Does a cord cutting spell work if I do it? How long does it take?

Does a cord cutting spell work if I do it? How long does it take?


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Spells to me are simply props within a mindfulness exercise. The spells don't "work". You do. If you don't put in effort to "cut the cord" after the spell of cutting a literal cord, then it's not that you didn't do the spell correctly. It's on you.


The fact that you ask shows that you are not fully ready to cast it, I believe. Spells are a way to manifest your intention, to help you follow up on it, to help your inconscious brain know of your intentions so that it may help you. Especially in the case of cord cutting. You can still cast it before you're ready, as it might help you get ready. A spell can be cast many times. You can even see it as a long-term / big effect spell, that includes multiple cord-cuttings, and maybe some other things (self-care rituals, affirmation about you being ready for more friendships in your life....). In this case, you may want to envision a first long-term deadline of a few weeks or a month. Don't extend it too much, though. I advise to include in the ritual, before the actual cord-cutting, a little meditation with an assesment of how you've progressed since last time. Good vibes to you !