shot in the dark, but does WF offer any type of bereavement time ?

shot in the dark, but does WF offer any type of bereavement time ?


So, two people have said no. Here is your yes. Yes up to 3 days of excused absences can be provided and possibly more if travel is needed. You need to contact your HR or easier, get your STL to fast track approval. It is not paid but it's excused.


I second this, but my SL also said as long as they need.


I would be careful with that. I'm not doubting your experience, it just seems like the type of thing that could be true at individual stores or regions, but not necessarily company-wide. All I know is that's not specified anywhere in the SO GIG; and having gone down this path myself recently, it wasn't communicated to me by TMS or store leadership. Maybe your region is different. Here, any failure to work your full scheduled shift is simply considered an absence. They don't define unexcused vs excused. They're basically all unexcused.


This is a true statement. It's crazy how something granted in the SW region is devoid in the SO region. iirc, the bereavement thing wasn't in the GIG but it was an official policy dictated to me by my regional TMS rep when this situation arose for a TM.


No, if you ask them about it they'll remind you about setting up a PTO donation drive through Sedgwick but you can only do that if your PTO balance is 0 hours.


Ouch. Your significant other just died or walked out on you and they tell you to beg with a digital tip jar when you need to grieve and get things sorted now.


Pretty much. Unfortunately I went through this whole process myself recently.


At my store, it depends on who your TL is. One of my friends was not allowed more than 3 days bereavement to fly to Taiwan for his dad’s funeral. Meanwhile, in a different department someone was allowed a month to go to the Philippines for a funeral. 🤷🏻‍♀️




Officially no. But when my Supervisor lost his father my store leadership told him to take whatever time he needed and let them know when he would be ready to come back. He used his own pto.


Not really, only if you can produce the deceased 😅 for real


No. My mother died last year from COVID and I took the time to go to her funeral and help out a little. I just took it and told them I'd be out for a week. What else can you do. They were fine with it. They had no choice. No pay of course.


The bosses I've been lucky enough to have when I worked at wfm were all the "take as much time as you need" type. You dont get paid, but they understood you needed it. Its not an official policy in the SO region at least.


Maybe it depends on the region, but it’s two weeks in the PN if it’s a close relative (parent, grandparent, etc, including in-laws and extended family by marriage). Email or call your TMS partner for details!


Bereavement is absolutely offered. In my region if an immediate family member passes, you are able to take 30 days off the schedule, penalty free. It is unpaid, but a PTO is always available for request in the event you deplete your PTO during your time off. For friends, cousins, etc, I believe it’s a week or so and they need to accommodate you for the funeral.


I contacted regional and was told there is no bereavement policy. NorCal.


Check your GIG on Workday and talk to store leadership immediately. MW allows it, unpaid, for immediate family or guardians.