My store was completely dead on Saturday! We only had maybe a couple of new orders each hour and it’s so weird because weekends are usually busy.


Amazon is getting you “primed” to pay more and more for their “convenience” services. They’ve all but killed mom and pop, and once they finish, welp, you’re paying whatever they tell you to. Stop supporting them, like, yesterday.


Yes , orders have went down by so much!!!!!!!!


Hopefully this doesn't cut people's hours suddenly in the next couple of weeks. Losing the tips cant be good either. I'd hope with the fees increase they would increase wages with it but I don't think that will happen in a million years. I'm hoping they see the light and reverse the decision considering most grocery orders on the distribution side (I know this because my partner works for one of the largest grocery distribution companies in the US) are made 3 months in advance and the stores are going to end up with overwhelming amounts of shrink when they can't sell all that food they ordered not realizing demand would drop significantly.


My hours have already been cut 10+ per pay period and it's only going to get worse. I'm really curious what the fee is actually going to, because I can tell you it's not to the people who actually carry out this service.


Most likely the CEO's pocket.


They were absolutely operating it at a loss, so while the wages most folks in the store make remain pathetic and inexcusable considering the whole COVID retail experience, it makes sense that the fee is to subsidize the cost of the program and wages of the shoppers and drivers while also discouraging $40 orders that take just as much time to deliver as a $400 one. Again, not excusing corporate greed and profits over people throughout COVID. Fuck 'em all. The business decision on this though was almost certainly made to offset the cost of the program without raising prices on everyone.


How has the program been operating at a loss ?


> They were absolutely operating it at a loss They weren't. They were actually stealing tips from flex delivery drivers. They got hit by the FTC for it and were forced to pay out 61 million in stolen tips. They were using the tips to subsidize base pay. Basically taking money you thought went to your driver for themselves.




We're still busy because of lack of employees, plus now people just switched to pick ups instead of delivery, so extra busy.


My store never did deliveries, but a bunch of people who used to get deliveries from the store nearest to us have started picking up here for some reason and it's made the prime department a lot busier...which is really annoying because we're as lean staffed as ever


Usually if you looked at a shopper phone there were over 100 orders in queue. Now, there's only 10 to 20.


Our store slowed way down.


A little bit. In the mornings I see the prime shoppers having time to stand around and chat for like 30 minutes


I would occasionally order from Whole Foods on the prime app when I would forget something at the store but now with that fee, no thanks. I'll just drive 5 minutes down the street to Whole Foods.


Idk about prime orders, but our in-store business has been unreasonably busy, busier than weve been in several years over the past month or so. Every single checkout line extends deep into the aisles of the store


My store was dead by 5pm on Sundays and I was sent home 2-3 hours early every day for 2 weeks straight. I'm sure it'll pick up around the holidays again but early next year will be rough.


Orders are down by a lot... we went from 70 or 80 orders per hour to around 10, lol. Makes the day really boring, but I get it! Personally, I don’t use prime or amazon’s food delivery service because the cost is getting harder and harder to justify


My store has had more pickups since the new delivery fee. I think people at my store will still do delivery for the convince. I swear some of the shoppers at my store have more $$ than sense.


Our shoppers have been getting like 1-3 ordered per 8hr shift.


My store would have around 50 orders every morning now theirs like 15 or less orders waiting for the shoppers. Some of the shoppers told me that customers that have told them wow! They're picking up their orders. That will be their last time picking up at whole foods since I don't want to pay the delivery charge or the pickup charge. Everyday you can see how slow it is compared to before. I know my region kept talking about the stores getting a 30% increase of sales because customers would come inside instead.


Our store has been hit significantly. We had 10 prime shoppers sitting around this morning doing nothing but waiting for orders. Our store is also suffering from WF tm’s quitting and morale is down as well. Me personally, I’m not shocked Bezos wants more. Drop your subscription to Amazon Prime, don’t support Amazon, or anything else Bezos owns. If the whole world got on board maybe he might humble?