Seen on a beach at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Looks like some sort of intestine, maybe from a whale?

Seen on a beach at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. Looks like some sort of intestine, maybe from a whale?


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That’s definitely intestines


Yes, it's intestine. Could be from any number of large fish or mammals. Shark, tuna, whale, etc.


Did it have any kind of smell? It certainly looks like intestines. It would be surprising though. Usually the soft fleshy bits are the first things to get eaten by scavengers.




Thanks, I didn't notice any smell


Maybe a hunter gutted a deer & threw the intestines in the river, came out & ended up on the beach?


Don't think the deer's intestine is about 30/40 feet long honestly


The human small intestine alone is 26 feet long.


Oh, yeah, right, got confused on converting. Anyway I don't think it could have finished a river to the sea in this good condition, so...


I found this on the beach this morning. It is very long (maybe 30-40 feet), and looks like an intestine of some sort. I've done some research, but can't find anything that clearly indicates what this could be. WITT


Maybe someone field dressed a moose and dumped the intestines? A horse’s intestines can be 90 ft long.


If it tastes oily, it's Right whale intestines... the males fight during the mating season (now) and they pound each-other until one shits out it's guts. Then again, if it tastes sorta sweet and sour like vinegar.. that might be a fermented squid corpse.


With how long it is, maybe some kind of herbivore intestine with the cecum or maybe stomach on the bottom end of the picture?


Whale intestines are way bigger


This looks surreal, like something out of a H.R. Giger drawing. Definitely looks like intestines, just doesn’t make sense to me where the rest of said creature is...


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My guess is stomach or intestines? Cut it open, see what’s inside. If there’s any identifiable “material” from what it’s been eating you should be able to tell what animal it came from.


I found something similar on a beach, cant post the photo for some reason. I assumed it was the guts from a kill, dumped at the beach for the crabs etc to do their thing 🤔


Did you have a sniff?


looking at this I don't think it's bodily at all! maybe it looks different IRL but I wouldn't be shocked if it was a rag, or a sea flora.


Either its intestines or (I'm completely guessing here) a portugese man of war that's super messed up lol.


I’d say cow innards. Looks like more than one stomach.