. It's an insanely nepotistic market. Writers are basically hired based on 'favors' owed or obligations they agreed on a while ago with agents. Its a pathetically anti-meritocratic market which results in terrible writers who couldn't give a shit about their job landing huge gigs simply because they knew someone or had enough money and connections to get the part. These people often barely have any passion for their job, they just want the money that comes with being a writer on these mega-shows. Its just depressing honestly, hearing about how fucked up it all is.


Nepotism and “networking.” It’s never about talent. It’s all about who you know.


This is not real right ? How the hell are they just gonna change the main character


He posted it on instagram a few minutes ago. Personally I think it’ll lead to the end of The Witcher Netflix. He carried that show.


I’ve only been showing up for him anyway. 100% done with this series after he leaves. What a fucking joke.


Definitely the end such a shame. I remember watching the first episode and seeing the scene in blaviken it looked so good I was excited


Saaaame. Then I didn't even finish the second season. Sigh


Yeah I don't think this is going to end well. I like the performance of Anya as well (not the writing obviously), but this sucks for everyone involved, except maybe the writer room in the short term


The same happened for Spartacus. But I believe it was because he died


Yep the lead had bone cancer if I remember correctly and died pretty quickly. Wanted them to continue on with the show and finish Spartacus’ story. So at least that was due to a tragedy of losing the lead, this is probably from shitty writing and breaking lore


Andy whitfield had Non Hodgkin's lymphoma which cancer of the lymph nodes not bone cancer. He was diagnosed after the first season and they decided to shoot a prequel season about Crixus and Oemaumaus. While they where shooting that, he was declared Cancer free only to have a relapse a few month later around the time he was preparing to rejoin the show, he had to back out of the role and the replace hi with Liam Macintyre. Andy died a few weeks before the first episode of seasons 3 aired and they dedicated the the rest of the seasons to him, doing things like always keeping his image in the end credits which had pictures of each of the characters(they would have a promo shot of Andy's Spartacus and Liam's next to each other)


IIRC I believe Andy approved of Liam replacing him, too. Completely different circumstances here compared to Henry C and Liam H.


I think they held off on recasting him for the longest time too, but then a good friend of his took his role. Both on screen and off spartacus is really interesting story


Starz sadly had no choice in the matter and they made the best of it as the first actor developed cancer and had to leave and eventually he passed away. Rip Andy Whitfield.


RIP Andy, one of the hardest celebrity deaths to me, he was a good person and a good actor.


Henry was the reason i stomached the series. No offense to Liam, but after S3 i'm out. Good thing he's back Superman


I love Cavill as Geralt, but I couldn’t even finish S2.


You're mortal now. Do it yourself.




After reading that some of the writers and producers actively disliked and insulted the books and games, I’m not surprised. This show just lost it’s only source of credibility and maturity. Keep insulting the fan-base Netflix, you’re doing so well at it.


>Hissrich admits that when she first wrote the Roach death scene, her instinct was to puncture the moment with a bit of meta-comedy. Henry Cavill pushed for a more heartfelt moment, and eventually Hissrich caved — which she says was ultimately the right call. >“Henry was so unhappy with the line,” she recalls. “Finally I said, ‘You know what, you come up with something. I trust you, you know this material so well, you know the book so well, you don’t even have to pitch it to me.’ And he came back the next day with a beautiful speech that’s at the end of Sword of Destiny when Geralt is facing death and it’s such a pitch perfect moment.” >Cavill’s choice is simple, but effective in his gravely Geralt speak: “Enjoy your last walk across the meadow and through the mist. Be not afraid of her for she is your friend.”


Quite insane when an actor actively practices better judgment in terms of scripting than the show runner.


> her instinct was to puncture the moment with a bit of meta-comedy Fucking, why


That’s like all modern cinema is now; serious moments that you immediately undercut with a joke.


“So that just happened” Canned laughter is heard in the woods.


Translation: "I can no longer, in good conscience, be part of this travesty. Tag, you're it Liam."


LOL, i think 100% this is the case.


Bro like just make a new Witcher series with new characters. We can't just do a fucking actor change mid show.


Not just*an* actor, the *main character* actor.




A guy who redefined what people think of when they hear "Geralt of Rivia" There's no following that.


I didn't think it was possible but Henry was so good he became my default mental image of geralt over w3 game geralt. I feel for Liam, it's going to be near impossible to make this work.


If you asked the show runners they’d probably tell you Yennefer is the main character.


Or Fringilla, based on her screen time in season 2.




Fuck yes please like just pretend that mess never happened and have writers that actually give a shit and are half decent at their jobs I mean come on


If Sapkowski actually cared about anything other than money, he would pull out of the deal with netflix and refuse to give the rights to anyone who isn’t actually familiar with his books.


I can’t blame him for selling to Netflix. Every company is dying for their own “Game of Thrones”. It’s super obvious now that Netflix doesn’t care about anything but it wasn’t when this deal was signed. There’s genuinely no reason for such a large company to be this incompetent. Netflix is worried about charging people more but can’t figure out how to optimize one of the most successful fantasy series? Henry was the perfect actor, passionate to make this into a successful series. HBO already put out a MASSIVE warning that showrunners can ruin a billion dollar franchise. How the fuck was this not managed?


The world is being run by incompetent managers.


You are correct in so many ways. So many people in this day and age are getting jobs not because of their talent or their abilities, but because of who they know and who they were born to


It sucked already and they got rid of the only positive


Tbh i actually wouldnt mind Liam, but its gonna be tough to transition from MF HENRY CAVILL to him. I wouldnt have minded hemsworth in season one but to transition in the middle of time of contempt ??? Such bad timing and planning


If S03 will have shit writing I would bet good money he left because of creative disputes. We'll see...


That was my first thought. It’s most likely creative differences, especially because it just came out that the writers dislike the books and games. They also had a disagreement in the last season leading to Cavill insisting upon him personally re-writing a scene because he was so unhappy about the original plan and said that it was too much out of character. Additionally I think he had a couple of very promising alternative offers. He just announced he’ll be superman again and there were a lot of rumours about him joining House of the Dragon (or another GOT spinoff) as well as become the next James Bond. We’ll see.


why tf did they pick writers who hate the source material? They must be really dumb at managing production...


Because the writers wanted cash and sold themselves well. It happened behind closed doors I think and wasn’t known until a few weeks ago.


I absolutely support him leaving the show. Good for him; get off that sinking ship and get some [side character] voice acting work with CDPR for the next game. This show insults all fans of the source material and games, including Cavill.


Damn this is not a good look for the show unfortunately. He was an actor who not only passionately pushed for this adaptation but also was just a lover of the witcher world and story. Sad to see him go from this


the whole show is not a good look for the show lol. they deliberately did things just to annoy viewers and fans then ranted on social media when reviews came back negative. the staff has this weird elitist attitude without the success to back it up. without netflix burning hundreds of millions on this thing it would've went nowhere because of the writing.


most likely. he knows hes loved by fans as geralt, he would never lay down the role without any good reasoning




Fill in a petition for Henry to make a Witcher movie, as a director and the actor.


100% we know how passionate henry is, they fucked him and the fans over with these terrible writers.


Definitely this and his return as Superman. They butchered this show, and with all the news coming out about the writers actively mocking and disliking the source material, it’s no wonder Cavill wants out. He loves the Witcher series and was a huge fighter to get this show even made— and this is what they did with it. He has to be disgusted with the direction of the show and his commitment to Superman gives him a good out.


He’s a professional so probably did season 3 through gritted teeth and bailed as soon as it was possible to do so. Feel sorry for the guy because I don’t feel like this was just another project for him.


They actually got him to leave with their bad writing. Poor guy.


And they replaced him with *Liam Hemsworth* lmaooo


I guess you can make it work with makeup. The eyes are relatively close. However his acting is a whole other matter.


also the voice..... how is that going to work?


Yeah the hilarity isn’t coming from his appearance. It’s the massive step down in quality acting wise.


Also Henry was actually familiar with Geralt as a character and would refuse to act scenes he thought were out of character. That will not happen anymore.


Given that Joey Batey also seems to be a pretty big fan of the books / rumoured to have altered scenes, I'd be interested to see if he also sticks around after this... what a blow for the show to lose Cavill though.


It honestly should be cancelled. Nobody can follow Henry's Geralt. He is the live-action geralt at this point. He was fucking perfect. So was Joey's dandelion, and I actually LOVED Anya's portrayal of Yen.... But the writers have fucked her character arc to make her irredeemable. And don't get me started on how good MyAnna Buring was as Tissaia DeVries. (That scene when she's torturing Cahir is Chefs Kiss) Just cancel it. Get let another studio try their hand at it. Cast the same cast (minus some, Triss wasn't very Triss-y. She was very bland)


Henry i know you're here, and i just want to say good for you man. You deserve better than this, the witcher deserves better than this. You were my favorite part of this show. I hope you will be able to participate in Witcher content that tries harder than this show, in the future.


I agree! I wish there was some way for fans to make fan made shows. I just don't understand how these studios have SO MUCH MONEY and incredible talent at their disposal but they still turn out garbage. I design costumes and I'm straight up ready to rev up my sewing machine for a fan made Witcher series that's ACTUALLY good lol. If only it were possible...


Literally the only good thing about the show. Like come-on just cancel it at this point


The best thing that can happen for this show is if they call it quits. Let the IP rest for a while and return to it in 5-10 years with fresh faces and show runners who actually care about the world and characters. Preferably on HBO.


Henry was literally THE PERFECT cast ,so sad.


Yeah I feel bad for him he really loved the IP and you can see him lose his enthusiasm over the seasons. It really shows that even with a talented and passionate actor leading the charge unless the writing team and show runner care the whole thing can tank.


They changed the book so much he left


The remake trend is so strong they are even remaking the Witcher actor.


Yea changing the most iconic character in the series after 3 seasons will work...I've enjoyed the show but Henry carried a good portion of it. I probably won't stick around after he's gone.


Breaking Bad - *Now starring Pauly Shore*


This is a complete tragedy.


I think maybe Henry doesn't like the writing either. I heard a year ago that there was tension. I guess there really was. A clusterfuck from start to finish


I'm sure he doesn't love the writing, since he's a fan. That he either hates it so much he doesn't feel like he can salvage anything, or that his insistence on following the books made the producers kick him out, would still be surprising. I wish we knew more


Good for him honestly. He was literally carrying the entire show on his back.


I was a Henry fan before the show, and I still remember how excited he was to announce he was Geralt. Like a kid on Christmas. It was clearly his dream. This is legitimately heartbreaking for so many reasons.


What the actual fuck


Damn, he was Geralt on the screen for me...fuck


This show made me pay attention to him because he’s just so great in the role. I’m SAD.


I'm going out on a limb and assuming Cavill left due to his alleged contractual clause: _"Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter for a recent feature, Cavill suggested that he would be up for reprising his role as Geralt of Rivia for seven seasons if the show keeps going, though he did have one stipulation. "Absolutely," Cavill said in regards to supporting Hissrich's vision. "As long as we can keep telling great stories which honor [author Andrzej] Sapkowski's work."_ I couldn't see him leaving the Witcher for DC considering how much emphasis and enthusiasm he presented himself to us, on getting the role. However, we all know what actors are like... I think I'll stop watching after season 3. Sad times.


Well that quote literally tells us what happened. Cavill and the writers went at it, and the writers won so Cavill left. Just wow.


The fans also lost.


Not gonna even watch season 3 then. The show is doa.


Bro, I was expecting this series to be the next GoT or Vikings or similar in nature. A long series taking place in medieval times with a big cast, interesting plotlines, and a mature story. This basically kills the series for me, what a mess and what a shame. Not saying that Liam is a bad actor, but it will be extremely jarring seeing him instead of Henry.


Netflix already killed the story




And here I was thinking they couldn’t make the show any worse




This is Netflix's ultimate "How to shoot yourself in one foot". Wasn't Cavill such a fan of the books?? Does he wants to get out because of the showrunner? I can't believe he would have decided to do this only because of Superman money. If the showrunner and the writers actively dislike the source material, THEN WHY THE HELL THEY EVEN DECIDED TO WORK ON THIS SHOW??? Just leave it to a true fan. Cavill has charisma, Hemsworth is just an awful actor with no personality, presence, or charisma. The reason this show was a huge hit, was because of the appeal of Cavill starring in it. This is self-sabotage at its finest.


I bet if HBO bought the rights it wouldn’t suck.


This is him telling us season 3 will be another sh*tshow. Edit: Actually it may be even worse since he could tolerate ss2 to sign for a third but cannot tolerate it to sign for another.


Man, I only watched the show for Henry....


you get what you fucking deserve.. im not even sad. honestly fuck Netflix and the people in charge of this show. to make such a big actor who was all in to quit must mean you are some special kind of an idiot. good for him.


Bro you know HOW BAD season 3 has to be for this? Guys where do we go with the pitchforks


God this season is gonna be a disaster then


I genuinely shouted "WHAT" out loud. Wtaf


R.I.P Netflix's The Witcher


He probably doesn’t want to be part of a crappy show anymore


Welp this series is over


Please, cancel the show.