Two kind of dysfunctional couples return to an old place of "vacation" to confront certain issues in their marriages and in their friendships with each other.

Ugh I just know I am going to butcher the description of this, it's been so long since I attempted to read it, I actually tried several times to read this book and never made it past half way.

All I remember is that there were two older couples, it starts out the 4 of them returning to a place where they all used to sort of vacation together. It switches between this timeline and decades ago in the past when they all first met when they were younger and became friends.

It turns out that, over time, one person in each marriage falls for someone in the other marriage or something like that I can't quite remember. The dynamic becomes super odd.

for some reason, despite everything that has happened over the years, everyone agrees to meet up like one last time at this place they used to all go to together. Like some sort of weird reckoning. I remember they all hope to get something out of this odd get-together but they really aren't quite sure what is going to happen, why they are bothering to do this, or the reason behind it.

If anyone has any idea what book this is I'd appreciate it lol. I'm probably not even remembering it correctly. I tried to read it as a teen and found it so boring, depressing, and dreary haha. But I wonder if now I'm older I'd appreciate it more.



this might not be it but it gives me a similar vibe to [The Paper Palace](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55994372)


This isn't the one but wow does this sound spicy lol thanks anyways! 😊


Reminds me a bit of [Surfacing by Margaret Atwood](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/46755.Surfacing). If it's not, how old would you say the couples are? "Older" can mean different age ranges to different people. Also, what years did you read this/when were you a teen? More info always helps!


No this isn't the one but thank you anyway. I meant like older as in they've raised children by now, I truly don't remember a lot :( they all meet right when both women in each marriage are pregnant and one character (a man) has received some kind of new job or promotion or something that led this couple to moving to a new place to begin with and meeting the other couple. I believe I must have been 15-16, I'm 25 today. I really wish I remembered more


No problem! Your book sounds really interesting so hopefully someone here recognizes it!