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They look like drywall cutting bits that you would use in a Roto-Zip or similar tool.


That’s what I thought.


Double ended bits for a rotozip type tool.


Solved! I think you’re right. Can’t find double ended ones online but they look just like rotozip bits


My title describes the thing. The ends come to conical points and there are cutting blades machined into both ends with the cutting edge oriented towards each end. They are the same diameter along the entire 3 inch length. The middle blank sections have tiny lightly-engraved bullseye marks on them with no other writing or engraving.


For auto body use. Reversible drill bits for pulling dents with a slide hammer and screw. They are usually 1/8" in diameter.


For small router (RotoZip bit. Double ended guide point) for cutting holes in drywall.


Looks like a type of router bit perhaps.


Why would it have blades on both ends? It’d also have to be a pretty tiny chuck to fit an 1/8” bit


Dewalt rotary tool uses a bit like this. Double ended that is held in a collet.


Some kind of drill bit?


I wouldn’t want to put this in a drill chuck though. Probably wouldn’t grab right and it’d rip up the blades on the end you tighten onto


Lol idk how drills work, I just knew those would have to be bits you stick in some type of tool or machinery 🤷 Shouldn't have specified drill, sorry.