It’s a decent bourbon - my go to for cocktails. I wouldn’t save it - open it up. I pay $25-30 for a 750ml. The price you paid seems high.


Yes, MSRP is $25ish. But I've seen mom and pop places charge this for sure. I've seen Weller sr 750s for $65! I'm like 'hard pass!'


Standard retail is about $25 for a standard 750 ml. OP got a 375ml for that price.


Yeah I realize now my wording wasn't very good. I meant a reply to the comment about 750 for $25-30




That's a fair enough price. It can be all over the board


Liquor store near me had weller for like 200 bucks


I've seen Weller SR for $185


Saw a bottle of Weller 107 at a liquor store in Seattle last week. “How much?” $199+20.5%+$3.07/liter Washington State Liquor a tax. “No thanks. How much is that bottle of Blue Spot? Have you marked it up way above MSRP also?” Yep. The whole place was decent bottles with indecent prices.


I paid $60 for Weller SR 750 before I knew better


I think there are better bourbons for cocktails old granddad bonded comes to mind, or really anything bonded.


Bonded gives you more punch with the 100 proof. I usually just go with a generous 2 1/2 of lower proof. I haven’t had old grandad bonded but the regular stuff is a little harsh for me.


It’s not a great price, and you should drink it the way you want. Pop it now, hold to share with a friend, etc. it isn’t anything crazy special but it’s a decent bottle.


I can't find BT for less than $34 in my neck of the woods. Must be nice to live somewhere that has cheap whiskey, lol.


I meant not a great price in terms of value, paying $25 for a 375 ml bottle is akin to paying $50 for a 750 ml, and BT is NOT a $50 bottle. Hell, at your pricing it would still be a no from me, since there are better whiskeys at that price point and they just inflate price because it’s an easy drink for new whiskey drinkers and manufactured scarcity.


Oh geez. Literacy isn't my strong point when I'm a few drinks in. I thought that was a 750.


Come down to Georgia, I just bought 36 1L bottles of BT for $36 each


Wtf are you going to do with 36 bottles? Why not leave some for other people. Kind of a dick move there Bud, unless you own a bar.


The store I bought it from had atleast 8 cases and more coming in. I am trying to give it to people in areas who can never find a bottle, I'm not keeping a single one for myself. So other people are the only ones getting it


My bad, I just couldn't really understand why anyone would buy 36 bottles of it. Now I know. You are a solid friend, and I am a presumptuous dick. Happy holidays.


Wow... nice. The gas would cost more than the whiskey, but still nice! LOL. Maybe if I need to do a year bulk run, I'll drive down there, though!


SF Bay Area, $20-25 for 750ml Make yourself an Old Fashioned or a Boulevardier


This is the best standard bourbon there is. No reason to save it as it's not in any means a collectible or anything Unique. But a fantastic bourbon regardless and meant to be enjoyed!


“Best” and “fantastic” aren’t any words I would use to describe BT. More like: good enough if you can get it at list price and better than anything in a plastic bottle.


... good bourbon for beginners! But I guess I can't use those words, I only worked in a bourbon bar for a couple years but I guess some words to describe bourbon are banned. Especially when it comes to BT


Good for anyone who enjoys it, but even at list price it tastes like a watered down bourbon. Paying double or more for it is insane in my mind.


Prepare to be whelmed. It's fine. Enjoy!


It’s decent. And nah, that is not a good price really but o well


It's buffalo trace. It's not rare or special. It's a good bourbon. Not worth saving.


The price is steep, but in some places it’s harder to find. In other places there’s cases upon cases… You bought the cow…drink the milk! Drink it, I say. See if you like it, see how it compares to other pours you have had. If you like it, figure out what you will pay for it. If you don’t like it, you tried something new that you haven’t seen before. You paid a premium for it, but hey, that’s not terrible.


Next time buy yourself a bottle of Evan Williams SB


Most underrated sb program!


That's about what I usually pay for a fifth of Buffalo. Sorry, mate. You got ripped off. Still decent bourbon though.


Ahh yeah it seems so. I just never seen it before so I thought it was rare.


Well, not too big a deal just once, right? Out of curiosity where about do you live? I feel like Buffalo is just as common as, say, Bulleit. I see it pretty much everywhere that has whiskey.


True. I live in Fort Worth Texas.


you could probably find some EH taylor or Weller if you look around a bit


Huh, interesting. Never been, but I'd think that would be somewhere with no shortage of whiskeys. Anywho, enjoy your pint!


I'm in TX as well and BT novelty is huge here!


Why not check here before you buy and post?


We all pay too much for something now and again. Don't worry about it and enjoy the whiskey. I had some Buffalo Trace last night and think you will enjoy it. Let us know what you think about it.


If you haven't seen one around, drink it! Don't listen to unhelpful "in my area it's $blah". It's a good bourbon. Try it neat. I like it best in old fashioneds or coffee. Enjoy!!


It's good bourbon. I haven't been able to find it in a year where it used to be on shelves for $25 everywhere. Damn you joe rogan podcast.


Open it. Drink it. Enjoy!


MSRP for the 750 is $19.99


Bad price, average bourbon. Drink it.


Am I the only one that read this as sarcasm poking fun at the constant posts in this group with the same titles and themes? Lol. Even if it's not a joke I got a good chuckle. Thank you OP.


It unfortunately was not. I’m new to whiskey. It’s cool tho. No big deal. It’s only 25 and I’m sure it’s still a good bottle. Gonna drink it anyway lol


Not unfortunate at all! What makes you happy is what matters and you will enjoy the bottle! Don't let people in this sub shame you for paying a certain price or whatever. Just buy what you like and don't listen to the haters.


Average price for an average bottle of hooch. Crack it open and enjoy!!!!!!


It’s double the average price


Where are all these people finding Buffalo Trace for less than rotgut? I can't even get plastic-bottle whiskey for the prices some of you are finding decent sips. EDIT: NM, am idiot. Didn't read the 375ml part.


Drink it and enjoy! It’s an enjoyable bourbon despite what some say. Got two single barrel store picks of it this week for less than $25 each, one was a fifth and one a liter.


Open it. Common find that has decent taste too!


Is the price that high because of the special size? I can get a 1000ml for that price when its on discount over here in europe (happens on the regular)


Yes the small bottles are usually 70 percent of a fifth or liter despite having 50% of the juice. It’s good to know you can find decent bourbon overseas though. I’m lucky or unlucky enough to live in Kentucky. I get half gallons(1.75L) for $45


You overpaid, that price should’ve been for a full bottle. No need to save. We use this as the well whiskey at my bar. Good entry whiskey. Enjoy!


Smah that fucker it's delishious as a mixer.


I just bought a 750 for $21.99. Always try to buy it at a big chain store they don't normally mark it up.


If you are in a good place or e with a circle of friends; drink it. Any day that you know of is a good day for bourbon.


FYI, prices are regional. As many people are claiming you got ripped off, I would kill if one of my local stores had BT for $25. The only iconic value whiskey I can find under $35 is Four Roses. $25 is probably a fine and normal price where you live. Compare it to local prices for Eagle Rare, Evan Williams, High West Prairie (the cheap high west), or Four Roses Select. If it matches their prices or is cheaper, you got a good price. If it's more than them, you didn't get a great price. Is what it is. As for rarity, it's been hard to find on and off of late because some celebs came out saying it's their fave whiskey. Some areas have had price increases to meet demand (mine didn't, it's always been $35 here). Is what it is. Enjoy it because it's a good whiskey. The biggest complaint a lot of people have is that it's not that complex. You can sip it no problem and it won't challenge or surprise you. But it'll be tasty. As another poster said, it's "whelming". EDIT: Ignore me. I missed the part where it's 375ml. Kinda pricy there, but 375ml's usually are a bit overpriced. It's $35 for 750 in my area, and my area is notoriously a bit pricy in general.


It's a great bottle to put next to some other $50 bottles and have people guess which is more expensive. Great for cocktails, and a solid supper on it's own. $25-30 MSRP


I could never find BT when I used to live in Florida, but after I moved to Georgia its on all the shelves. When you travel around domestically, take a moment to check out what's on their shelves because you can run into some great stuff


Good price open it and enjoy


Drink it!


When it’s available,I can get a 750 of BT for 20.99 no tax.


There is a shortage in Virginia on Buffalo Trace. The ABC stores are only allowing 2 per customer a visit.


Yeah for that’s a $25 for 750ml bourbon all day everyday. Don’t be fooled by the distribution bias that makes it scarce in a lot of areas. I’ll never understand why distributers do this with all Buffalo Trace probucts. Yes there are a lot of good bourbon from that distillery......but this isn’t one.


Just got the 750ml bottle last weekend for $29.99 and it was a store pick. Good stuff for the price.


I’m a couple pours deep myself and I completely overlooked the “375” and figured you were talking about a 750. I thought, damn, not a bad price considering I just finally found one myself for 30 (after tax). But after realizing my mistake… Open it!! I’ve been sipping on mine all night and it’s good. Better than most I’ve had so far but didn’t blow me away.


Sorry, you got ripped off


I pay 20 for 750ml. So….


Well hell. It’s all good. I just had never seen it before around here.


And $32 for a 1.75L


Kill it. Tonight.


You got ripped off big time, I get it for half the price in the UK. It’s a basic bourbon over here


It’s a basic bourbon here as well, people have convinced themselves otherwise and created a self induced shortage.


It’s like as good as any other 30 dollar bottle I think but you may absolutely love it


Drink it.


Mixes particularly well in bourbon sours


My fry’s has on sale for 18 for a 750, a word of advice always look it up on your phone before you buy. It makes a decent old fashioned or whiskey sour.


Crack it open


in st. louis it is about the only BT product we can find. one of my favorites, drink up!


Yeah that price isn’t great, as other folks here have already commented. But honestly, I personally don’t have a problem with overpaying a bit for a bottle I’ve never had before and that I don’t see very often. I probably wouldn’t do it more than once though.


The best bourbon is one you enjoy! Open and drink as you please. If you like it you can look around for a larger bottle later. Cheers, man!


It's a solid pour, great intro bourbon so of you have people you want to share with that barely dabble or you think might like bourbon then it's a great shareable. Not so special that you should save it for some crazy occasion (unless that's what it warrants for your current budget)


the only way it's worth the $25 is if you split it with a friend and enjoy it. add a good cigar too. nntt


That sounds perfect


Its nothing special, bottoms up!


That bottle is 18 at my local store so it’s not great but you weren’t really fucked on the price either. Drink it how you want tho, life’s short brother.


Enjoy it. If you like it, buy another.


have a few its good stuff and for what you paid for it 👌


BT is my go to for sipping... Knob Creek for mixing. I have a lot to learn lol


Its a little bottle of buffalo trace.. drink it and stop being a pssy


Awful price. RIP to your wallet.


That you got it for $25 is a bargain


For a 375? No


Shame, you'd have been better off getting Knob Creek 9 year and spent 3 dollars more for twice the whiskey. Decent bourbon, definitely worth at least $15 in a bottle that size.


Good price, it runs that here in AZ. Open it and enjoy it….it’s good!!👍🥃👍


Bad price. Just drink it. It's decent.


Holy thats expensive. In Europe its around 28 Dollars for a 1l of it.


It's one the best cheaper whiskeys out there once you dive into it, it's extremely hard to stop drinking


Price seems high but it’s a consistent and decent bourbon. It’s my every day drinker. Fortunately our Costco stocks it by the pallet for $22 for 750ml.


Not a good price. Open it and enjoy it.


Perfect time


Like many others on here have said $25 is about the price of 750ml usually. In my case 750ml costs about $23. Can usually only get it every few months cause it sells out fast. It’s a good whiskey though. Nothing crazy special.


From what I’ve experienced with Buffalo trace is it a solid 30-40 dollar palate bottle (750ml) that goes for around 50-70 depending because of hype and them producing so few bottles. After having it, I’d much rather have something more readily available for that price point like woodford reserve (1.5L) or some single barrel releases of other brands.


Why is Buffalo Trace regarded as “special occasion” whiskey?


It’s just the fact that I have never had it, never really see it for sale in my area. After reading everyone’s comments it certainly doesn’t sound like I’m going to save it for the birth of my first child or anything. Christmas Eve sounds appropriate


Standard price. Definitely open it up.


Fairly basic, cheap bottle. Though it is good just drink it


Bro it's buffalo trace you paid double for. People are seriously paying that much and treating it as a unicorn now? Disgraceful.


Drink it. I was able to get a handle for around 50. It’s nothing worth “saving”. It’s a solid bottle for mixing for sure. If you haven’t had it, drink it. Then you’ll know.


Got ripped off for sure 750mL is between $20-25 it's a pretty good whiskey one personally I wouldn't save for a special occasion


Bruh you got ripped off. It’s $25 for a 750 where I am


I actually just bought 36 bottles of the 1L for $36 each. Giving it to friends and family who can't find it anywhere near them this holiday.


Save...Buffalo Trace....for a ...special occasion. WTF?